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Shots of traffic and children playing in playgrounds begin the film. A flashback to Los Angeles in 2029 AD follows the cessation of the voices of children. The world has degenerated into a wasteland of demolished automobiles, demolished buildings, and black-charred playgrounds populated by skulls and skeletons. The voice of Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) describes: " On August 29, 1997, 3 billion lives were lost. The nuclear fire's survivors referred to the conflict as "Judgment Day." They survived only one more nightmare: the battle against machines

The foot of a metallic android crushes a skull on the ground. Human guerrilla troops face off against a technologically superior robotic army in the first battle. Robotic tanks launch a full-frontal assault on the humans, who are trained to make use of the shelter that the damaged terrain provides, crushing skulls beneath their tracks. T-800 androids sweep the terrain in places that tanks cannot access while flying aircraft search the ground for targets. The humans manage to destroy several tanks, aircraft, and androids, despite suffering significant losses. Even as crude assault vehicles, they use old cars, but the laser cannons of the machines are accurate and unrelenting.

John Connor is shown respect for by his warriors as he strolls through a disintegrating corridor and examines the war zone from a protected distance. Sarah's voice-over goes on as the camera focuses on his scarred face: Two terminators were sent back in time by Skynet, the controlling computer. Their objective: to eliminate the human resistance's leader: My son is John Connor. In 1984, before John was born, the first Terminator was programmed to strike me. It failed. When John was just a young child, the second was going to hit him directly. The Resistance was able to send a single warrior to serve as John's guardian. The question was which of them would get to him first.

A montage of shots of playgrounds engulfed in flames plays during the opening credits. The closing credits feature the thematic five rapid drumbeats as the camera zooms in on the Terminator's metal face through the fire to extreme close-up of its red glowing eyes.

In the middle of the night, the action shifts to a truck stop. Waste is scattered by the wind around several parked trucks in the lot. The air is filled with electric charges that sway among several trucks. A brightly lit orb appears out of nowhere, vaporizing a ground bowl and a portion of a nearby truck. An enormous blaze of light comes from the circle and it vanishes, leaving a bare man hunkering in its place. As the electrical charges gradually blur, the Eliminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger) ascends to its feet. It resembles the one that was sent back in time to kill Sarah Connor in The Terminator (1984). As it approaches the Corral, a biker bar across the street from the truck stop, we see its red point-of-view processing screen as it inspects the motorcycle-primarily parked vehicles outside and enters.

The naked Terminator calmly strolls among the bikers inside, inspecting each male customer as he goes. The bikers are both astonished and amused. One of the waitresses even gives it a couple of stares. After determining that the man's clothing is appropriate for its size, it comes to a stop in front of a biker who smokes cigars. The Terminator calmly informs him that it requires his "clothes, boots, and motorcycle," which makes the other customers laugh out loud. The cigar man blows smoke in the face of the Terminator after telling it that it "forgot to say please." When he places his cigar on the Terminator's exposed chest, he is surprised to find that the pain does not appear to bother it. The man's arm is twisted as the Terminator twists the man's hand. Another biker strikes the Terminator in the head with a pool cue as the biker screams; for his trouble, he has been thrown through the window. The cigar biker is thrown into the kitchen, where he burns his hands on the hot stove. The Terminator is knifed by a third tough biker. After he unsuccessfully stabs it, he is swiftly disarmed and pinned with his own knife to the pool table. The remaining customers flee in a haste. The Eliminator enters the kitchen, moving toward the injured stogie biker. The terrified biker takes out a gun and tries to rack the slide, but the Terminator takes away the gun. Frightened, he rapidly throws his keys to the Eliminator.

As George Thorogood's "Tough" plays, the Eliminator ventures outside, completely dressed, and mounts one of the cruisers, an enormous Harley-Davidson. The bartender pulls out a lever-action shotgun and fires a warning shot, stating that if it doesn't get off the bike, she will kill it. The Terminator gets off, walks calmly toward the man, and quickly takes the shotgun and sunglasses from the bartender before riding off.

A police officer in a trash-strewn vacant lot beneath a bridge in the city of Los Angeles reports an odd electrical disturbance to headquarters. A naked T-1000 (Robert Patrick), a cyborg who is also less bulky than the Terminator, approaches him from behind as he examines the area and notices a strange round hole burned into a chain link fence. With a quick gut stab, the T-1000 kills the officer right away. The terminator uses the police car's computer to locate John Connor's address after grabbing the officer's gun and entering the vehicle in full uniform. He finds John's address and a police report that says he has committed a number of minor offenses, including shoplifting and causing public disturbances.

The following day, John Connor's temporary parents Todd (Xander Berkeley) and Janelle Voight (Jenette Goldstein) make a few unprofitable endeavors to get John to tidy up his room, however he overlooks and mocks them and leaves on his bicycle with his companion Tim (Danny Cooksey). Tim listens to Guns N' Roses on his small portable stereo as they take off.

Sarah Connor stands on her upturned bed frame while performing chin-ups in a cell at Pescadero State Hospital, a facility for mentally ill inmates. Dr. Peter Silberman (Earl Boen), a psychiatrist, is demonstrating Sarah's acute schizo-effective disorder to some interns. It persuades her to think that a machine in human pretense, called a "Eliminator", was sent back through opportunity to kill her, and that the dad of her youngster was a fighter from what was to come, sent back to safeguard her. Silberman offers her a decent morning, to which Sarah pseudo-pleasantly gets some information about his knee, which she cut with a pen half a month prior. Informing the interns that she has repeatedly attempted to flee, Silberman asks them to look at her like she is in a cage. Silberman orders two orderlies to make sure Sarah takes her medication and that he doesn't like it when patients move furniture around in their rooms. Sarah declines the medication when the orderlies enter the cell. They smack her in the gut with a baton, kick her around, and zap her with a taser before forcing the medication down her throat and leaving her. The T-1000 arrives at the foster parents' home and inquires about John. They tell her to be good because she is on review that afternoon. They inform him that John left on his bicycle. It says that it only needs to ask John a few questions when it asks for John's picture. Todd mentions that the Terminator, a big guy on a bike, had earlier stopped by to inquire about John that morning. Despite its suspicious appearance, the T-1000 assures them not to be concerned.

