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7 Best Haven Parks in the UK 2023

The United Kingdom, renowned for its history, traditions, and scenic beauty, boasts an array of exceptional Holiday parks for those seeking a blend of relaxation and adventure. Among the leaders in this industry is Haven, offering various holiday parks that excel in family-friendly facilities, picturesque locations, and diverse entertainment options. Here’s our list of the best Haven parks in the UK.

Top 7 Haven Parks UK 2023

Riviere Sands Holiday Park, Cornwall

Located in one of the most picturesque regions of the UK, Riviere Sands in Cornwall is another gem in Haven’s impressive portfolio of holiday parks. Situated right on the coast, the park provides breathtaking sea views and direct beach access. Here’s a deeper look at what it offers:


Riviere Sands sits between the towns of Hayle and St Ives in Cornwall. With its panoramic views of St Ives Bay, visitors are treated to an unobstructed vista of the azure waters and golden sands.

Key Features:

  • Beach Access: The park boasts direct access to a long stretch of sandy beach, ideal for sunbathing, sandcastle building, and coastal walks.
  • Swimming Facilities: Like many Haven parks, Riviere Sands has swimming facilities, including an indoor and outdoor pool. Some pools often come equipped with slides and splash zones, perfect for family fun.
  • Activities: A wide range of activities is available, such as archery, nature trails, and water-based fun like paddleboarding or kayaking.
  • Entertainment: The park offers daytime and evening entertainment suitable for all ages. This might include live shows, music performances, and kid’s clubs.
  • Accommodation: Visitors can choose from a variety of accommodation options, including static caravans, luxury lodges, and glamping tents. Many accommodations provide beautiful sea views.

Nearby Attractions:

  • St Ives: This iconic Cornish town, renowned for its art scene and historic charm, is a short drive away. Explore its winding streets, visit the Tate St Ives museum, and enjoy local cuisine in seafront restaurants.
  • Land’s End: The most westerly point of mainland England, Land’s End offers dramatic cliff views and is steeped in folklore and history.
  • Paradise Park and JungleBarn: Located in Hayle, it’s a wildlife sanctuary and indoor play center—perfect for a day out with children.

Riviere Sands Holiday Park offers an idyllic getaway for those looking to immerse themselves in Cornwall’s coastal beauty. With its range of facilities and proximity to some of the region’s top attractions, it’s an excellent base for exploring the wonders of the southwest coast of England. Whether you’re seeking a peaceful retreat or an action-packed vacation, Riviere Sands has something to offer everyone.

Devon Cliffs Holiday Park, Devon

One of the most popular destinations in Haven’s lineup, Devon Cliffs Holiday Park showcases the natural splendor of the south coast of England. Located in Devon, a county celebrated for its stunning beaches, moors, and picturesque towns, this holiday park promises a memorable seaside escape.


Perched on the cliffs of the Jurassic Coast near Exmouth, Devon Cliffs offers panoramic views of the English Channel. Its elevated position not only offers a fantastic vista but direct access to a sandy beach below.

Key Features:

  • Beach Access: The park has its private sandy bay, which is perfect for families looking to enjoy beach activities, from sunbathing to beach volleyball.
  • Swimming Facilities: The park boasts a large indoor pool complex with slides, a flume, and a multi-lane racer. An outdoor pool is also available for those sunny summer days.
  • Activities: A plethora of activities await visitors, ranging from rock climbing and archery to nature rocks sessions where guests can learn about the local environment.
  • Entertainment: The entertainment is top-notch, with daytime children’s programs, evening shows, and live music. The park also has various bars, restaurants, and even a spa, ensuring adults have their share of relaxation and fun.
  • Accommodation: Devon Cliffs provides diverse accommodation options, including luxurious lodges with deck views of the sea, comfortable static caravans, and glamping options.

Nearby Attractions:

  • Exmouth: A beautiful seaside town known for its two miles of sandy beach and as a starting point for the Jurassic Coast World Heritage site. Visitors can indulge in water sports or take a boat trip.
  • Dartmoor National Park: A vast moorland dotted with granite hilltops (tors), it’s a haven for hikers, nature lovers, and those looking to experience the wilder side of Devon.
  • Bicton Park Botanical Gardens: Just a short drive away, this garden offers a blend of outdoor beauty and indoor play areas for children.

Devon Cliffs Holiday Park is the epitome of what a seaside holiday should be. With its exceptional facilities, stunning location, and proximity to Devon’s best attractions, it’s no wonder it’s among the top choices for families and travelers. Whether you’re gazing at the sunset from the cliffs or exploring the wonders of Devon, this park ensures a wholesome and delightful experience.

