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Amazon Quiz Answers Today 5 September 2021

Amazon quiz answers today 5 September 2021 and win ₹20,000 Pay Balance by giving Amazon today quiz answers. Skyneel provides Amazon daily quiz answers, So play Daily Amazon quiz and chance to win ₹20,000 Pay Balance. Amazon quiz today answers  give a chance to win exciting prizes. In the today’s Amazon quiz time, here you can get fast amazon quiz contest today answers.

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Today Amazon Quiz 5 September 2021
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Amazon ₹20,000 Quiz Today Answers 5 September 2021

Question 1. Bol Bam or Kaudia yatra, which was cancelled this year, usually takes place in which state of India?
Answer – Odisha

Question 2. The Government of India recently announced the setting up of which of the following institutes in Noida?
Answer – Indian Institute of Heritage

Question 3. Which neighbouring country is the only country to both issue and accept RuPay cards as well as accept BHIM UPI?
Answer – Bhutan

Question 4. Almost identical such phenomenon occurs every 18 years and 11 months. What is this cycle called?
Answer – Saros cycle

Question 5. What is the collective noun for this animal?
Answer – Zeal

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Amazon ₹15,000 Quiz Today Answers 4 September 2021

Question 1. In 2021, which country became the first Gulf nation to open an embassy in Israel?
Answer – UAE

Question 2. Pedro Castillo has been elected as the new president of which South American country in 2021?
Answer – Peru

Question 3. Soberana 02 or Soberana 2 is a COVID-19 vaccine produced by the Finlay Institute in which country?
Answer – Cuba

Question 4. What is this phase of the moon called?
Answer – Waning Crescent

Question 5. The shape of this creature is commonly associated with which character from Greek mythology?
Answer – Medusa

Amazon ₹5,000 Quiz Today Answers 3 September 2021

Question 1. In 2021, Bashar al-Assad was sworn in as the president of which country for the fourth time?
Answer – Syria

Question 2. For the first time, astronomers have uncovered evidence of water vapor in the atmosphere of Ganymede, one of the moons of which planet?
Answer – Jupiter

Question 3. Delhi University recently introduced ‘Bangabandhu Chair’ to foster better understanding of developments in which country?
Answer – Bangladesh

Question 4. What is the order of these insects known as?
Answer – Lepidoptera

Question 5. How many floors does this iconic skyscraper in the US have?
Answer – 102

Amazon ₹50,000 Quiz Today Answers 2 September 2021

Question 1. Which country’s new stealth jet has been dubbed “Checkmate”?
Answer – Russia

Question 2. Amrabad Tiger Reserve, India’s second-largest tiger reserve, is located in which state?
Answer – Telangana

Question 3. In July 2021, Sher Bahadur Deuba was sworn in as the Prime Minister of which Asian country?
Answer – Nepal

Question 4. Which of these animals were not the first passengers of this ride?
Answer – Dog

Question 5. Which Asian country that is home to the tallest indoor waterfall is shown here?
Answer – Singapore

Amazon ₹30,000 Quiz Today Answers 1 September 2021

Question 1. Karman line is the internationally recognized boundary of what?
Answer – Space

Question 2. North Eastern Institute of Folk Medicine is located in which Indian state?
Answer – Arunachal Pradesh

Question 3. Linglong One is world’s first commercial what, being built in China?
Answer – Small modular nuclear reactor

Question 4. Who is the only Indian woman to win medals in two consecutive editions of the Olympic Games?
Answer – PV Sindhu

Question 5. Name the pigment that gives hair this colour.
Answer – Pheomelanin

Amazon ₹20,000 Quiz Today Answers 31 August 2021

Question 1. Which country provided assistance in building the international cooperation and convention centre, known as ‘Rudraksh’, in Varanasi?
Answer – Japan

Question 2. Name the family of liquid fuelled rocket engines conceptualized and designed by the Liquid Propulsion Systems Centre
Answer – Vikas

Question 3. The Coconut Development Board is a legal body under which ministry of Government of India?
Answer – Ministry of Agriculture

Question 4. Which brand is this cartoon character a mascot for?
Answer – The Walt Disney Company

Question 5. Which are the tallest towers of this kind in the world?
Answer – Petronas Towers

Amazon ₹25,000 Quiz Today Answers 30 August 2021

Question 1. The 2021 Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit was hosted at Dushanbe, the capital of which country?
Answer – Tajikistan

Question 2. Gira Sarabhai, who passed away in July 2021, was the co-founder of which renowned institute?
Answer – National Institute of Design

