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Guess The Cost Of The Zebra Society
2024-02-28 16:25
This excerpt is from the book entitled 40 Strange Groups. Little is known about them, hence the shortness of the book and the low price. This society argues the toss about questions that… Read More
Crossword Compilers Club Of Cambridge
2024-02-28 16:14
This excerpt is from the book entitled 40 Strange Groups. Little is known about them, hence the shortness of the book and the low price. This famous club, also known as the 4Cs, meets onc… Read More
The Whine With Wine Group (WWWG)
2024-02-26 03:55
This excerpt is from the book entitled 40 Strange Groups. Little is known about them, hence the shortness of the book and the low price. This group based in Melbourne in Australia meets o… Read More
Marathon Snooker Club
2024-02-19 15:51
This excerpt is from the book entitled 40 Strange Groups. Little is known about them, hence the shortness of the book and the low price. The Marathon Snooker Club believes that the unheal… Read More
2024-02-17 14:40
The full title of this magnificent building is the Temple of Apollo Epicurius at Bassae. The temple is undergoing extensive renovations, so much so that it’s completely enclosed in a m… Read More
2024-02-16 02:24
Nemea is roughly halfway between Corinth and Nafplio. The name is famous as it was here that Hercules carried out the first of his twelve labours, namely the slaying of the Nemean Lion that… Read More
Areopoli And Gythio
2024-02-13 17:41
Extending south between the Messinian and Laconian Gulfs, the Mani Peninsula ends at Cape Matapan, the southernmost point of continental Greece. There was a naval battle off Matapan between… Read More
2024-02-13 17:19
Out of all the sites I visited and all the ones listed in this book, I liked Messini  the best, probably because the layout of the site is open and there’s been enough reconstruct… Read More
2024-02-12 16:47
Olympia is the place to explain the legend regarding how The Peloponnese got its name, or more correctly, who the Peloponnese is named after and why. The reason for this lies in the archaeol… Read More
Maigret And The Loner By Georges Simenon
2024-02-11 04:09
Another wonderful book from Georges Simenon about Chief Superintendent Jules Maigret and a death in Paris. A vagrant with impeccable grooming is found dead in an abandoned house and there ar… Read More
Tripoli And Mantineia
2024-02-09 14:09
Tripoli or Tripolis is the capital of Arcadia and the hub of the road system in the central part of The Peloponnese. There are no ancient sites in the city itself as it was burned by The Tur… Read More
2024-02-09 05:27
About 11 miles north of the village of Pylos is the Anaktora Nestoros, or the Palace of King Nestor of Pylos, a wise old king who commanded a large fleet of ships at the Siege of Troy. After… Read More
Darkness At Noon By Arthur Koestler
2024-02-06 17:15
Apparently, like 1984 and Animal Farm, Darkness at Noon is a powerful work of 20th-Century literature that explores the moral danger inherent in a system that is willing to enforce its belie… Read More
2024-02-06 13:59
Nafplio or Nafplion or Nauplio is the capital of the Argolis region of Greece. From 1829 until 1834 it was the provisional capital of the newly independent country of Greece. The first Gover… Read More
The Black Lizard Book Review
2024-02-05 21:24
Edogawa Rampo is the pseudonym of the Japanese novelist Taro Hirai and is a transliteration of Edgar Allen Poe’s name. That’s what it says on the back cover of the book and yet i… Read More
To Be Read At Dusk
2024-02-03 16:54
A short book containing three stories telling of deadly premonitions, the interception of dreams, and spectres bearing warnings. The stories are called ‘To Be Read at Dusk’, … Read More
The Adventures Of Tom Bombadil
2024-02-03 04:34
The Adventures of Tom Bombadil and Other Verses from the Red Book was published on 22nd November 1962. In the first part of The Lord of the Rings, Frodo, Sam, Merry, and Pippin are crossi… Read More
The Intercom Conspiracy
2024-01-27 16:08
This is not my favourite book by Eric Ambler, but it’s still really good. The format is different with the plot being driven via transcribed dictation tape, transcribed tape intervi… Read More
