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10 Most Anticipated Horror Books of September 2023

10 Most Anticipated Horror Books of September 2023

10 Most Anticipated Horror Books of September 2023: As the leaves begin to fall and the nights grow longer, the literary world prepares to embrace the spine-tingling and the eerie. September 2023 promises to be a haunting month for avid readers of Horror fiction. With a shroud of mystery and a taste for the macabre, we delve into the anticipation that surrounds the newest releases in the genre. From the minds of renowned authors to emerging voices of dread, these upcoming horror books offer a captivating blend of the supernatural, psychological terror, and the unexplained.

10 Most Anticipated Horror Books of September 2023

  • “Holly” by Stephen King
  • “The September House” by Carissa Orlando
  • “Hemlock Island” by Kelley Armstrong
  • “Red Rabbit” by Alex Grecian
  • “Black River Orchard” by Chuck Wendig
  • “What Kind of Mother: A Novel” by Clay McLeod Chapman
  • “There’s No Way I’d Die First” by Lisa Springer
  • “Kill For Love” by Laura Picklesimer
  • “Your Lonely Nights Are Over” by Adam Sass
  • “Black Sheep” by Rachel Harrison

“Holly” by Stephen King

“Holly” by Stephen King

In Stephen King’s latest offering, “Holly Gibney #3,” readers are in for a spine-tingling ride with the return of one of King’s most captivating characters, Holly Gibney. Having witnessed Holly’s transformation from a shy recluse to a smart and occasionally tough private detective in previous novels, this time, she’s on her own.

When Penny Dahl seeks the help of the Finders Keepers detective agency to locate her missing daughter, Holly is initially reluctant to take the case. With her partner sidelined due to Covid and dealing with her mother’s recent passing, Holly should be on leave. However, something in Penny’s desperate plea draws Holly in.

As Holly delves into the investigation, she uncovers a web of deceit and horror lurking just blocks away from where Bonnie Dahl disappeared. Professors Rodney and Emily Harris, seemingly respectable on the surface, are concealing a sinister secret in their well-kept home. Holly must rely on her formidable talents to outwit these cunning adversaries.

With elements of horror, mystery, and thriller, King’s novel promises a chilling masterwork that will keep readers on the edge of their seats. Holly Gibney’s return is a cause for excitement, and her latest adventure is sure to haunt your dreams and leave you questioning the depths of human darkness.

“The September House” by Carissa Orlando

10 Most Anticipated Horror Books of September 2023 – “The September House” by Carissa Orlando

Carissa Orlando’s debut novel, “The September House,” invites readers into a captivating and chilling tale that explores the intersection of home and haunting.

Margaret and her husband, Hal, found their dream home on Hawthorn Street—a magnificent Victorian house at an unbelievably reasonable price. However, their elation quickly turns to terror as they uncover the unsettling truth about their newfound residence. Every September, the house transforms into a nightmare: its walls ooze blood, the ghosts of past inhabitants manifest, and a lurking menace in the basement terrifies all who encounter it. Most people would flee in fear, but Margaret is not like most people; she refuses to abandon her home.

But after four years of enduring the horrors, Hal can take it no longer, abruptly departing and cutting off contact. Their daughter, Katherine, unaware of the supernatural occurrences, arrives to search for her missing father. With each passing day of September, Margaret and Katherine’s quest to find Hal plunges them deeper into the sinister mysteries of the house.

Orlando’s novel blends elements of horror, paranormal, mystery, and thriller genres, creating a compulsively readable narrative that keeps readers on the edge of their seats. “The September House” is a haunting exploration of the boundaries between love, possession, and the secrets that lurk within the walls of a seemingly ordinary home.

“Hemlock Island” by Kelley Armstrong

“Hemlock Island” by Kelley Armstrong

“Hemlock Island,” a suspenseful and gripping novel by Kelley Armstrong, thrusts readers into a chilling tale of isolation, secrets, and supernatural terror.

Laney Kilpatrick’s life takes a sinister turn when she starts renting out her vacation home to strangers in a desperate bid to hold onto her beloved Hemlock Island following a pandemic-fueled divorce. The invasion of privacy and escalating problems, from broken belongings to nearly catastrophic fires, are bad enough. However, things take a horrifying twist when renters discover blood and nail marks in the guest room closet, as though someone had desperately tried to claw their way out but failed.

Laney, accompanied by her teenaged niece, finds herself investigating these unsettling occurrences, only to realize that her ex-husband, Kit, and former best friend, Jayla, have also been informed of the disturbing events. As more old high school friends, including Sadie and her brother, a cop, converge on the island, tensions rise, and long-buried secrets come to light.

Amid whispers in the woods and gruesome discoveries, the group stumbles upon a hand emerging from the earth, followed by a body. To make matters worse, their sole means of leaving the island mysteriously disappears, leaving them trapped with an unknown malevolence that is determined to ensure no one leaves Hemlock Island alive.

Armstrong skillfully blends elements of horror, thriller, mystery, and suspense, crafting a narrative that keeps readers on the edge of their seats until the very last page. “Hemlock Island” is a spine-tingling exploration of fear, trust, and the dark forces that can lurk in the most unexpected of places.

