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C.E. Gee in his Las Vegas studio

For the election this year (2016) I registered as a member of the “SOLARIAN PARTY.”

And posting on Facebook, I’ve been encouraging persons to write in on their ballots for President (according to their beliefs) either Condoleeza Rice or Bernie Sanders.

Now, what is a Solarian?

The term was created by Murray Leinster, a Science Fiction writer. However, his Solarians were fictional characters.  I am a real live human, though some of my friends and family may declare that I’m not really human;)  Please forgive my considerable conceit.  I refer to myself as the first “real” Solarian.

What is a Solarian? Well you can interpret this two ways.

A Solar ian is a citizen of our Solar system.  The suffix “ian” forms adjectives or nouns.  I’ll repeat the concept -- a Solarian is a citizen of the “Solar” System.  As we continue to spread out through our Solar System, we will all be Solarians, not the obsolete and NOW sexist term of “Earthmen.”

Not only do I declare myself as the first Solarian, I also refer to myself as the Last Earthman.  I am amused.

A Sol Arian is someone who believes in the pre-First Council of Nicea concept of the Trinity.  Prior to that meeting, early Christians believed that the Father, Son, Holy Ghost (spirit) were separate entities.  These people were/are referred to as Arians (not to be confused with Aryans.)

The Roman Emperor Constantine “forced” the attendees of the council to declare that the Father, Son, Holy ghost were all the same entity.

Now there’s been a lot of conflict between these two above-mentioned groups, including a massacre in France of a whole village of Arians.

I find the beliefs of the primitive hominids that infest this planet to be amusing.

For the truth is both above groups were correct!

If you know anything about the Buddhist concept of oneness, you can see the light.  For the Father, Son, Holy Ghost, though separate also form a oneness THAT INCLUDES ALL OF US AS WELL!

As far as I know, the Church of Latter Day Saints is the only Christian Church that holds the original concept of the Trinity.

Well, I’m an old man, and I’m tired today, been awake since 3:30 AM.  So I think I’ll take a nap now.  Maybe I’ll write more on this subject at a later date.

If you'd like to listen to some appropriate music while while you ponder this article, goto YOUTUBE, search for the YOUNGBLOODS song GET TOGETHER.


Yore [sic] scribe, C.E. Gee  i.e. The First Solarian, The Last Earthman.

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Now I’m not one of those head-bobbing, arrogant, look-down-the-nose, snide know-it-alls who bores others by constantly talking about themselves.  But this blog is the one remote, isolated spot in our infinite multiverse where I can flash  others with that light that burns so brightly within me.  My friends, forgive me my considerable conceit, for I see myself as a “BRINGER OF LIGHT.”

 I much prefer the Vietnamese translation of “BRINGER OF LIGHT.”  Those who might see me as the Christian translation of “BRINGER OF LIGHT” are confused.  I am not that particular “BRINGER OF LIGHT.”  I am Her prophet.

 And I am amused.

Goto Google.  In their search box type "Vietnamese translation of Bringer of light."  After Google gives you a buncha choices, scroll down and read the choices.  You won't even have to click any.  Some of the choices well tell you.


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