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135 Times People Couldn’t Believe Their Luck While Dumpster Diving (New Pics)

'Dumpster Diving' is a subreddit dedicated to urban foraging — searching through the trash for usable items.

Members of this online community share their experiences and tips for finding valuables, talking about both their successes and failures, as well as discussing ethical and legal considerations surrounding the activity.

Overall, it's a supportive and informative subreddit, full of support and encouragement for everyone who tries to live at least a bit more sustainably and reduce waste.

So in an attempt to contribute to spreading the message, we at Bored Panda put together a new publication, featuring the subreddit's most popular posts. Continue scrolling to check them out and fire up our first one for the older ones.

#1 My New Biggest Score

Image credits: kandroid96

#2 Found In The Dumpster Tied In A Trash Bag. What A Sweet Soul As Well. Poor Thing

Image credits: ProjectIntelligent99

#3 Found A Completely Unused Art Set

Image credits: Cult7Choir

#4 I Have Never Felt So Happy From A Dumpster Find

Image credits: WickedMorbidTomatoe

#5 Thought This Was Worth Saving

Image credits: Cult7Choir

#6 Dumpster Diver Needed A Little Help Out After Getting Stuck Down There

Image credits: WhatWasThatLike

#7 Anyone Know A Good Recipe That Uses Like 80 Red Onions And 60 Bananas?

Image credits: deserttrends

#8 Antique Apothecary Scales Thrown Out By Neighbors

Image credits: thinman

#9 I’m Excited About This Find, I’m An Elementary Teacher And Next Year I’ll Have All My Kiddos Write Cards To Their Family/Staff! They Were Sealed In A Trash Bag Untouched On Top!

Image credits: adgb6

#10 Built Myself A Desk Out Of Some Mahogany Base Boards Taken Out Of The Dumpster! My Gaming Chair Was Picked Up From The Curb Side

Image credits: tooned

#11 My Curbside Cast Iron Haul!

Image credits: notyouraveragedonut

#12 I've Never Felt The Need To Post A Haul Until This

Image credits: valkyrie_queen_

#13 Someone’s Old Marble Collection Got Put In The Trash And Rescued By Me.

Image credits: HERMANNATOR85

#14 Found This Painting In The Trash, Looked Like My Cat So I Grabbed It

Image credits: Prestigious-Theory-4

#15 Ok This Is Epic

Image credits: yungbc2000

#16 There's A Dumpster In My Town That Regularly Blesses Me With Bicycles. This Was Today's Find

Image credits: Stayinthewoods

#17 I Was Just At The Recycling Centre And A Bloke Was About To Put This In The Scrap Wood Skip!

Image credits: Jimlad73

#18 Did I Find 30 Pairs Of Brand New $120 Boots In A Shoe Store Dumpster? Do All Of My Friends Now Have Said Pair Of Boots? Yes On All Fronts :)

Image credits: NubileNewYorkers

#19 Found This Boy By A Recycling Dumpster Today.

Image credits: ASSMDSVD

#20 Best Dumpster Dive Ever

Image credits: CrazyCritterGirl

#21 Found This Disco Ball - Expected It To Be Flimsy, Made Of Styrofoam But Its Actually Very Heavy & Nice!

Image credits: Comfortable_Stage806

#22 Pert Smert If My Favorite Dumpster By Far. Very Aesthetic, Brand New $150 Cat Tower, In The Box? Score. P.s. They Love It

Image credits: AcanthisittaGlum138

#23 Two La Creuset’s Left At The Dumpster By My Work Today.

Image credits: BigPoppaJay

#24 Another $500+ Haul From My Favorite Dumpster. Haven't Purchased Groceries In Years!

Image credits: deserttrends

#25 Did I Really Find A $500 Almost Perfectly Functional Aluminum Bike In The Trash And Take It Home?! Yes I Did!

Image credits: molleraj

#26 Not Dumpster Diving Per Se, But This Antique Hand Painted French Cabinet From The 1890's Was A Part Of The "Junk" I Was Hired To Remove From A House Yesterday!

Image credits: Cult7Choir

#27 Saw Someone On Here Say They Found A Bunch Of LED Lights Once. I Thought “Omg I Want To Find Some”… Well I Found 25 Boxes Last Night

Image credits: hailey199666

#28 I Found This $90 Dress In Perfect Condition In An Apartment Dumpster. It Has No Damage, Rips, Or Stains And Is In My Exact Size And One Of My Favorite Colors. The Dumpster Gods Smiled Upon Me Apparently. I Need An Occasion To Wear It To

Image credits: CanyouODonFRC

#29 Someone Didn’t Feel Like Cleaning Their $800 Espresso Machine. I Found It Sitting On Top Of A Garbage Can Out Diving Last Night.

