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What Tiger King Can Teach Us About Writing A Good Story Blog
The smash hit Netflix documentary Tiger King took the world by storm, providing some welcome relief in these trying times, but what made the story just so entertaining? The docu-series reportedly started out as an exposé about how animals are mistreated by private owners across the US. It didn’t take long, however, for it to morph into something completely different, thanks to the colourful characters and the bizarre scandal that surrounds them.
Unsolved Crimes That Inspires Fiction
2022-08-29 20:16
What are your “favourite” unsolved crime stories?Here's something to interest the crime writer's desire for inspirationAnindya Kar lists 19 of his favourite unsolved crimes1. The… Read More
True Crime Stories - Where Writer's Start
2022-08-22 19:58
Crime behind the stories: True Crimes MICHAEL GOTTSCHALKA police officer on a motorbike drives past the main entrance to Berlin's iconic Kaufhaus des Westens department storePerfect cri… Read More
A Writer's Guide To Writing
2022-08-08 19:08
A Writers experience: from magazine articles to poetrySarah M Davies I can’t remember a time when I didn’t want to be a writer. I’m not saying I had any idea what it really… Read More
When Love Becomes An Enermy
2022-08-01 08:55
 Poisonous Love“I love your sad tenderness –when I’ve hurt you –That’s one of the reasons I could never be sorry for our quarrels.”–Zelda… Read More
Letter From An American Writer
2022-07-18 07:00
 The Journey for WritingBy Alexandra Ely I grew up wild and free under the hot, dry southern California sun among the Joshua trees and juniper bushes. Along with my horse, dogs, an… Read More
Reader's Story :  Amatullah Padghawala
2022-07-11 09:07
 The Journey of a Bookworm!  - Amatullah PadghawalaThe desires of a child are like a flickering light bulb. As we change calendars,  children change their desires. Children ca… Read More
Review By David Russell
2022-06-13 09:24
Review by David Russellseven luminous paths by Tom RubensHappy London Press 2022 ISBN: 978-1-921951-37-6 David Russell is a writer of poetry, literary criticism, speculative fictio… Read More
Is It A Mans World In Fiction?
2022-05-16 07:00
Speculative Fiction  - Is it really just an abstract man’s world?Speculative Fiction - recap from last blog postSpeculative Fiction is a gift to literature, film and TV.  Not… Read More
What Is Speculative Fiction?
2022-05-09 18:21
Speculative Fiction : Part 1speculative fiction (noun)Learn to pronouncenoun"A genre of fiction that encompasses works in which the setting is other than the real world, involving supernatur… Read More
I'm A Contract Killer..
2022-03-29 15:39
IS IT POSSIBLE TO LOOK INTO THE EYES OF A KILLER?This is the second book in the Aberrations Series, a collection of ten new, short stories to tease and tickle.How would you feel if you… Read More
Making A Noise For Audiobooks
2022-03-28 12:43
The sound for storiesA few years ago I took a job that required a two hour commute, and that was when traffic was good.  I left home early, mostly in the dark, to make my way across cou… Read More
Short Story Competition, Get Podded!
2022-02-08 11:02
Short story for podcasting - could yours be a winner?Audio drama and scripted fiction with no visual aspect can accomplish things that no other media can. The sound of words provides a speci… Read More
10 Short Story Authors Worth Reading
2022-01-30 19:15
 10 Short story authors to inspire your short story writingby Carola KolbeckLearning from the best writers to help you writing your own story - below check out our new competitionLast w… Read More
Short Story Writing Tips
2022-01-17 19:01
 Short stories - Magic in small packagesby Carola KolbeckShort stories have been around in print since the early 19th century and have since become a staple in the literary world. … Read More
Black Magic Is Fuel For Thrillers
2022-01-04 22:31
Exploring the dark world of black magic to set the scene for a crime thriller by Carola KolbeckBlack magic has long been a dangerous and dark power that has woven a mysterious net throughout… Read More
Edgy Ideas That Makes A Poet
2021-12-07 19:50
 A philosophical delight - An interview with Tom Rubens - Author of Seven Luminous Paths Interview by Carola Kolbeck @chameleoninhighheels  Tom Rubens is the author of ou… Read More
Poetry Teaches Us How To Live
2021-11-30 19:05
 Why Is Poetry So Important in Today's World?Words by Carola Kolbeck @chameleoninhighheels The power of poetry is in its ability to cast a "sideways" light on the world, allowing t… Read More
Can Scary Insects Inspire A Story?
2021-11-30 18:11
Squashing those little creatures are our friends, not foes. But their looks inspire great stories...By Carola Kolbeck @chameleoninhighheelsWith Halloween just gone, how many spider web decor… Read More
Why Don't We Like Wasps?
2021-11-29 23:33
 For the love of wasps -  Why it’s about time to drop the prejudice...Let’s talk about wasps.  Do you like them? No? Then you’re certainly not alone. Wasps g… Read More
2021-11-09 18:36
Is our childhood love for nature silenced by adulthood and modern life? Colour of Silence insights that show nature is specialBy Carola Kolbeck @chameleoninhighheelsWhat are your childhood m… Read More
2021-06-11 10:00
Who were the heroes in world’s first novels?The first novel documented was written in 1008. The characters of The Tale of Genji do not possess birth names, but instead are assigned sob… Read More
Don’t Read This Alone...
2021-04-30 10:00
Don’t Read this Alone. Why book clubs matter and why you need to start one as a reader or Hunter LiguoreOne of my first book clubs began in 2007 with the book, Almost Mo… Read More
Have You Ever Written To An Author?