Google Reviews
2024-01-23 07:38
I’m not sure if you write reviews on Google for places you’ve visited both at home and abroad, but it would appear the AI algorithm used to check the content has some very strang… Read More
Prove You Are Not Dead
2024-01-22 16:56
A retired teacher has had her pension payments stopped four times because her pension provider repeatedly refuses to accept that she is not dead. Once again, I had to check that today was… Read More
2024-01-21 14:29
This is the oldest city in Greece with excavations revealing activity dating back 5,000 years to roughly 3000 BC. As you might expect, there’s a legend attached to Argos and it involve… Read More
2024-01-21 01:53
This is probably the busiest archaeological site on the Peloponnese due to the number of day trippers that arrive here from Athens. Therefore, you might want to get to the site as early as y… Read More
2024-01-19 13:50
This site is justly famous for its magnificent theatre. However, there’s also an interesting museum and a full archaeological site to explore, including a stadium and a sanctuary. What… Read More
Point Omega By Don Delillo
2024-01-18 04:41
Point Omega is Don DeLillo’s fifteenth novel. At the end of a period working for government war planners, Richard Elster retreats to the desert, where he is joined by Jim Finley, a… Read More
2024-01-12 17:55
Extract from Travel Tales from Exotic Places Antigua boasts of its 365 beaches, one for each day of the year, so I could understand the pained look on the taxi driver’s fa… Read More
2024-01-09 17:58
Extract from Travel Tales from Exotic Places Laying on the verandah of my hotel the crash of the Atlantic Ocean waves is constant. The view both ways along the coastline shows w… Read More
Meticulous Mouse Tidies Shed
2024-01-07 22:37
Yes, you read that right here’s a mouse tidying up a photographer’s workbench in his shed in Builth Wells, Wales. I wonder what the mouse’s hourly rate is? Let’s h… Read More
St Vincent And The Grenadines
2024-01-06 17:49
Extract from Travel Tales from Exotic Places Kingstown is the capital of the small Caribbean nation of St Vincent and the Grenadines. It’s quite a shabby place that appear… Read More
Charles Dickens By George Orwell
2024-01-05 05:45
George Orwell wrote an essay on the author Charles Dickens. This essay is partly a review of the books of Charles Dickens but is mostly about the man who was Charles Dickens the author an… Read More
2023-12-29 21:10
Luckily there’s a library next door that allows cats to use the facilities, though I’m not sure whether the library realises this yet. I can even use their photocopier to produce… Read More
2023-12-28 21:06
Hello, my name is Freddie. I am a cat. I live in a house with another cat called Gemma and two humans, John, and Mary. I am about 3 years old though I can’t remember how old I am… Read More
Cloud Of Unknowing
2023-12-27 20:27
Some thoughts from magazines I’ve read these past few days. These are from The New Statesman written by Andrew Marr. The original Cloud of Unknowing, written by a priest in the… Read More
2023-12-26 19:08
A loose connection admittedly but I had cause to read the lyrics of the song ‘Vienna’ by Billy Joel and there’s some great advice in the song and not just for travellers… Read More
Review Of 1984 By George Orwell
2023-12-26 00:00
Quintuple plusgood. What else can you say? I think this is the third time I’ve read this book and it never ceases to amaze. Orwell completed the first draft of this book at Barnhill… Read More
2023-12-24 21:06
This is a lovely review of my book called Travels through History : The Balkans on Amazon. Ideal book to read before and after country visit. I didn’t visit all the countries in… Read More
Wendy Drachen – 2
2023-12-22 17:51
Mrs and Mr Drachen have a daughter called Wendy. Wendy is a five-foot high dragon who wears gloves to cover her claws. She has rather rounded shoulders as her wings have evolved into wha… Read More
North Berwick
2023-12-19 16:26
This is a charming seaside town about 30 minutes by train from Edinburgh Read More
2023-12-19 04:14
This volcano has just erupted in south-western Iceland. Here are some pictures Read More
Wendy Drachen
2023-12-18 03:41
