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11 Creativity Quotes From Indie Creators

Creativity Quotes From Indie Creators

Creativity is the backbone of making art and content. It is what sets artists apart from each other. Creativity expands our minds and engages our imagination.

I love learning about the creative process of different independent artists and creators. When I talk to other indie creators, I like to ask the following questions:

How do foster creativity? Do you work at it, or wait for inspiration to strike?

Below you will find a collection of some of my favorite quotes about productivity. I find the vast perspectives of indie creators and artists to be enlightening. I hope these quotes can help you on your creative journey as well!

Quotes About Being Creative

“Creativity can be a lens. As long as I allow it to continually observe everything I’m watching, reading, or whatever it is going on it informs my ideas more or less. I always give it some room to run off and always make sure I spend a little time daydreaming. If I go to a specific resource it’s typically for some technical reason like I’m trying to figure out a technique.”

– David Murdoch, Comic Creator

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“Once I start writing the ‘muse’ if you will, stays with me until it is done. The only problem is that after I finish something I get into a funk for about 3 days which stalls the work.”

– R.F. Blackstone, Author

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Motivational Quotes About Creativity

“I treat creativity as a muse. I invite creativity into my mind, and as you do when someone refuses an invitation to your home, I often just accept it and move on. When creativity does not strike, I just work through it no matter what I’m doing. If I draw or draw something I’m not happy with, I just finish it and move on. In my opinion, you cannot draw good drawing or write good scripts if you don’t own the bad ones.”

– Juan Carlos Del Real, Comic Creator

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“I don’t think it’s safe to wait for it – not for me at least, in the last ten years I’ve only had maybe one moment of inspiration that came to me out of nowhere. I’ve read a lot of comics, a lot of novels, watched a lot of films and a lot of TV, and all of that is my inspiration.

My favorite parts of all those things stay in my subconscious and come out when I try to write. Quentin Tarantino admitted that he steals from every movie he’s seen, I think there’s some truth to that for me too. I wrote a joke for a sketch a few years ago that I later realized I’d adapted from Airplane without consciously thinking about it. I have to assume that happens a lot.”

– Yavi Mohan, Comic Creator

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“Early in my writing career, I read that you can’t sit around waiting for inspiration to strike; you need to go after it with a stick. That’s exactly what I do. I make my living as a writer and filmmaker, so I can’t wait around for ideas to hit me. At the same time, it’s not like I’m ever lacking for ideas. What I’m usually short of is time–and money.

The money would buy me more time to work on my own projects rather than ones that pay the bills. Maybe one day. My primary creative question is, “What if?” Every story ultimately starts with those two words, so I’m constantly taking in information and asking what if things were different. Once you develop a healthy curiosity about the world as it is and the world as it might be, coming up with story ideas is as natural as breathing. I do writing workshops with kids all the time, and I’m constantly amazed by their creativity once channeled in the proper direction.”

– Kevin Miller, Comic Creator

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“Unfortunately, I probably lean more heavily towards inspiration striking, and it doesn’t always strike. Admittedly, I’ve been much less productive on the creative front than the business front.”

– P. Alexander, Cirsova Publishing

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“I want to make sure I’m making time to create. In every interview I’ve listened to or read by a songwriter I respect, they talk about taking a crack at it every day. I think there’s some usefulness to waiting for the muse, though. The ideas that stick with me for a few days — like Artema — are the ones that ultimately have staying power.”

– Rachel Cholst, Artema

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“My head is always full of ideas, and I am writing them all down because I am scared that I would forget them. I never had something like an art block. My problem is more that I want to do too much at the same time.”

– Claudia Schröder (PinkyPIlls), Five Nights At Freddy’s

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“I definitely work at it. Sometimes I am inspired, but its bad practice to wait for it. That can leave you waiting forever.”

– Angela Boyle, Artema

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“I’m kind of lucky in that inspiration usually finds me a lot without me having to work at it too much. Usually, it comes in the form of a funny joke or title that I think is so fun that I just HAVE to build it into something that I can share with the world. It’s a nice little motivator to get things done, too.”

– G.M. Nair, Duckett & Dyer

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Inspirational Quote About Creativity

“Inspiration never strikes when I need it to. That’s something I’ve known about me and my work for quite some time. So I have to work through it. I’ve spent a lot of time in my life waiting to feel inspired. I eventually figured out that I had to chase inspiration, and that chase has been fueling me ever since.”

– Randy Haldeman, The Legend of Rune

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How Do You Approach Creativity?

I hope you found these quotes about creativity to be inspirational and motivating. What do you do to maintain creativity? Does your personal creative process different from the indie creators mentioned above?

Let me know your favorite creativity quotes on social media!

Creativity and Inspiration Quotes

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11 Creativity Quotes From Indie Creators


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