Using a specialized decoding device, John enters an ATM. Tim discovers a photograph of Sarah in John's bag—the same one that was taken of Sarah at the conclusion of 1984's The Terminator and later given to Kyle Reese. Because Sarah was arrested for attempting to blow up a computer factory, John says that she is a complete psychopath. They run to the mall to spend the money they stole, missing the Terminator who was looking for them by a few blocks.

When a familiar voice wakes Sarah, she is in a deep sleep as a result of the medication. It is Kyle Reese (Michael Biehn), the one who passed on shielding her from the principal Eliminator. She responds that he no longer believes her when he tells her that John is in danger and that she must protect him. Reese encourages her to regain her strength and repeats his previous message: The future is not predetermined, and fate is only what we choose. She gives him a hug, but when she opens her eyes, Reese is standing by the cell door saying that there isn't much time left. Sarah follows him out of the hospital as he leaves. She winds up on a radiant grass field behind a wall. Children are enjoying themselves in a playground on the other side. She tries to warn them off, but she can't say anything. She awakens in her cell next to her bed after a brief bright flash.

Sarah watches a video from one of her earlier evaluations during the psychological review later that day. In it, she describes her dream of the world and its children burning in a nuclear nightmare. She went into an angry outburst in light of the fact that nobody trusts her forecast. Silberman stops the video, and Sarah lets him know that she is feeling vastly improved at this point; She retracts her claim that the factory where she crushed one covered up the entire thing because she no longer believes in the existence of Terminators.

In the mean time, in a PC lab some place, PC designer Miles Dyson (Joe Morton) is approached consent to lead a test with a specific gadget that is simply alluded to as 'it.' He gives the same response to a coworker who asks where "it" came from as he did to his superiors: Ask not." Dyson enters the vault and finds a computer chip fragment and a metal robot arm that clearly belonged to a Terminator.

Sarah asks Dr. Silberman to move her to a base security ward, however he accepts that she is faking her recuperation, and figures she will just involve this exchange for another departure endeavor. She attacks him when he also refuses to let her see her son before being drugged and restrained by orderlies. "Model citizen," Silberman says sarcastically as he looks at the camera.

The Terminator sees John and Tim driving through an abandoned canal as it passes overhead, recognizes him, and begins a pursuit. In the meantime, the T-1000 shows a couple of girls John's picture while dressed as a cop; The Galleria is where they direct it. John's bike is identified by the Terminator when he arrives at the Galleria. John is playing arcade games inside, so the Terminator and the T-1000 are looking for him. The Terminator is carrying a long box full of roses. Tim, who is purchasing additional quarters, is spotted by the T-1000 when it arrives at the video arcade. It shows the picture of Tim John. Tim quickly walks back to John and warns him about the T-1000, despite his presumption that he does not know the person in the picture.

John runs out the indirect access of the arcade into the shopping center help lobby. He eventually ends up in a hallway, wedged in between the T-1000 and the Terminator. The T-1000 pulls out its service pistol and the Terminator pulls out a shotgun from the box of roses as the two cyborgs advance. Similarly as John suspects he'll be gunned somewhere around both of them or both, the Eliminator orders him to "Get down!". The Eliminator shoots the T-1000 in the shoulder and redirects its point. The Terminator moves in front of John, shielding him from the bullets, while the T-1000 quickly recovers and fires an entire clip at John, killing a janitor caught in the crossfire. While the T-1000 reloads, the Eliminator tears open an entryway, pushes John to somewhere safe, and walks towards the T-1000, firing it over and over with its shotgun. The T-1000 finally collapses on its back when the Terminator fires its final round.

The large, metallic holes that the Terminator's bullets left in the T-1000's chest suddenly close up as John watches as it reloads its shotgun. It gets up, and the two cyborgs fight for the gun for a short time. In the battle, they drive each other into the wall a few times, until one wall at last gives, and they tumble into a dress store. The T-1000, clearly stronger and faster on its feet, slams the Terminator through the shop window and continues its hunt for John. One of the shoppers manages to get some pictures of the Terminator getting back on its feet quickly before grabbing its shotgun and following John and the T-1000.

John has reached his motorcycle in the interim, but it is having trouble starting. John gets the T-1000 to start and drives off, barely shaking off his attacker as he makes it to the street as the T-1000 rushes toward him as it enters the garage. By throwing the truck's driver out, the T-1000 takes an unintentional ride from a nearby truck and relentlessly pursues John with no regard for other motorists. It, thus, is pursued by the Eliminator on its Harley.

John appears to be safe when he reaches an old drainage canal, but the T-1000 truck suddenly appears on an overpass, slams into the canal through the railing, and crashes through it. John drives off, and in spite of the limited width of the channel, the T-1000 additions on John. In the mean time, the Eliminator drives along the edge of the trench, shooting a few shots at the truck, which is approaching a scaffold spreading over the channel. The truck's cabin roof is ripped off by the bridge, but the T-1000 has escaped and keeps control. When the Terminator reaches a dead end in the elevation and is forced to jump down with its bike into the canal, it tries to overtake John. It grabs John from his bike, places him in front of itself, and fires a shot into one of the wrecker's front tires after passing the truck and driving alongside him. Fuel that was spilled ignites when the truck collides with another column in the canal due to a spark in some loose wiring. Only a burning tire emerges when the Terminator stops the bike and points his gun at the raging fire. He drives away with John, yet seconds after the fact, the T-1000 arises as a sparkling, featureless, fluid metal figure. Its elements become more articulated and its varieties get back to business as usual, getting back to the type of the safe pseudo-cop. At the point when crisis laborers show up, the T-1000 takes a police cruiser and drives off.

John requests the Terminator to stop as they ride off. His rescuer reveals that it is a Cyberdyne Systems model 101 Terminator: a cybernetic organism with a metal endoskeleton and living tissue underneath. John examines the Terminator's back for bullet holes but is still unable to accept it. He already knows that the Terminator is there to protect him, not kill him. According to The Terminator, John himself reprogrammed it and sent it back 35 years into the future to protect him now.

