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The Mysterious Ghosts Newton House by Dinefwr Castle 

Delve deep into the mysteries of the castle of Dinefwr and discover its haunted ghosts. The castle grounds are said to be haunted by both a loyal butler as well as a murdered lady in white that tried to escape a loveless marriage.

Tucked away in the rolling Welsh countryside, Dinefwr Castle holds a dark secret—it is haunted by ghosts that have roamed its halls for centuries.

The Castle, also known as Old Dynevor Castle is now in ruins as it overlooks the River Towy close to Llandeilo in Wales. 

Llandeilo Town in Wales

Dinefwr is situated in the small town of Llandeilo in Wales. This area has always had a reputation for mythical tales, with local folklore claiming that Dinefwr Castle was once inhabited by mysterious ghosts. 

The stories date back hundreds of years and each generation adds more details to the spooky tales that have become part of the culture. For example, some people believe that spirits haunt the castle grounds and are said to create flickering lights or howling noises!

The History of Dinefwr Castle 

Dinefwr Castle is steeped in history and mystery and dates back to the 12th century and was the chief seat of the Dinefwr dynasty of the Kingdom of Deheubarth in south Wales. 

Built by Rhys ap Gruffydd of Deheubarth, it gained status as an important fortress as tensions among Welsh kingdoms rose. 

His reign saw a rare period of peace and stability that led to a flowering of Welsh culture, music and poetry. The Dinefwr dynasty was mostly warlord led and constantly invaded.

Sadly, it was not to last. After Rhys’s death, conflicts over succession led to turbulent years as the Welsh princes fought amongst themselves and against the English. Dinefwr eventually fell into English control in 1287 and remained there for centuries, despite Owain Glyndŵr’s attempt to wrest it back during his uprising of 1403.

Its location on a hill overlooking the Towy Valley was strategic and also held spiritual significance to local residents.  Throughout its long history, rumors of spectral residents began to take root and tales of spooky sightings have been told ever since.

The Haunting Grounds in Newton House

When talking about the hauntings around this place, many people make the mistake to think that the ghosts are roaming around the  ancient ruins of the castle, but this is not entirely true. The ghosts that are now famous are supposedly haunting the country house called Newton House on the castle grounds in Dinefwr Park that was built in 1660. 

Among the ghosts said to be haunting the grounds are Walter the Butler who worked in the house and is now haunting the servant’s basement. People have smelled his tobacco smoke in the room as well as hearing muffled voices as the lights are flickering on and off. 

Ghosts of Dinefwr Castle

But perhaps best known is the tragic story about the White Lady that supposedly haunts the grounds as well. This is also supposed to happen in the old country house. 

The White Lady of Dinefwr Castle is said to be the ghost of Lady Elinor Cavendish and her horrible end. There are even reports that people have visited and have felt as if their throats are being squeezed, the same way that she died. 

There are tales about the ghost of a young girl, now remembered as the White Lady of Dinefwr Castle and according to the rumours, people have seen the ghost of a woman disappearing into the cupboard. 

The story goes that Lady Elinor Cavendish was forced into an unwanted marriage in the 18th century and tried to run away from the loveless marriage and her brutal husband to be. But she was not allowed to slip out of his hands and her husband followed her and when he caught up to her, he strangled her to death. 

Lady Elinor Cavendish now haunts the grounds, the country house of Newton House and the ruins of DInefwr Castle, still trying to escape the life she didn’t want for herself.

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The Mysterious Ghosts Newton House by Dinefwr Castle 


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