Rockley Park Holiday Park, Dorset

Situated in the picturesque county of Dorset, Rockley Park Holiday Park is a prime example of the UK’s coastal allure. Managed by Haven, it combines the rustic charm of Dorset’s landscape with modern amenities to provide an unforgettable holiday experience.


Found in the vibrant Poole Harbour, Rockley Park boasts incredible views of the harbor’s waters and the surrounding nature, making it a visual treat for its visitors.

Key Features:

  • Beach Access: The park benefits from a beach area, perfect for a lazy day by the sea or more active pursuits like beach sports or exploring the shoreline.
  • Swimming Facilities: At Rockley Park, you can find both an indoor and outdoor pool, ensuring that whatever the weather, guests have an opportunity to splash about. The pools often feature slides and splash zones, which are especially popular among younger visitors.
  • Activities: Beyond swimming, the park offers a wide array of activities. From sailing lessons in the harbor to adventure golf and archery coaching, there’s plenty to keep guests engaged.
  • Entertainment: True to Haven’s style, Rockley Park features diverse entertainment options. There’s a selection of daytime and evening programs, ranging from children’s clubs and talent shows to live music and dance acts.
  • Accommodation: The accommodation options here cater to various needs, from luxury lodges with expansive views of the sea to cozy caravans that offer a more intimate setting. There are also pitches for those looking to camp or caravan.

Nearby Attractions:

  • Poole: A large coastal town and seaport, Poole is known for its historic quay, bustling with restaurants, cafes, and museums. You can also catch a ferry to the beautiful Brownsea Island from here.
  • Jurassic Coast: A UNESCO World Heritage site, the Jurassic Coast offers 95 miles of dramatic cliffs, hidden coves, and breathtaking scenery. It’s also a paleontologist’s dream, with numerous fossils waiting to be discovered.
  • Monkey World: Located in Wareham, this ape rescue center is entertaining and educational, making it a fantastic day out for families.

Rockley Park Holiday Park in Dorset seamlessly blends the serenity of a coastal retreat with the excitement of an adventure-filled holiday. It’s a haven for those looking to dive deep into the natural beauty of the south coast, all while enjoying the top-tier amenities that Haven is known for. From families to couples and solo travelers, Rockley Park promises a stay that is as relaxing or as exhilarating as you wish it to be.

Lakeland Holiday Park, Lake District

Amidst the serene landscapes of the Lake District, one of the UK’s most renowned natural treasures lies the Lakeland Holiday Park. This Haven holiday park integrates the raw beauty of the Lake District’s waters and fells with modern amenities, creating an ideal getaway for those seeking relaxation and outdoor adventure alike.


Situated in the picturesque region of Cumbria, Lakeland Holiday Park is surrounded by the majestic landscapes of the Lake District National Park. Its position ensures guests are treated to an uninterrupted view of lakes and hills, emblematic of this UNESCO World Heritage site.

Key Features:

  • Water Activities: Given its proximity to various lakes, water activities such as kayaking, canoeing, and paddleboarding are popular among visitors.
  • Swimming Facilities: The park houses an indoor and outdoor pool, ensuring guests can enjoy a swim, come rain or shine. Pool facilities might also include fun features like flumes or splash zones.
  • Activities: The park boasts a plethora of activities that cater to different interests. There’s a golf course for enthusiasts, archery lessons for budding archers, and nature trails for those keen on exploring the local flora and fauna.
  • Entertainment: Keeping in line with Haven’s high standards, Lakeland offers a rich entertainment program. From children’s clubs to evening performances, there’s something for every age group.
  • Accommodation: Lakeland Holiday Park provides varied accommodation choices, from spacious luxury lodges that offer panoramic views of the surroundings to comfortable static caravans ideal for families.

Nearby Attractions:

  • Windermere: The largest natural lake in England, Windermere is a hotspot for boating, water sports, and scenic beauty. The nearby town, Bowness-on-Windermere, also offers quaint shops, cafes, and the World of Beatrix Potter attraction.
  • Coniston Water: Another gem in the Lake District, Coniston Water is famed for its historic speed records and the inspirational novel, ‘Swallows and Amazons’.
  • Hawkshead: A charming, car-free village, Hawkshead is replete with cobbled streets, historic buildings, and links to famous poets like William Wordsworth and Beatrix Potter.