The Terminator explains, while driving the bike, that the other man is not a human but a T-1000: an advanced prototype made of liquid metal or a "mimetic polyalloy." They are required to leave the city and avoid the authorities, it states. John wants to go to his house, but Terminator tells him that the T-1000 will try to get him back there, just like Terminator would.

John and the Terminator stop by a pay phone because John wants to warn his foster parents by calling. In response, Janelle voiced her concern for John. Because she is "never this nice," John is perplexed. Through the phone, he can hear Todd berating the dog for constantly barking and commenting that the dog is actually barking. As Janelle moves the phone to the other ear and extends her left arm offscreen, her expression remains unchanged. Todd suddenly stops talking. John is concerned that the T-1000 might already be there. John is asked the dog's name by the Terminator; Max is it. It picks up the phone and, speaking in John's voice, asks Janelle what's wrong with "Wolfie." Janelle says Wolfie is fine. The Eliminator hangs up and tells John his temporary parents are dead. The T-1000 imitating "Janelle" is revealed when the camera pulls back on cue. Todd has been skewered through his mouth and spine by the silver blade that has formed on its arm. It withdraws the edge, allowing Todd's inert body to tumble to the ground, and it gradually changes the cutting edge once again into Janelle's arm. The T-1000 then returns to its cop appearance. The T-1000 walks toward Max, the dog, as it leaves the house. Max is barking a lot. It cuts the dog to death quickly and removes its collar; It says "Max." It recognizes that it was duped.

John learns from the Terminator that the T-1000 can imitate anything of equal size it has sampled in the past through physical contact. It can only form knives and stabbers, not bombs or complex structures with chemicals or moving parts like guns.

A police detective shows Sarah Connor some 1984 photographs from the West Highland police station captured by a video surveillance camera at Pescadero Hospital. Inside the station, they show the first Terminator going on a killing spree. The unidentified man, according to the detective, killed 17 police officers that night along with their families and children. His coworker shows her pictures that a tourist took that day at the mall: They both depict the same man. The officers ask her about the man in the picture and tell her that John is missing and that his foster parents were killed, but she doesn't say a word. They are let out after Dr. Silberman informs them that she is losing touch with reality. Sarah clandestinely takes a paperclip from the work area before one of the orderlies returns her to her cell.

The Terminator hears John describe his time in Nicaragua, where Sarah collaborated with a number of men to gather weapons and instruct John on how to be a great military leader. John wants to save her now that he knows she was right all along. The Terminator says that the T-1000 will probably copy Sarah and wait for John to come to her, so he refuses. John insists on saving her right away when he learns that the subject being copied is typically terminated. He is restrained by the Terminator, who says that Sarah isn't important to the mission. John protests and begs for assistance, but when he tells the android to let go, it does so. John is delighted to learn that one of the Terminator's mission requirements is to obey John. By instructing it to stand on one foot, John tests it: It conforms. John's scream for assistance is being answered by two men. John orders the Terminator to grab one of the guys by the hair after they argue. Terminator breaks his hand and tries to shoot the other guy when he attacks; John puts a stop to this and sends the guys away. The robot doesn't get it, so he tries to explain to Terminator why he can't just kill people. They ride on after John tells it to help him save his mother.

One of the guards grants access to the T-1000 when it arrives at Pescadero in the interim. Douglas (Ken Gibbel), one of the other guards, holds Sarah to her bed. He locks her cell, slams his baton against several cell doors, further humiliates her by repulsively licking her face, and then he leaves. Sarah uses the stolen paperclip to pick the locks on her restraints and the door before spitting it out. The T-1000 approaches a desk and requests Sarah Connor from the nurse. When she sees the other police officers leaving, she tells him that they have been with her for an hour. She observes that he has left when she looks back at the T-1000; He is not in the hallway at all. She allows Lewis, played by Don Stanton, a security guard, to enter the security door; He walks over to a coffee machine before he lets the police officers out.

The T-1000, on the other hand, stands up as Lewis steps on the patterned floor of the hallway and slowly imitates Lewis's form and image. Lewis is unaware that his counterpart is forming behind him. He is shocked to see a copy of himself when he turns around, Don Stanton's identical twin brother Dan Stanton. The T-1000 skewers Lewis through the eye with an ice pick-like extension before dragging his body into a cleaning room before Lewis can react. It walks effortlessly past the other staff and guards as it takes Lewis' pistol and makes its way to the maximum security wing.

Douglas, on the other hand, discovers that a broom handle has been cut off and that one of the maintenance rooms has been opened. He is clubbed with the broom handle by Sarah as he leaves the room, dragged, and locked in her room. She leaves with his baton and keys. She runs away from Lewis, who is actually the T-1000 and is moving through one of the wings next to her. The T-1000 returns to its cop structure as Sarah creeps up to Silberman and an organized. She breaks Dr. Silberman's arm and beats the orderly to unconsciousness. She administers a tranquilizer to the orderly and adds drain cleaning fluid to the empty syringe.

John swears to the Terminator that it will not kill anyone when they arrive at Pescadero. At the point when the gatekeeper refers to the meeting hours, Eliminator shoots him in the legs, consoling John that the man will make due. The motorcycle is kept in the garage. At the security office, Sarah arrives with Silberman as her hostage. Since she already believes that they will all perish on Judgement Day, she places the poison-filled syringe in his neck and assures him that she will not have any trouble killing him. He directs the security personnel to open the door. She makes it through without noticing the additional guard behind her. He pulls Silberman out of her hands, but he falls to the ground. Sarah makes a hasty escape. The T-1000, which just discovered the drugged guard, is also piqued by the guards' sound of alarm. By cutting off a key, Sarah is able to lock out the pursuing wardens, forcing them to take a different route.

