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Literary Travel Guide to Edinburgh

Edinburgh, the first UNESCO City of Literature, is a place where history, literature, and architectural beauty converge. With its cobbled streets, medieval castles, and stunning landscapes, it’s no wonder this Scottish city has been a muse for countless Literary greats throughout the centuries. In this Literary Travel Guide to Edinburgh, we’ll set out through the pages of famous novels and poems set in this captivating city. From walking in the footsteps of Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes to exploring the haunts that inspired J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, get ready to immerse yourself in the rich literary heritage that permeates every corner of Edinburgh. So grab your favorite book and embark on an Edinburgh literary tour perfect for book lovers.

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Famous Writers Associated With Edinburgh

Edinburgh holds a prestigious place in the world of literature. Known for its intellectual and creative atmosphere, this vibrant city has been home to numerous renowned writers, poets, and literary figures throughout history. From Sir Walter Scott to Robert Louis Stevenson and many more, Edinburgh boasts a rich literary legacy that continues to inspire generations. Some famous writers associated with Edinburgh include:

1. Sir Walter Scott: Considered one of Scotland’s most influential writers, Sir Walter Scott (1771-1832) played a pivotal role in shaping Scottish literature. Born and raised in Edinburgh, Scott wrote extensively about Scottish history and culture. His notable works include “Waverley,” “Rob Roy,” and “Ivanhoe.” The picturesque landscapes described in his novels have become synonymous with Scotland itself.

2. Robert Louis Stevenson: Born in Edinburgh in 1850, Robert Louis Stevenson was an esteemed author known for his adventure novels such as “Treasure Island,” “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,” and “Kidnapped.” His unique storytelling ability captivated readers worldwide. The writer spent much of his early life exploring the streets of Old Town – an area that greatly influenced his writing.

3. Arthur Conan Doyle: No discussion about famous literary figures associated with Edinburgh would be complete without mentioning Arthur Conan Doyle (1859-1930). Best known as the creator of Sherlock Holmes – arguably one of fiction’s most beloved detectives, Conan Doyle studied medicine at the University of Edinburgh, which greatly influenced his future writing. His most famous stories include 

4. J.K. Rowling: The world-renowned author behind the magical wizarding world of Harry Potter, is not only celebrated globally but also holds a special place in the heart of Edinburgh. This stunning city served as a muse for Rowling during her early writing days and continues to be deeply connected to her life and work.

5. JM Barrie: JM Barrie is a name that resonates with literary enthusiasts around the world. Known for his iconic creation, Peter Pan, Barrie spent much of his childhood exploring the picturesque landscapes and historic sites of Edinburgh. Although he eventually moved to London, his Scottish roots remained an integral part of his identity and writing.

6. Dame Muriel Spark: Dame Muriel Spark is a celebrated author who had a deep connection with the city of Edinburgh. Born on February 1, 1918, in Edinburgh, Spark went on to become one of the most influential writers of the twentieth century. Her unique style and darkly humorous narratives have captivated readers for decades. Spark’s association with Edinburgh can be felt in many aspects of her life and work. The city provided her with inspiration and served as a backdrop for some of her most famous novels like The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, Memento Mori, and The Driver’s Seat.

7. Ian Rankin: Ian Rankin was born in Cardenden, Fife in 1960 but later moved to Edinburgh to study English literature at the University of Edinburgh. It was during these formative years that he fell in love with both crime fiction and his adopted hometown. Renowned for his iconic Inspector Rebus detective series, Rankin’s works have become synonymous with Edinburgh itself.

8. Robert Burns: Robert Burns, also known as Scotland’s National Bard, is a celebrated figure in Scottish literature and culture. Burns penned some of the most iconic verses ever written. His poems and songs are filled with emotions, love for nature, social commentary, and his deep appreciation for the human experience. During his first visit to the Edinburgh in 1786, he received great acclaim for his poetic talent. The elite literary circles welcomed him with open arms. It was here that he published his first collection titled “Poems Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect,” which included some of his most famous works such as “To a Mouse” and “Address to a Haggis.”

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Literary Landmarks in Edinburgh

There is no shortage of literary landmarks in Edinburgh. Here are the top 7 that no book lover should miss.

The Writers’ Museum

Located on Lady Stair’s Close, just off the Royal Mile, The Writers’ Museum pays homage to three of Scotland’s greatest writers – Robert Burns, Sir Walter Scott, and Robert Louis Stevenson. The museum showcases personal belongings, manuscripts, and rare books from these influential figures.

