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StaySolidRocky – Soft Aggression lyrics

StaySolidRocky – Soft Aggression lyrics
StaySolidRocky – Soft Aggression lyrics

StaySolidRocky – Soft Aggression Lyrics Who could be really with me
When I’m rolling in the weather?
If you really with me, then we ‘posed to be together
You made me a soldier, now my heart is made of metal
Disguised as an angel, I was falling for the devil
Now all of my pain turning into soft aggression
Coming for ya brains, no remains on the stretcher
I got beams on top of beams
In my dreams, it’s a blessing
I got money from the fiends to be clean like the rest ’em

Left some people in my past
I had to cut ’em for the better
I don’t really feel like “Fuck ’em”
But it’s “Fuck it, it’s whatever”
I’ma take you from ya family
If you take me from my cheddar
If I’m lacking, then don’t spare me
‘Cause I should’ve been more careful
I’m bussin’ off the pack, I’m leaning back
I drift, I drive
In a room full of people, I feel lonely, deep inside
Shawty tell me that you love me
I won’t judge you, fuck your pride
I want you now, you move around
You come back home and we be fine
If he think he fuck with me, then he must be out of his mind
My nigga pop out at your house like it’s a party, boom, surprise
Double S G on my tombstone
That stay solid enterprise
I been bussin’, controlled substance
When I’m rollin’ in the ride

Look to the sky and ask ’em why lately my feelings been gone?
They already broke my heart, I feel they breaking me off
I got a list, I make a call
I’m Malcom X-ing ’em off
You got a problem, my solution, get my weapon involved
I be stepping, no direction, if I crash then I’m gone
I’m smoking on your family tree
I guess I’m ashing ya bro
How the fuck I’m giving you my all
And you still asking for more?
I make a pound for all my dogs
And then I’m passing it on

I don’t know if I’m down to make that call
‘Cause you been fuckin’ me off
It hit they ass, they ain’t seen it coming
Nina sing like Ray Charles
Throw on a mask and bust ya pumpkin
Halloween not involved
We do got hollows if you want ’em
Get delivered tomorrow
I apologize for my demeanor, I can’t help, I’m a leaner
I ain’t only rapping for myself, ’cause I’ma speak for my people
Hands held together, prayed to God
‘Cause I can’t visit the reaper
That’s where I’m tryna send the other side as soon as I see ’em
I been yelling, tell Aretha, “My mom so traumatized”
They telling me that love is blind
But I got blood in my eyes
I feel like Jesus in the sky
‘Cause they cross me like A.I.
All this pain up in my body make it hard to survive

I feel I’m floating
I feel I’m Falling
You don’t even call me
I feel like I’m walking
They say “What you talking?”
I don’t know what I’m talk-talking
It feel like I’m walking
Oh, you gon’ call me? You say you want me?
I don’t think you want me and we discussing
I feel that you bussing, oh you gone
I don’t know for nothing
No, I don’t go for nothing

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StaySolidRocky – Soft Aggression lyrics


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