Question 3. Enceladus is the sixth-largest moon of which planet?
Answer – Saturn

Question 4. Who among these was NOT a representative from India in this sport at the Tokyo Olympics?
Answer – Arjun Atwal

Question 5.) In which city was this company founded by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon?
Answer – Stockholm

Amazon ₹10,000 Quiz Today Answers 29 August 2021

Question 1. In which city is India’s first redeveloped railway station with a 5 star hotel located?
Answer – Gandhinagar

Question 2. Which social media platform announced shutting down the fleets feature, eight months after it was launched?
Answer – Twitter

Question 3. Which country recently legally declared themselves as “The Nation State of the Jewish People”?
Answer – Israel

Question 4. Which country defeated this nation, to win its first Olympic medal in hockey in 41 years at the Tokyo Olympics?
Answer – India

Question 5. Which is the only species of this bird that is found north of the Equator?
Answer – Galapagos Penguin

Amazon ₹20,000 Quiz Today Answers 28 August 2021

Question 1. What was the name of the capsule in which Jeff Bezos went to space for the first time in 2021?
Answer – RSS First Step

Question 2. Cristiano Ronaldo’s promotion of ‘Agua!’ at a 2021 press conference coincided with a $4 billion drop in the market value of which firm?
Answer – Coca Cola

Question 3. Angel Di Maria’s goal in the Copa America 2021 final gave the title to which country for the first time since 1993?
Answer – Argentina

Question 4. Which Slovakian Vlogger and Podcaster got famous on this app by gifting people from his “Vlog Squad” expensive Cars?
Answer – David Dobrik

Question 5. Identify this butterfly with easily recognisable patterns that has been bred on the International Space Station.
Answer – Monarch

Amazon ₹15,000 Quiz Today Answers 27 August 2021

Question 1.  Which Mahindra car model, relaunched in 2021, is named after a dance that developed in late 18th century Spain?
Answer – Bolero

Question 2.  In June 2021, National Geographic officially recognised what as the world’s fifth ocean?
Answer – Southern Ocean

Question 3.  In July 2021, who won his sixth Wimbledon title?
Answer – Novak Djokovic

Question 4.  This character has been a mascot of which company?
Answer – Nintendo

Question 5.  Identify this city, the most populous city of Spain.
Answer – Madrid

Amazon ₹5,000 Quiz Today Answers 26 August 2021

Question 1. With five goals to his name, who won the Golden Boot award for the top goal-scorer at Euro 2020?
Answer – Cristiano Ronaldo

Question 2. Which band played at Madison Square Garden on June 20 for the iconic venue’s first concert since before the pandemic?
Answer – Foo Fighters

Question 3. In July 2021, Ashleigh Barty became the first woman from which country to win the Wimbledon singles title in 41 years?
Answer – Australia

Question 4. This app was created by former students of which American University?
Answer – Stanford University

Question 5. What is this iconic tower in Paris locally called?
Answer – La Dame De Fer

Amazon ₹50,000 Quiz Today Answers 25 August 2021

Question 1. Which Dutch DJ teamed up with U2’s Bono and the Edge to record “We Are The People”, an official song for Euro 2020?
Answer – Martin Garrix

Question 2. What did a still unknown person or group of people invent in 2008, under the name Satoshi Nakamoto?
Answer – Bitcoin

Question 3. Whose record did Novak Djokovic break when he became World No. 1 for 311 weeks?
Answer – Roger Federer

Question 4. Who is credited with inventing, building and flying the world’s first version of this vehicle?
Answer – Wright Brothers

Question 5. These insects play a major role in which of the following processes?
Answer – Pollination

Amazon ₹30,000 Quiz Today Answers 24 August 2021

Question 1. In July 2021, which billionaire travelled to space on VSS Unity?
Answer – Richard Branson

Question 2. Which was the first Asian city to host the Olympic Games?
Answer – Tokyo

Question 3. In July 2021, Matteo Berrettini became the first male Grand Slam finalist from which country since 1976?
Answer – Italy

Question 4. Which is the world’s largest active version of this?
Answer Mauna Loa

Question 5. Identify the territory this flag belongs to.
Answer – Monaco

Amazon ₹20,000 Quiz Today Answers 23 August 2021

Question 1. Which comedian hosted the 2021 Grammy Awards ceremony?
Answer – Trevor Noah

Question 2. Which country recently launched a new bullet train, that runs 3,000m above sea level with automated oxygen supply?
Answer – China

Question 3. Milkha Singh’s wife Nirmal Saini, who passed away in June 2021, captained India in which sport?
Answer – Volleyball