📍Lawnmarket, Lady Stair’s Cl, Edinburgh EH1 2PA

The Scott Monument

Standing tall in Princes Street Gardens is the Scott Monument dedicated to Sir Walter Scott, one of Scotland’s most celebrated writers. Climbing its narrow spiral staircase rewards visitors with breathtaking panoramic views of the city. 

📍E. Princes St Gardens, Edinburgh EH2 2EJ

Greyfriars Kirkyard

This historic cemetery inspired J.K. Rowling while writing her Harry Potter series. Many gravestones bear familiar names like Thomas Riddell (Tom Riddle) and William McGonagall (Professor McGonagall). Fans often leave notes and flowers at the grave of “Tom Riddle.” If you’re looking for something extra spooky, head out on a ghost tour of the graveyard. It made our list of the best places to visit for Halloween for a reason.

📍26A Candlemaker Row, Edinburgh EH1 2QQ

The Elephant House Café

Situated near Greyfriars Kirkyard, this café gained fame as one of J.K Rowling’s writing spots when she lived in Edinburgh. It was here that she penned parts of the early Harry Potter books overlooking Edinburgh Castle. 

📍21 George IV Bridge, Edinburgh EH1 1EN

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Robert Louis Stevenson’s Childhood Home

Stevenson’s childhood home at 17 Heriot Row (where he moved at age 6) has retained much of its original architectural appearance and is used as a venue for receptions, dinners, and conferences. 

📍17 Heriot Row, Edinburgh EH3 6HP

The Conan Doyle Pub

On the corner of York Place, close to many of the city’s attractions, the pub is named after the famed Sherlock Holmes creator. The traditional pub is just down the street from Conany Doyle’s birthplace on Picardy Place. Inside the Victorian-style pub is an array of portraits and artifacts inspired by the Sherlock Holmes books. The menu has a wide range of traditionally Scottish pub food and drinks, focusing on cask ales and Scotch whiskies.

📍71-73 York Pl, Edinburgh EH1 3JD

For a tour of Edinburgh’s pubs with a literary twist, check out the Edinburgh Literary Pub Tour.

The National Library of Scotland

Found near the Royal Mile, the National Library is the largest library in Scotland and one of Europe’s most significant research libraries. Within its massive walls, there are 24 million printed items, two million maps, along with copies of the Gutenberg Bible, a First Folio of Shakespeare, and the archive of Muriel Spark.

📍George IV Bridge, Edinburgh EH1 1EW

Literary Festivals in Edinburgh

Edinburgh’s festivals attract book lovers, authors, publishers, and enthusiasts from all over the world. With a plethora of events and activities celebrating literature in various forms, Edinburgh’s literary festivals have become highly anticipated annual events.

1. The Edinburgh International Book Festival: The Edinburgh Book Festival is one of the largest and most prestigious literary festivals in the world. Taking place every August in Charlotte Square Gardens, this festival brings together renowned authors, poets, illustrators, and thinkers to engage with their audiences through talks, discussions, readings, workshops, and book signings. Visitors can immerse themselves in a diverse range of topics such as fiction, non-fiction, poetry, politics or current affairs.

2. The Storytelling Festival: Held annually in October/November by the Scottish Storytelling Centre on the Royal Mile, The Storytelling Festival celebrates oral storytelling traditions from around the world. This festival showcases captivating performances by professional storytellers who weave enchanting tales from different cultures and backgrounds. Audiences are transported into magical realms through spoken word performances that ignite imaginations.

​​3. The Edinburgh Independent Radical Book Fair: This fair provides an alternative platform where independent publishers showcase books that challenge mainstream narratives across various genres like political writing or radical fiction/non-fiction works that delve into social justice issues or marginalized voices often ignored by larger publishing houses. 

4. The Saltire Society Literary Awards: Hosted annually at different venues across Edinburgh during November/December., these awards celebrate excellence in Scottish literature across various categories such as Fiction Book of the Year Award or Poetry Book of the Year Award. The event features readings, discussions, and book signings by nominated authors or winners. 

5. The Edinburgh International Children’s Festival: This festival, held in May/June each year, focuses on children’s literature and performing arts. It brings together authors, illustrators, storytellers, puppeteers, theater groups, and musicians to provide an immersive experience for young readers through interactive workshops, storytelling sessions or performances.

Best Walking Tours in Edinburgh for Book Lovers

These literary Edinburgh walking tours are the perfect way to hit all of the bookish locations under the expertise of guides. Learn insider facts from locals that you might miss on a tour of your own.

