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Michael Elliott | Film Photographer Blog

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The musings of Michael Elliott - Londoner and film photographer-flâneur extraordinaire - about and around film photography and photography more generally.
The Rolleiflex Effect
How A Camera Revolutionised the World of Photography Throughout the history of photography, there have been many innovations and inventions that have changed the way we see and photograph th… Read More
Picking Out The Right Modern Wall Art
A Guide To Photography in Interior Design The right wall art can make all the difference in a space. A well-chosen photograph can transform a room, reflecting your personal style and enhanci… Read More
What Film Cameras Should You Be Shooting in 2024?With film photography a ,firm winner amongst Gen Z, whether you’re a rank beginner just starting out on your photography journey, or a… Read More
Did Film Ever Really Disappear?
Why Film Isn't Making a Comeback - and why Film is Actually Still an Endangered SpeciesFilm photography has ostensibly been enjoying a resurgence of popularity in recent years, especially am… Read More
Remembering Kodak Plus-X Pan Film
The Last Classic Kodak Medium Speed Black & White FilmKodak Plus-X Pan film was a black-and-white panchromatic film that was introduced in 1938 as a motion picture film, and later adapte… Read More
Grain Is Good, Right?
Two Rolls of Fuji Neopan 1600 - And A Whole Bowl of GritsFuji Neopan 1600 is a discontinued black and white film that was popular among photographers who needed a fast film for low light sit… Read More
Make Your Own Black And White Developer
Part 1 - Kodak D-23 In this new series of blog posts, I will take you through how to compound your own black and white developer formulae from raw chemicals, which will allow you to explore… Read More
And how does it impact your exposure?ISO is a standard system of measurement for how sensitive a photographic film is to light. It is one of the three main factors that determine the exposur… Read More
Chasing The Light With A Fujica GL690
A Stroll Through Lesnes Abbey Woods on Fuji Acros and Kodak 320TXP In the southeast of London, there are some beautiful woodlands to go for long, relaxing strolls in - Joyden's Wood near Bex… Read More
Iconic Film In A Single-Use Body
Kodak Tri-X Disposable Camera ReviewDisposable cameras are a relic of the past, a reminder of the days when photography was more spontaneous and less predictable. They are also a source of e… Read More
The Weird and Wonderful Blue-toned World I picked up a bulk roll of something rather weird on eBay last year. Called Kodak Vericolor Slide Film, it had nary a detail as to the exposure requi… Read More
When The Photo-Flo Fails
What To Do? Michael Elliott — Fine Art Film Photographer-Flâneur and Londoner at Large If you hadn't noticed, I've written a quick and dirty guide to developing your own black a… Read More
Film Photography And Education
How Critical Thinking Can Develop from a Creative OutletPhotography has been around for over a century. While digital photography has largely replaced film photography in recent years, many… Read More
How Photographers Can Raise Awareness and Inspire Action for a Better WorldPhotography is not only a form of art, but also a form of activism. Photographers have the power to document and ex… Read More
How To Choose The Best Place For YOu! Here at Michael Elliott Photography, I pride myself on using the finest medium format camera systems and films to produce my wall art.We've already seen… Read More
A Trip to Blackheath FunfairCamera: Voigtlander Bessa R Lens: Voigtlander Super Wide Heliar ASPH 15mm f/4.5 Film: Agfachrome CT Precisa 100 @EI 80 Developer: Bellini Foto E6 kit Scanner: Ep… Read More
Or why getting it right in camera isn't the be all and end all. This was inspired by my answer to the following Quora question:What is the difference between a one stop underexposed negative… Read More
Camera: Contax G1 Lens: Carl Zeiss Planar 45mm f/2 Film: Fujichrome Velvia 100 In the baking heat of the midday sun, there are few things better than sitting in the shade of a tree, enjoyin… Read More
Camera: Olympus OM-1 Lens: Zuiko 50mm f/1.4 Film: Boots 100R The Thames Tideway works will soon (relatively speaking) be coming to an end. Sights like this, a security station that guards a… Read More
Camera: Contax G1 Lens: Zeiss Planar 45mm f/2 Film: Fuji Velvia 100 Ginny Bar sits on the coast, a few steps from the centre of the Old Town in Sozopol. Sozopol is a relatively Greco-style… Read More
Photography is often seen as a way of capturing the extraordinary, the beautiful, and the memorable. But what about the ordinary, the mundane, and the overlooked? Can there be magic in the e… Read More
It was the camera that got me into medium format film photography, and for better or worse, the one that I love, and the one that frustrates me the most. A Soviet tank of a camera - the T-34… Read More

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Michael Elliott | Film Photographer