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Paris Interiors With Antique Rugs

7 Tips for Creating the Perfect Parisian Chic Interior with Antique Rugs

When New York socialite Katherine Bryan and her husband Damon Mezzacappa purchased an apartment on the Paris Left Bank, they inherited a challenge to create an authentic Parisian Style home in the dilapidated 18th-century first-floor apartment. To achieve this task, she called in the Milan-based design team of Roberto Peregalli and Laura Sartori Rimini, who were known for their renovations of grand historic homes.

A Parisian Style Challenge

When many people think of Parisian style, the first thing that comes to mind is the lavish and over-the-top style of Louis IV and Versailles, but now, the Parisian style has taken a new twist and emerged as one that allows you to express your unique personal style. Bryan wanted the home to be a cozy and intimate space, rather than a grand atmosphere that is a bit intimidating.

They wanted something that reflected the 18th-century architecture, and this meant including a touch of gold. However, she did not necessarily want the opulent Louis XIV-style gold. The couple wanted to include enough gold to accent the architecture, but they also wanted to make it more subtle and soft. They wanted the gold to work into the design, rather than stand out.

Paris Interiors Katherine Bryan Nazmiyal

Katherine Bryan’s Paris home.

To achieve a classic Parisian look, they included classic antiques and elements to give the home a vintage look that is refined and tastefully put together. To achieve the vintage look, they relied on antique Persian rugs as a way to tie the old and new together. Another element that she feels defines French style is bringing in loads of fresh flowers.

The result of Bryan’s efforts is a home that highlights the best elements of this historic building but also marries it with a few contemporary pieces and modern décor. The point that Bryan makes is that Parisian style does not adhere to hard set rules, and you can make it suit your own personality and taste. The main goal is to only include things that you love and to select them carefully, always trying to achieve that perfect balance between the old and new and between minimalist and over-the-top. If Parisian chic is your favorite style, there are a few suggestions to help you achieve the same look in your home.

Achieving Parisian Chic in Your Home

If you are a lover of all things French, you know that a Parisian interior creates the perfect sanctuary whether the space has tall ceilings and ornate moldings, or perhaps it is a small apartment that is quaint and cozy. Regardless of where you live, you can re-create the Parisian style if you follow just a few simple rules. Fine Oriental carpets are the perfect place to start that has been an essential of French style since the 18th century.

When you think of a Parisian interior style, the intricate designs of the Louis XIV and the Rococo eras may be the first thing that you envision. However, the modern Parisian style still relies on classics, but one would describe the style as more simple and refined. Parisian spaces are simple and dreamy. All of the elements of the room should flatter the architectural elements and the shape of the space itself. Here are a few tips to achieve a Parisian style.

Parisian Interior Design Style Nazmiyal

Parisian style is modern and features Rococo-like elements.

1. Highlight the History

One important principle is not to renovate the charm and character out of the space. The French like historical pieces and every one of them has a story to tell. A Persian rug is an excellent way to incorporate a piece that has history and a unique story into the space. Antiques are an important element of Parisian design, and using a Persian rug as the foundation gives other antique pieces a place to rest comfortably. Parisian style is a bit of the old and new. You should resist the urge to refinish everything and make it look brand-new.

2. Don’t Obsess Over Details

Parisian style is not about making everything look perfect, but rather giving it character. This is where a Persian rug that shows a bit of age can be the perfect start. One of the most important elements of decorating with Parisian style is not to stress and fuss over every little detail. A space that shows your unique personality captures the spirit of the style more than a room that is too well-matched.

Paris Interiors Character Nazmiyal

Paris style interiors have lots of authenticity and character.

3. Keep Creating

The French believe in embracing life and that a room is never finished. It is an ongoing reflection of the things that are going on in your life, along with all of the changes. It is a mix of everything, with a little of this and a little of that, but never over-the-top and overcrowded. Don’t be afraid to change it up every now and then.

4. Find the Happy Medium

Parisian style sits somewhere in the midpoint between cluttered eclectic and minimalist. There is a certain point where the room looks put together and well-curated, but one more item would make it over-the-top. Finding that sweet spot is the key to creating a distinctive Parisian style. Everything must look well-placed.

5. Soft Colors

Parisian color palettes tend to be simple and quiet. They are often subdued, highlighted by a touch of gold or a high-quality brocade to provide an air of sophistication that is the hallmark of Parisian homes. When trying to capture the Parisian style, it is best to have a few high-quality items, rather than a space filled with low-quality accessories and furniture.

Paris Interiors Soft Colors Nazmiyal

Paris interiors use soft colors.

6. Celebrate Your Architecture

Another key to achieving a Parisian style is to celebrate the architectural elements of your home. Look at your home and imagine it without furniture. Which one element of the room stands out the most? The one that jumps out at you is the one thing you should choose to highlight and embrace. For instance, if you have an antique tin ceiling, you might choose a chandelier that draws the eyes upwards. Likewise, if you have beautiful antique parquet floors, an antique carpet that draws the eyes to it and makes it an important feature of the room will give the room an elegant, Parisian character.

7. Shop French

You can also choose accessories and furniture that are distinctively Parisian such as a fine Cubist painting, or Louis XIV chair. Another piece that would give it a distinctively French character is an antique Aubusson or Savonnerie carpet. The Parisian style combines elegance with utility. You should never sacrifice comfort for appearances.

Parisian style is about creating a comfortable life and enjoying everything that it has to offer. Parisian chic combines characteristic classic French with contemporary in a mix of old and new to create gorgeous interiors that have eye-catching vintage and antique details. As you can see, antique rugs are an essential element of this style, and Nazmiyal has an excellent selection, including antique French, classic Persian, Oriental, and fine contemporary ones to help you bring a touch of Paris into your home.

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Paris Interiors With Antique Rugs


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