Despite Sarah's best efforts, she does not make it to the elevators before an old friend leaves: her ex-tormentor from the past, the Terminator. She turns around and screams in disbelief and fear. Sarah is so dazed by alarm that she doesn't see John's calls. She is suddenly tackled by one of the orderlies who had to take a different route as the others catch up and try to control her.

The Terminator is asked to assist John's mother. It walks over to the wardens, who are attempting to restrain Sarah, unnoticed. She is quickly shouting "He'll kill every one of us!" Dr Silberman attempts to offer Sarah a sedative chance, however the Eliminator snatches the orderlies around him individually, and throws them generally off Sarah. John squats somewhere around Sarah, who is checking out at him and the Eliminator in sheer skepticism. John reassures her that the Terminator is available for assistance. "If you want to live, come with me," says the Terminator. and Sarah takes its hand reluctantly.

At that point, a set of bars prevent the T-1000 from appearing at the end of the hallway. It strolls through them effortlessly, its fluid metal pouring through the bars like pudding (aside from its gun). As the Terminator fires multiple shots at the T-1000, which only serve to slow it down, John and Sarah run to the elevator. The T-1000 fires as it runs past Silberman, who is taken aback; however, the Terminator acts as a shield once more until the elevator doors close behind him. The T-1000 attempts to pry open the door with its knife arms, but the Terminator quickly fires a single shot, severing the head of the other cyborg.

The lift drops as the T-1000 wires its head back together. It opens the doors once more and leaps to the elevator's roof, where it stabs its knives through the roof in the hope of hitting one of its targets. Before Sarah's shoulder is slashed by one of the thrusts, the Terminator and Sarah fire several shots back through the ceiling. They all get out when the elevator reaches the garage. Sarah takes control of a recently arrived police vehicle. The T-1000 has punctured the elevator roof sufficiently to form an amorphous metal blob that can pass through a small opening. It quickly transforms into a human, opens the elevator door, and follows the Terminator, forcing him to drive in reverse. They shoot a few clasps and shells at it, yet it continues to acquire. The Terminator spins the car 180 degrees as it leaves the garage, but this brief halt enables T-1000 to leap and use its arm-hooks to climb into the trunk. It slices at John and breaks the back window, but the Terminator is able to shoot it off the moving car. It gets back on its feet, but it stops following the car because it can't keep up on foot. John throws the broken hook onto the street after removing it from the car's trunk. The T-1000 silently returns to Pescadero after walking toward it, absorbing the hook with its foot.

John, Sarah, and the Eliminator drive away at rapid, protected from the lethal T-1000, basically for the present. John appears to get a big hug from Sarah when she opens her arms to him, but Sarah really just wants to see if he has any injuries. He is reprimanded by Sarah for risking his life to save her; For that, he is too important. John is perplexed by Sarah's cold response, saying that all he needed to do was get her out of there, but she responds bluntly that she can take care of herself. John is confused by this. John responds that it's nothing when the Terminator inquires about the tears in his eyes.

The T-1000 walks back to Pescadero, where the police have arrived, after returning. On a motorcycle, a cop inquires about the situation. It confirms, and praises the cop on his pleasant bike.

The car is hidden in the garage of an abandoned gas station when the three fugitives arrive. The Eliminator keeps an eye on Sarah's shoulder wound, saying that it understands what it is doing in light of the fact that it has definite documents on human life systems. Sarah says that because of this, it is a more effective killer; The idea is supported by the Terminator. Sarah thus eliminates the slugs from the Eliminator's back. John inquires whether it is experiencing any pain, and the Terminator responds that it is sensing injuries, which could be considered pain. Sarah says it's good that it says its wounds will heal because the Terminator won't be much use if it can't look like a human. John is informed by the Terminator that its current power cell will allow it to operate for 120 years. that its central processor (focal handling unit) is a learning PC and that it can dive deeper into being human as it has more contact with people.

Elective scene: Eliminator makes sense of for John that its central processor is a learning PC, yet Skynet incapacitates the ability to learn when Eliminators are conveyed alone, with Sarah commenting that Skynet doesn't believe it's infiltrators should do any reasoning. He and Sarah use the Terminator after John suggests that they can reset the switch. She removes a portion of its head, opens its metal skull, and removes the chip contained within to completely disable the android. Be that as it may, sadly, she needs to obliterate the chip with a little demolition hammer, since she has no faith in John's new companion. She wants to use this chance to disable it, but John convinces her that they need it and that she should start listening to some of his ideas if he wants to be a great military leader. Hesitantly, she surrenders, and they reset the switch and reinsert the chip.

The Terminator monitors another vehicle at dawn and keeps watch all night. John teaches it that the keys to some cars are hidden behind the windshield. They drive through the desert to one of Sarah's hiding places in an effort to escape the city as soon as possible. John observes that the Terminator frequently utilizes expressions like "affirmative;" he trains it to utilize more informal articulations, for example, "no problemo," "eat me," "hasta la vista, child," and "relax, dickwad." They stop at a corner store for some food. John tells the Terminator that even though his mother is always serious, it can smile from time to time. For instance, John tries unsuccessfully to make a waitress at a restaurant smile before smiling at a man at a phone booth. The Eliminator attempts to emulate him, however the outcome is not exactly persuading, so John educates it to rehearse in front concerning a mirror first.

John observes children engaging in gun play. He considers the possibility that humans as a species will perish; The Terminator asserts that self-destruction is in their nature. Sarah inquires about the Skynet construction team's identity. The Terminator informs her that Miles Bennett Dyson, a high-ranking engineer at Cyberdyne Systems, will invent a new microprocessor that will transform the entire field of military computing as they resume driving. Cyberdyne PCs will totally supplant human capabilities and choices in essential protection frameworks as the Skynet program goes on-line on August fourth, 1997. On August 29th, it becomes self-aware due to its rapid learning. Skynet launches a nuclear strike as humans attempt to shut it down, launching a nuclear war between humans and other nations on Earth. Sarah asks the Terminator everything he knows about Dyson.