Question 4. This is the world’s largest single structure made of which living organism?
Answer – Coral Polyps

Question 5. What does this flag represent?
Answer – LGBTQ Pride

Amazon ₹25,000 Quiz Today Answers 22 August 2021

Question 1. In July 2021, who took charge as the country’s new IT, communications and railway minister?
Answer – Ashwini Vaishnaw

Question 2. By spelling which word correctly, did 14-year-old Zaila Avant-garde became the first African American to win Scripps National Spelling Bee?
Answer – Murraya

Question 3. In which middle-eastern country has Ebrahim Raisi become the president in June 2021?
Answer – Iran

Question 4. Who was the first celebrity to have a meal named after him at this restaurant chain?
Answer – Michael Jordan

Question 5. This is a character from which Disney Movie?
Answer – WALL-E

Amazon ₹10,000 Quiz Today Answers 21 August 2021

Question 1. Which film star, who passed away in July 2021, is often referred to as “The First Khan” of Bollywood?
Answer – Dilip Kumar

Question 2. Which company’s latest car in India is a mid-sized SUV named ‘Kushaq’ that means king in Sanskrit?
Answer – Skoda

Question 3. In the English Premier League, how many teams battle it out for the honour of being crowned English champions?
Answer – 20

Question 4. In which city in Utttar Pradesh does this monument exist?
Answer – Lucknow

Question 5. This statue in Hong Kong depicts which of the Five Great Buddhas?
Answer – Amoghasiddhi

Amazon ₹20,000 Quiz Today Answers 20 August 2021

Question 1. Who will be the flag bearer for the Indian contingent at the closing ceremony of the Tokyo Games?
Answer – Bajrang Punia

Question 2. Who among these, often referred to as ‘the loneliest man in history’, passed away in April 2021?
Answer – Michael Collins

Question 3. In May 2021, which pop star got married to real estate agent Dalton Gomez?
Answer – Ariana Grande

Question 4. Under which dynasty was this monument built?
Answer – Qutb Shahi

Question 5. Identify the fruit.
Answer – Avocado

Amazon ₹15,000 Quiz Today Answers 19 August 2021

Question 1. Albino palm civet was sighted recently after 129 years in Satkosia Tiger Reserve in which state?
Answer – Odisha

Question 2. Which company is selling off Yahoo and AOL for about half of the cost it paid to acquire them?
Answer – Verizon

Question 3. Mark Selby recently became a four-time world champion in which sport?
Answer – Snooker

Question 4. Name the tallest version of this in the world.
Answer – Kingda Ka

Question 5. Name this breed of cat
Answer – Bengal Cat

Amazon ₹5,000 Quiz Today Answers 18 August 2021

Question 1. Valmiki National Park is the only national park in which state of India?
Answer – Bihar

Question 2. In July 2021, the Department of Public Enterprises was shifted to which ministry?
Answer – Ministry of Finance

Question 3. Which reusable robotic space plane is scheduled by NASA to deliver cargo to the International Space Station in 2022?
Answer – Dream Chaser

Question 4. Which Indian city is this UNESCO World Heritage Site located in?
Answer – Agra

Question 5. Which famous basketball player from this country recently became the MVP in the NBA finals?
Answer – Giannis Antetokounmpo

Amazon ₹50,000 Quiz Today Answers 17 August 2021

Question 1. Which organisation will help the government in implementing satellite TV classrooms in rural India?
Answer – ISRO

Question 2. Jovenel Moïse, who was assassinated in July 2021, was the president of which country?
Answer – Haiti

Question 3. Which of these actors has handed back his three Golden Globes in protest at a lack of diversity in HFPA?
Answer – Tom Cruise

Question 4. What are these popularly known as?
Answer – Vinyls

Question 5. Which Mexican holiday are they seen celebrating?
Answer – Day of the Dead

Amazon ₹30,000 Quiz Today Answers 16 August 2021

Question 1. President Ramnath Kovind recently laid the foundation stone of Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar cultural centre in which of these cities?
Answer – Lucknow

Question 2. The #benderaputih (white flag) campaign has gained momentum on social media in which country?
Answer – Malaysia

Question 3. Virbhadra Singh, who passed away recently, was the former chief minister of which Indian state?
Answer – Himachal Pradesh

Question 4. What is this condition of differing eye colors known as?
Answer – Heterochromia

Question 5. Which of the following cultures are these mythical animals associated with?
Answer – Chinese

Amazon ₹20,000 Quiz Today Answers 15 August 2021

Question 1. Hyderabad-based Grene Robotics developed India’s 1st indigenous drone defence dome. What is it called?
Answer – Indrajaal