Mrs and Mr Drachen have a daughter called Wendy. Wendy is a five-foot high dragon who wears gloves to cover her claws. She has rather rounded shoulders as her wings have evolved into wha… Read More
Epitaph For A Spy
2023-12-18 03:21
Eric Ambler is the Agatha Christie of thriller writers – there’s never been a better one and this story proves the point as any one of the guests at the Reserve pension on the Fr… Read More
The Bible : A Biography By Karen Armstrong
2023-12-18 03:09
I think Karen Armstrong is the best writer in the world. This book is utterly amazing. It’s a biography of The Bible first published in 2007. It is difficult to take in all that&rsq&hell…Read More
How To Think About Catastrophe
2023-12-09 04:17
What can I say about this book? It’s about a new way of thinking about the future as it examines catastrophes and the human response to them. The book examines different kinds of ca… Read More
Walk The Blue Fields By Gillian Keegan
2023-12-06 19:19
This book comprises eight short stories, seven taking place in western Ireland, and one on the coast of Texas. All of them are wonderful and well written, with in the background an Irelan… Read More
Going Dark By Julia Ebner
2023-12-06 07:31
Julia Ebner is a very brave person. She was working at a think tank – the Institute for Strategic Dialogue – that monitors radical groups but realised that in order to fully u… Read More
The Selfish Capitalist By Oliver James
2023-11-29 17:24
This is a superb book and should be required reading for all. I haven’t read Affluenza the book that preceded this one, but I definitely will now. Selfish capitalism is neo-liber… Read More
Fractals By Kenneth Falconer
2023-11-23 05:28
The word geometry might conjure up images or circles, squares, cylinders, and cubes, but many phenomena in nature and science are anything but regular or smooth. Think coastlines, mountain r… Read More
Herod And Mariamne By Par Lagerkvist
2023-11-16 03:44
This is a superb short story with historical characters as the two main people in the story, indeed the only two characters who are given names. The historical story concerns many other p… Read More
2023-11-09 03:18
The full title of this book is “A Brief History of The Hundred Years War”. As you can see from the title, the war lasted 116 years but towards the end the English were a defea… Read More
They By Kay Dick
2023-11-04 14:06
This is a very strange book on one hand and fascinating on the other. Characters are introduced in almost every chapter but they’re never described, in fact the main character is never… Read More
The Road To Unfreedom
2023-11-01 16:25
The Road to Unfreedom is essential reading. The book is a fascinating study of how Russia is planning to destroy the West by supporting the far right in Europe (they were supporters of Brexi… Read More
2023-10-26 00:25
The shy Unn and the lively Siss are in the same class at school aged around 11. Unn prefers to remain aloof from the other children whereas Siss is the centre of attention and a leader in… Read More
Anaximander And The Nature Of Science
2023-10-18 19:22
Carlo Rovelli has written a book about Anaximander who was born around 610BCE in Miletus in modern day Turkey. Anaximander wrote a treatise in prose called On Nature. This book is now los… Read More
2023-10-12 03:26
This is a book of 12 short stories by P.G. Wodehouse. The first six are excellent as they involve the familiar characters of Blandings Castle such as Lord Emsworth, his son Freddie Threepwoo… Read More
2023-10-04 14:17
I’m not a big fan of this book. Firstly, there’s no index which for a book that’s packed with facts is a small tragedy and makes me even less likely to keep it on my boo… Read More
2023-09-27 17:37
Ivan Dragomiloff is the founder and mastermind of the secret Assassination Bureau, Ltd. The social reformer Winter Hall falls in love with Grunya, who is Dragomiloff’s daughter. When H… Read More
Good Intentions By Ogden Nash
2023-09-20 22:16
A wonderful collection of witty verses from the late 1930s and early 1940s that made me chuckle, not necessarily because they’re funny but because they’re extremely clever. Perha… Read More
2023-09-14 05:00
The star of this book is the treacherous Skeleton Coast where the action takes place at two different periods in history, in the 1950s and during WWII. Geoffrey Peace is the skipper of a… Read More