Miles is frantically working at his computer at the Dyson residence, despite his promise to take the children swimming with his wife Tarissa (S. Epatha Merkerson). Miles attempts to clear up for her that his work on the new microchip is vital and that he is extremely near finishing it. Tarissa facetiously asks why they began a family at any rate, since he appears to be more worried about his venture. Miles finally caves and lets the kids play outside.

A desert ranch that appears to be abandoned is where Sarah, John, and the Terminator arrive. However, when she speaks, her friend Enrique Salceda (Castulo Guerra), who is extremely wary of visitors who come unannounced, comes out of hiding. He invites Sarah, John, and the Eliminator (who John presents as Uncle Sway) and lets them know that they are all around the information as needed people. Enrique is not overly pleased to learn that Sarah has arrived to retrieve the majority of his belongings, including clothing, food, and a truck, and she orders John and the Terminator to gather weapons. A covert stash containing a plethora of weapons and ammunition is unveiled by the Terminator. Sarah advises Enrique about her arrangements to cross the line after dusk, and advises him to leave the reach also, since it is perilous for him as well. He was prepared for Sarah to cause trouble, but he seems accustomed to it.

While working in the weapons stash, John tells how he grew up finding out about weapons and explosives, and how he struggled with acclimating to an ordinary life after Sarah got captured. He gains from the Eliminator that it has no anxiety toward death, nor feels some other feeling about it; It only needs to continue functioning until the completion of its mission. John views himself in the same way, despite his reservations about the significant role he still has to play. Even the android smiles when the Terminator finds a minigun.

While assisting the Eliminator with fixing a truck, John ponders his genuine dad, who he will meet when he is in his forties, however who hasn't even been conceived at this point. John believes that Sarah still occasionally weeps over him. He is asked by Terminator why people cry. John claims that it occurs when individuals are physically harmed. The machine cannot comprehend. John shows Terminator how to give a high five—along with a joke about being "too slow"—when the truck starts working again, and Sarah watches them from a distance. She recounts: Watching John with the machine, it was abruptly so clear. The Eliminator could never stop, never leave him, never hurt him, never yell at him or become inebriated and hit him, or say investing energy with him was excessively occupied. It would never leave him, and it would die to safeguard him. Of the relative multitude of would-be fathers who traveled every which way throughout the long term, this machine was the one in particular who had the right stuff. In a crazy world, it was the sanest decision."

Sarah uses her knife to carve at a wooden table while she watches Enrique and his family play happily. She wakes up in front of a fence in a green pasture after falling asleep. On the other side, there is a playground where kids are having fun. She tries to warn them to stay away, but she doesn't say anything. In the crowd, she recognizes a younger, more innocent version of herself: playing with infant John in her old waitress uniform when she seems to notice a strange pulse. As Sarah pounds the wall in disappointment, a blinding white blaze enlightens the region. Individuals shout in dread as the splendid light subsides, uncovering a tremendous atomic cloud section at the skyline. In a moment, temperatures climb to limits, causing Sarah, everybody and all that to burst into flares suddenly. A panoramic shot depicts a nuclear shock wave traveling through downtown Los Angeles, instantly destroying every building in its path. As the fire reaches the victims, their ashes are dispersed like black dust in the wind as buses, buildings, trees, and cars are torn apart. Sarah wakes up in shock and realizes it was just a dream as the fire burns away her flesh, leaving only her skeleton hanging by the fence. The words she just carved into the table are what she is looking at: ZERO FATE; She is aware that the only way she can prevent her dream from becoming a reality is to act right away.

After inserting the knife into the table, Sarah loads up her belongings and a CAR15 rifle into the car. John sees it and learns from Enrique that he and the Terminator are supposed to head south, where Sarah will meet them tomorrow. John also sees it. John charges Sarah, but she quickly drives off without saying a word or looking back. John reads the table's words: ZERO FATE John clarifies for the Eliminator that it was a message from his future self to Sarah, passed on by his dad Kyle: There is no known future. We are the only ones who determine our own destiny. At the point when the Eliminator surmises that Sarah means to change the future, John abruptly understands that she is pursuing Miles Dyson. In the repaired truck, they follow her.

As Sarah races ahead, the Eliminator cautions John that the T-1000 has similar information and may be hanging tight for them at Dyson's home, yet John is resolved to halting Sarah. John does not want to hear that the Terminator suggests Dyson's death might actually stop the war from happening. He scolds the Terminator with rage for not yet comprehending the significance of human life and demands that it attempt to learn.

Sarah sets up her silenced gun behind the swimming pool at the Dyson home, where she can see Miles working at his computer without knowing about the danger outside. Danny Dyson, played by DeVaughn Nixon, is the son of Dyson and is having fun in the house with his remote-controlled car, defying his mother's orders to sleep like his sister. Sarah loads the rifle and takes aim outside, aiming a red laser at Miles's forehead. Miles is forced to quickly bend over to pick up the remote car as Danny drives it into his foot while firing. The slug misses him and raises a ruckus around town screen. Sarah fires again but misses as Miles realizes the shot came through the window. Miles hides behind his work area, so Sarah rakes the house with fast fire. As Sarah reloads and brings another round into the room, Miles issues a warning to keep his wife and son away. She walks to the house and grabs a gun. Miles runs for his living room when he sees her. Miles is struck in the shoulder by the third of Sarah's shots at him. As his wife and son reach him, he gives up and falls to the ground. The young boy stays, pleading for his father's life, despite Sarah's gunpoint attempt to drive them away. Sarah's eyes are wild with rage as Miles pushes the boy away to his mother and asks her to let the boy go. She rants at the perplexed man, claiming that he is to blame for everything and that she will not allow him to do it. Sarah realizes what she is about to do when Miles begins to cry uncontrollably; she doesn't pull the trigger. She steps back and sinks to the floor, crying.