Lakeland Holiday Park in the Lake District is a convergence of nature’s splendor and modern comforts. It’s a base from which visitors can explore the vast, mesmerizing landscapes of the Lake District, participate in a myriad of activities, or simply relax and soak in the tranquil surroundings. Whether you’re an adventurer at heart or someone seeking a peaceful escape, Lakeland promises a memorable experience in one of the UK’s most iconic natural settings.

Wild Duck Holiday Park, Norfolk

Tucked away amidst the trees and waterways of Norfolk’s serene countryside, the Wild Duck Holiday Park is a unique gem in Haven’s collection of parks. Its woodland setting gives it a more secluded and tranquil feel compared to some of the coastal parks, making it perfect for those seeking a blend of nature and leisure.


Nestled in the woods near Great Yarmouth in Norfolk, the Wild Duck Holiday Park offers a distinctive forest experience while still being within easy reach of some of Norfolk’s best beaches and broads.

Key Features:

  • Woodland Setting: The park’s woodland location is one of its prime attractions. Guests can wake up to the melodious chirping of birds and enjoy nature trails right on their doorstep.
  • Swimming Facilities: Despite its forest setting, the park doesn’t skimp on water fun. It has both indoor and outdoor pools, complete with slides, ensuring entertainment for families regardless of the weather.
  • Activities: Being in a woodland has its perks. From bike rentals to exploring the forest trails, to duck feeding, archery, and bushcraft skills for kids, the park offers a range of nature-oriented activities.
  • Entertainment: In line with Haven’s reputation, Wild Duck provides varied entertainment. Kids’ clubs, evening shows, live music, and more ensure that there’s never a dull moment.
  • Accommodation: Guests can choose from a variety of accommodations, from luxury lodges nestled deep in the woods, providing privacy and an immersive nature experience, to well-equipped static caravans for a comfortable stay.

Nearby Attractions:

  • Great Yarmouth: Known for its sandy beaches and historic piers, this coastal town also boasts a range of attractions, including the Sea Life Centre and the Pleasure Beach amusement park.
  • The Broads National Park: A network of navigable rivers and lakes, this is an ideal spot for boating, fishing, and observing wildlife. It’s one of the UK’s most picturesque and unique landscapes.
  • Burgh Castle: A short drive from the park, this ancient Roman fort offers panoramic views of the surrounding area and is a window into the region’s rich history.

The Wild Duck Holiday Park offers a refreshing twist to the conventional seaside holiday park experience. It’s a haven for nature lovers and those wanting a break from the hustle and bustle of city life. With its array of activities and proximity to Norfolk’s attractions, it strikes a perfect balance between relaxation and adventure, making it an ideal holiday destination for all ages.

Haggerston Castle Holiday Park, Northumberland

In the heart of Northumberland, with its rich history and sweeping landscapes, stands the Haggerston Castle Holiday Park. Managed by Haven, this park is set around the picturesque grounds of a former country estate and castle, offering a unique blend of historical charm and modern recreational amenities.


Haggerston Castle is situated near Berwick-upon-Tweed in Northumberland. The park’s serene lakes, Italian gardens, and remnants of the old castle create an ambiance that is both tranquil and enchanting.

Key Features:

  • Historic Setting: The park is set around the remains of the ancient Haggerston Castle, offering guests a touch of history amidst the modern amenities.
  • Lakes and Boating: The park boasts several beautiful lakes. Boating on these calm waters is a popular activity, providing both relaxation and fun.
  • Swimming Facilities: Haggerston Castle doesn’t disappoint when it comes to swimming facilities. The park has a large indoor pool, complete with slides and other aquatic attractions.
  • Activities: From horse riding and adventure trails to aerial adventure courses and golfing, the park offers a vast range of activities suitable for all age groups.
  • Entertainment: Adhering to Haven’s standard, Haggerston Castle offers a variety of entertainment options, including live performances, kids’ clubs, and interactive shows.
  • Accommodation: The accommodation choices range from luxury lodges overlooking the lakes to cozy caravans nestled amidst the trees. The settings offer a blend of nature, history, and comfort.

Nearby Attractions:

  • Berwick-upon-Tweed: This historic town, marked by its Elizabethan walls, offers a peek into Northumberland’s past. It’s riverside and coastal walks are also popular among visitors.
  • Holy Island of Lindisfarne: Accessible by a causeway during low tide, this tidal island is steeped in history, with its ancient priory ruins and Lindisfarne Castle.
  • Bamburgh Castle: Overlooking the North Sea, this iconic castle stands tall on a rocky outcrop, offering breathtaking views and a deep dive into the region’s history.

