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Top 10 Anticipated Horror Movies of Summer 2023

Are you ready we're ready to forget the
further once and for all welcome to
watch Mojo and today we're counting down
our picks for the top 10 anticipated
horror movies of Summer 2023
he's coming
for this list we'll be looking at the
scariest films coming out this June July
and August that already have us
screaming keep in mind though that
release dates are subject to change
which is which of these are you most
excited for shriek about it in the
number 10 the angry black girl and her
monster release date June 9th 2023 it's
been a while since we've gotten a solid
reinvention of Mary Shelley's
Frankenstein but the angry black girl in
her monster is looking like the movie
we've been waiting for that is the
disease that broke my family I'm sick of
seeing it

set in the modern day this one trades Dr
Frankenstein for a teen girl named
vicaria who attempts to bring her
brother back to life after he's
tragically killed in Street violence
naturally this being a horror movie
things go a lot more wrong than they go
right having hit the festival circuit
this spring the movie has already gotten
unanimous praise from critics who laud
it for marrying its classic and
contemporary influences beautifully they
called him a monster
and he believed it

this is one that might make us feel just
as much as it makes us Scream number
nine Sympathy for the Devil release date
July 28 2023 no this one doesn't have
anything to do with the stone song at
least we don't think so pleased to meet
rather this one reportedly follows a man
who's forced to chauffeur a stranger at
gunpoint this being psychological horror
though you can bet what follows may not
be all as it seems I'm not trying to
fish you off or nothing like that but I
can't do this I can't drive you around
while you are not killing people man it
ain't my job
while we don't have much more to go off
of at this point it's the leads that
have us more intrigued as the movie
stars Joel Kinnaman and Nicholas Cage is
the driver and mysterious passenger
respectively yeah he's not a werewolf
okay he's a weasel he's harmless he's
not harmless he's killed 27 children but
you know we got him to I think agreed to
do this while Kinnaman doesn't have too
much experience in the horror genre it's
always a fun time when Nicholas Cage is
around yeah I don't ask for much Rambo
you're just the blood of a few dozen
innocent people while his previous
effort Renfield didn't make the biggest
splash it could become another cage
called classic number eight Bird Box
Barcelona release date July 14 2023
while certainly a divisive film you
can't say the first Bird Box didn't
dominate the cultural conversation when
it hit Netflix back in 2018 For Better
or Worse to all of us
all of us collectively are making the
end of the world
great again with such a recognizable IP
on a Tans the streaming service would be
silly not to follow it up somehow
we are crowded with people if they'd be
sitting on foot estimated death toll is
in the tens of thousands well not a
direct sequel Bird Box Barcelona will
ship Focus to the Spanish city as
residents similarly grapple with the
arrival of creatures that force you to
take your own life if you look at them
centering on a father-daughter Duo this
one could be the start of Anthology
series of Apocalypse stories a la
Cloverfield and who knows if it's as big
as the last one we may not be able to
look away

number seven they listen release date
August 25th 2023
here's another one we know almost
nothing about but the behind the scenes
specs have us intrigued all on their own
for one thing it comes from horror Mega
Studio blumhouse which could end the
summer just as strongly as they started
out the year with Megan this is the part
where we run
this one comes from writer director
Chris weitz who's had quite The Eclectic
career helming films like about a boy
and The Golden Compass and Penning 2015
Cinderella and Rogue one be careful not
to choke on your aspirations
director in front of the camera will be
Catherine Waterston who looks to further
her scream Queen status after starring
an alien Covenant I got you you son of a

and then there's John Cho whose screen
Life movie searching is one of the best
thrillers of the century thus far I
didn't know her
I didn't know my daughter number six
talk to me release date July 28 2023
another film that's garnered rave
reviews talk to me is an Australian
creep Fest that got picked up by a24 for
American distribution out of this year's
Sundance Film Festival put your hand on
now say
talk to me