Fearing that it will be too late, John and the Terminator enter the destroyed house. John tells the Terminator to check on Dyson while he looks after his mother. John gives Sarah a hug and assures her that they will find a way, even though she is traumatized by the fact that she nearly killed a man. She finally gets the chance to tell him how much she loves him, and he shows her love back. Tarissa is instructed by the Terminator to apply pressure to the wound in order to stop the bleeding and diagnose Miles' injury as a flesh wound. Miles inquires about John and the Terminator's identities. John gives the Eliminator a switchblade, lets it to show Miles know it, and removes Danny to his room. With wheezes and cries of loathsomeness and mistrust, Miles and Tarissa watch the Eliminator make huge cuts in its arm, and eliminate the skin to uncover a refined, ridiculous metal arm and hand, similar kind Miles saw in plain view at Cyberdyne. Miles and Tarissa are requested to pay close attention by the Terminator.

Sarah recounts: Dyson tuned in while the Eliminator laid everything down. Skynet, Day of atonement, the historical backdrop of what might be on the horizon. Its few out of every odd day that you figure out you are answerable for 3 billion passings. He handled it fairly well." Miles is surprised by the story, but he tries to counter accusations that he hasn't done anything by asking how he was supposed to know. Sarah sneers that this is the excuse used by all men, who claim to be great and creative while only coming up with destruction and death. John ends the conversation because it won't help them. Miles lets them know he will quit dealing with the processor and quit his place of employment at Cyberdyne, yet Sarah and the Eliminator persuade him that no one should be permitted to complete his work; the lab and all significant documents in his home should be obliterated moreover. Miles enlightens them regarding the chip at Cyberdyne, which came from the primary Eliminator, despite the fact that he was not educated about its starting point at that point; All of Sarah's suspicions about the factory covering up the entire incident involving her and the first Terminator are confirmed by this. The chip was broken, however it gave Miles the motivation for his progressive new chip plan. Miles offers to assist them in bypassing Cyberdyne's security to completely eliminate his work and the remaining chip.

Sarah tells the story while driving to Cyberdyne, " I had always seen the future clearly, but now it was like a pitch-black highway at night. We were now in unknown territory, fabricating history as we went. The group is jam-packed with equipment when they arrive at the Cyberdyne lab's headquarters. Miles tries to persuade the security guard that they are friends he wants to show around after getting them through the main entrance to the security desk. They draw their guns and restrain him as the guard scolds him for bringing visitors without special permission. They take an elevator to the second floor, where Miles explains that in order to open the vault with the chip and Terminator arm, they need his key and another one in the security station.

In the meantime, a different guard goes back to the front desk and yells at his partner for leaving the desk unattended. When they get there, they find the man tied up and gagged in the toilet. As the guard sounds the silent alarm, Miles and Sarah enter the security station. Miles' entrance card no longer opens the key storage; the alert has killed all codes inside the structure. Sarah persuades him that they must complete their mission, despite his desire to have an abortion. John guarantees them that he can open the safe and gets his decoder out. Sarah and the Terminator have been identified as the news-reported wanted criminals by the two guards downstairs; They call the police and request that all of the units in the area respond. Miles' entrance code won't make the way for the lab, so the Eliminator recommends utilizing his, and that implies blowing through the entryway with an explosive launcher. In order to put out the fire, the Halon fire extinguishing system is activated, displacing all oxygen. The Terminator enters the lab and retrieves two breathing masks for Sarah and Miles while they wait for the Halon to dissipate before entering. They enter the laboratory and begin their work.

The T-1000 arrives at the Dyson residence in the disguise of a motorcycle police officer, complete with reflective sunglasses and helmet. He finds the house abandoned, every one of the PCs obliterated, and a trash bin brimming with consuming paper. His police radio announces the suspects and calls on all units to respond to Cyberdyne Systems: Sarah Connor, got away from Pescadero State Emergency clinic the prior night; and a white man, a possible perpetrator of the 1984 massacre at the West Highland Police Station.

The Eliminator hacks up a few PCs and servers with a fire hatchet. Sarah is directed by Miles to all of the processors and disks that contain crucial data that must be destroyed. He hears from Sarah that they'll blow it all up. The expanded model of his new chip design is then visible to Miles. He asks the Terminator for the axe, explains that he worked on the model for a long time, and then violently smashes it apart with the axe.

While a police helicopter hovers outside, shining its spotlight inside a deserted office area, a large contingent of officers arrives at Cyberdyne and surrounds the building. John gets the vault key by opening the key locker. He narrowly avoids being seen by the helicopter as he leaves. He quickly catches a glimpse of the entire police force barricaded outside on a monitor. Sarah and the Terminator set detonation packs and liquid explosives in barrels. Miles is shown by the Terminator how to set off the explosions with a remote control. John brings the key into the lab and informs the others that they are in company because the police have all arrived. Sarah tells them to go ahead and says she will finish. The Terminator declares that it will handle the police; John talks to him about his promises, but the Terminator just says, "Trust me."

The Terminator knocks a desk out of a window as he moves to the building's front. It disregards the police's organization to give up and shoot a M134 Minigun at the squad cars beneath. The pilot of the helicopter moves on. Terminator uses a M79 grenade launcher to destroy two additional vehicles with the minigun empty. No human casualties are displayed on its heads-up display. When the Terminator returns to the building, the police fire Heckler & Koch HK94A3 submachine guns at him. John and Miles open the vault when they get there. John breaks the glass cases that hold the metal arm and chip fragment. He exclaims with glee that they have "Skynet by the balls."

Sarah and the other three are getting ready to leave when a heavily armed SWAT team enters the building and ascends the stairs to the second floor. John and the Terminator leave the room after she gives him the gas masks. The SWAT team storms into the lab and fires as Sarah asks Miles for the detonator. Sarah seeks shelter behind a work area, yet Miles is hit a few times, and sinks to the floor. John tries to reach his mother, but the Terminator stops him from putting himself in danger. Sarah takes a gander at the mortally harmed Miles, who grasps the detonator. He reassures her, silently, that he will take care of it. After waiting for the SWAT members to reload, Sarah runs for the back of the lab and fires several shots into the air with her sidearm. She barely rolls to cover herself in the room where the vault is as the SWAT team fires on her through broken glass windows. John informs the Terminator that there is no other exit for her there while he is watching her escape on a monitor. It shatters the wall with a loud thud, bringing Sarah inside through the hole. With a second blast from its grenade launcher, it breaks a steel door, and the three get through a safer corridor to the elevator.