Original Harry Potter Locations Tour 

In this 2 hour walking tour, experience the magic of the world’s most famous wizard. It’s perfect for all ages, including kids. You will explore the winding streets of Edinburgh to find the inspiration behind the settings and characters in the books, as well as filming locations for the movies. Plus, you’ll see top Edinburgh attractions like Edinburgh Castle, Princes Street, and the Royal Mile.

Edinburgh Book Lovers’ Tour

The Book Lovers’ tour Edinburgh is a guided walking tour that visits the sites and haunts of Burns, Scott, Stevenson, and Conan Doyle as well as J.K. Rowling, JM Barrie and more. 

Edinburgh Literary Pub Tour

This award-winning walking tour has been operating since 1996, showing guests the wynds, courtyards, and pubs of Edinburgh’s Old and New Town. The pub tour features two professional actors instead of tour guides reading from scripts. You’ll see well-known figures like Burns, Scott, and Stevenson, as well as many lesser-known writers while you hop to Edinburgh’s most unique pubs.

Walk on the Pages of Edinburgh

This 2 hour walking tour starts in the world’s most famous graveyard-Greyfriars Kirkyard to view the gravestones that inspired some familiar names from the Harry Potter books. You can take pictures at Potterrow, eat at Spoon, learn about antiquities at the National Museum of Scotland, and The Elephant House cafe.

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Best Bookshops in Edinburgh

No bookish trip to Edinburgh would be complete without browsing some of Edinburgh’s bookstores.

Typewronger Books

In the heart of Edinburgh, Typewronger Books is a haven for bookworms seeking something out of the ordinary. Typewronger Books prides itself on its collection of rare and eclectic books. From vintage classics to contemporary gems, there’s something for every literary taste. As you step inside, you’ll be greeted by shelves filled with lovingly curated titles that invite exploration and discovery. One standout feature of Typewronger Books is its typewriter collection. The store not only sells books but also houses an impressive array of vintage typewriters, each with its own unique story to tell.

📍 4a Haddington Place, Edinburgh EH7 4AE

Topping & Company Booksellers

Situated on Blenheim Place near Holyrood Park, Topping & Company Booksellers is renowned for its unparalleled selection of books across various genres. This multi-level store features an impressive collection spanning everything from contemporary fiction to history, art, travel writing, and more. Visitors can also enjoy author events throughout the year – a fantastic opportunity to meet acclaimed writers up close.

📍 2 Blenheim Place, Edinburgh EH7 5JH

Golden Hare Books

Golden Hare Books is a hidden gem on St Stephen Street in the heart of Edinburgh. This independent bookstore offers an enchanting and cozy atmosphere for book lovers to immerse themselves in a world of literature. What sets Golden Hare Books apart is their dedication to supporting local authors and publishers. The store actively champions independent voices and hosts regular author events, book launches, and literary discussions.

📍 68 St. Stephen Street, Edinburgh EH3 5AQ

Lighthouse Bookshop

Welcome to the Lighthouse Bookshop in Edinburgh, a haven for book lovers and seekers of knowledge. Nestled in the heart of Scotland’s capital city, this independent bookstore is more than just a place to buy books – it is a vibrant community hub that celebrates literature, ideas, and social activism. With its extensive collection of books spanning various genres and subjects, this bookstore caters to all tastes and interests.

📍 43-45 W. Nicolson St, Newington, Edinburgh EH8 9DB

Edinburgh Bookshop

Nestled on Bruntsfield Place, The Edinburgh Bookshop is an independent gem that offers a warm and inviting atmosphere for all book enthusiasts. This cozy bookstore specializes in Scottish literature and showcases a wide range of fiction and non-fiction titles from both established and emerging Scottish writers. Their knowledgeable staff contributes to a personalized experience by providing recommendations tailored to individual tastes.

📍 219 Bruntsfield Place, Edinburgh EH10 4DH

Armchair Books

A true paradise for second-hand book lovers awaits at Armchair Books on West Port Street. This quaint store holds shelves upon shelves filled with pre-loved treasures waiting to be discovered by avid readers or collectors. With its cozy interior and shelves upon shelves of books, Armchair Books invites patrons to immerse themselves in the world of literature. The store is renowned for housing an extensive collection spanning various genres, including classic literature, contemporary fiction, travel guides, poetry, history, and much more.

📍 72-74 West Port, Edinburgh EH1 2LE

The Portobello Bookshop

A few miles east of Edinburgh’s city center stands The Portobello Bookshop. This independent bookstore has become a beloved literary haven for locals and visitors alike. With its cozy atmosphere, carefully curated selection, and warm customer service, it offers an unforgettable experience for book lovers seeking solace or inspiration. Browse books among the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the sight of shelves brimming with books waiting to be explored. Its inviting interior design combines modern touches with elements reminiscent of traditional bookstores, creating a space that feels both comfortable and contemporary.

