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Top 9 Best Guitar Strap Locks (2023)


Washer Type Strap Lock

Ernie Ball Strap Blocks, Pack Of 4 Quality you can count on from Ernie Ball's years of expertise
  • Overall: All levels, from beginners to experienced players
  • Best Feature: Durable silicone rubber construction
  • TedScore: 9/10


Two-Piece System Strap Lock

Schaller Security Strap Lock Set, Satin A Luxurious yet Durable Option
  • Overall: Intermediate to Advance
  • Best Feature: Weight: 0.18 ounces. Available in chrome, nickel, gold and black chrome finishes
  • TedScore: 9/10


Locking Guitar Strap

D'Addario Cotton Planet Lock Strap A Reliable and Comfortable Choice
  • Overall: Adjustable Length of 32.5" to 57.5 ", 2" Width
  • Best Feature: Premium guitar strap locks made of black cotton material
  • TedScore: 9/10

Are you a guitarist or bassist who wants to ensure your instrument is secure when playing? If so, you’ve probably heard about the importance of getting the best guitar strap locks. 

Guitar straps provide more than just physical support – they can be an extension of your personality and an important part of your performance. 

But if you don’t have a reliable guitar strap lock, your instrument could slip away from you during a performance or practice session.

This article will explain why guitar strap locks are essential and outline the different types available on the market. We’ll also discuss what to look for when purchasing to ensure you get the best possible product. 

Read on to learn more about guitar strap locks and how they can help keep your instrument secure.

Table of Contents

What is a Guitar Strap Lock?

A guitar strap lock is a small device or set of devices used to secure the end of your guitar strap to the guitar itself. They come in many forms, from simple plastic locks to heavy-duty metal systems. The most common type of strap lock consists of a locking mechanism and a button or adapter for attaching to the guitar.

The locking mechanism is usually made of metal and connected to a strap lock button that can be screwed into the body of the guitar or bass. The second part, called an adapter, is used when the guitar doesn’t have pre-existing holes for the strap lock button; it provides an extra layer of security by attaching the strap to the headstock or bridge of the instrument.

What are Endpins?

Endpins are small knobs attached to the bottom right and upper left of a guitar body, allowing a guitar strap to be connected. They provide an anchor point for the strap, allowing the guitarist to stand up and play the instrument more comfortably.

Attaining a guitar strap securely without endpins would be difficult or impossible. Endpins also provide a measure of safety, ensuring that the guitar strap remains securely fastened to the guitar body. They are typically pre-installed on almost all guitars.

Why are Strap Locks Important?

Guitar strap locks protect your instrument by firmly attaching it to your body. Without them, you risk the possibility of your guitar or bass slipping off during a performance and causing damage to both the instrument and yourself. This can be especially dangerous if you’re playing in front of an audience – not only could you injure yourself, but it could also ruin the performance and diminish the impact of your playing.

Strap locks are also crucial for preventing theft. If your instrument is secured to you, then it’s much harder for someone to walk off with it during a show or practice session. This added strap security could give you peace of mind and help protect your valuable instrument.

Not only do strap locks provide safety and security, but they also make it easier to switch between instruments. By installing a quality set of strap locks, you can easily detach and reattach your straps when swapping guitars or basses mid-performance. This makes gigging with multiple instruments much simpler and more efficient.

Finally, strap locks can also be used to customize the look of your instrument. With the variety of styles and designs available, you can find a strap lock that perfectly complements the style and design of your guitar or bass – giving it that extra personalization.

The Three Types of Guitar Strap Locks

Guitar strap locks come in various styles and designs, allowing you to quickly customize your instrument’s look and feel. Here’s an overview of the three main types:

Washer Type Strap Locks

These are the most common type of guitar strap lock, as they provide an easy way to securely attach your guitar to your body. Washer-type strap locks are usually made of a stiff piece of rubber with a hole in the middle that fits snugly over the guitar strap buttons.

This low-profile system is perfect for guitars with no strap button access on the back of the guitar. The washer-type strap locks have excellent grip, so your guitar won’t slip off when you’re rocking out on stage. These locks offer great flexibility and are super easy to install.

Two-Piece System Strap Locks

Two-piece system strap locks are slightly more complex than the washer type, but they provide an extra layer of security that you won’t get with the other types. A two-piece system involves a device that attaches to the strap and the guitar with a mechanical linkage.