Miles is holding a piece of his chip model above the detonator switch as the SWAT team moves through the laboratory toward him. He tells the SWAT leader that he doesn't know how much longer he can hold it up with heavy dying breaths. Dean Norris, the SWAT leader, orders his team to immediately retreat because he is aware of the imminent danger. Miles' breathing becomes increasingly labored as John, Sarah, and the Terminator enter the elevator. He places the component on the trigger as it finally comes to a stop. The laboratory as a whole is destroyed by a massive explosion that comes from the structure.

The lift comes to a sudden end on the main floor. Between the destroyed automobiles in front of the Cyberdyne building, the T-1000 arrives on its motorcycle. The Terminator checks the lobby, which is crowded with SWAT team members, as the elevator doors open. John and Sarah are forced to buddy-breathe with the one remaining gas mask as a result of them firing tear gas grenades at the elevator. The Terminator instructs them to remain there; It will return. It moves toward the SWAT team despite being told to lie down by their leader. They fire, tearing flesh from its metal body as the bullets do, but they are unable to halt its advance. It shoots the men in the legs with its sidearm as it gets closer to them; It disables the remaining two members by employing the gas grenade launcher. The T-1000 rides its motorcycle up one of the destroyed building's staircases. The Eliminator exits through the principal entry and flames the leftover gas projectiles at the police, debilitating the whole power. It drives through the main entrance to pick up John and Sarah, frees two remaining SWAT members from their van, and remembers to look for the keys behind the sun visor. As a number of police officers fire shots at the van, it accelerates. As the T-1000 drives through the obliterated lab, it hears the shots and sees the Smack van leaving somewhere far off. At the point when it sees the helicopter flying close to the structure, it speeds up, bounces its cruiser out of the structure, and seizes the helicopter as the bicycle collides with the ground. The moronic struck pilot watches the T-1000 break the shelter with its head, fill the cockpit in its shapeless chrome structure and quickly continue its past appearance. The pilot jumps when it tells him to get out. Presently in charge of the helicopter, the T-1000 seeks after the van.

John is buried in a pile of bulletproof vests in the back of the van by Sarah, who tells him to stay there no matter what. As she observes the helicopter coming closer, she also covers the back windows of the van with vests; She hears that it is the T-1000 from the Terminator. Sarah and the T-1000 trade programmed weapon discharge as the Eliminator explores the roadway, barely missing a few vehicles. It drives under an extension, yet the helicopter just follows. The T-1000 is forced to fly over yet another bridge as they pass a large semi. It shoots Sarah in the leg after quickly gaining control of the van. The helicopter collides with the van's back when the Terminator abruptly stops; It breaks apart and violently crashes onto the road. The collision tears one of the van's tires, resulting in its overturning on the road. The driver of the enormous truck has stopped at the crashed helicopter, as the driver of a get truck comes to beware of the tipped-over van. The driver of the large truck is shocked to see that the T-1000 appears to be unharmed from the downed helicopter; however, the T-1000 simply skewers the driver with its blade hand and mounts the truck. The Eliminator, John and Sarah stagger from the Smack van; As the large truck emerges from the smoke several hundred yards back, the pick-up truck driver backs away from the Terminator's severe facial wounds; On the side, it says LIQUID NITROGEN. The three seize the get truck as the T-1000's truck slams a halted vehicle far removed somewhere far off. The T-1000 smashes the SWAT van's remains as the Terminator drives off; The driver of the pick-up barely moves out of the way.

John uses the truck's T-shirt to stop Sarah's leg from bleeding. The Terminator tries to keep up with the liquid nitrogen truck, but the pick-up truck can only go 60 mph. As Sarah ties her leg and cries in torment, the enormous truck smashes the rear of the get. The T-1000 tries to smash the pickup into the side rail, but another truck coming up behind it forces it to move away. John is instructed to take the wheel by the Terminator, and the Terminator fires a grenade at the large truck, which slightly deviates from its course. John is instructed to take the off ramp by the Terminator, but the T-1000 follows. As the Terminator fires yet another grenade, John narrowly misses hitting another truck. It rear-ends the vehicle; The Terminator fires a grenade after the truck hits the pickup truck from behind once more. John drives the T-1000 in close proximity as he drives the truck through the steel mill's gates. The Terminator empties the entire clip into the liquid android as it climbs onto the truck's hood with its CAR15 rifle. Then it turns the wheel rapidly to one side, causing the fluid nitrogen truck to bring down and slide behind John and Sarah. The Eliminator clutches the as yet moving, tipped-over truck as John passes through a shed measured steel foundry brimming with laborers.

When the pickup truck impales itself on a parked lift truck, one lifter passes between John and his mother, the vehicle abruptly stops. The Terminator gets off, rolls to safety, and comes to a stop against a couple of pipes as the sliding liquid nitrogen truck crashes into the hangar and hits one side of the entrance. The truck splits in half as a result of the tremendous momentum, and liquid nitrogen pours out of the rupture. One of the workers sounds the alarm as the nitrogen that is evaporating enters the work area, prompting everyone to immediately leave. Under a torrent of liquid nitrogen, John, Sarah, and the Terminator observe the T-1000 climbing out of the truck cabin. The android appears to be moving much more slowly than usual as it emerges from the vapor cloud. As the creaking T-1000 tries to walk, a layer of frost covers it, but its frozen feet keep sticking to the floor. Its legs break off at the ankle and knees as it continues to walk. The T-1000 also finds its hand frozen to the ground when it tries to break its fall. It breaks free, snapping off its arm to its own surprise with a violent pull. After a few jerky twists and turns, it stays motionless. "Hasta la vista, baby" is spoken as the Terminator rises from the ground, points its gun, and fires at the frozen android, shattering it into hundreds of tiny pieces.

