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‘The Other Zoey’ – Ending Explained

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The Other Zoey is a romantic comedy film directed by Sara Zandieh from a screenplay by Matt Tabak. The Prime Video film follows the story of a brilliant college girl Zoey (Josephine Langford), who wants to date someone smart and sensible but her life gets turned upside down when she causes the accident of a popular boy from college. The boy gets amnesia and starts to believe that Zoey is his girlfriend but more drama is on its way as Zoey starts to like the guy’s cousin.

The Other Zoey starts off with our main protagonist Zoey Miller as she tells her whole class that she doesn’t believe in romantic love and believes that a relationship based on compatibility is much more likely to succeed she has also created a dating app based on this premise. After leaving her class she meets her best friend Elle (Mallori Johnson) and as both of them are leaving the college premises she is hit by a soccer ball on the head and that’s when she meets Zach (Drew Starkey), the popular athlete. When Elle tells Zoey that Zach was just flirting with her now she tells her that he wasn’t and if he was she is just not interested.

The next day, we see Zoey attending a guest lecture where Miles (Archie Renaux) says something similar to what Zoey believes relationships should be and he also quotes her favorite philosopher. Zoey tries to talk to Miles but he leaves before she has a chance to meet him. After getting home Zoey tells Elle that she met someone interesting today and tells her that she might be interested in him.

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Some days later we see Zoey working at the counter of a book store and Zach stops by to buy a book about a video game, there is some banter and due to the unavailability of the book, Zach tells Zoey to order him the book, and gives her his credit card. Zach leaves the store but forgets his card and in order to return it to him Zoey runs after him and as she yells his name. Zach gets distracted and gets into an accident where he hits his head.

The doctor tells Zoey and Zach’s parents that he has amnesia. In the hospital, everyone thinks that Zoey is the girl Zach was dating and Zach also thinks that she is his girlfriend. Zach’s parents invite Zoey to dinner at their home and she accepts instead of telling everybody the truth because the doctor tells her that it might be harmful for Zach if he gets any shocking news. Elle tells Zoey that Zach is dating Zoey Wallace, the captain of the female soccer team. Zoey decides to tell Zach’s parents at the dinner but when she gets there she meets Miles again, who is very similar to Zoey in all of his academic and career thinking.

In order to be around Miles, Zoey keeps up the lie and gets invited to a ski trip with Zach and the family. After getting on the mountains Zoey tries to spend as much time as possible with Miles and they seem to be connecting and then he kisses her in the hot tub. Zoey is happy with this until she finds out that Miles has a girlfriend and when she confronts him. He tells her that he and his girlfriend are in a polygamous relationship. Zoey is extremely disappointed and decides to not join the family that day instead she stays back with Zach.

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Zach and Zoey spend a day together filled with a lot of board games and banter. In the end she starts to like him and tells him that she hopes that when he gets his memory back he won’t hate her. Soon, the truth comes out and everybody in Zach’s family including Zach is shocked and angry at what Zoey had done. Zoey becomes a social pariah because all of this circulates through social media in her college.

Zoey decides to visit her mother (Heather Graham) to get away from all this. After getting there she explains the situation to her mother and when her mother tries to give advice to Zoey. We find out that Zoey’s parents got a divorce and she thinks that they split up because of how different they were from each other. Her mother explains the true situation to Zoey and tells her that relationships are based on differences because that’s what makes the other person exciting. Armed with all of her mother’s rom-com advice Zoey decides to go back to college. First, she apologizes to Elle and soon gets an offer from her classmates to make a website for their college party and she accepts.

Ending Explained – Do Zoey and Zach Get Back Together?

Credit – Prime Video

During the party, Zoey finds out that Zach had broken up things with her girlfriend and after hearing this she runs to the party in her pajamas. After getting there she tries to find Zach in all the chaos and decides to take the help of a microphone after getting booed off stage she meets Zach and tells him that she likes him and she is sorry about what she did. Zach tells her that he broke up with his girlfriend because he likes her and he wants to be with her. In the end, both Zach and Zoey share a kiss and decide to be together despite their differences.

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‘The Other Zoey’ – Ending Explained


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