This locking system makes it easy to connect and disconnect quickly when switching between multiple guitars, but you may have to drill holes in your instrument to mount the hardware, which could add extra costs. In addition, it may not work well on all guitars. Despite the added cost and potential inconvenience, two-piece system strap locks offer an additional protection layer worth considering.

Locking Guitar Straps

Locking guitar straps offer a secure and convenient way of keeping your instrument attached to you. These straps have an integrated locking mechanism that lets you quickly attach the strap to your guitar without threading it through each end.

These straps are ideal for players who want a secure connection between their body and the instrument and those who need to use one strap on multiple guitars. This feature is handy for musicians who often switch between their electric and acoustic guitars during a performance.

What to Look For in the Best Guitar Strap Locks

Now that we know what guitar strap locks are and why putting one on your guitar is smart, let’s look at what you should consider when purchasing one. Many people suggest any old strap lock would be good enough, but I firmly disagree.

Like all other guitar accessories, numerous companies make strap locks that meet different levels of quality. If you value the safety of your guitar, then you want to ensure you are getting a premium product. Let’s go over what qualities you should keep an eye out for.

Sturdy Material

When looking for the best guitar strap locks, it is vital to ensure they are constructed out of sturdy material. This is especially true if you plan on performing regularly with the instrument, as your strap may be moving back and forth against the lock. Metal strap locks will usually stand up against the constant friction caused by playing the guitar, while rubber and plastic straps may also suffice, depending on their thickness.

Unfortunately, some manufacturers put out low-quality strap locks as thin as paper. This is why it’s essential to research and read online reviews to weed out the duds. Don’t settle for an elastic band either – plenty of reliable, durable strap locks are available. Just make sure you take the time to find the right one!

Comes in Pairs

It can be easy to forget that guitar straps need two endpins, one at the top left and one at the bottom right of the body. However, many companies offer single strap locks, and some think you only need one on the left endpin, which is wrong. Two strap locks are necessary, as tension can cause either endpin to slip off.

Also, strap locks can be challenging to keep track of; if you lose one, you don’t want to be stuck with an odd number. Therefore, buying two sets in case of a lost lock is best. This way, you can always guarantee that both endpins are secure on the strap. With two straps locks, your guitar will be safe no matter what.


The primary purpose of using a guitar strap lock is to give you peace of mind while playing, that your guitar won’t fall out of the strap onto the ground. For this reason, it’s wise to pick a reliable and effective strap lock rather than one that looks cool but may not do its job effectively.

However, it’s not necessarily a case of compromising on style for function. Even though it’s not the most critical factor, straps locks come in various colours and materials. So, if you have an eye for aesthetics, you can still find a strap lock that looks good while also providing your guitar with maximum security.

Value for Money

When shopping for the best guitar strap locks, ensuring you get your money’s worth is important. Of course, safety and quality are the number one priority, but there are also specific ways to maximize value. Many manufacturers offer combo packs with two straps and two locks of the same design at a discounted price. This is a great way to save money while getting two sets of reliable strap locks.

Additionally, some companies offer lifetime warranties on their products, so look for them. This can be an effective way of ensuring you get the most out of your investment. Finally, read customer reviews and compare prices between different suppliers. This way, you can find the best deal and get a strap lock that is reliable, secure and fits your budget.

Guitar Type

Different instruments have different sizes and shapes of endpins, so it’s best to double-check before buying a guitar strap lock. For example, classical guitars generally have larger pins than electric guitars or basses.

Therefore, purchase a model that fits those larger endpins if you’re looking for classical guitar strap locks. It’s also worth noting that some straps are designed specifically for electric or bass guitars, so read the product descriptions carefully before purchasing.

Ease of Installation

Guitar strap locks should be easy to install and use on the fly. The last thing you want is to struggle with a tricky installation while your guitar’s hanging off your neck!

Look for lock designs that can quickly attach and detach without fuss, as these models will make playing much more accessible. Some locks even have instructions and diagrams to complete the installation more manageable.

9 Best Guitar Strap Locks

Top 3 Washer Type Strap Locks

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Top 9 Best Guitar Strap Locks (2023)


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