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Joe Lington – WTPA (EP Review)

This slick new EP from Ireland-hailing R&B sensation Joe Lington brings the party to the masses with 3 catchy tracks that are as infectious in their rhythms as Lington’s sound is significant for the progression of the modern sphere of soul and R&B.

There is a definitive and effortless polish to this EP that both commands attention to Lington’s expressively soulful vocals and the retro-inspired beats layered flawlessly within the album’s three tracks. This is undoubtedly a product of Lington’s background in music production, mixing, and mastering, which allows him the ability to infuse his unique character into his distinctive and high-quality compositions.

‘WTPA’ certainly showcases his talent for combining signature R&B groove with an individual edge, resulting in an original sound that excites in its potential to take Lington to the next level of musical stardom.

Starting track ‘WTPA’, standing for ‘where the party at’, is a bopping party anthem with lashings of suaveness and a retro instrumental that will throw the seasoned R&B fan back to classic tunes from the genre greats. It does come with a difference though, with a rushing string intro leading seamlessly into the track’s bouncy mid-tempo beat that delights in its simplicity and aims to set listeners carelessly vibing.

Another intriguing aspect of Lington’s unique music style is his liberal mixture of French and English in his lyrics; a choice that not only wonderfully reflects his Cameroonian heritage, but also brings a colorful yet still swaggering quality to his upbeat vocal performance.

With lyrics questioning “Where the party at?” and promising “We will forget all our worries if you want”, Lington invites listeners to lose all inhibitions and fully immerse themselves in the track’s playful and spirited ambience. It’s a song that doesn’t rely on the audience grappling for a deeper meaning or lyrical intricacies but just delivers a feel-good tone that everyone can enjoy unapologetically.

Guest vocalist Isabel Izzy also contributes to the track’s hip and groovy energy with her sultry verse adding another level of charm to a song already bursting with character.

The 2nd track ‘Pinkeen’ runs for only 1 minute 18 seconds, yet still sets the EP alight with its obvious retro soul influences, choral arrangements, and Lington’s silken vocal calls.

Despite its bright and lively composition, ‘Pinkeen’ refers to a woman who repeats the same toxic actions in each of her relationships, lending the track an unexpected but stimulating disparity between its lyrical material and instrumental arrangement.

Watch Joe Lington – Pinkeen (Music Video)

The final track ‘Hypocrisy’ is where Joe Lington’s inimitable fusion of R&B and soul comes to a head with the help of his exceptional falsetto. Lington’s airy croon flows throughout the song with an ease that is frankly enviable and is naturally a register that suites his dreamy blend of genres; his vocals are reminiscent of Prince and can even be said to loosely echo UK R&B star Seal.

With the song’s faint string accompaniment and minimalistic instrumental, Lington takes center stage in this soothingly slow jam, his soaring vocals delivering a pleasingly tranquil listening experience.

The vocal mixing and mastering of the track and the album as a whole is clean and polished with a level of artistry that is delightful to hear. It’s obvious that Lington is very much concerned with the fine execution of his compositions and their ability to incite nostalgia for classic R&B and soul artists, while also achieving a modern edge that helps Lington stand out as a seasoned and deeply imaginative talent.

‘WTPA’ stands as a testament to Lington’s knack for not only reimagining genre conventions but also fusing traditional R&B sounds with his native languages; a feat that allows for diverse audiences to immerse themselves in Lington’s cool, suave style.

Score/Excellent: Joe Lington proves that with ‘WTPA’ he is wholly deserving of a star reputation in the music industry. Even if audiences on occasion cannot resonate with the different languages used in music, style, and natural talent always shine through as the most desirable features in music, and Lington has that in spades. With all 3 tracks on ‘WTPA’ due to be released on a full-length album in 2024, there is much to look forward to for fans of this classy artist.

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Joe Lington – WTPA (EP Review)


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