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Lost your way??? Don't know what to look at or where to go to on my site??? Perhaps this sitemap may help you to look for anything that you may be interested in on this blog/website.

Banknotes & Currencies
Contemporary Banknotes of China
Contemporary Banknotes of India
Contemporary Banknotes of Japan 
Contemporary Banknotes of South Korea
Chinese Culture
Chang Er, Princess of the Moon
Dragon Boat Festival (端午节)
Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋节)
Qu Yuan, the Poet in the People’s Hearts


Know Your Bible! - Translations of the Bible in English
On the Last Day...10 Things God Will Ask You
The Beauty of John 3:16 
The Greatest Sacrifice of Love
What is Christmas All About?

When You Are Discouraged......
When You Need Protection......
Who Exactly is the Lord Jesus Christ?

Christianity in China

The Luminous Religion of the Tang Dynasty(唐朝的景教)

The Gospel Flows Through the Yuan Dynasty

Christianity with a Chinese Face – Late Ming & Early Qing Dynasties
"For the sake of China's Millions!" - Christianity in the Late Qing Dynasty
The Apostle John of China – John Sung
Let the Stream of Praise Flow into Every Heart (使赞美之泉流入每个人的心间)
Christianity in India
Father of Modern Missions - William Carey

The Apostle to India
The Sadhu with a Difference - Sadhu Sundar Singh

Christianity in Japan
The Light of the Flying Bird (飛鳥の光)

When the Cross Meets the Samurais 

Christianity in Korea
When the Gospel Awakens the Morning Calm
Christianity in Medieval Islamic Empires
The Great Christian Physician of Islam’s Golden Age
European History
Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité – The French Revolution
Murder in Cold Blood – the Execution of Tsar Nicholas II and the Romanov Family
Fiction & Literature
The Greatest Sleuth of All Time – Sherlock Holmes
Gandhi and India's Independence
“Away with the British!” – the Quit India Movement
The Salt March - the March towards Independence
General Knowledge
History of Chess
The Legendary Olympics
Modern Olympics
Japanese Culture
Hanami – the Sakura Festival (花見)
Hinamatsuri – Girls’ Day (雛祭り)
Tango no Sekku – Boys’ Day (端午の節句)
Manga & Anime
Bringing Fantasy to Reality – Cosplay (コスプレ)
History of Anime (アニメの歴史)
History of Manga (漫画の歴史)
Modern China
Contemporary Banknotes of China
Sisters of the Modern Dynasty - the Soong Sisters
When a 'Chinese God' Died - Mao Zedong and the Cultural Revolution
Modern India
An Explosive Murder - The Assassination of Rajiv Gandhi
Contemporary Banknotes of India
Death in the Garden – The Assassination of Indira Gandhi
Modern Japan
Contemporary Banknotes of Japan
Modern Korea
Contemporary Banknotes of South Korea
Pre-modern / Imperial China
Temple of Heaven - Imperial China's Link to the Celestial
Pre-modern / Imperial India
"Allahu-akbar!" ("God is great!") - the Great Emperor Akbar
Koh-i-noor - The Cursed Diamond
Taj Mahal - The Majestic Crown of All India
Pre-modern Japan
Lady Murasaki Shikibu (紫式部)
The Tale of Genji (源氏物語)

ENJOY!!! I'll be posting new articles from time to time, so feel free to visit my blog anytime!

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