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The 25 Best TV Shows to Binge-Watch When You’re Bored

Looking for some top-notch TV shows to binge-watch? Look no further! Our comprehensive guide covers the best binge-worthy TV Series of all time, from suspenseful dramas to hilarious comedies. With something for everyone, settle in and get ready for a marathon viewing session.

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Whether you are streaming on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime, there are binge-worthy TV series for fans of every genre. Do you like mysteries or comedy series? Or would you prefer a good medical drama or fantasy series that will have you hooked after the first episode? Well, we have some of the best TV shows appropriate for all viewers lined up below. Understandably, finding a good TV series that won’t leave you disappointed or feeling like you wasted your time is difficult. But with so many good series, how will we narrow down the most binge-worthy shows?

While some of these TV series will be extremely popular series you have probably heard of before, we will try to include some lesser-known series. Furthermore, we will include a mix of Western and Korean series/sitcoms to ensure there is something for everyone. Lastly, these series will cover a variety of genres to accommodate people looking for a TV series that is right up their alley.

So, without further ado, here are some of the best TV shows to binge-watch.

25. Buffy the Vampire Slayer – 7 Seasons

If you are a fan of the horror and supernatural genre, then Buffy the Vampire Slayer is perfect for you. We follow Buffy Summers (played by Sarah Michelle Gellar), a teenage girl trying to live a normal life and make her way through high school. That is until she finds out she part of a long line of women who fight evil forces known as “Slayers”. As fate would have it, she is next in the line of succession and is now tasked with balancing her normal, everyday life with her role of hunting vampires and demons on the side.

Make no mistake about it, even after all these years, Buffy the Vampire Slayer remains one of the most binge-worthy shows of all time.

24. Orange is the New Black – 7 Seasons

Having won three Emmy Awards alongside Widespread Critical Acclaim, Orange is the New Black is undoubtedly worth the watch. This comedy-drama takes place in a women’s prison and follows Taylor Schilling as Piper Chapman, a 33-year-old woman suddenly ripped from her upper-middle-class lifestyle for a crime she committed ten years prior. Sentenced to 15 months in Litchfield Penitentiary, she reunites with the person who caused her incarceration, and we explore where their relationship leads.

23. Supernatural – 15 Seasons

If you are in the mood for a much longer binge session, Supernatural has fifteen seasons with more or less 24 episodes each. Not only that, but you get a boatload of horror (albeit cheesy at times) and exploration of supernatural lore. As a bonus, the binge-worthy series follows a fun monster-of-the-week trope that breaks away from the overarching storyline. We follow Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles as Sam and Dean Winchester, two brothers who have taken on their family legacy of hunting evil. But, of course, everything is not as clear-cut as they first thought.

22. The Vampire Diaries – 8 Seasons

Whereas Supernatural focuses on the downside of supernatural creatures, The Vampires Diaries explores both sides of the spectrum while throwing in a fantastic romance story. We follow Elena Gilbert (played by Nina Dobrev) as she runs into a mysterious boy named Stefan Salvatore (played by Paul Wesley) at her high school. It’s not long before she discovers that both Stefan and his brother, Damon (Ian Somerhalder), are vampires, dragging her into a world she never knew existed where vampires and witches are more than just a fantasy.

21. You – 4 Seasons

You is a psychological thriller that will weirdly have you rooting for the antagonist. And this makes sense, considering our protagonist is the bad guy. Based on the novel series of the same name by Caroline Kepnes, we follow Joe Goldberg (played by Penn Badgley), an intense young man whose innocent crush quickly turns into obsession. Joe is willing to do anything for the one he loves, even if that means stalking, breaking and entering, and so much more. With a new love interest each season, this show makes for an entertaining and fascinating binge.

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20. Grey’s Anatomy – 19 Seasons

If you are a fan of medical dramas and binge-watch shows regularly, then Grey’s Anatomy is where it’s at. The story mainly focuses on Dr Meredith Grey (played by Ellen Pompeo) but does feature an ensemble cast, with the narrative switching between different characters. The overarching story focuses on various surgical interns, attendings, and residents as they work towards becoming great doctors. Along the way, we delve into some heart-wrenching stories and difficult situations these aspiring doctors must overcome. As the longest-running show on ABC, this is definitely worth checking out. You’ll soon find it to be one of the most addictive binge-worthy shows of all time.

