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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, 15th April 2017, Aliya’s real father is alive and wants to meet his daughter

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, 15th April 2017, Aliya’s Real Father Is Alive And Wants To Meet His Daughter

Ishita (Divyanka Tripati) confronts Mani (Sumeet Sachdev) regarding the photograph she found. She asks Mani where Aliya’s (Krishna Mukherjee) father is. Mani gets exasperated at the question he avoids the question and also shouts at Ishita. Ishita shows him the photograph and asks him to tell her who all are there in it. He says he knows them all and why will she ask him to do it. Raman asks Ishita why she is questioning Mani after he has replied and that they should probably leave. Ishita shows Raman the photograph and tells him to look at it as then he would realise why she is questioning Mani. Raman looks at it and recognises the man with Aliya’s mother and Mani in the picture as the same one who took the job in his factory and also the same stalker who attacked Aliya twice.

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Mani still stays stubborn and refuses to answer. Shagun (Anita Hassanandani), Aliya and Ishita together coax him to answer as the last time he kept the secret about Nidhi they had to pay the price by losing their child. Mani finally breaks down and says that Abhay Aliya’s Dad maybe alive as the story about Aliya’s parents dying in an accident was made up by him to protect Aliya. He reveals that Abhay was a drunkard and used to constantly hit his wife though his wife never complained and took it all smiling. Once after Aliya’s birth he came home drunk and hit her in the heat of the moment and she had a bad head injury to which she succumbed. Aliya’s dad was then punished for this. Mani and Aliya’s dadi had decided they would never talk about this incident as they wanted Aliya to have a normal childhood and never think that she was a criminal’s daughter. Mani lashes out at Ishita asking if she is happy knowing the truth now. Ishita says it is Aliya’s right to know about her father and also because Adi (Abhishek Verma) will soon get married to her so even they had to know about Aliya’s past. Mani walks away angrily. Raman asks Ishita to leave with him, Ishita prompts Shagun to take care of Aliya as she leaves.

Once at home they discuss the happening of the night. Ishita is of the opinion that Aliya had every right to know about her father and Mani was wrong to keep it from her atleast after she grew up. Also because the man came back with Aliya’s mom’s mangalsutra probably he has repented and is a changed man now. Ishita wants to give Abhay a second chance. Raman disagrees and says he would have done what Mani did if he was in Mani’s place too. Adi suggests that Ishita should speak to Aliya about what she wants before any of them takes any decisions on her behalf.
Adi receives a call from Gagan who requests Adi to give them a day off the next day being Baisakhi. Adi says no, as the deadline is just round the corner. Gagan insists and says he has kept the factory open at night so as to get an off the next day and also there would be no delay in the deadline. Gagan also says that it is Chandan’ s tilak and he should be there for that. Adi says ok to the leave and also says he would come for the tilak with Roshni’s lehenga. Ishita and Mrs. Bhalla (Shahnaz Rizwan) ask Adi to take just a day more before he goes Raman says otherwise though and tells them to call upon all the domestic help, workers and also the poor around on the streets so they can give them food tomorrow.

The next day they prepare food for all the domestic helps and the poor. Mrs. Bhalla gifts Neelu(Neeru Agarwal) a pair of gold earings that Ishita bought for her. Neelu gets emotional when Mrs Bhalla calls her a part of their family and like her own daughter.

Later we see Abhay enter the house with the other people in disguise and sits for food. Ishita comes to serve and sees there is less Dal and goes to get it. Meanwhile Mr. Iyer(Abhay Bhargava) and Mr. Bhalla (Kaushal Kapoor) discuss when Shagun, Mani and Aliya would come. Abhay eavesdrops eagerly and comes to know that they might not come as the event planner for the wedding was meeting them that day. Abhay gets hopeless and gets up to leave without eating food, Ishita notices this and stops him on the way out. She is shocked to see Abhay, she asks him to leave as if someone recognises him they might sent him to jail. Abhay says he is not scared to go to jail, but just wants to meet Aliya once. Ishita takes him to the society office so they can talk. Abhay tells her his side of the story. He tells her that he , his wife and Aliya were a perfect family with lots of love and happiness. As his work was going very good he had a bad habit of drinking. Later he lost his job and went into depression leading to hardcore drinking habit. He and his wife started having regular fights over this. Once during one such fight she threatened to leave him with Aliya, and while he tried to stop her she fell, hitting her head on the ground and succumbing to the injury. He says it was but an accident and he has suffered a lot after that. As he was good in prison he was let go soon, and when he came out he heard about Aliya’s wedding and just wanted to meet her once and give her the mangalsutra which belonged to his wife.

Adi reaches the factory and hands over the lehenga for Roshni to Gagan. Gagan says he should come for the tilak that night as they would all be very happy if he did. Adi hesitantly agrees to this.

Precap: Ishita comes to Shagun and Mani’s house with Abhay. Shagun is shocked and says she should not pressurize Mani as it was him who lost his sister because of this man. Ishita says before they take any decision they should speak to Aliya as it was her right to decide if she wanted or not to meet this man. Aliya comes out and looks on. What is in due for Aliya and Adi?

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, 15th April 2017, Aliya’s real father is alive and wants to meet his daughter


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