Question 2. In July 2021, who became India’s first Minister of Cooperation?
Answer – Amit Shah

Question 3. Udayan Mane, who recently qualified for the Tokyo Olympics, plays which sport?
Answer – Golf

Question 4. Identify the musical instrument being played.
Answer – Harp

Question 5. What is the official term for this object?
Answer – Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Amazon ₹25,000 Quiz Today Answers 14 August 2021

Question 1. Mariyappan Thangavelu, who has been named the flag bearer for the Indian contingent at Tokyo Paralympics, represents India in which sport?
Answer – High Jump

Question 2. Which country’s prime minister recently gifted India 2600 kgs of the Haribhanga variety of mangoes?
Answer – Bangladesh

Question 3. Nihal Sarin is one of the youngest to represent India in which sport?
Answer – Chess

Question 4. Identify the Indian dance form.
Answer – Kathakali

Question 5. This tourist attraction is in which US city?
Answer – Los Angeles

Amazon Quiz Today Answers 13 August and win ₹10,000

Question 1. Crocodiles were relocated for the safety of tourists to do boat rides in the Panchmuli lake located in which state of India?
Answer – Gujarat

Question 2. Which actor, who passed away recently, won the Filmfare Award for Best Actor a record 8 times?
Answer – Dilip Kumar

Question 3. The World Health Organisation estimates that half of the world’s population will deal with which eye ailment by 2050?
Answer – Myopia

Question 4. Identify the sport played on this court.
Answer – Tennis

Question 5. Which Animal Class do they belong to?
Answer – Mammalia

Amazon Quiz Today Answers 12 August and win ₹20,000

Question 1. Who recently made history as the first Canadian to headline a solo Super Bowl halftime show?
Answer – The Weeknd

Question 2. Which organisation has proposed to set up an international carbon price floor to help limit global warming?
Answer – IMF

Question 3. Kenneth Kaunda, who recently passed away was the first president of which African country?
Answer – Zambia

Question 4. In a World Fair event in which year and in which city did this device debut?
Answer – 1893 Chicago World’s Fair

Question 5. This car company is from which country?
Answer – Germany

Amazon Quiz Today Answers 11 August and win ₹15,000

Question 1. Launched in 2021, the largest warship ever built for the Royal Navy of UK is named after whom?
Answer – Queen Elizabeth

Question 2. Pulitzer Prize 2021 gave a specal citation to which young woman who took out her cellphone to record the killing of George Floyd?
Answer – Darnella Frazier

Question 3. A recently discovered frog species found in the Andes Mountains has been named after which famous band?
Answer – Led Zeppelin

Question 4. What was the nickname of the German fighter pilot who became famous for flying a plane like this in World War I?
Answer – Red Baron

Question 5. This dance form originated from which country?
Answer – Spain

Amazon Quiz Today Answers 10 August and win ₹5,000

Question 1. Which European country changed its name to avoid confusion with a province in Greece?
Answer – North Macedonia

Question 2. Drag Reduction System or DRS is a very useful tool used in which of the following sports?
Answer – F1

Question 3. China and which country have agreed to build a International Lunar Research Station, possibly on the moon’s surface?
Answer – Russia

Question 4. Who is the current CEO of the company that first designed this technology?
Answer – Timothy Cook

Question 5. How many spokes are on the wheel part of this flag?
Answer – 24

Amazon Quiz Today Answers 9 August and win ₹50,000

Question 1. In 2021, Tom Brady won his 7th Super bowl title, playing for which team?
Answer – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Question 2. Stefan Löfven, who has been in news recently, is the prime minister of which country?
Answer – Sweden

Question 3. The fossils of Paraceratherium has recently been discovered in China. What animal’s fossils are they?
Answer – Rhinoceros

Question 4. How many times did astronaut Michael Collins orbit this sphere alone during the 1969 Apollo 11 mission?
Answer – Thirty

Question 5. The shared border of which country with The USA has these falls?
Answer – Canada

Amazon Quiz Today Answers 8 August and win ₹30,000

Question 1. Which is Hong Kong’s largest pro-democracy newspaper, which announced its closure in June 2021?
Answer – Apple Daily

Question 2. Laurel Hubbard, who has become the first ever transgender athlete picked to compete at an Olympics, is from which country?
Answer – New Zealand

Question 3. Where did the 2021 summit between U.S. President Joe Biden and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin take place?
Answer – Geneva

Question 4. Which famous album cover is this picture parodying?
Answer – Abbey Road

