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A blog about LIFE and ENTERTAINMENT in Los Angeles (L.A.), California.
Portfolio Review: UEFA Europa League
2024-06-03 20:16
UEFA Europa League – Digital ArtAt Paramount+, I have the privilege of working on an array of different projects -- digital art for P+ series (e.g., true crime,  including sports… Read More
The Queens Of Pop: In The Mix
2023-01-17 05:35
Okay, I admit it: I am months late to this party lol. But, if you haven't heard it, yet, let me be the one to say that you must listen! I'm talking about Beyonce's Break My Soul, The Queen's… Read More
Life At 57 - Where I'm At
2022-11-27 23:37
This is my third comeback to this blog. The last time I posted about my life was in 2018, nearly 5 years ago! Wow, time flies.Well. Here I am. Still single, by choice. Living alone, with my… Read More
Portfolio Review: The Voice
2022-11-23 23:54
In 2017, when I was at NBCU, I was tasked with designing graphics for Toyota's Behind-The-Voice page that lived on The Voice microsite on The Behind-The-Voice page was sponsored by… Read More
Cable Network Apps - Part I
2018-12-27 03:08
Worth the trouble?Watching your favorite content has changed a lot in just the past few years. Stores where people could rent all the latest blockbuster films are gone and studio apps that o… Read More
Portfolio Review: Heartbeat - Social Media
2018-09-24 01:44
Melissa George and Dave Annable in NBC's 'Heartbeat'MOTHER'S DAY ARTWORKFor the past three years, I have been learning about design for digital products and social media and have even c… Read More
Graphic Design: From Print To Digital
2018-08-30 20:58
Recently, someone asked me how I made the transition from being a print designer to becoming a digital designer and I thought it was a great question, so I am going to share my answer with y… Read More
Here We Go Again
2018-01-05 18:17
From: giphy.comI'M BACK!It's been a few years since I made my last entry, but I'm ready to begin sharing my professional -- and sometimes personal -- experiences with the world again. I'm ol… Read More
2015-08-12 23:57
IT'S FUNNY CUZ IT'S TRUEA friend of mine, and fellow graphic designer, sent me a link to this post and I couldn't help but share it with you. While no one graphic designer may possess all 50… Read More
2015-07-29 23:09
YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FORI have been a professional graphic designer for 30 years now, yet I will never understand why many clients skimp on the one thing that not only ties your brand collat… Read More
2015-07-14 04:51
JUST FOR FUNKendall Jenner for Australian Vogue, 2012. Photo by Russell James.Okay...I admit it. I LOVE the Kardashians which includes the two youngest Jenners, Kendall and Kylie. They'… Read More
2015-07-11 04:20
THE MORE YOU KNOWI love television. It's part of my job to love television and to watch as much new and popular television as possible because I never know when a television job may come my… Read More
2015-05-22 18:12
I don't know if it was intentional or not, but Madonna's latest 'Rebel Heart' album cover reminds me a lot of the cellophane selfies people were posting on Facebook last year. (See DailyMail… Read More
2015-03-06 03:29
In a city as large as Los Angeles, friendships are a dime-a-dozen. Everyone wants a large collection of friends to give their lives purpose or to fill their apartments when they have a party… Read More
2014-12-21 19:11
GOODBYE 2014. HELLO 2015.I have two favorite times of the year -- the winter solstice and the spring equinox. Why? Because when the winter solstice arrives, the days begin to get longer. And… Read More
2014-12-16 04:19
GET A CLUELos Angeles has one of the best year-long climates in the world and could regain its reputation for being the 'city of dreams,' if only the one thing bringing down the overall qual… Read More
2014-12-09 06:02
OH-SO DELISIOSO!I've tweeted about this recipe and I shared the original I found on Pinterest and Gimme Some Oven, but it's time for me to officially share my incredible find with you here o… Read More
2014-11-20 05:43
PERSONAL WORKI love working in Photoshop to create an image from multiple images. It's an exercise that never gets boring for me.  Especially, if I am inspired by something to be creati… Read More
2014-10-20 19:00
WE HAVE THE POWEROne of the many things that concerns me about our country and our communities is how many people don't bother to vote. We all have something we would like to change about th… Read More
2014-10-20 06:21
Inspired by a blog post from 2012 on 'The Poster List,' I realized that I, too, had an original Van Doren shoe box from the late 1970's that was holding a bunch of old photos. So, in tr… Read More
2014-10-13 22:38
#TIME4CHANGELALos Angeles has one of the best year-round climates in the world and could regain its reputation for being the 'city of dreams,' if only the one thing bringing down the overall… Read More
2014-09-27 19:23
DAMNED IF YOU DORecently, a friend of mine was telling me about how they were 'outed' on Facebook by a close relative who posted information regarding a health condition this person has, but… Read More
2014-09-26 02:35
DON'T STAND FOR IT. USE ADMEDIC.Recently, I made the mistake of downloading and installing a program called, 'Detox My Mac,' and ever since, Mackeeper and Zeobit have taken over my computer… Read More
2014-08-30 19:52
I'm at the point with technology where stupid things about most anything related to technology are starting to really bother me. In 2014, with some of the brightest and most innovative minds… Read More
2014-08-28 22:41
For my second Throwback Thursday contribution ever, it's a photo of me and my mom from circa, 1968. Look at my mom's do! Wow, that's high. I was born with jacked teeth but I was still cute… Read More
2014-08-21 00:44
PRACTICE MAKES PERFECTFrom the early days of popular music, girl groups were somewhat of a phenomenon. During WWII, when men were called off to war and music orchestras shrunk because their… Read More
2014-08-21 00:42
MY EVERYTHINGThanks to MTV First and Pepsi, four songs from the new album, 'My Everything' are being streamed for our listening pleasure. If you're a fan like I am, you will be glad you took… Read More
2014-08-06 20:07
RZ-9 (RED ZONE 9)The US has suffered a major terrorist attack. New York, Chicago and Los Angeles have been annihilated by weapons of mass destruction, and the US government has declared mart… Read More
2014-07-27 22:45
One thing I often hear young designers contemplate is whether or not to supply the client with something in writing (e.g., an estimate or quote). The answer to that question is a definitive… Read More
2006-06-07 11:16
BRUISED APPLEAs great as an iPhone is and as much as I love mine, there are a few things about it that drive me crazy!The buttons for texting are too small and my fingers never push the lett… Read More
2006-06-07 11:16
PERSONAL THOUGHTS ABOUT AN OVER-CONFIDENT SOCIETYA shameless selfie of me and Lucy. 3/21/14In a world where selfies have become the new norm, what are we really saying about ourselves? Is lo… Read More
2006-06-07 11:16
ALL ABOUT SINGINGThe new season of 'American Idol' kicked off a few weeks ago, and the buzz is that this is the best AI's been in a long while. With returning judges Keith Urban and Jennifer… Read More
2006-06-07 11:16
I love working on a studio lot. It feels like home to me. This is the view from my window on the FOX lot. What a beautiful day! Read More

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