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How Long Will Amazon Take to Confirm the Todo Por Lucy Season 3 Release Date?

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Billed as a “modern, reimagined” twist on the contemporary romance drama, Todo Por Lucy (I Love Lucy) is a Spanish sitcom. It is a tribute to and a spin-off of the eponymous 50’s comedy, starring Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. The original landmark rom-com ran for six seasons from 1951 to 1957 and emerged as a trailblazer. Directed by Joe Rendón, this twenty-episode-long series is a hazy mishmash of the delectable humour, romance and emotional drama genres. The chaotic reboot chronicles the tale of a boisterous Lucy and the overachieving Ricky, who find themselves torn between their perceptions and reality.

Featuring Today I am Nobody’s Natalia Téllez and Daniel Tovar as protagonists, the Spanish drama was accoladed for being Prime Video’s most-watched series of 2022. It has been over a year since the streaming service released any updates regarding the Todo Por Lucy Season 3 release date. Naturally, speculations suggesting the cancellation of the series have been making rounds on the Internet. However, there doesn’t seem to be any truth behind those rumours.

Todo Por Lucy Season 3 Release Date

Though it has been a year since the sequel paved its way to our screen, the creators are suspiciously quiet regarding the third iteration. The director, Rendon and the screenplay writer, Gerardo Fernandez haven’t yet elaborated on their plans regarding the future of the sitcom. Moreover, the streaming host, Prime Video’s executives have neither approved nor cancelled Todo Por Lucy Season 3. While it is common for the OTT service to prolong the wait, the chances of this Mexican rom-com being greenlit are slim.

The reason behind the delay seems to be the poor reception incurred by the drama. Though I Love Lucy boasts a significantly relatable and compelling plot, unfortunately, it did not resonate with the viewers astoundingly. Some fans even blame a lack of lacklustre marketing to be the reason behind the downfall of the series. Nonetheless, the reboot stands uncertain and will probably not receive a confirmation from the producers, Leonardo Zimbron and Endemol Shine. This is not to say that Todo Por Lucy wouldn’t be adapted for a spin-off but for now, you’ll have to deviate from this Mexican series.

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The Todo Por Lucy Cast Members Share Their Experience

Conceptually similar to Amsterdam and Between Us, Todo Por Lucy debuted in 2022. However, its pre-production preparation lasted for over a year. The director hand-picked the cast members to choose the perfect fit to extend the stardom amassed by Ball and Arnaz in the 1950s. He eventually finalized Téllez and Tovar to propel the reimagined series. Although it wasn’t an easy feat for Rendon to keep the wacky spirit of the show flourishing, his choice of cast members certainly helped him cut down on the efforts. As per Daniel, agreeing to Todo Por Lucy wasn’t a facile endeavour for him.

“There is a fear of taking on a classic as important as ‘I Love Lucy.’ But at the same time, it was fun to have the opportunity. In Mexico, we don’t have so many sitcoms,” the Skimo actor expressed his anxiety in a pre-screening interview. However, he wasn’t sailing alone in the tender perils of anxiety. Even Téllez was initially perturbed to portray the reimagined version of Lucy. “It scared me. Then the movie came out with Nicole Kidman (‘Being the Ricardos’), and there was more fear. It’s content that people love and treasure and it’s scary to not just do this but to alter it,” Natalia commented in the same interview.

Even Daniel Haddad who was oblivious to the sitcom before taking on the role of Federico felt the project challenging. The spin-off is “very contrasting but very relevant to the original,” according to Haddad. The screenplay writer, Fernandez, has completely transformed the storyline while maintaining the authenticity of I Love Lucy. He has played along with the characters and aligned the focus of the series towards Lucy entirely, a feat Natalia has adored highly.

What is the Todo Por Lucy Series About?

“I think after this show, sitcoms were more centred on male characters or groups of friends. But this focuses on this woman, her relationship, her mental state, her love, her personality,” Téllez describes Todo Por Lucy. She continues to mention “It’s a huge challenge, but who doesn’t want to be part of a project that brings ‘I Love Lucy’ back? There are many winks to the original series, but it’s important to know this is completely updated. It had to be.” This revised version of Lucy’s story focuses on unravelling identities and helping the characters embrace their true selves.