John escapes the truck to watch his messed up foe. In any case, one of the pools of liquid metal in the shelter has started to spill over, and the intensity begins to defrost the frozen bits of the T-1000. The metal becomes fluid once more, and the drops begin to combine into one major mass. John assists Sarah in standing up after the Terminator informs them that they don't have much time. the fluid metal mass is now molding into the recognizable human structure once more. John assists in moving Sarah as the Terminator reloads its grenade launcher with the shell it dropped earlier. The T-1000 gets back to being a cop. On foot, it follows John, Sarah, and the Terminator as they enter the steel mill deeper.

The T-1000 examines a yellow and black striped bar and notices that it has been damaged: The bar's striped pattern has been copied by its arm. It releases the hand from the bar, flicks it back to normal, and resumes following its targets. John and Sarah are led by the Terminator through the steel mill's machinery and equipment maze. A glitch is running across the surface of the T-1000 as it approaches. It appears to struggle to maintain its current form; The metal floor's color and texture continue to appear on its feet.

John, Sarah, and the Terminator emerge from a molten metal pool at its edge; however, Sarah is unable to bear the heat. When they get back, they see the T-1000 coming a few yards ahead of them. The Eliminator sends John and Sarah on their way, notwithstanding John's longing to stay together. While the Terminator prepares its gun and grenade launcher, Sarah drags John away. The T-1000 suddenly appears from the side and kicks away from the launcher as its internal processing screen searches for it. The two Terminators engage in a bloody struggle in which they pound each other against the metal surfaces around them. The T-1000 is tossed head first against a steel wall, however it rapidly transforms itself in reverse, prepared to battle once more. The opponent simply liquefies, reorganizes around the Terminator's fist, launches it against additional barriers, and finally forces its arm into a massive gear, entangling it in the massive drive-chain. The T-1000 transforms back into a human and disappears, leaving the Terminator behind.

Sarah and John make a couple of strides towards a stage. In order to escape, the Terminator uses an iron bar to amputate its arm. The T-1000 is already approaching the platform, according to John and Sarah. Despite John's desperate pleas to accompany her, Sarah lowers John along a chain onto a conveyor belt below. Sarah fires at the T-1000's head with her shotgun after reloading: It creates a large, quick-filling hole around its right eye. It determines that John escaped. The T-1000 skewers Sarah's left shoulder against the wall before she can reload and fire another shot. Sarah refuses to call John, but it tells her to. It tells Sarah that it knows its method of torture hurts her by moving its finger blade inside her injured shoulder. It then repeats the order and threatens to pierce her head with its other finger, but she still refuses. At that precise moment, the Terminator uses the iron bar to slice the T-1000, almost severing its arm and side. However, the T-1000 simply pulls the bar out after kicking the Terminator backward and repairing its body. It hurls the Terminator in front of a large suspended beam by pounding it with the bar. The Terminator is repeatedly crushed against the wall with the beam by the T-1000, releasing its right eye and revealing its red robotic eye and metal skull. With its remaining hand, the heavily crushed Terminator tries to move toward a lower platform where its grenade launcher is still resting. However, the T-1000 inserts the metal bar into the Terminator's chest before it can grasp the launcher. The T-1000 forces the bar all the way through the Terminator and the grated floor before the Terminator can attempt to use the launcher again. Electrical releases emit from the metal body as the red dab in the Eliminator's eye gradually kicks the bucket and its body goes limp.

With the little strength she has left, Sarah reloads her shotgun. John makes his way out of the tunnel with the conveyor belt and hides behind some equipment. The mechanical eye of the Terminator appears to come back to life. The eye turns completely red as the internal processing screen indicates that an alternative power route has been discovered within the metal body. It grabs the grenade launcher after removing the iron bar from its body and the floor.

John hears his mother calling him from his hiding spot. He strolls a few stages and stages over to her, to track down her limping along a wall. She asks for his assistance, but a second Sarah behind her with a shotgun appears. John is advised to move out of the way by her. The T-1000, portrayed by Linda Hamilton's identical twin Leslie Hamilton Gearren, appears to have fused Sarah's feet to the grated floor when John looks down. "Shoot!" yells John. and the body of the T-1000 dressed as Sarah shows a large metal hole. The wound heals in a flash, and the T-1000 reverts to its familiar cop appearance. The T-1000 is knocked to the ground by Sarah's barrage of shots, which propel it over one of the molten metal pools to the platform's edge. However, Sarah's shotgun is empty because it is only one step away from falling in. Sarah fires again as the T-1000 recovers from its wounds, but the gun only clicks. The T-1000 starts to advance on John and Sarah after making a childish naughty gesture with its finger. When they turn around, they see the Terminator carrying the grenade launcher emerge on a conveyor belt. They get down, and the Eliminator fires his projectile into the T-1000's stomach. It gives a look of awe before the projectile savagely detonates inside; Its entire body has burst open, and its head and arms are all that remain of them. Before it can change itself, it loses its equilibrium and falls shrieking into the pool of liquid metal. The result is catastrophic: The T-1000 screams in pain as it thrashes and splashes in the pool while John and Sarah watch, uncontrollably changing into its previous forms: the cop, Janelle , Lewis, the cruiser cop. A number of additional heads and arms emerge from its body while it screams and fights desperately. It takes the unpleasant state of a goliath surprised head that turns back to front, before it at long last returns into a panicked face that breaks up in the metal, flagging it's demise.

John aids the Terminator's recovery. It says it needs a vacation and looks like a wrecked car. They take a gander at the liquid pool and John inquires as to whether the T-1000 is dead. It is terminated, the Terminator replies. As John throws the metal arm and the steel chip, he briefly examines the small device that set Skynet on its path. Despite Sarah's relief that it is over, the Terminator reminds her that one more chip needs to be destroyed; It makes a point of its skull. It tells Sarah that one of the electrically operated pulleys cannot self-terminate and must be lowered into the molten steel and gives her a remote control for it. John resists and begs the Terminator to stay with them, refusing to accept. John cries and tells it not to go after it apologizes and tells him that it must. After a while of silence, the Terminator looks John in the eyes and informs him that it now understands why he is crying; But it will never be able to do that. John gives the android a hug, and the android s

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