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Facts About Mohair Merino Fiber

By Barbara Cole

Economic importance that animals have is the reason why people keep them. The angora goat species have proven to be one the most useful livestock one can keep. Meat, skin and milk are the products it produces. However, most people that rare them do so for its mohair Fiber. This is a special fiber that many people seek. It is one of the softest fibers available worldwide. Facts regarding Mohair Merino Fiber.

Anther quality that is responsible for marketing this product includes its outstanding ability to take dyes. Also, it remains cool in summer and keeps warm in winter due to its excellent ability to regulate heat. People are drawn to it dues to its durability, crease resistance, natural elasticity, and flame resistance. All these excellent properties have the effect of making it expensive than materials such as wool.

According to history, this material is one of the ancient textile fibers man used. Its usage can be traced back to the 8th century when England had fabrics that were made from this material. However, the Angora goat which produces this textile is believed to have its origin from Tibet Mountain.

The textile can be shaped and twisted without being damaged because of its elasticity. It is because of this ability that the textile is used to make boucle yarn. The fanciness of boucle yarns is particularly known to most people. This ability also makes one able to style the textile into whichever shape they want.

Therefore, this material is usually placed in the same category of luxury fibers as cashmere, silk, and angora. A special kind of protein called keratin forms a huge percentage of this fiber. This protein is the same one contained in horns, skin, wool of mammals, and hair. However, the form of keratin that exists in this fiber is different. For instance, as opposed to wool, scales of this keratin are not fully developed.

The underdeveloped scales give this material a softer touch. Hence, the prickly feeling on the skin caused by wool does not occur with this fiber. The diameter range of this material is between 25 to 45 microns. As such, it is a common practice to categorize this fiber as adult, kid, or goatling mohair. Younger goats produce finer hair while older ones produce thicker one.

Heavier fabrics, including rugs are designed from older hair while finer hair is used in making knitwear like blankets, clothing, and scarves. Socks, coats, suits, home furnishing, and winter hats are made from this fiber textile as well. Other products made from it include high grade doll wigs. To attain different effects, it is blended with wool or alpaca by some millers.

Finally, one has to take good care of all products made from this material to increase their durability. Washing is part of this care. The advantage of this material is that it cannot felt or shrink as wool does when it comes in contact with water. People can brush it by use of handheld hard brushes. The direction of the fabric nap should be used when brushing. Care instructions should be followed strictly for one to offer the best care.

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Facts About Mohair Merino Fiber


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