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Jodha Akbar 28 January 2019 written update of full episode: Jalal looks for Jodha

Jodha Akbar 28 January 2019 Written Update Of Full Episode: Jalal Looks For Jodha

Today s episode starts with Javeda crying and looking for her mother-in-law Maham. As Maham meets her, she becomes happy to see Maham fine. Javeda tells her that she followed Maham while going to the forest as she wanted to ask her something. Maham scolds her for following her and warns her not to follow her in future. Maham pretends that she goes to pray for Jalal as he is tensed. She asks Javeda to keep it a secret. She fears if anyone else follows her like Javeda so she decides to be more careful.

On the other side, Jalal is looking for Jodha Begum in the forest with all his forces. Hoshiar comes to Ruquiya begum. She notices that Ruquiya begum is tensed. Ruquiya begum shares that she learnt that Jodha begum is innocent so Jalal has gone to look for Jodha begum as their relation is becoming strong but she is not getting Jalal s support. Hoshiar consoles her that Jalal will definitely come back to her.


Jalal is halting at a place. He keeps thinking about Jodha begum all the time as he has fallen in love with her so he is restless. He asks all the forces to take rest and in the morning again they will start looking for Jodha begum. But he cannot go to sleep but keeps on recollecting Jodha s good memories. He feels guilty about what he said to her in anger. Next day morning Jalal comes to Jodha s father s house in Amer. They welcome him in their traditional way. He feels that Jodha begum is staying there only. But he is shocked to know that Jodha begum has not come there in Amer. He gets panic. Her parents also question him about Jodha begum. Jalal tells them whatever happened. Her father asks his forces to look for Jodha begum. Jalal gets disappointed. Saleema begum consoles Mallika-A-Azam is worried for Jodha begum. Ruquiya begum also consoles her. Mallika-A-Azam is shocked to see the change in Ruquiya for Jodha begum. She feeds some food to Mallika-A-Azam. Ruquiya begum asks her to take rest.

Jodha begum s mother is also tensed to know that Jodha begum is missing. She blames herself for cursing Jodha begum. Her husband also consoles her and assures her that he will find Jodha begum soon. Jalal is also very much tensed for Jodha begum. Jodha s father also asks him to be calm and keep patience for Jodha begum to come back home even though he is tensed as he is the father of Jodha begum. Jalal apologizes to him for not taking care of Jodha begum. Jalal decides to wait for Jodha begum till morning else he will again start looking for Jodha begum. He prays to God for her.


Jodha begum doesn t come back to Amer till morning so Jalal leaves for looking for her. Her father asks him to wait for more time but Jalal apologizes to her mother also assures her to look for Jodha begum. He promises to take care of Jodha begum. He also believes Lord Krishna whom Jodha begum worships. Jalal asks her father to inform him if Jodha begum reaches Amer.

Jodha begum is walking on the streets with the statue of Lord Krishna. She comes to one ashram where she requests to have home to stay. She gets a place to stay there. She hides her original identity of Jodha begum and tells the people in the ashram that her name is Laxmi who is a common girl. On the other side Jalal also comes by that side only looking for Jodha begum. He enquires to the ladies passing by about Jodha begum. Jalal gets disappointed.

In the next scene, Sharifuddin is missing Jodha begum. He feels that Jodha begum should have been her husband. By that time his wife Bakshibanu comes there questioning about Jodha begum. Sharifuddin asks her not to create drama. He holds her hand tight threatening her for not doubting him. He hurts her hand. Later cooly asks her not to think much.

Jalal comes to that Ashram. He enquires about Jodha begum there. He learns that a lady with the same description is staying there. Those people call that lady. But the lady that comes in front of him is someone else. This makes Jalal very disappointed.

Saleema begum is also worried as Jodha begum is missing. Ruquiya begum comes there asking for the reason of her worrying. Saleema begum shares that she is tensed for Jodha begum and Jalal as they have not come back. Ruquiya makes her calm saying that Jodha is a Rajvanshi who can protect herself properly. But Ruquiya begum feels that Jalal s order will be the last verdict for Jodha begum to come along with him but Saleema begum feels that Jalal should handle it with heart and not with his ego. Ruquiya begum is happy as she feels that Jalal doesn t have heart to behave with humanity.

In the next scene, Jodha begum does worship of the statue of Lord Krishna. She thanks him for being there with her. She also misses Jalal and all those there in Agra. She begs Lord Krishna for the safety and happiness of Jalal. She cries a lot. But Jalal is continuously looking for Jodha begum even though his health is not well. Jodha begum notices that the statue of Lord Krishna is taken away by a girl. Jodha begum keeps on following the girl to get the statue back. He arrives a place where some Rajasthanis are halting. They ask him if they need any help. But Jalal doesn t take any help. He receives a message that Jodha begum has not reached to Amer yet. Jalal gets tired. He misses her and is very restless to meet her. He begs God for the same.

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Jodha Akbar 28 January 2019 written update of full episode: Jalal looks for Jodha


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