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Best south movie on You tube in Hindi Dubbed

 Here is the list of Best south movie on You tube in Hindi Dubbed

Sarkaru Vaari Paata (2022)


Cast- Mahesh Babu, Keerty Suresh, Sowmya Menon, Vennela Kishore, Samuthrakani, Subbaraju,

Director- Parasuram

Info-  Mahi, a finance agent, establishes his own loan agency in Miami and struggles to repay debts. He falls in love with Kalavathi, a gambling addict. When confronted to repay a loan, Kalavathi threatens Mahi using her father, Rajendranath, a powerful MP and industrialist. Mahi reveals Rajendranath owes him 10,000 crore and reveals his agenda to expose the Indian banking system's faults. Mahi and his people protest against financial fraud, but Rajendranath kidnaps Mahi and orders his death. Mahi apologizes and repays the loan, restoring the State Bank's reputation. Rajakumari thanks Mahi and learns about his parents' suicide.


Genre- Action/ Thriller

Cast- Ballakonda Sai, Nushratt Bharuccha, Sharad Kaelkar, Shreenivas, Nizar Shafl

Director- VV Vinayak

Info- Mahi, a finance agent, establishes a Miami loan agency and struggles to repay debts. He falls in love with Kalavathi, a gambling addict. When confronted to repay a loan, Kalavathi threatens Mahi's father, Rajendranath, who owes him 10,000 crore. Mahi apologizes and repays the loan, restoring the State Bank's reputation.

 Kartikaya 2(2023)

Genre- Adventure/ Thriller

Cast- Nikhil Siddharth, Anupama Parameshwar, Anupam Kher, Viva Harsha,

Director-Chandu Mondeti

Info- Ranganath Rao, an archaeologist and professor, discovers that Shri Krishna entrusted his friend Uddhava with his anklet, which contains solutions for deadly problems in the Kali Yuga. Karthikeya "Karthik" is suspended for slapping a Mayor and his father fractures his leg. His mother believes her family is being punished for not fulfilling a vow made to Shri Krishna. Karthik takes her to Dwarka, where his uncle Sadananda lives. One night, Karthik meets a mortally wounded Ranganath Rao and tries to tell him something. He is arrested by the Police, who accuse him of murder. A mysterious man attacks Karthik but stops when he sees the idol of Shri Krishna. Karthik, Mugdha, and Sadananda visit a sage to find the man and learns he belongs to the Abheeras clan, an exiled community who worshipped Shri Krishna. They find the anklet hidden by Uddhava and decode the Sanskrit inscription in Krishna Thatakam. Karthik, Mugdha, and Sadananda hire Suleman to take them to Govardhana Hill, Mathura. They are apprehended by villagers who are greedy for the prize money. They manage to convince the villagers and open an entrance using the peacock-shaped object. Mugdha escapes with the telescope, leaving Karthik, Sadananda, and Suleman in the desert. Santanu apprehends the trio and leaves them in the desert to die.

 ASURAN (2019)

Genre -Drama

Cast- Dhanush, Manju Warrier, Ken Kaurash, Teejay Arunasalam


Plot- In the late 1970s Kovilpatti, a man and boy, Sivasaami and his son Chidambaram, are trekking across a river carrying homemade bombs. Sivasaami's family, including his wife Pachaiyamma, brother Murugesan, and daughter Lakshmi, is against selling land for a factory. Sivasaami pleads with Narasimhan to release Velmurugan, but is imprisoned. In revenge, Narasimhan's henchmen behead Velmurugan and dump his body naked in their field. Pachaiyamma is broken and unable to complain, and Chidambaram kills Narasimhan. Sivasaami sees the killing and tells the family where they flee with Chidambaram. Sivasaami, a village-famous moonshine brewer, is hired by Viswanathan, a landlord, and his brother Murugan and Venugopal Seshadri. Sivasaami falls in love with Mariyamma, but she is reprimanded by Vishwanathan. Sivasaami kills Seshadri and his men, and Murugesan teaches him farming. He is introduced to Pachaiyamma, who admires his family's sacrifice. Sivasaami marries Pachaiyamma and Chidambaram admires his father's past.

96 (2018)

Genre – Romance Drama

Cast- Vijay Sethupathi, Trisha Krishnan, Gauri G Krishnan. Varisha Bolliama , Devdharshini, Janagaraj

Director – Premkumar Chandan

Plot- Ram, a travel photographer, visits his high school and is overcome by memories. A reunion is arranged through their WhatsApp group, and Ram's friends Murali, Subhashini, and Sathish catch up with him. Jaanu, Ram's childhood love, arrives from Singapore and develops feelings for her. They reunite in the present, but Ram is still single and hasn't moved on. After the reunion party, they go out on a drive, and Jaanu reveals that she would have traded anything just to meet him once. Ram asks Jaanu if she remembers the day he came to her college to meet her, but Jaanu refuses and forbids him from contacting her again. Jaanu is devastated and realizes that she never saw them at her college and thought it was her stalker. They both come to terms with their misfortune and express their desire to spend the final few hours with Ram before returning home. They go out into the city and meet Ram's photography students, who assume Jaanu is his wife. Jaanu narrates an improvised version of the time when Ram tried to meet Jaanu at her college and they got married. Ram tries to play along, but Jaanu is visibly upset that Ram doesn't have a love life and requests him to move on and have a family. She sings Ram's favorite song for him.


Rathsashan (2017)

Genre- Psycho Thiller/ Murder Mystery

Cast- Vishnu Vishal, Amla Paul,

Director- Ram Kumar

Plot- In the opening scene, two elderly men discover the dead corpse of Samyuktha, a 15-year-old school student, who was brutally murdered. Arun Kumar, an aspiring filmmaker, becomes a sub-inspector of police in the T.N.P.D. with his brother-in-law, CI Das. He moves in with his sister Kokila, Doss, and their daughter Ammu. Ammu gets into trouble in school and asks Arun for help. Arun meets her teacher Viji and their hearing and speech impaired niece, Kayal.

Arun investigates the abduction of a school girl, Amudha, and finds similarities between Samyuktha and Amudha's case. Arun finds similarities between Samyuktha and Amudha's case, and suspects that the perpetrator followed a similar modus operandi. Ammu is abducted and killed, and Arun saves her. Annabella George, a magician, is accused of murder, and Arun meets retired cop Rajamanickam. Annabella's real name is Mary Fernandez, and her son Christopher has Werner Syndrome (progeria). Christopher is an outcast at school but befriends a girl named Sophia. Christopher develops feelings for Sophia and proposes to her, but she turns him down. Christopher is traumatized after being humiliated by the boys in his school. Mary hacks Sophie to death, and they are arrested and sent to prison.  

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Best south movie on You tube in Hindi Dubbed


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