📍 46 Portobello High St, Portobello, Edinburgh EH15 1DA

Best Cafes in Edinburgh

When you want to take a break from all the literary sights or historical monuments, stop at one of these amazing coffee shops or cafes in the city. Grab a book and enjoy the ambiance in these great locations.

Union Brew Lab

Known for their meticulous brewing techniques and specialty coffee beans, The Brew Lab offers a unique coffee experience in Edinburgh. 

📍 6-8 S College St, Edinburgh EH8 9AA

Wellington Coffee

With its cozy atmosphere and excellent espresso-based drinks, Wellington Coffee is a must-visit spot for coffee lovers in the city. 

📍 33A George St, Edinburgh EH2 2HN

Artisan Roast

Renowned for their ethically sourced beans and expertly roasted coffee, Artisan Roast has multiple locations across Edinburgh. 

📍 57 Broughton St, Edinburgh EH1 3RJ

Black Medicine Coffee Co.

This popular café serves up deliciously strong brews and has a relaxed vibe that makes it perfect for catching up with friends or enjoying some alone time. 

📍 2 Nicolson St, Edinburgh EH8 9DH

Fortitude Coffee

Located in the heart of the city, this independent coffee shop prides itself on its high-quality single-origin coffees and friendly staff. 

📍 3c York Pl, Edinburgh EH1 3EB

Lowdown Coffee

Located near the Grassmarket area, Lowdown Coffee is known for their innovative brewing methods and tasty pastries to accompany your cup of joe.

📍 40 George St, Edinburgh EH2 2LE

Best Bookish Hotels in Edinburgh

To top off your bookish holiday, you must stay at a bookish hotel. Here’s a list of some of the best ones in Edinburgh.

The Library Suite- The Witchery by the Castle

The Library Suite is an opulent suite at The Witchery by the Castle, a luxurious hotel that features only 9 suites, all decorated in a different style. The Library suite features a book-filled bathroom with a secret hidden door, a heavily draped bed, fireplace, views of the Royal Mile, and Victorian sofas.  Included in your stay are complimentary “nibbles and treats,” a continental breakfast delivered by hamper to your suite, or an à la carte breakfast in the Original Dining Room. This is truly a one of a kind experience for those looking for an extravagant literary holiday.

Check Prices

The Balmoral

The Balmoral in Edinburgh is a 5-star luxury hotel where, according to the book Deep Work, J.K. Rowling finished the last of the Harry Potter books to get away from the distraction of normal life at home with a family. If you want the same experience, or just want to see where the Deathly Hallows was written (suite 552), the Balmoral is the place to go.

Check Prices

The Place Hotel

The Place hotel has a number of gorgeous literary suites inspired by some of the city’s great writers. There are four themed suites: Love and Romance (honoring Edinburgh poets and romance writers), Thrill and Intrique (honoring crime writers like Ranking and Conan Doyle), Enchantment(honoring JM Barrie, JK Rowling, and Ian Banks), and a Robert Louis Stevenson suite. Each suite has its own library filled with books correlating to the room’s theme. If any pique your interest you can even purchase one. 

Check Prices

The Stevenson House

If viewing the Stevenson house from outside wasn’t enough, you can book a stay through their Bed & Breakfast. There are two rooms available to stay in: the master bedroom on the first floor and a twin room on the second floor. Don’t miss the chance to stay in the home of one of the greatest writers in the world. 

Check Prices

Many of these hotels are on the expensive side. And while I think they’re worth it for an especially bookish trip, I understand more budget options are necessary. For that, I recommend the ibis Edinburgh Centre Royal Mile- Hunter Square, Holiday Inn Express Edinburgh City Centre, or Kick Ass Greyfriars hostel if you’re traveling solo and looking to find friends.

Edinburgh’s rich literary history and vibrant contemporary literary scene make it a perfect destination for book lovers. From exploring the iconic landmarks associated with famous authors like Sir Walter Scott and Robert Louis Stevenson to immersing oneself in the thriving festivals and bookstores that dot the city, Edinburgh offers a unique experience for those seeking to delve into the world of literature. This literary travel guide has highlighted some of the must-visit locations and events that showcase Edinburgh’s literary heritage, ensuring an unforgettable journey through its pages. So grab your favorite book, pack your bags, and embark on a thrilling adventure in this enchanting city where literature comes alive at every turn.

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Literary Travel Guide to Edinburgh


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