Question 5. What is the name of this species of birds?
Answer – Toucan

Amazon Quiz Today Answers 7 August and win ₹20,000 Pay Balance

Question 1. Sotheby’s has recently sold an NFT of the original source code for what, for over $5 million on behalf of Tim Berners-Lee?
Answer – World Wide Web

Question 2. In 2021, Ebraheem Raeesi was elected as the president of which country?
Answer – Iran

Question 3. National Maritime Heritage Complex is being set up in India in which of these places?
Answer – Lothal

Question 4. Which ancient monument is shaped as a combination of a man and this animal?
Answer – Sphinx

Question 5. What type of product did this company sell and rent out when it first started operations?
Answer – DVDs

Amazon Quiz Today Answers 6 August and win ₹25,000 Pay Balance

Question 1. During a felicitation ceremony, the president of which country bestowed the title of the ‘Flying Sikh’ upon Milkha Singh?
Answer – Pakistan

Question 2. Oscar-winning actor Emma Stone portrays which iconic Disney villain in a 2021 film?
Answer – Cruella de Vil

Question 3. Pine Island Glacier, one of the fastest melting glaciers, is located in which place?
Answer – Antarctica

Question 4. Which empire does this type of furniture share its name with?
Answer – Ottoman Empire

Question 5. What type of animal is this, that surveys its environment by standing on its hind legs?
Answer – Mongoose

Amazon Quiz Today Answers 5 August and win ₹10,000 Pay Balance

Question 1. Which Indian-origin journalist has won the US’ top journalism award, the Pulitzer Prize 2021?
Answer – Megha Rajagopalan

Question 2. Which of these is often referred to as the Gulf of Berbera?
Answer – Gulf of Aden

Question 3. The WISA Woodsat will soon be launched from New Zealand on a rocket called the Electron. It is the world’s first what?
Answer – Wooden satellite

Question 4. During which war was this weapon first introduced?
Answer – World War I

Question 5. How many keys does this instrument most commonly have?
Answer – 88

Amazon Quiz Today Answers 4 August and win ₹10,000 Pay Balance

Question 1. Rahi Sarnobat has won a gold medal in the ISSF World Cup in Croatia. She plays which sport?
Answer – Shooting

Question 2. National Community Radio Awards is instituted by which ministry in India?
Answer – Ministry of Information and Broadcasting

Question 3. The Chengdu J-20, a fighter aircraft used by the Chinese Air Force, is often referred to by what name?
Answer – Mighty Dragon

Question 4. Which of these is a tournament contested in this sport?
Answer – Stanley Cup

Question 5. Which museum is this sculpture displayed at?
Answer – Louvre

Amazon Quiz Today Answers 3 August and win ₹15,000 Pay Balance

Question 1. The BharatNet Projects aims to provide what in rural India?
Answer – Broadband connection

Question 2. Who among these is an Indian swimmer who has qualified for the Tokyo Olympics?
Answer – Maana Patel

Question 3. In July 2021, Pushkar Singh Dhami became the youngest Chief Minister of which Indian state?
Answer – Uttarakhand

Question 4. Identify this yoga posture
Answer – Dhanurasana

Question 5. This famous brand of sports goods was founded in which country?
Answer – USA

Amazon Quiz Today Answers 2 August and win ₹5,000 Pay Balance

Question 1. Abhishek Verma clinched the gold medal in a 2021 World Cup event in which of these sports?
Answer – Archery

Question 2. The Communist Party of which country celebrated its 100th anniversary in July 2021?
Answer – China

Question 3. The giant muntjac, a critically endangered deer, was recently sighted in the Virachey National Park of which country?
Answer – Cambodia

Question 4. What country are these pastries most commonly associated with?
Answer – France

Question 5. Which children’s cartoon movie is based on this fish?
Answer – Finding Nemo

Amazon Quiz Today Answers 1 August and win ₹25,000 Pay Balance

Question 1. Which team clinched the inaugural ICC World Test Championship title in 2021?
Answer – New Zealand

Question 2. Which renowned Asian journalist was awarded the Fukuoka Grand Prize 2021 by the Japanese government?
Answer – P Sainath

Question 3. The now desolated Bagram airfield is located in which country?
Answer – Afghanistan

Question 4. Identify this device.
Answer – Sundial

Question 5. What is this bakery item called?
Answer – Danish pastry

Amazon Quiz Today Answers 31 July and win ₹30,000 Pay Balance

Question 1. Which tech giant recently launched its new publishing tool called ‘Bulletin’ with the aim of promoting independent writers?
Answer – Facebook

