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Red Tie

Hi doctor! How are you?

Very well, thanks. Yourself?

Confused like hell.

I see.



I mean what do you see?

I see what you say.

See, that is what I mean when I say I am confused. Hear me doc! Do you hear me!


Good! Nice red tie! Are you horny?

No, are you?

Then why are you wearing a red tie doc?

Oh stop that! Sit back in your chair!

Call the nurse, call the nurse you cowardly hero!

Sit down!

I won’t before you be as honest as I am.

I am honest.

Then confess it!

Confess what?

The reason why you are wearing this Fucking Red Tie today.

Just to see how you react to it?

Oh! So did I react as you expected?

Hmmm, you could be better!

You could be much better than that doc! Your tie is not even red!

I see…

Do you really?

Yes, I do. Do you hear?

Yes…my head is getting too noisy these days. I stare at the sky, birds, trees, seas, mountains…I walk in the woods sometimes but it becomes even louder…all the knowns and unknowns make the same noise doc…weird as hell doc.

You sure?

I am confused…I told you doc. I am confused like hell…they say…


Some unknown smart ass’ blind followers.

Who are they?

Almost everyone with a washed brain.

I see.

You see doctor?


That smart asshole said that if you feel irritated by something in someone you have the same irritating thing, same flaw in you. Otherwise you would have never felt that way. Do you agree doc?


Smart answer but not so honest. So do you think I am dishonest just because I can detect dishonesty in you doc?

No, but at least you know the taste, colour, sound and feel of dishonesty well enough to detect it. So it is highly likely that you were at some point in your life dishonest.

That is the longest fucking answer I have ever had from you doc…BUT!  If that is true then I am in a shitty situation…


I met a bitch! I instantly knew that she was a Bitch despite her best possible mask when I met her. Does that make me a bitch!

No, but…

But what doc…you like bitches! Is that what you want to say?

No…I actually love them.

Cool…is that because they are as bitch as they are doc?

I know you are…you are a bitch doc! All of us are! Because…because we all know what it means to be a one.  But anyway I met that bitch who acted like an angel. Ever since then the folk in my head have been getting louder and louder every day doc.


Because she acts like a healer and I know she is not.

And that bothers you?

Lies always bother me!

Since when?

I don’t know…stop being a little dog of Freud now…but I am certain about one fucking thing…

And that is?

The folk in my head want me to find the truth!

Let her be!

Your tie is killing you doc! Red fucking tie!

The folk in your head!

They are all there!


In that fucking red tie!

This post first appeared on Sefrew's Blog | Philosophy, Literature,spiritualit, please read the originial post: here

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Red Tie


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