Unlike the original show, in this series “Lucy is not a housewife. This guy (Ricky) also doesn’t just go to the office and come home to dinner made by his wife. He’s also finding himself.” As observed by Tovar and Téllez, Todo Por Lucy unravels the relationship between Lucy, a creative artist and Ricky, an engineering professional. It delves into the intricacies of their entangled lives and emotions while delivering a hilarious drama. 

The Spanish sitcom also revives the iconic couple, Ethel and Fred Mertz as Federico and Esteban. It portrays their complicated relationship, made even more convoluted by Federico’s ex-wife, in tandem with Lucy and Ricky’s messy kinship. The four of their lives soon get warped into a tapestry of conflicted emotions, misinterpreted individuality and of course, hilarious activities. The series chronicles their struggle to balance their individual aspirations and intensifying emotions while maintaining a certain delicacy to these profound story arcs.

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Todo Por Lucy Season 3 Plot

The Prime Video series commences with a bang where Lucy and Ricky are enjoying their intricate relationship. They seem to be content with their current scenario and are trying to refrain from attaching a label to their relationship. While Lucy has a flourishing career ahead of her and is aiming to reach greater heights, Ricky is struggling to continue his job. Instead of inventing new technologies, he aspires to enamour the world with his wit and humour. However, he is held back by insecurities and responsibilities.

Meanwhile, Federico, who happens to be Ricky’s uncle finds himself entangled in a complex mess with his ex-wife. The rivalry threatens to sabotage his relationship with Esteban and influences his mental health. Amid the blooming romances between Ricky and Lucy, and Federico and Esteban, there stands a firm wall of misconceptions, insecurities and conspiracies. Aside from these convoluted traps, they also have to weave through the struggles that arise due to their individuality and independent mindset. While they try to balance their relationship, careers and eccentricity, they also discover their true self.

While the creators do not deviate from the lightheartedness of the vaunted Spanish drama, they have certainly incorporated modern themes into it. Due to the same, if Todo Por Lucy returns for a third iteration, it is expected to be another captivating ride of emotions and individuality.

Who Will Return For Todo Por Lucy Season 3?

Even though Téllez’s first day on set was a chaotic mess, the What a Show with Alejandra Bogue star didn’t give up. She took “a COVID test that was a false positive. Everybody was ready to start, they gathered the entire cast. I started to tremble because I was also three months pregnant, and I hadn’t told anyone.” However, she was soon deemed fit to continue filming for the series. Naturally, the heart of the sitcom, Lucy embodied by Natalia, would return for a third iteration.

Daniel Tovar would certainly arrive again to portray Lucy’s better half, Ricky. He wouldn’t want to miss out on the opportunity and the fun either. The friendly neighbours, Daniel Haddad (Federico) and Andrés Zuno (Esteban) would join the cast list as well. Moreover, it is definitely possible that the creators would invite several other entertainers to complete the cast ensemble of Todo Por Lucy Season 3. It remains to be seen whether they get a chance to do so though since no updates regarding the eponymous season have been confirmed yet.

Todo Por Lucy Season 3 Release Date: FAQs

1. What is the Todo Por Lucy Series About?

Todo Por Lucy is a Spanish sitcom centred around an enigmatic couple, Lucy and Ricky. It chronicles their hilarious journey of balancing their relationship alongside their individual careers.

2. Who is the Creator of the Todo Por Lucy Series?

The series is directed by Joe Rendón.

3. Is Todo Por Lucy a Reboot?

Yes, Todo Por Lucy is a modern spin-off of the eponymous 1950s series.

4. Is the Todo Por Lucy Season 3 Release Date Confirmed?

No, the Todo Por Lucy Season 3 release date isn’t confirmed yet.

5. Is a Trailer Available For the Todo Por Lucy Season 3?

No, there is no trailer available for Todo Por Lucy Season 3.

6. Where to Watch the Todo Por Lucy Series?

You can stream this romantic comedy-drama on Amazon Prime Video in its entirety.

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