Question 2. Darbar Move used to be a traditional practice of shifting the Civil Secretariat and other government offices in which state/UT?
Answer – Jammu and Kashmir

Question 3. According to a list published by Brand Finance, which Indian brand has been named the world’s strongest hotel brand in 2021?
Answer – Taj hotels

Question 4. Which sport uses this ball?
Answer – Baseball

Question 5. What type of dog is this, that is bred by the Chukchi people for sled pulling?
Answer – Husky

Amazon Quiz Today Answers 30 July and win ₹20,000 Pay Balance

Question 1. India’s 2020 Olympic theme song titled ‘Tu thaan le’ has been composed and sung by which renowned playback singer?
Answer – Mohit Chauhan

Question 2. The Financial Literacy Textbook for CBSE was curated by which organisation?
Answer – NPCI

Question 3. Which tech behemoth recently bought encrypted messaging app Wickr?
Answer – Amazon

Question 4. These are the Headquarters of which International Organisation in New York, USA?
Answer – The United Nations

Question 5. What is a group of these birds called?
Answer – Gaggle

Amazon Quiz Today Answers 29 July and win ₹25,000 Pay Balance

Question 1. What does ‘P’ stand for in Agni-P, a new class of missile in Agni Series launched by DRDO in 2021?
Answer – Prime

Question 2. Which country has recently launched a new digital wallet for bitcoin called ‘Chivo’?
Answer – El Salvador

Question 3. Since 1948, World Olympic Day or International Olympic Day is celebrated every year on which date?
Answer – June 23

Question 4. This popular breed of dog originated in which country?
Answer – Germany

Question 5. What is this form of art called?
Answer – Origami

Amazon Quiz Today Answers 28 July and win ₹10,000 Pay Balance

Question 1. India’s first indigenous aircraft carrier will be known by what name once it is commissioned?
Answer – INS Vikrant

Question 2. In July 2021, which became the first country to be awarded a malaria-free certification in the WHO Western Pacific Region?
Answer – China

Question 3. Bayer has launched India’s first-ever yellow variety of what fruit named ‘Yellow Gold 48’?
Answer – Watermelon

Question 4. Which river of significance to India is depicted here?
Answer – Ganga

Question 5. Which is this bird, that can fly backwards?
Answer – Hummingbird

Amazon Quiz Today Answers 27 July and win ₹20,000

Question 1. In June 2021, Naftali Bennett became the new prime minister of which country?
Answer – Israel

Question 2. Blue Origin’s New Shephard reusable rocket system is named after which famous personality?
Answer – Alan Shepard

Question 3. In June 2021, who became the third man, after Roy Emerson and Rod Laver, in history to win all four Grand Slams twice?
Answer – Novak Djokovic

Question 4. This is a device to operate what?
Answer – Drone

Question 5. Identify this legendary creator.
Answer – Stan Lee

Amazon Quiz Today Answers 26 July and win ₹15,000

Question 1. Margherita Hack, an Italian astrophysicist who was recently honoured with a Google Doodle, is known by which of the following names?
Answer – The Lady of the Stars

Question 2. Jardalu is a unique mango variety from which state of India?
Answer – Bihar

Question 3. Lynetteholm is an artificial island being built in which country?
Answer – Denmark

Question 4. Name this popular breed of dog
Answer – Beagle

Question 5. Which type of basketball shot is shown here?
Answer – Dunk

Amazon Quiz Today Answers 25 July and win ₹5,000

Question 1. Weyan, that recently became the first village in India to achieve 100% vaccination of adults, is located where?
Answer – Jammu and Kashmir

Question 2. Firmina, the longest subsea cable in the world, is being built by which tech giant?
Answer – Google

Question 3. Red tourism’ is now one of the hottest travel trends in which of these countries?
Answer – China

Question 4. What was this drink used as originally when it was invented?
Answer – Medicine for nervous system disorders

Question 5. This famous museum is located in which European city?
Answer – Bilbao

Amazon Quiz Today Answers 24 July and win ₹50,000

Question 1. What does ‘B’ in BIMSTEC stand for?
Answer – Bay of Bengal

Question 2. Which veteran Hollywood actor and filmmaker received the honorary Palme d’or at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival?
Answer – Jodie Foster

Question 3. In May 2021, which country became the 11th to sign the Artemis Accords with NASA?
Answer – New Zealand

Question 4. In which Hindu month is this festival celebrated?
Answer – Phalguna

Question 5. Which type of instrument is this classified as?
Answer – Chordophone

Amazon Quiz Today Answers 23 July and win ₹30,000 Pay Balance

Question 1. What is the name of the Covid-19 vaccine developed by Pakistan, with the help of China?
Answer – PakVac