19. Black Mirror – 5 Seasons

Black Mirror is a fun British anthology TV series that sci-fi fans will immensely enjoy. Although it explores a variety of genres, it mainly focuses on speculative fiction revolving around technology. With many narratives taking place in a dystopian future, each story addresses societal issues, commenting on them through the use of technology. Throughout the series, we see appearances from many famous actors and celebrities, ranging from Marvel star Anthony Mackie to singer-actress Miley Cyrus. So naturally, the show received critical acclaim for its well-told storylines and social commentary.

18. Carnival Row – 2 Seasons

Carnival Row is perfect for you if you love period pieces and fantasy. Unfortunately, this series only has two seasons, but is certainly binge-worthy. Set in a world where mythical creatures exist, many of them have been forced to flee their homelands due to battles and disputes and now reside on Carnival Row. Although we follow multiple storylines, including a mystery, political struggle and xenophobia, the narrative mainly revolves around Orlando Bloom as Rycroft “Philo” Philostrate, a human detective, and Cara Delevingne’s Vignette Stonemoss, a faerie/pix, and their struggle to maintain their complicated romance.

17. Wednesday – 1 Season

As one of the newer binge-worthy TV series on this list, Wednesday is a gothic comedy horror series that explores the adventures of Wednesday Addams (played by Jenna Ortega) as she attends Nevermore Academy. Not only must she deal with her overly colourful and enthusiastic roommate, but now, mysterious cases have emerged on campus connected directly to her newly discovered psychic abilities. Putting a fun coming-of-age spin on a member of the famous Addams family, eight episodes feel almost too short for this iconic series. But, of course, we are all waiting for Netflix to give us a second season.

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16. Euphoria – 2 Seasons

Adapted from the Israeli show of the same name, this binge-worthy HBO TV series follows the life of 17-year-old Rue Bennett (played by Zendaya) and her circle of friends. While Rue is a struggling addict, her transgender friend, Jules (Hunter Schafer), is trying to find her identity. In addition, Cassie (Sydney Sweeney) struggles with her sexual history, while Kat (Barbie Ferreira) deals with insecurities stemming from her weight. Prepare yourself for a wild ride as Euphoria delves into the dark world of teenage substance abuse, toxic masculinity, and other heavy topics of things that teenagers might be dealing with in this day and age.

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15. The Witcher – 3 Seasons

Are you a fan of the fantasy genre? Do you love Henry Cavill? Well, then, The Witcher is the perfect combination of what you enjoy seeing. We follow Cavill as Geralt of Rivia, a mutated monster hunter trying to find his place in this world. Simultaneously, we explore the stories of Crown Princess Ciri of Cintra (played by Freya Allan) and the sorceress Yennefer of Vengerberg (played by Anya Chalotra). While their stories all take place at different points in time, we eventually discover the trio are connected when their narratives merge into one amazing timeline.

14. The Walking Dead – 11 Seasons

With the collapse of modern civilization following the outbreak of a zombie apocalypse, The Walking Dead follows the story of a group of survivors trying to stay alive under the harsh conditions of their new world. We see an ensemble cast including Andrew Lincoln, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Danai Gurira, Norman Reedus, Steven Yuen, and Melissa McBride. Lincoln starred as the main character, Rick Grimes, a deputy sheriff who wakes up from a coma to discover the world has ended. With one of the scariest first episodes in a zombie series, this is certainly worth binging.

Regardless of how you feel about TWD, it remains one of the few shows you can binge from the beginning to the end.

13. The Haunting of Hill House – 1 Season

Gather around, horror fans, for you will not be disappointed. Based on Shirley Jackson’s 1959 novel of the same name, The Haunting of Hill House is the first instalment in The Haunting anthology. The miniseries, directed by Mike Flanagan, presents some of the best horror and cinematography in years. We follow five adult siblings who are still haunted by the inexplicable events that led to them fleeing their mansion in the middle of the night in 1992. So naturally, the binge-worthy TV series received widespread critical acclaim, with a second miniseries called The Haunting of Bly Manor released two years later.