Image credits: PatSabre12

#30 Past 2-3 Weeks I’ve Found And Melted All Of This Aluminum Copper And Pewter. I Found 4 Cameras 3 Power Tools And 2 Bikes. For A Grand Total Of 340$ Not Including All The Metal In This Picture. Also Found A Few Computers And Laptops That I Will Be Scrapping Since They Do Not Work

Image credits: mickx123

#31 Lawnmower Found On The Curb On Garbage Day, Didn't Run, Had Water In The Fuel Tank, Put In New Gas And A Newish Spark Plug And It Runs Fine. Sold For $250

Image credits: Thislaydee

#32 Curbside Find! This Couch Was Too Cool

Image credits: Cult7Choir

#33 Curb Find!! A Working E-Bike. Unbelievable

Image credits: smambers

#34 In An Open Dumpster Behind My Target…

Image credits: otho03

#35 I Love These Little Free Pantries I've Been Seeing Pop Up Lately. They Give Me A Great Opportunity To Practice Mutual Aid With My Neighbors By Filling Them Up With A Bunch Of Perfectly Fine Non-Perishables I Score From Dumpsters!

Image credits: Dukdukdiya

#36 I Was Digging Through The Trash Of Someone Who Looked To Be Moving And I Found A Set Of Earrings Marked As 18k Gold And A Friend Who Is A Jeweler Tested The Stones And Said They're White Sapphire.

Image credits: 600-shot-of-autism

#37 Found This Costume With An Extra Head That Snaps Onto The Other Head In A Dumpster

Image credits: Gingafer81

#38 I Make Blankets For Shelter Doggos/Homeless People And Their Dogs From Linen I Find In Dumpsters. Doggo In Photo Is My Little Weirdo. And No, I Did Not Find Her In A Dumpster:p

Image credits: False_Ad_4117

#39 $700 Free Wine....i Asked The Dumpster God If I Should Quit Drinking. This Is Her Answer.... I Guess That’s A No!

Image credits: sdace7

#40 Found This Guy In A Dumpster This Morning

Image credits: BellasGamerDad

#41 Approximately 650 Pounds Of Aluminum Cans Collected At A Music Festival

Image credits: Impressive-Bit7781

#42 I’ve Died And Landed In Dumpster Nomad Heaven

Image credits: AcanthisittaGlum138

#43 Weather Finally Cooling But Grocery Store Waste Not So Much! ...favorite Asparagus Recipes?

Image credits: mosomedve216

#44 Found In A Box Of Books By The Curb

Image credits: datSubguy

#45 Someone Threw Out A Perfectly Working 40 Inch 4k Smart TV. Madness, But Mine Now

Image credits: meriadickbrandybuck

#46 Pretty Good Haul

Image credits: CrispyBrosine

#47 Phone In A Bread Box? Had To Save It!

Image credits: Cult7Choir

#48 This 30+ Year Old Monstera Deliciosa Would've Gone To The Dump. Working At A Moving Firm Has Its Benefits! Girlfriend For Scale

Image credits: cookingfragsyum

#49 Tub, Surround, And Glass Door Were All Being Thrown Out At Blowe’s. No Leaks!!

Image credits: miatapasta

#50 Pulled This Recliner Off The Curb And A 3ds Was Lodged In The Back.

Image credits: ikedriver2000

#51 This Is A First… $450 Bouquet Of Roses

Image credits: Ello2011

#52 I Found 16,000 Scratch Off Tickets From The Convenience Store, Where You Could Win Snacks And Stuff. Some Jackpots Evidently!

Image credits: maxronnelandd

#53 Dumpster Diving Find. Sealed Bottle Of Vodka

Image credits: UrbanRelicHunter

#54 This Is My Third Load Of This Size, And Much More Left.

Image credits: BoBandy679

#55 Was Told You Guys Might Enjoy This. Found About 20 Tablets In The Trash Today. Mostly Old Galaxy Note 10.1 From 2014 But I’ll Take It With A Big Smile.

Image credits: GiantClaw

#56 Moving Out Of College. Someone Threw Out A Working TV. It's Just Missing A Remote.

Image credits: K-Lyn-Nova

#57 Was Out Of Dogfood And Broke Af. Thought I'd Take A Peek In The Pet Store Dumpster. Score.