Haggerston Castle Holiday Park is more than just a holiday retreat; it’s an experience that melds the wonders of nature with the allure of history. Set in a location renowned for its scenic beauty and historical significance, the park offers guests an opportunity to explore, relax, and create lasting memories. Whether it’s the whisper of ancient tales echoing from the castle ruins or the modern tunes from the evening entertainment, Haggerston Castle promises a symphony of experiences for all its visitors.

Greenacres Holiday Park, North Wales

Greenacres Holiday Park, situated in the captivating region of North Wales, is a testament to the area’s raw natural beauty. With the vast expanse of Snowdonia National Park on one side and the glistening shores of the Irish Sea on the other, this Haven-operated holiday park provides visitors with a balanced experience of mountainous landscapes and beachside leisure.


Positioned near Porthmadog in North Wales, Greenacres boasts direct access to the sublime Black Rock Sands beach, a wide stretch of golden sands that welcomes both sun-seekers and water sports enthusiasts.

Key Features:

  • Beach Access: One of the standout features of Greenacres is its direct access to the impressive Black Rock Sands, allowing visitors to easily transition from park to beach.
  • Swimming Facilities: Complementing its beachside location, Greenacres offers a heated indoor pool, ensuring guests can enjoy swimming activities regardless of the unpredictable British weather.
  • Activities: The park encompasses a range of activities tailored to its environment. From archery and fencing lessons to nature walks and exploring the nearby mountains, there’s no shortage of things to do.
  • Entertainment: In line with Haven’s dedication to entertainment, Greenacres features a plethora of daytime and evening programs, including children’s clubs, live music, theatre performances, and more.
  • Accommodation: From luxury lodges offering panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes to comfortable static caravans equipped with modern amenities, guests are spoilt for choice.

Nearby Attractions:

  • Snowdonia National Park: A sprawling natural playground, Snowdonia is perfect for hiking, mountain biking, and soaking in panoramic views, especially from the peak of Mount Snowdon, the highest mountain in Wales.
  • Portmeirion: A short drive from the park, this picturesque village, known for its Italianate architecture and lush gardens, is a delightful place to explore.
  • Ffestiniog & Welsh Highland Railways: Offering scenic rides through the heart of Snowdonia, these historic railways provide a unique way to experience the region’s landscapes.

Greenacres Holiday Park is a portal to the diverse experiences that North Wales offers. Whether you’re keen on lounging on the beach, exploring rugged mountain trails, or delving into the local culture, Greenacres serves as the perfect base. Combining the best of nature and modern recreational amenities, this park guarantees an enriching and memorable stay for visitors of all ages.

Pro Tips for Visiting Haven Holiday Parks

Plan: Especially during peak seasons, these parks can get fully booked quite quickly. Ensure you secure your preferred accommodation by booking well in advance.

Join the Haven Membership or Loyalty Program: If available, these can offer special deals, discounts on activities, or even early check-ins.

Check for Special Events or Themed Weekends: Some parks host special-themed weekends or events which can be a highlight for many visitors. Ensure you’re aware so you can participate or avoid, depending on your preference.

Pack for All Weathers: UK weather can be unpredictable. Bring a mix of light layers, waterproofs, and sun protection to ensure you’re comfortable come rain or shine.

Familiarize Yourself with Nearby Attractions: Haven parks are usually situated in or near areas of natural beauty or historical significance. A little research can help you make the most of your surroundings.

Make Activity Reservations: If there are popular activities you’re keen on, reserve your spots early, especially in peak season, to avoid disappointment.

Bring Essentials: While many parks have on-site shops, they can be a bit pricey. Consider bringing essentials with you, such as toiletries, basic cooking ingredients, and any other necessities.

Respect Park Rules: Each park will have its set of rules, especially concerning noise levels in the evening and the use of communal areas. Be sure to familiarize yourself with these to ensure a harmonious stay for you and other guests.

Explore Transportation Options: If you don’t have a car, look into local public transport or even park shuttles which might take you to popular nearby destinations.

Engage with the Community: Attend the community events, shows, or even join the kids’ clubs if you’re traveling with family. It’s a great way to meet fellow travelers and immerse yourself in the holiday park experience.

Take Advantage of On-site Amenities: From indoor pools to entertainment shows, make the most of what you’re paying for by taking advantage of the plethora of amenities offered.

Ask for Recommendations: Staff at these parks are often locals and can provide insider tips on the best places to visit, eat, or explore in the surrounding areas.

Stay Connected: Check if your park has a mobile app or an online portal. These often have updated schedules, maps, and other essential information that can enhance your stay.

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7 Best Haven Parks in the UK 2023


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