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Spine-Chilling Korean Horror Movies to Start Your Halloween 2023!

The spooky month of Halloween 2023 is here at last and there is no way we can pass this month without some sinister-looking ghosts that will make us jump out with fright. However, if you really want a good and unforgettable horror, there is no way that we can miss out on the Korean spookers that will leave you gasping after a frightful experience that they are definitely good at giving their audience.

While well-known horror films like Train to Busan, The Call, Acacia and others have already been part of our Halloween for quite some time now, we have brought to you a new list of horrors which will only take your excitement to the next level. With this, here’s a list of 6 Korean Halloween movies to give your spooky month the perfect start!

6 Korean Horror Movies to Start Your Halloween 2023!


The popular fairytale may be known by everyone out there, however, this Korean film is absolutely nothing like the sparkly fairytale that we have all loved. Bringing the story of a mother-daughter duo whose lives are perfect until some tragic incident opens the pandora’s box of mysteries and lies, this is a story that you would definitely not want to miss.

Cinderella tells the story of a plastic surgeon whose peaceful life with her daughter comes to a stop when her daughter’s friends, who are also her patients, commit mysterious suicides in front of her daughter. Suspicions rise with this as her daughter tries to unveil the secret of these incidents and her mother’s past that she does not know of.

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The Mimic

Next, we have a mystery-infused tale of a mother looking for her son only to later come across a little girl who has clouds of secrets and suspicion surrounding her. Inspired by a Korean urban legend, this is a film that will leave you with an eerie feeling throughout the length of the film.

The Mimic is the story of a mother who has lost her son five years ago. Mentally distressed by this incident, she later comes across a young girl who has been abused and left in the woods. However, upon adopting the young girl, strange incidents begin occurring and make her doubt everything that she sees.

The Wailing

If you are a fan of folk horror accompanied by some zombies, exorcism, disturbing imagery and rituals that will leave you shocked, here’s a film that you can head out to watch now. The film brings an intriguing plot that will leave you petrified as you feel the cold air surrounding you which makes it perfect for horror lovers.

The Wailing centres around a policeman trying to investigate mysterious deaths in a village which had been termed to be due to a poisonous mushroom. However, he soon understands that there is more to this case and when his daughter begins to show the same symptoms as others, he has no choice but to believe in something he would have never thought.


Horror movies and newlyweds really know how to get together and bring us a story filled with mysteries surrounding one of the partners. This is a similar story of a couple where the wife is surprised by her husband’s strange habits that soon make her fear into seeking help from shamans.

Sleep brings the story of a newlywed couple whose lives become a nightmare when the husband begins sleep-walking which only gets worse day by day. As he begins to show grotesque behaviour, the wife has no choice but to seek help. And if doctors don’t have the answer to her questions then she will not shy away from going to a shaman.

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The Wrath

Curses and a historical setting cannot go wrong, and with the rules and regulations of the Joseon era, we can say that a feudal society will only add to the tension. This film brings all these to the table and what started as a thriller will soon become a horror that will keep you at the edge.

The Wrath tells the story of a high-ranking family that faces the deaths of its three sons due to a curse. Now, the women of this family have to face the politics, society, and a ghost who is here for vengeance. What will this tragedy bring to the women and their children?

Gonjiam Haunted Asylum

Centered around one of South Korea’s well-known haunted locations, this is a film that will make you experience the haunted asylum like never before. The chilling scenes and terrifying screams will leave you with more than just sweaty palms and nightmares, it will leave you wondering why you never watched this movie until now.

Gonjiam Haunted Asylum revolves around found footage of a horror web series crew that brings their nightmarish experience inside one of the most haunted locations which reveals its true horror when they enter the building. What began as a viewer-enticing broadcast soon became a petrifying experience for the crew.

Which of these films has made its way to your list this Halloween? Let us know in the comments below!

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Spine-Chilling Korean Horror Movies to Start Your Halloween 2023!


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