Image credits: jPeg1900

#58 My Greatest Trash Find Of All Time Someone Threw Out A Ball Gown

Image credits: RecentSprinkles5997

#59 Found A Lifetime Supply Of Knives, Spoons, And Forks At Party City

Image credits: RunningUpThemPills

#60 Pretty Rad Find. My Grandparents Paid Something Like 75 Cents A Months Back In The Day For One Similar. Little Work, And She’ll Shine

Image credits: lexton218

#61 I Give To You, The Find Of A Lifetime. There Were A Bunch Of These Being Tossed, And I Had To Take One Because I Was Dying Laughing. How Does That Even Happen Lol

Image credits: Born-Ad-6687

#62 Found A Ouija Board Next To A Trash Can Walking Home From Classes. The Cool Thing Is That It Is A Vintage 1960's One That Is In A Rare Larger Size. In Perfect Shape Other Than The Planchette Missing The Plastic Window

Image credits: DamnedAngelZero

#63 Scoreeee. First One Of The Season

Image credits: hailey199666

#64 Coffee Grinder Over 100 Years Old Found In The Alley!

Image credits: joshuarobertson670

#65 Couldn't Believe This Thing Wasn't Broken!

Image credits: Cult7Choir

#66 Idumpster

Image credits: MAD-PT

#67 32 Ft Ocean Kayak Dad Scored At An Apartment Dumpster

Image credits: Seamair_

#68 I Found This Sealed Bottle Of Don Julio In Some Rich People Garbage. Also Got To Get Chased Off By Their Security.

Image credits: 600-shot-of-autism

#69 My Local Gamestop Can Be Pretty Nice…

Image credits: Faust2001

#70 $300+ Retail Groceries: I Got Busted. Details I'm Comments.

Image credits: Deep-Presentation-52

#71 Found A Pair Of Balenciagas Sneakers While Dumpster Diving At My University’s Rich Kid Dorm, In My Size

Image credits: sunnysideupsum

#72 The Second Day Of Christmas Did Not Disappoint!

Image credits: finetime2

#73 It's Not Much, But It Was My First Dumpster Dive And It Was Exhilarating!

Image credits: ergonaut

#74 Saved Before It Hit The Trash

Image credits: Deep-Presentation-52

#75 Curbside Find

Image credits: Bluegodzi11a

#76 9 Total

Image credits: ben_weis

#77 May I Present My Three Finds

Image credits: emtracks5

#78 My Best Haul Ever. Good Sized Xbox 360 Collection.

Image credits:

#79 Found A Brand New Samsung Galaxy Note10+ And S10 In A Dumpster Last Night

Image credits: Masterpiece_Awkward

#80 Neighbor Threw This Out, New With Box And Charger. It Works Fine, He Used It Once ??‍♀️

Image credits: One_Barracuda9198

#81 Was 160 Chocolate Bars A Good Enough Valentines Day Present?

Image credits: Sir_Floggsalot

#82 $695 Of Ground Beef

Image credits: deserttrends

#83 My Brother Found 3 Perfectly New Screens At Aldi

Image credits: SKMiller85

#84 Over $100 Worth Of Chocolate!

Image credits: timz84

#85 Dinner Fit For A (Dumpster) King!

Image credits: Resident-Travel2441

#86 Over 2,000 Pounds Of Fresh Pork Being Rejected By The Walmart Distribution Center Because The Sell By Dates Occur When Their Stores Are Closed For Thanksgiving. This Product Will Still Be Safe To Eat For The Next 15 Days But They Won't Even Attempt To Sell. This Will End Up In A Dumpster Today

Image credits: beans4cashonline

#87 I Got All Deez 242 Bananas From A Dumpster. Banana For Scale

Image credits: Reddit_IbarelyKnowIt

#88 Well, I Guess This Is My Magnum Opus Of Dumpster Diving...

Image credits: buster1324

#89 Found A Perfectly Fine Bass Guitar In The Garbage. On My Birthday!!

Image credits: quasi_kid

#90 Back With More To Report. I Thought I’d Retired, But Last Night I Checked The Dumpster Again. Diapers, Storage, Heaters, Toys And Cases Of Cereal Later ($785) Sticker Price, I’m So Glad I Went. More Donation Trips To Make Next Week!

Image credits: WhatAFineWasteOfTime

#91 I Saved This Store Mannequin Leg For Months To Bury It In My Neighbors Yard As An April Fools Joke. Worth It.

Image credits: PatSabre12

#92 The Trash That Smiles Back!