Question 2. Which country is the first to formally recognize Bitcoin as a legal tender?
Answer – El Salvador

Question 3. EnVision is an orbital mission to which planet being developed by the European Space Agency?
Answer – Venus

Question 4. Who was credited with the invention of the first version of this device?
Answer – Elisha Otis

Question 5. This is the flag of which region?
Answer – Palestine

Amazon Quiz Today Answers 22 July and win ₹20,000 Pay Balance

Question 1. Six years after abandoning the “one child policy” of 1979, which country has now introduced a “three child policy”?
Answer – China

Question 2. 107-year-old Billimora-Waghai heritage train route, that recently was ordered to be closed, lies in which state of India?
Answer – Gujarat

Question 3. Barbora Krejcikova, who won her first grand slam singles title in June 2021, is from which country?
Answer – Czech Republic

Question 4. This device allows which type of energy change?
Answer – Wind to Electrical

Question 5. Which actor-director who plays the role of Happy Hogan directed the first Marvel Cinematic Universe movie featuring this character?
Answer – Jon Favreau

Amazon Quiz Today Answers 21 July and win ₹25,000 Pay Balance

Question 1. What is the indigenously built Sajag, that was recently commissioned into the Indian Coast Guard?
Answer – Patrol Vessel

Question 2. Which country’s most volatile volcano is Mount Merapi?
Answer – Indonesia

Question 3. Abdulla Shahid is the first President-elect of the General Assembly from which country in the history of the UN?
Answer – Maldives

Question 4. What type of construction method does this building showcase?
Answer – Masonry

Question 5. What type of weapon was famously used by these soldiers?
Answer – Katana

Amazon Quiz Today Answers 20 July and win ₹10,000 Pay Balance

Question 1. What name is given to the Covid-19 vaccine developed by Indian biopharmacutical firm Biological E. Limited?
Answer – Corbevax

Question 2. Recently discovered A. cooperensis is the largest dinosaur from which country?
Answer – Australia

Question 3. Which organisation publishes the annual Protected Planet Report ?
Answer – UNEP

Question 4. Which country is home to more than 90% of the world’s approximately 20,000 population of these animals?
Answer – South Africa

Question 5. Which of these Indian sportspeople is currently ranked No.1 in the world in this sport?
Answer – Deepika Kumari

Amazon Quiz FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How to play Today’s Daily Amazon Quiz Answers

If you want to play the Amazon Quiz, then you are at the right place. I will guide you on how you can play the amazon quiz. To play Amazon Quiz, you have to install the Amazon app on your smartphone. Log in with your Amazon account. Search for quiz or Funzone by typing quiz or Funzone in the search bar, and then you enter the Funzone where you can see all the quizzes running on Amazon. Please select one of them as per your interest and start answering questions. How do you play the amazon quiz?

1. Download the Amazon app from the Google Play Store or Apple Store.
2. Open the Amazon app and sign in.
3. Go to the home page and scroll down, then you will see the “Amazon Quiz April 19” banner, tap on it.
4. Now, just tap on the Start tab to play the quiz.

How can I win a prize?

You can win a prize after playing a game that can offer you either a guaranteed prize or a chance to enter the lucky draw.
In the case of “Better luck next time”, you will not be eligible to win any reward from that game
To win or enter lucky draw, you must answers all the questions of a Quiz correctly .
In case of other games like Spin & Win, Tap & Win, FunZone Jackpot, to win the prize/enter the lucky draw, you must answers the mandatory question correctly
Some games like Bottle Shooter, Road Master, Bubble wipeout offer no rewards.

Does entering the lucky draw guarantee a win?

No, entering the lucky draw does not guarantee a win. It means that you have been added to a list of customers who are all eligible to win. Winners are randomly chosen from this list of customers without any human intervention.

How do I know if I have won a game?

All lucky draw winners are sent SMS/ e-mail / notification to intimate their win Alternately, you can search for ‘Funzone’ and click on ‘Lucky draw winners’ tab and select the month and contest name that you participated in to search for your name.
Guaranteed winners of Amazon PAY balance receive SMS (on the registered mobile number) within 48hrs once the amount is credited in their Amazon PAY wallet.
Guaranteed winners of discount coupon(s) can collect their coupon at the end of game play or visit ‘Your rewards’ section on the Amazon Pay page to collect the coupon(s).

When & where are lucky draw winners announced on Amazon?