“Red Rabbit” by Alex Grecian

10 Most Anticipated Horror Books of September 2023 – “Red Rabbit” by Alex Grecian

In Alex Grecian’s “Red Rabbit,” readers are taken on a thrilling journey into a world where folk horror, the wild west, and the supernatural converge into a spine-chilling epic.

The story centers on Sadie Grace, a woman wanted for witchcraft, whose life comes with a bounty on her head, attracting every hired gun in Kansas eager to collect. Among those in pursuit is Old Tom, a bona fide witch hunter, and his enigmatic, mute ward, Rabbit.

As the posse sets out on the treacherous road to Burden County, they are joined by two vagabond cowboys, driven by adventure but lacking purpose, and a recently widowed schoolteacher with nothing left to lose. With each new member, the danger escalates.

Racing through drought-stricken plains in a stolen red stagecoach, the group encounters malevolent creatures lurking along the dusty trail, monsters more sinister than witches themselves. Despite the ominous challenges that await them, the crew remains determined to claim the bounty on Sadie Grace’s head, even if it means risking their lives in the process.

“Red Rabbit” promises a supernatural adventure of luck and misfortune, with a devilish cadence reminiscent of Stephen Graham Jones and the heart-pounding brutality of Nick Cutter. It’s a mesmerizing blend of horror, fantasy, and historical fiction, offering readers an unforgettable journey into a world where death and the supernatural are never far behind.

“Black River Orchard” by Chuck Wendig

“Black River Orchard” by Chuck Wendig

In Chuck Wendig’s spellbinding novel, “Black River Orchard,” the small town of Harrow undergoes a transformative and sinister change when a mysterious tree starts bearing magical apples. This masterpiece of horror from the bestselling author of “Wanderers” and “The Book of Accidents” promises an unforgettable journey into the dark heart of a seemingly idyllic community.

Autumn descends upon Harrow, bringing with it a chilling alteration that goes beyond the changing season. Within the town, an orchard holds seven peculiar trees, bearing apples so strange and beautiful that their skin appears almost black. A bite of these apples awakens an insatiable desire for more, making the eater feel stronger, more vital, and more themselves. Yet, the craving for these apples and their enigmatic powers begins to grow darker and more ominous.

As the townsfolk discover the orchard’s secrets, they become consumed by an obsession with the magical apples. They grow happier, more confident, and more powerful, but the dark history hidden within the orchard’s roots threatens to unravel the very fabric of the town. With the leaves falling and the days growing darker, a stranger arrives in Harrow, one who possesses knowledge of the town’s deepest secrets.

As harvest time approaches, Harrow is poised to reap what it has sown, and the consequences of the orchard’s dark magic will unfold in a tale of horror, fantasy, and the paranormal that will keep readers on the edge of their seats until the final page. “Black River Orchard” is a chilling exploration of the price of power and the secrets buried deep within the human psyche.

“What Kind of Mother: A Novel” by Clay McLeod Chapman

10 Most Anticipated Horror Books of September 2023 – “What Kind of Mother: A Novel” by Clay McLeod Chapman

In “What Kind of Mother: A Novel” by Clay McLeod Chapman, readers are invited into a chilling and suspenseful tale that blends elements of Southern Gothic, missing child narratives, and body horror, creating an eerie concoction that is sure to leave a haunting imprint on your imagination.

The story revolves around Madi Price, who, after becoming a teen mom and leaving her hometown of Brandywine, Virginia, finds herself compelled to return with her seventeen-year-old daughter, scraping by as a palm reader at the local farmers market. There, she reconnects with Henry McCabe, a reclusive fisherman and her old high school flame, whose infant son, Skyler, disappeared five years ago. Despite the town’s belief that Skyler is dead, Madi’s palm reading session with Henry leads her to witness disturbing visions that suggest otherwise.

As Madi delves deeper into these visions, she stumbles upon a terrifying nightmare at the heart of a complex and labyrinthine mystery—one that threatens not only her but also those she holds dear. The story masterfully combines supernatural horror with domestic suspense, exploring the depths of parental grief and the chilling consequences of uncovering long-buried secrets.

Clay McLeod Chapman’s “What Kind of Mother” establishes itself as a visceral exploration of the unrelenting horror of loss, blending genres to create a narrative that is as unsettling as it is enthralling. It’s a gripping journey into the dark recesses of the human psyche, where the past and present collide in a tale of dread and suspense.

“There’s No Way I’d Die First” by Lisa Springer

“There’s No Way I’d Die First” by Lisa Springer

In Lisa Springer’s debut novel, “There’s No Way I’d Die First,” readers are in for a spine-tingling contemporary horror experience that merges teenage drama with deadly games and the thrill of a Halloween party.

Meet Noelle Layne, a horror enthusiast who knows all the tropes, warning signs, and survival tactics thanks to her love for the genre and her leadership of a successful movie club. Noelle decides to host the ultimate Halloween bash on her family’s estate, inviting the coolest kids from her senior class and hoping to boost her popularity. The presence of the attractive singer-songwriter, Archer Mitchell, adds extra excitement to the night.