12. House of the Dragon – 1 Season

Already binged Game of Thrones? Well, the great news is that House of the Dragon will allow you to explore more of George R.R. Martin’s fantastical world. Set 200 years before the events of GOT, we delve into the reign of House Targaryen and their civil world. Following the reign of King Viserys I, his children are now all battling for control of the Iron Throne. Starring Milly Alcock, Matt Smith, Emma D’Arcy, Olivia Cooke, and Emily Carey, we get fantastic performances that have left fans hungry for more. As a bonus, we get to see all the legendary dragons mentioned in GOT, including Vhagar and Balerion the Black Dread.

11. The Boys – 3 Seasons

Developed by Supernatural creator Eric Kripke, The Boys explores what our society would look like if we had superheroes will superpowers running around. Naturally, they would be the celebrities of our world, with many seeing them as gods. However, here we follow Billy Butch (Karl Urban) and Hughie Campbell (Jack Quaid) as they discover these heroes tend to abuse their power. Teaming up, the Boys head out on a mission to expose the biggest superhero agency, Vought, and their top-performing heroes, known as the Seven, for their corrupt behaviour. However, it is advised to check the trigger warnings on this one before jumping in.

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10. Arcane – 1 Season

As the first binge-worthy animated TV series on this list, Arcane is set in the League of Legends universe. It has received critical acclaim for its worldbuilding, acting, storytelling, animation, and excellent action sequences. The narrative follows sisters Vi and Jinx, who find themselves on opposing ends of a brewing conflict between the rich utopian city of Piltover and its ugly underbelly of Zaun. So naturally, the series won an Annie Award for Best General Audience Animated Television Broadcast Production and Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program. If you haven’t already, check this out on Netflix immediately.

9. Love Death + Robots – 3 Seasons

Deciding what you want to watch is challenging if you are not in the mood for a specific genre. And with that, Love Death + Robots brings the perfect mix of genres in the form of an anthology series. This show has it all, whether it’s sci-fi, horror, or comedy. Each episode tells a different story, containing works from filmmakers/animation studios worldwide. Mostly, the binge-worthy series follows various animated plots, but some live-action elements are incorporated into them. Each episode is under 22 minutes long, with this awesome concept being developed by Tim Miller. If you still are not sold, the series won various accolades and has received widespread critical acclaim.

8. Taxi Driver – 2 Seasons

Based on the webtoon by Carlos and Lee Jae-jin, The Deluxe Taxi, Taxi Driver is a K-drama based on all the heinous crimes taking place in Korea. As such, the TV series received acclaim for its storytelling and acting. We follow the story of Kim Dok-gi (played by Lee Je-hoon), a graduate of the Korean Military Academy who lost his mother tragically. As he cannot take revenge because of the law, he works as a taxi driver for Rainbow Taxis, a company that offers revenge services for people who were wronged and cannot get justice. Touching on some heavy topics, the series may be on the darker side but does not lack in terms of action and well-deserved comeuppance.

7. All of Us Are Dead – 1 Season

While The Walking Dead hits with the slow, shambling “walkers”, All of Us Are Dead brings us terrifying and fast zombies. Following the release of Train to Busan (2016), many horror and zombie genre fans were left hungry for more. And Netflix delivered another excellent Korean TV series that follows the zombie virus outbreak resulting from a high school chemistry teacher’s experiment to help his bullied son gone wrong. We watch as a group of high school students become trapped in their high school, which turns out to be ground zero for the outbreak. With great performances and superb storytelling, you will jump out of your seat, waiting for a second season.

6. My Name – 1 Season

It seems all the best K-dramas only have one season, which is certainly valid with My Name. However, unlike many other shows, the story comes to a close in the span of its 8-episode long run. We follow Yoon Ji-woo as she witnesses her father’s death on her birthday one evening after school. As he is part of a gang, she puts her trust in the mob boss, who helps to train her to avenge her father. Taking out police officers and criminals alike, Yoon Ji-woo will not let anything get in her way. With some of the best action sequences in cinematic history, this revenge series will make for the perfect binge session. As a bonus, the binge-worthy TV series is carried by its female lead, who is on par with the protagonist from I Saw the Devil (2010).