talk to me forget Ouija boards this one
sees some friends using an embalmed hand
to converse with the other side however
when one of them becomes a little too
taken with the experience and supposedly
contacting her deceased mother things
get out of hand no pun intended children
seeing stuff you've been saying stuff
what if we open the door but we didn't
shut it making their directorial debut
or brothers Danny and Michael Filippo
who are best known for their horror
comedy YouTube channel rackaracka if
this film is any indication though they
might be right at home on the big screen
I like you
number five the last Voyage of the
Demeter release date August 11 2023 the
on Charter from Romanian to London
shipping private crates
intense unknown
out at Sea with no land in sight
conversely if you want to talk about
established horror directors look no
further than Andre ervordon he said
solid outings like the autopsy of Jane
Doe and scary stories to tell in the
dark and if the trailer is any
indication we may just be adding the
last Voyage of the Demeter to that list
this looks like a bite
search the ship everywhere in addition
to Frankenstein's monster Dracula is
also getting an update this summer
albeit in more familiar circumstances

the film looks to expand upon the
section of Bram Stoker's Dracula novel
whereby The Legendary vampire feeds on a
ship's crew on his way to London the
isolated setting and design of the
creature alone make this one we can't
wait to sink our teeth into the devil is
may God have mercy on us all

number four the blackening release date
June 16 2023 every season needs a good
horror comedy and this Summers might
just be the blackening really a
cabin in the woods it starts with the
usual cabin in the wood set up but where
it goes from there is anything but a
group of friends celebrating Juneteenth
find themselves accosted by a masked
stranger who seeks to kill them off in
the order of their Blackness that can
prove them not the blackest prove it
I've never seen Friday
I voted for Trump
what twice
we can be sure to expect tons of witty
humor in this one as the characters are
forced to deconstruct the
African-American element in slasher
films and you can expect it to be plenty
funny too as it comes from Barbershop
and ride-along director Tim story we
need a plan don't say don't you dare
don't say this dumb we have to
split up
honestly this might be the Summer's
biggest wild card and we hope it becomes
a surprise hit yo stop playing
I got a gun
ew that's two DMX what are you doing
number three Haunted Mansion release
date July 28 2023. I'm not afraid of a
couple goes
ah you say that now


speaking of horror comedies we'd be
remiss if we didn't include the
family-friendly horror offering in
Disney's Haunted Mansion yes the mouse
houses previous adaptation of the ride
came in under expectations but there's
no reason the concept can't deliver 20
years later God give us a break there's
so many bad people in the world haunt
them amen instead of Eddie Murphy this
one Stars Rosario Dawson as a single
mother who seeks to exercise her newly
acquired mansion in comes an All-Star
cast to his sister including the Keith
Stanfield Tiffany haddish Owen Wilson
Danny DeVito and a Jamie Lee Curtis
fresh off of an Oscar win
Souls but there's always room

for one more
whether all those names translate to
consistent laughs remains to be seen But
the potential is certainly through the
roof number two Insidious The Red Door
release date July 7th 2023 with respect
to Bird Box Insidious is the horror
franchise that'll arguably be making the
biggest waves this summer
good night

originally subtitled fear the dark the
red door will be something of a legacy
sequel as the original lead actors make
their full return 10 years after the
first sequel this time out Dalton is now
College age and his father Josh goes to
drop him off at school however remnants
of the further are once again calling
out and the family will have to close
the door for good
seeing crazy stuff
I think these drawings could be Clues
from my past
you don't know when I was too scared to
tell you the truth making this one even
more notable is star Patrick Wilson who
will be making his directorial debut
after Evil Dead just had a successful
fifth installment maybe Insidious can do
the same when you awaken the Dead the
further you travel the riskier your
journey will become

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number one the boogeyman release date
June 2nd 2023 you'd be forgiven for
thinking a movie called The Boogeyman
might sound a little childish but make
no mistake this movie looks terrifying
based on a Stephen King's short story
this one follows a family reeling from
the passing of its matriarch but amidst
that sorrow and emotional neglect comes
a petrifying entity looking to feed on
their suffering there's no such thing as
monsters you need to grow up

get to be alone
originally slated to come out on Hulu
the film was upgraded to a theatrical
release following positive reactions but
no reaction was as positive as the one
from the king of horror himself who
reportedly said they'd be freaking
stupid to release this on streaming and
not in cinemas only he didn't say
freaking what is this supposed to be
it's the same that comes for your kids
when you're not paying Edge this movie
already has us looking under our beds
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"Top 10 Anticipated Horror Movies of Summer 2023"

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Top 10 Anticipated Horror Movies of Summer 2023


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