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Video Games Influence Hate Crimes

Media sources everywhere report overwhelming support and advocacy of video games.  Included in this blanket support is the projection of a popular "study-based" or "proven" opinion that Violent video games are not an influencing factor on the actions of modern murderers or violent people, whether actual or would-be.

I don't understand how we all evolved into fucking idiots.  OF COURSE violent video games (movies, television, music, etc.) influence hate crimes.  Everything, everything, EVERYTHING in the world that could be considered a sensory input--everything that can be seen, heard, felt, smelled, tasted, remembered or otherwise experienced--is a potential influencer... or source of inspiration.

This is especially true of children!  Their bodies, organs, BRAINS have not fully developed!!!  Why pump shit into a young and beautiful developing mind?  Mental health is just as important as physical health... "garbage in, garbage out."  What if the baby food section started selling 'calming brandy' and 'teething tobbacco? ' And the whole world defended it?

Here's a basic lesson in influence.  You've heard the "bad apple" analogy, right?  Oh.  You haven't.  That's right, you were raised by TV and video games.  And your mom plays Call of Duty with you.  Well, whatever you spend the most time with, is generally what influences your thinking and your actions the most.  Don't believe me?  Check it out.  The strongest of marriages in Hollywood have failed because of extramarital affairs that occurred between actors and actresses who spent lots of time together on set.  K-LOVE Christian radio challenges listeners to listen to positive, uplifting, and encouraging music for one month, to experience the impact it has on one's life.

If this were not true, then neither is psychology. 

So why do video games get a free ride?  When some jerkoff shoots a bunch of people in the United States, we attack guns but not influencing media?  As a citizen, I can never find info on whether or not the most recent mass killer was a P2P ninja.  That's because "VIDEO GAMES ARE NOT TO BLAME... AND THESE AREN'T THE DROIDS YOU'RE LOOKING FOR."  Did you know that most of these killer kids and adults have been addicted to violent video games?  No one reports those details but a couple of obscure Christian websites.

So this is interesting:  Last week, the White House puts together a video compilation of violent scenes from video games.  Did anyone listen?  No.  Trump's an idiot.  Video games are awesome.  Instead the White House was attacked for copyright infringement in the production of the video.  So... evil is protected.  The Supreme Court just ruled that any California kid at any age can buy and play any fucking video game he wants.  It's a type of cock-sucking free speech, mother fucker.  And for someone to tell him "no" would be a violation of his rights.  Free fucking speech, bitches.  You're all idiots.  You and your whole fucking government.

We don't blame rap music because that's taboo and insensitive and we're all pussies when it comes to confronting black people.  We don't blame Hollywood because we are hedonistic and can't live without our exciting, sinful, guilty-pleasure movies and shows, through which we thrive vicariously.  And we sure as hell don't blame video games or Islam, because Obama said so.  Instead, we blame white men, which everybody knows are Tea Party 'preppers' and racists and womanizers.  We blame guns.

Speaking of Tea Party, when did this term become so hated?  Listen, fucktards.  The Boston Tea Party is a proud moment in our nation's history when we the American people stuck it to the man.  Think Jack Black in School of Rock... at the national level.  So why do we hate the people that distrust and disrupt corrupt government?  Keep taking your pills like good little liberal members of society.

Well I'm finished ranting.  To sum up, everything is a potential source of influence, and nothing--least of all violent, graphic images, sounds, and scenarios--should be excluded as a potential root cause of a violent person's behavior (this also applies to non-violent people who engage in a singular act of killing or maiming violence).  Our thoughts, dreams, ideas, and actions are largely the sum of our surroundings, environment, and input.  Most kids and adults can live reasonably healthy lives despite these nasty inputs.  But some folks snap.  And shoot everybody.  Or drive down pedestrians with a Prius.

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Video Games Influence Hate Crimes


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