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5. Stranger Things – 4 Seasons

There is no doubt that you have heard of this TV series already, but if you have not watched it yet, then this is your sign to join the Stranger Things bandwagon. Set in 1980s Indiana, we follow a group of four friends, Mike (Finn Wolfhard), Will (Noah Schnapp), Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin), and Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo), as they befriend a strange girl named Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown). Upon discovering she has powerful psychic abilities, they are dragged into a world filled with supernatural forces caused by governmental exploits. Now, they need to protect Eleven from the people coming after her. With outstanding performances from the kids, in addition to David Harbour and Wynona Ryder, this show is certainly worth the watch.

4. Sex Education – 3 Seasons

As one of the best comedy dramas on this list, Sex Education touches on many topics pertaining to sex and the misinformation surrounding it. The story follows Otis Milburn (Asa Butterfield), a socially awkward high schooler with zero sexual experience. To make matters worse, his mother, Jean (Gillian Anderson), is a certified sex therapist who gives him free advice on the topic. Without knowing, he has become relatively well-versed on the subject, offering some great advice to students at school. When his crush, Maeve Wiley (Emma Mackey), suggests they make money out of it, Otis reluctantly agrees.

3. The Last of Us – 1 Season

Based on the popular video game of the same name, The Last of Us was highly praised for its adaptation of the game. Not only did the binge-worthy TV series receive critical acclaim for its cinematography, but for its accuracy in the game. And any changes that were made matched the narrative extremely well. If you are unfamiliar with the story, we follow Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey) as they traverse the post-apocalyptic ruins of America following a zombie outbreak. In addition, we see other prominent characters from the game make their debut in the series, such as Frank (Murray Bartlett), Bill (Nick Offerman) and Tess/Theresa (Anna Torv).

2. Breaking Bad – 5 Seasons

Although the TV series only has five seasons, Breaking Bad has become one of the best and most binge-worthy series out there. Starring Bryan Cranston as Walter White, we follow this high school chemistry teacher as he discovers he has cancer. Unfortunately, his medical bills are hefty, so he does the logical thing and tries his hand in the meth-making business to cover his debt. However, things begin to change when he befriends and partners up with Jesse Pinkman (played by Aaron Paul). Not only is this show binge-worthy, but it has won multiple awards and broke the 2013 record of being the most critically acclaimed show of all time.

Today, Breaking Bad remains one of the best TV shows to binge-watch.

1. Game of Thrones – 8 Seasons

It goes without saying that if you have not seen this show, you are missing out. Having won a total of 59 Primetime Emmy Awards (that’s crazy, right?) in addition to various other accolades, Game of Thrones received widespread critical acclaim. Based on George R.R. Martin’s book series, we follow multiple characters and their respective Houses. However, House Stark, Targaryen and Lannister take up much of the main storyline, focusing on these families and their goal of ruling over Westeros. Simultaneously, a dark force said to be extinct for millennia is rising beyond The Wall as the long, cold winter approaches. Also, if you are still not convinced, there are dragons. Not one, not two, but three dragons!

Regardless of how you feel about the ending, Game of Thrones remains one of the best TV shows to binge-watch.

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Honourable Mentions

As there are too many great binge-worthy shows to narrow it down to just this list, here are some honourable mentions if nothing from this article tickled your fancy:

Schitt’s Creek – 6 Seasons

A British sitcom following the wealthy Rose family, who have gone bankrupt, they are forced to relocate to the small town of Schitt’s Creek.

Friends – 10 Seasons

An American sitcom with a star-stud cast including Lisa Kudrow and Jennifer Aniston, following the lives of six reckless adults living in Manhattan.

The Sopranos – 6 Seasons

An American crime drama follows James Gandolfini as Italian-American mafia boss, Tony Soprano, struggling to manage his crime and personal life.

Friday Night Lights – 5 Seasons

A binge-worthy TV series revolving around high school football Coach Eric Taylor, who is dealing with his personal issues alongside pressures from his team.

13 Reasons Why – 4 Seasons

A binge-worthy TV series revolving around the mysterious recordings left by Hannah Baker, the new girl at Liberty High who tragically took her own life.

Tell us, what do you think are the best TV shows to binge-watch?

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The 25 Best TV Shows to Binge-Watch When You’re Bored


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