Lucky draw winners are announced one day after the contest ends on the ‘Lucky Draw Winners’ section on the FunZone page. To visit this page, simply search for ‘Funzone’ in the search bar or ask Alexa ‘Alexa, go to games!
Alternately, winners also receive SMS or e-mail or notification when they win a lucky draw contest.

How can I claim my prize?

Click on the link received in the SMS/notification/e-mail to claim the prize and acknowledge ‘Terms & Conditions’ after reading them.

Note: Winners should claim the prize within 7 days of receiving the confirmation e-mail/SMS in order to receive their prize. By when will I receive the prize after claiming?

Winners will receive their prizes as per the ‘Delivery date’ mentioned on the winner
announcement page for every contest.
Additionally, the delivery date is also mentioned in the Terms & conditions for each game.
Note: Generally, Amazon Pay balance is credited in Amazon Pay wallet within 5 to 7 working days of the contest end date. In case of a product, it could take up to 45 days for the product to be delivered to your address.

What steps do I need to take for my prize to be delivered on time?

For you to receive your prize on time, please ensure that your phone number and e-mail ID are updated in your Amazon account as the winners are notified via SMS or e-mail.
Once you receive the e-mail, please claim your prize within 7 days of receiving the mail/SMS/notification and mention correct shipping address, pin-code and phone number.
Note: The shipping address cannot be changed once submitted by you. In case your pin-code is not serviceable, Amazon customer service will connect with you for an alternate shipping address or we will credit equivalent amount in your Amazon Pay wallet.

How can I track my prize?

You will receive a notification, SMS and email when your Amazon Pay wallet is credited with
the amount you have won.
In case of a physical prize, we recommend you to wait till the delivery date mentioned on the winner announcement page for every contest and reach out to Amazon customer service in case the prize is not delivered to the address given by you at the time of claiming.

What do I do if I see my name in winner’s list but did not receive any notification?

We send notifications to all winners, however, if you don’t receive any SMS or email, you should reach out to customer service for further assistance.

What are some of the best practices that I can follow to have a great game playing experience?

Here are some of the steps that you can follow to have a great game playing experience on Amazon
a) Always log in from your own account to play a game
b) Make sure your e-mail address and phone number are updated so that we can reach out to you when you win
c) Please update full address and phone
number when you claim your prize. This helps us to ship your prizes faster and to the correct location.
Note: Phishing attempts/Scam Calls

How to identify whether a phone call or email or notification on Facebook/WhatsApp is from Amazon?

We never call you about contests or offers or winner announcements, as they are visible on our website or mobile application.
We do not run any contests that require you to pay to participate or to give your bank details for any lottery or cash transaction.
Check the Email Address: Real Amazon emails come from an email address ending in “” or “”
Check the Website Address: Some phishers create spoof websites that contain the word “amazon” in the URL. Real Amazon websites end with “” or “”, e.g.-,, etc.

What should I do if I receive any such call?

Be alert when responding to such calls.
Never reveal sensitive information or details that a caller can use to identify you, e.g., date of birth, your shipping address, etc.
When in doubt, please contact us – Go to Customer Service -> Click Contact us or simply open the linkhttps:// tact-us
In case there is a question that is still unanswered in the above FAQs, please feel free to reach out to Customer service for further assistances. keep playing!

How to find amazon quiz today?

1. This is Amazon App Only Quiz. So you have to download Amazon App from Google Play Store and login into your Amazon App. If you were already done it, then ignore this step.
2. Tap on the top right corner menu button (Three lines). Here you will see FunZone or QuizTime tab. Or you can find FunZone by searching quiz in the search box. Now tap on FunZone.

How to play Amazon Quiz?

1. Tap on the Amazon Quiz banner, and Quiz will be started after a tap on “Start” button. Now there you will see five questions in the Daily Amazon Quiz, You have to give the right answer to all questions to win ₹20,000 Pay Balance.
2. After giving all right Amazon quiz contest today answers, You will be selected for Lucky Draw by Amazon Quiz. In this lucky draw, winners are announced on every day at 1:30 PM.

How to find all amazon quiz answers?

We provide the fastest Amazon quiz answers very day at 8:01 AM. You can find us by search Amazon Quiz skyneel, Amazon Quiz Answers skyneel, Amazon Quiz and Amazon Quiz Answers on Google search or bookmark this page.

Does playing Amazon quiz really get rewards?

Yes, We got a prize from amazon quiz, you can see Amazon Quiz Prize Proof in the image.

When will the Amazon quiz winners be announced?

Amazon every day declared the winner at 1:30 PM on You can check the winner list on Amazon site.

If you still have any query left or want to give any suggestions, then mail us at info.skyneel[@]

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