2021-04-23 10:00
Dear Author… Why authors love getting letters and why you should write Hunter LiguoreFor one year, once a week, I made the commitment to buy and read a book from at least… Read More
Beating Writer's Block
2021-04-09 10:00
“If you get stuck, walk away from your desk. Don't just stick there scowling at the problem or  make a telephone call or go to a party; if you do, other people's words will pour i… Read More
2021-04-02 11:00
Subscribe The influence of literaturein vegetarianismBy Neelam ShahAuthor Franz Kafka had an epiphany..“Suddenly he began to speak to the fish in their illuminated tanks… Read More
Is This A Prologue, Or The Posy Of A Ring?
2021-02-26 11:00
"Is this a prologue, or the posy of a ring? Ophelia: 'Tis brief, my lord. Hamlet: As woman's love." - William ShakespeareShould you write a prologue for your novel? by John FaganPrologu… Read More
2021-02-19 10:00
 The thrilling account of Dracula inspired vampire Anno DraculaIn this last in the series of four blog posts, I finally come to my favourite gothic novel, the first one I read and the o… Read More
Bewitching Horrors Or Dorian Gray?
2021-02-12 10:00
Intriguing differences and influences of Dorian Gray and A Discovery Of Witchesby Sarah DaviesIn this third of a series on gothic horror stories, I’m going to confuse you by intro… Read More
2021-01-29 10:00
Subscribe Fascination for Frankenstein’s influenceby Sarah Davies Frankenstein/The HistorianThis short series of blog posts looks at four of the seminal works of go… Read More
Hope - What Does It Mean?
2021-01-15 10:00
"Hope means Optimism, that leads to achievement".John Twisleton examines our capacity to look for a brighter horizon during adversityWhat is Hope?“Hope” is commonly used to… Read More
A Christmas Story -
2020-12-22 10:00
This is her timeBy Rachel Allen She has butterflies in her tummy. A sense of disbelief that this moment is actually happening. Yet at  the same time, a sense that everything in the… Read More
Hurrying Takes Ages
2020-12-04 11:00
Why the Hurry?John Twisleton puts the brakes on‘Quick’s dead and Hurry’s in its grave' my Grandma used to say.

I cannot remember the things that caused me to h… Read More
2020-10-16 10:00
Surely Love is a wonderful thing. It is more precious than emeralds, and dearer than fine opals. Pearls and pomegranates cannot buy it, nor is it set forth in the marketplace. –&n&hell…Read More
2020-09-11 11:00
“The best boyfriends are the ones in books.” Leah BlundellWho’s this story about, anyway?By Dr Charley BarnesCharacter building in novelsCreating characters for a fresh pie… Read More
2020-09-04 11:00
How to catch an ideaBy Dr Charley BarnesTo begin with, you’ll need a huge butterfly net…If only it were that easy! Actually, sometimes it can be. There's a lot of discussion aro… Read More
Contradictions In Character Creation
2020-08-28 11:00
How to withstand contradictions in character creation: Getting to the crux of your protagonists. by Anna Price Character creation is a tricky art, and the advice on how to do… Read More
2020-08-21 11:00
Macavity's a Mystery Cat: he's called the Hidden Paw—For he's the master criminal who can defy the Law.A very brief introduction to T.S .EliotBy Cavan WoodWhere do you start with… Read More
Stories That Are
2020-08-07 11:00
Secret Life: The many facets of the short storyBy Amber DuivenvoordenAbraham Cahan maintains that Chekhov’s genius is best recognized in stories that are so “absolutely storyless… Read More
Whose Point Of View Is It Anyway?
2020-07-30 20:50
CHOOSING THE POINT OF VIEW for your protagonist.By Peter la TrobeLet's think about one of the questions that writers – particularly relatively inexperienced writers – often… Read More
Write To Taste Life Twice
2020-07-24 11:00
“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”  ― Anais Nin Hey you! Yes you! You wanna be a writer right?By Solomon HolmesYou’re reading… Read More
Dear Publisher
2020-07-17 13:12
Dear Publisher “Shark Attack!” By Peter la TrobeWelcome to our first in the new series of blog posts, written by a wonderful mix of published authors, renown writers an… Read More
Mind-Bending Short Story Inspiration
2020-06-26 08:05
Can short stories change the way you think?3 short fiction tales that will turn your world upside downA great short story can feel like a punch in the gut.It manages to take you on the emoti… Read More
How To Write Comedy Fiction
2020-06-12 09:44
How to write comedy: Bamboozled by cattywampus?Comedy words from laugh-a-minute literatureLiving in lockdown isn't easy and life has got a little too serious these days - don’t yo… Read More
Unconquerable Riddle In Mysteries
2020-06-05 15:26
Mastery of Mystery Fiction:Is there such a thing as an unconquerable riddle?Welcome writers & readers to the second instalment of our mystery fiction blog: a deep dive into the mystifyin… Read More
Mystery Fiction
2020-05-29 11:35
Mystery Fiction:So who is the 'Who-done-it' Mystery maker...YOU?I’ve always been fascinated by a “whodunit”-style story. From Encyclopedia Brown to Nancy Drew to Agatha Chr… Read More
Spy Fiction
2020-05-22 10:03
Spy Fiction: I spy with my little eye a subgenre full of espionage! What is spy fiction?Spy fiction is a subgenre of mysteries and thrillers that has taken on a life of its own. Fo… Read More
2020-05-15 11:26
Biographies:Telling Someone Else’s StoryWhat is a Biography?A biography is an account of someone's life written by someone else. It’s a strange concept, writing someone else&rsqu&hell…Read More
Historical Fiction
2020-05-08 12:32
Historical Fiction: Tales That Go Down in HistoryWhat is historical fiction?Historical fiction, as the name suggests, is a literary genre set in the past, made up of a mixture of factua… Read More

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