2023-09-07 03:44
Graham Greene wrote The Tenth Man in 1944 when he was under a two-year contract with MGM. The manuscript lay forgotten in their archives until 1983 . It was published two years later. Thi… Read More
Thoughts On AI…
2023-09-01 16:44
from Geoffrey Hinton, Alan Turing, Yoshua Bengio Maybe humans are a passing stage in the evolution of intelligence. It would not take long to outstrip our feeble powers…at some… Read More
2023-09-01 02:26
These are interesting essays by Walter Benjamin who is now considered to have been the most important German literary critic in the first half of the 20th century. Born into a prosperous… Read More
2023-08-25 22:34
This is a compelling novel about The Gambler, Alexey Ivanovitch, who is working in the household of a Russian General – he was only promoted to this rank on his retirement – who… Read More
2023-08-20 03:23
Simone Weil was a French intellectual who lived between 1909 and 1943. This essay goes into the reasons why political parties should be removed from politics in order for politics to flouris… Read More
2023-08-14 02:49
This book was published in 1894 and is set in the Northern wilderness of Norway. The book tells the story of a summer relationship between Lieutenant Thomas Glahn who is spending time on hol… Read More
Sports The Olympics Forgot
2023-08-09 14:22
This book describes 40 fictional Sports. This should give you something to smile about when you’re at home longing for a little bit of escapism. The Sports include:  The Dra… Read More
The Figure In The Dusk
2023-08-08 02:25
John Creasey wrote more than six hundred novels using twenty-eight different pseudonyms during his career as a novelist. This is one of the Chief Inspector Roger West books known alternat… Read More
2023-08-02 03:53
Frank Close is Professor Emeritus of Theoretical Physics, and Fellow Emeritus at Exeter College at Oxford University. He was formerly Head of Theoretical Physics Division at the Rutherford A… Read More
2023-07-27 03:27
This book is rather different from other books you’ll read. It’s the third novel in a series that began with Barabbas and The Sibyl. Ahasuerus is mentioned in certain Old T… Read More
2023-07-20 15:54
This novel is set in a small town in Ireland and follows the thoughts of Bill Furlong, a coal and timber merchant who is married with five daughters. He works hard but life is still a strugg… Read More
2023-07-14 15:22
The Shipping Forecast is a much-loved part of the British cultural landscape with an avid following of listeners, most of whom aren’t affected by the news it provides. This book des… Read More
Brave New World By Aldous Huxley
2023-07-08 16:48
Aldous should have toned down his inclination to use his wide vocabulary in favour of a more mantra-like style that would have been more in keeping with the ideas in the book. This book d… Read More
2023-07-04 16:45
This is a superb book written by a very brave man. The background is this. Bill Browder is an American-born British financier and political activist. He is the CEO and co-founder of Hermi… Read More
2023-07-01 21:25
A superb PG Wodehouse story where aged golfer Sir Hugo Drake falls for the shot-making abilities of a beautiful woman doctor called, you’ve guessed it, Dr Sally Smith. The thing is… Read More
2023-06-27 18:12
I went to Jura in April and I really liked the place a lot, especially the staff at the Jura Hotel who are incredibly friendly and helpful. This hotel is opposite the Jura distillery and so… Read More
2023-06-27 02:46
This is a real page turner. An old wooden ship is trapped in the Antarctic ice. It set sail from Argentina to the Falkland Islands two years after the war between the UK and Argentina was… Read More
2023-06-21 04:22
Mattis is the main character of this book that deals with human relations, emotions, and sensitivities. It’s about relationships between people and between people and nature. Mattis… Read More
2023-06-15 03:10
Karl Braun is a cultured German gentleman who works as a piano tuner in the London of the mid 1960s. Many of his fellow emigres assume like them he fled to England to avoid the Nazis. In… Read More

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