However, Noelle’s carefully planned festivities take a terrifying turn when she hires a low-budget clown to lead a game of tag. This clown is meant to be frightening in a nostalgic, comforting way, but instead, he exudes an unsettling creepiness. Noelle’s confidence begins to waver as the night’s entertainment turns deadly, with one of her guests falling victim to the clown’s sinister intentions.

As the night progresses and the body count rises, Noelle must confront the chilling reality that she’s caught up in a deadly game. Determined to prove herself as a “Final Girl” and survive this nightmarish ordeal, she faces a relentless and murderous adversary.

Lisa Springer’s novel masterfully blends elements of horror, young adult drama, and the thrill of Halloween, delivering a pulse-pounding narrative that keeps readers on the edge of their seats. “There’s No Way I’d Die First” is a dark and exhilarating exploration of fear, survival, and the resilience of a young woman determined to outwit her deadly tormentor.

“Kill For Love” by Laura Picklesimer

10 Most Anticipated Horror Books of September 2023 – “Kill For Love” by Laura Picklesimer

“Kill for Love” by Laura Picklesimer is a chilling and satirical thriller that delves into the dark and twisted psyche of Tiffany, a privileged sorority sister in Los Angeles.

Tiffany’s life takes a sinister turn when a frat party hookup turns into a bloody and fatal encounter. She soon realizes that something within her possesses an insatiable desire to kill attractive young men. As her bloodlust deepens and the body count rises, Tiffany must navigate the escalating legal scrutiny, social media frenzy, and her increasingly complicated relationship with Weston, whom she believes could be the perfect boyfriend.

This modern-day American Psycho offers a female-driven narrative that exposes the toxicity of contemporary plasticity with dark humor and a propulsive plot. Laura Picklesimer crafts a visceral and haunting journey into the mind of a killer, inviting readers into a world where the boundaries between sanity and madness blur, and where the pursuit of love takes a truly twisted form. “Kill for Love” is a harrowing exploration of the darkness that can lurk beneath the surface of seemingly normal lives, delivering a narrative that will both shock and captivate horror enthusiasts.

“Your Lonely Nights Are Over” by Adam Sass

“Your Lonely Nights Are Over” by Adam Sass

In “Your Lonely Nights Are Over” by Adam Sass, readers are in for a thrilling and suspenseful YA horror tale that combines elements of friendship, mystery, and the chilling presence of a serial killer.

Dearie and Cole are best friends who have always been inseparable and unapologetically themselves. They’re beautiful, flirtatious, and incredibly clever, which often leads them to call out their fellow students. However, when a famous and never-caught serial killer known as Mr. Sandman resurfaces from retirement, their senior year at Stone Grove High School takes a terrifying turn.

Mr. Sandman’s hunting ground becomes the school’s Queer Club, and as evidence and bodies begin to pile up, suspicion falls on Dearie and Cole. The duo must now do whatever it takes to unmask the real killer before they and the rest of the Queer Club are taken down. With their backs against the wall and the world seemingly stacked against them, Dearie and Cole embark on a high-stakes mission to stop Mr. Sandman’s rampage.

As they delve deeper into the dark truths hidden within their small desert community, the two friends must confront their own fears and uncertainties. With every twist and turn, they inch closer to the truth, but the real killer won’t be caught without a fight.

Adam Sass’s “Your Lonely Nights Are Over” is a gripping and suspenseful read that not only explores the bonds of friendship but also delves into the mysteries and dangers lurking in unexpected places. It’s a thrilling blend of horror, mystery, and LGBTQ+ representation that will keep readers eagerly turning pages until the very end.

“Black Sheep” by Rachel Harrison

10 Most Anticipated Horror Books of September 2023 – “Black Sheep” by Rachel Harrison

In Rachel Harrison’s gripping horror novel, “Black Sheep,” readers are thrust into the tumultuous world of Vesper Wright, a young woman whose unconventional family harbors dark secrets that she can no longer ignore.

Vesper distanced herself from her family and their staunchly religious community when she left home at eighteen, never looking back. The belief was that leaving meant she could never return, but her world is upended when an unexpected wedding invitation arrives from her beloved cousin Rosie. The wedding is set to take place at the family farm, raising questions about whether they’ve made an exception to the rule or if there are ulterior motives behind the invitation.

Despite her reservations, something inside Vesper compels her to attend the wedding. The decision forces her to confront the toxic environment she escaped and reunite with her mother, Constance, a former horror film star and an enigmatic figure with a reputation as an ice queen.

As Vesper returns home, a terrifying secret begins to surface, forcing her to grapple with her family’s deeply rooted beliefs and her own crisis of faith. “Black Sheep” is a sinister and suspenseful exploration of the way family ties can bind us, even as we struggle to find our place in a world where darkness lurks just beneath the surface. Rachel Harrison weaves a tale of horror that delves into the complexities of family dynamics and the unsettling truths that lie hidden within.

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10 Most Anticipated Horror Books of September 2023


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