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Tujhse Hai Raabta 30 December 2019 written update of full episode: Ahir recognizes Kalyani disguised as sardaar

Tujhse Hai Raabta 30 December 2019 Written Update Of Full Episode: Ahir Recognizes Kalyani Disguised As Sardaar

In the last episode we saw that Malhar and Kalyani rescues kids kidnapped by Atharva. By then one of the goons catch them but Malhar hits him badly. Then Kalyani and Malhar pretend to Ahir that Malhar and Atharva tried to escape but Happy Singh aka Kalyani tried to stop them so that Ahir will trust Kalyani. Meanwhile Sarthak helps Anupriya win the challenge over Madhuri in the sale of sarees. Aau Saheb also supports Anupriya only. On the other hand Ahir confronts her about the injection which made everyone go to sleep. Kalyani reveals that there was sleeping medicine in the injection but it was brought by Ahir's goon Raghu to mislead Ahir. Later it is shown that Malhar has tied Raghu and hidden him in bush.

Tonight's episode begins with Kalyani aka Happy Singh pretending to Ahir that she is telling him the truth and Raghu is wrong. Later on a tempo arrives there having a statue of big elephant. Ahir asks his goons to bring something. Goons bring the same jute boxes in which Malhar had hid the kids rescued by him. Ahir tells Happy Singh aka Kalyani that he will put the jute boxes into the elephant statue with a small door. Kalyani and Malhar get worried. But Kalyani doesn't let Ahir know that. Kalyani manages to talk to Malhar. Malhar asks Kalyani to escape from there with Atharva and kids. Kalyani initially refuses but Malhar insists her. But this time Ahir decides to check the jute boxes. Kids in the boxes keep shaking due to their wet clothes. Ahir opens up one jute boxs where he finds the same explosive material in the box. Kalyani and Malhar are relieved to see that.

Ahir believes that the boxes carry the same material so he asks the goons to keep the boxes into the truck. Ahir gets call from his boss. He assures his boss about their plan. Meanwhile Raghu manages to come out of the bush. Kalyani in the mean time gets worried as Malhar and Atharva will be stuck. Raghu on the other hand rescues himself and runs to tell Ahir about the fact. While he runs towards Ahir, Kalyani moves ahead to snatch Ahir's gun. But before that Raghu reaches there. He asks Ahir to stop the tempo as the boxes have kids. He also reveals about Happy Singh aka Kalyani being teamed up with Malhar. Kalyani starts fighting with Ahir but after a while her beard gets removed. Ahir gets shocked to see that it is Kalyani disguised as sardaar. By that time Malhar manages to free up his hands. Ahir gets very furious and tells Kalyani that he will not spare her. But Malhar snatches a gun and shoots at Ahir's shoulder. Malhar starts hitting all the goons. He asks Kalyani to escape from there with Atharva.

Kalyani(Reem Shaikh) pulls the driver's collar to get into the tempo. Malhar rescues Atharva too. Kalyani asks Malhar to come up soon but Malhar asks her to leave from their for kids safety. He gives his swear to Kalyani to leave from there. Kalyani gets hurtful but leaves from there in the tempo with Atharva. Malhar gets hit by Raghu on his head. Ahir asks his goons to tie Malhar into the car. Kalyani also stops the tempo after driving for some time. She gets very disheartened. She asks for help from Lord Ganesha for Malhar's safety. She decides to keep the kids safe and also to rescue Malhar. On the other hand Ahir gets his wound dressing done. He doesn't want to spare Kalyani. In the mean time Kalyani helps the kids come out of the jute boxes. By that time she sees Pawar coming there. She asks Pawar to take the kids and drop them at their houses safely. Pawar asks his couleague to drop the kids and he accompanies Kalyani to rescue Malhar. But when they reach the location again, they doesn't find anyone. Kalyani gets very frustrated. Meanwhile Ahir talks to his boss. He decides to keep Malhar to a place where Kalyani will not be able to find Malhar. Atharva assures her that they will find Malhar which boosts Kalyani's confidence. Stay tuned for more scoops and updates.

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Tujhse Hai Raabta 30 December 2019 written update of full episode: Ahir recognizes Kalyani disguised as sardaar


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