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Mafia-Crime-Themed BL Series | Great Selection

Mafia-Crime-themed BL series are getting more popular these days. After the huge success of KinnPorsche, BL fans from all over appear to demand similar shows. Here are a few selected titles and upcoming Series as well.


Asia has its share of Mafia-Crime-themed movies. Infernal Affairs, a Hong Kong crime series of films, are copied by Leonardo DiCaprio (co-starring Matt Damon) in Martin Scorsese’s The Departed. While Mafia-Crime-themed BL is limited to anime, the arrival of KinnPorsche changes everything.

Bangkok Love Story, an acclaimed Mafia-Crime-themed gay movie, started it all. The actors were quoted saying:

One of the actors said he had hoped camera angles could be used so he could avoid having to kiss his co-star, but director Poj Arnon insisted the kisses must be real. “It was totally disgusting at first, but we kind of got used to it after a while”, he added. The other lead actor said he had to imagine he was kissing his girlfriend. “Actually, we acted so well, that my girlfriend got paranoid”

60 Seconds: Bangkok Love Story, BK Magazine, September 7–13, 2007, page 28 (print only)

Yet, the craze is not incorporated into the BL scene for many years.

Upcoming Mafia-Crime-Themed Shows

Chains of Heart

Crime and a lover’s disappearance in Chains of Heart | ZZone

What about? Din (Kut Tanawat) encounters a gang of smugglers, forcing him and his lover Ken (Haii Sarunsathorn) to flee. They run away but were soon cornered by the gang and its trigger-happy madman of a leader. Presumed dead, they were left to rot away. Ken wakes up after months in the dark. He refuses to accept that Din may be dead. Circumstances dictate that he must be that guy he just saw a while ago on the streets.

And so? There is a sense of danger and dread within the short confines of its teaser. Interesting plot, with just the right amount of mystery, violence, and standard action sequences. Both main leads look photogenic and appealing. The Series will run on 19 December 2022.

Never Let Me Go

A beautiful boy and his equally-beautiful bodyguard | GMMTV

What about? Nueng (Phuwin Tangsakyuen) is the only son of a mafia leader who was murdered in front of his eyes. An ambitious uncle pushes for a change in the syndicate’s leadership. Seeing the problem, Nueng’s Mom appointed Palm (Pond Naravit) to protect him. Palm is a provincial guy and a bit naive. Nueng feels resentment of his presence. As the violence escalates, Nueng has no choice but to depend on Palm for safety and protection. Will there be sparks after the initial alienation?

And so? It’s from GMMTV, and knowing the competition they appear all-out to promote this Pond-Phuwin endeavor to the core. I’m big with this ship, and after that teeny-bopper series, this exciting crime-thriller may further escalate Pond-Phuwin into the BL stratosphere. [ Read the Full profile ]

There is no specific date of release yet. An unconfirmed report says a November 2022 date.

Previous Mafia-Crime-Themed shows

Through the years, there have been some Mafia-Crime-themed shows from various Asian productions, but the list below is the top 5.

Long Time, No See (Korea)

Rating: 4 out of 5.
The main cast of Long Time No See (From left): Yeon Seung Ho is Wild Dog and Tak Woo Suk is Flying Dagger | Strongberry
GIF by loveisactivated @tumblr

What about? This is the story of two young men who are not exactly what they seem. One writes fictional stories online while the other appears to have a normal life with nothing unusual in his nature. Yet, both are living under disguise. Their repeated encounters prove they have something in common.

And so? This is an early Strongberry production that establishes its reputation as a no-nonsense creator of BL content. The chemistry between Seung Ho and Woo Suk is almost palpable. The sex scenes are erotic but done in such good taste. I mean, how can it be done in a bad taste, anyway? This South Korean crime drama is highly recommended! [ Watch the Trailer | Read Details ]

History 3: Trapped (Taiwan)

Rating: 3 out of 5.
The main cast of HIStory 3: Trapped (From left): Chris Wu is Tang Yi and Jake Hsu plays Meng Shao Fei | CHOCO Tv, Mag shoot

What about? A mysterious shooting leaves a police officer and the head of a crime syndicate dead. Four years later, police investigator Meng Shao Fei (Jake Hsu) is determined to hunt down Tang Yi (Chris Wu), the sole survivor of the fateful shooting. Tang Yi now heads the crime syndicate. Tang Yi is also looking for an explanation but wants his own sense of justice.

And so? The dynamics between Chris Wu and Jake Hsu are spot-on! Featuring both intense and comedic scenes, both actors deliver high-quality performances. The story and how it flows are another matter. Good enough show to binge-watch anytime soon! [ Watch the Trailer | Read more Details ]

Double Mints (Japan)

Rating: 3 out of 5.
Fuchikami Yasushi and Tanaka Shunsuke play namesakes in Double Mints

What about? One Mitsuo Ichikawa hears from another Mitsuo Ichikawa. Their namesakes prove to be their downfall as one Mitsuo seeks help from another Mitsuo to bury a woman he just murdered. What follows is a game of submission and domination that goes back to their early high school years.

And so? Japanese acclaimed young actor Suga Kenta plays one of the Ichikawa characters and he delivers an excellent performance. Both the adult Ichikawa players are also good – Fuchikami Yasushi and Tanaka Shunsuke. [ Watch the Trailer | Read more Details ]

Not Me (Thailand)

Rating: 4 out of 5.
The main cast of ‘Not Me’ (From left): Off and Gun (plays the dual role of White and Black) | GMMTV

What about? Black and White are twins. After their parents separated, White goes with his father overseas. Black remains in Bangkok and enters the world of violence and gangs. A certain event reunites the brothers where White has to disguise himself as his twin. White discovers the truth behind an unacceptable betrayal of trust and friendship. But Black – his long-lost brother – appears to be a different person. Someone totally unknown to him.

And so? You can never go wrong with OffGun. The supporting cast is excellent as well – First Kanaphan, Mond Tanutchai, Papang Phromphiriya, and Fluke Gawin. [ Watch the Trailer | Read more Details ]

KinnPorsche (Thailand)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Kinn, the second son of a prominent mafia head, is ambushed by an enemy and meets Porsche, a college student who comes to his rescue, thus beginning their reluctant relationship as boss and bodyguard, which soon turns into something more. We’re preparing a comprehensive review to be posted soon!

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Mafia-Crime-Themed BL Series | Great Selection


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