Image credits: chunlife

#93 This Is The Kind Of Thing That’s Great To Find But Its Also Sickening (No Recalls And Not Expired Until February)

Image credits: mschreiber1

#94 Went Dumpster Diving For The First Time! What A Steal!!

Image credits: Immediate_Victory990

#95 Butter For The Year!

Image credits: FriarTuckeredOut

#96 How Do I Store 60 Avocados?

Image credits: Deep-Presentation-52

#97 Just Discovered This Sub. Found This In Someone's Trash Earlier This Year

Image credits: TeaVinylGod

#98 This Week's Haul! Second Raid Of The Garden Center And Huge Surprises From A Sports Clearance Store!

Image credits: canada__ball

#99 My Coworkers Are Gonna Be Happy Tomorrow

Image credits: Training_Survey_5931

#100 There Was Twice This Much, But We Shared It Before We Got Home

Image credits: wvwvwvww

#101 Just Found The Exact Desk I Wanted For My Art Studio In The Alley By The Dumpster!

Image credits: Macthesnacc

#102 Well I'm Hooked... Went From How Am I Gonna Eat To What Do I Feel Like!

Image credits: yycwetmarket

#103 Let’s Gooooooooo. Best Snag From The Bins So Far

Image credits: Lopermania

#104 Here’s A Haul I Lucked Out On Last Week

Image credits: caruthersville

#105 And Again...brand New

Image credits: fontejonz

#106 Found A Big Box Of These Tonight. Definitely The Coolest Find Of The Night

Image credits: hailey199666

#107 So Much Meat! This Haul Definitely Helped Us Stock Our Freezers. We Smell Test Every Meat And Repackage It Before Freezing. Everything Passed The Smell Test. Ground Beef, Steaks, Roasts! Along With A Lot Of Fresh Fruits And Veggies. The Amount Of Money We Save From Diving Is Absurd

Image credits: Rio1987

#108 Found A Gorgeous Entertainment Center In My Building’s Trash—i Would’ve Paid Good Money For This!

Image credits: ishouldbuyabook

#109 Sweaters, Dresses, Shirts, Suit Jacket, And A New Backpack

Image credits: KingOfCranes

#110 It Was Sitting In The Rain, But So Far So Good!

Image credits: Ello2011

#111 Tonight’s Haul!

Image credits: hailey199666

#112 Yes There Is A Dumpster God. I Prayed, I Received!

Image credits: sdace7

#113 Saved From The Junk Yard. Zenith X940 Stereo Cabinet. Got For Free On Fb Marketplace And Refinished The Top. The Mechanics Still Work!

Image credits: cscole123

#114 My Kid's First Night Diving With Me!

Image credits: BrastionH

#115 Mom Found The Witch Books

Image credits: perfectchazz321

#116 Todays Finds. I Still Don’t Know How I Found All Of This In The Same Dumpster

Image credits: Kittenslover99

#117 My Mom Found These In A Dumpster With The Receipt! Luckily, They’re My Size!

Image credits: KingCosmicBrownie

#118 Just Saved These 15 Fairly Modern Intel Nuc (Mini Computer) From The Dumpster

Image credits: Dalek87

#119 Had A Yard Sale With All The Things I Found Dumpster Diving

Image credits: Zealousideal-Crow952

#120 Wtf… I Got Call From A Buddy Who Dives , She Said This Dumpster Had A Bunch Of Wine In It! She Wasn’t Lying, We Recovered Over 70 Bottles And A Couple Packs Of Hard Seltzer’s ?

Image credits: ReUpNStuff

#121 Someone Asked What The Coolest Thing I've Ever Found Was: This Ancient Roman Ring In The Original Envelope With A Certificate Of Authenticity.

Image credits: O_O--ohboy

#122 Neighbor Graduated And Moved Out

Image credits: heckenyaax

#123 Found This In My Local College Dumpster! Love The Industrial Look

Image credits: quasi_kid

#124 Well I've Got Breakfast Covered For... 96 Days

Image credits: marshmallowmorgan

#125 College Move Out Haul!

Image credits: secondhandcranberry

#126 Ha, I Can Afford Avocado Toast Now!

Image credits: ljsstudio

#127 Found This Mcm Coffee Table Next To The Trash Bin Today! Just Cleaned It Up And Sold It For $350

Image credits: itsmegsween

#128 Found A 65" Tcl Roku TV In The Roll-Off In Front Of A Renovation At The Mall I Work At. It's Dirty But Works 100%

Image credits: kingofzdom

#129 Found This In A Tote Full Of Barbie's Being Thrown Away

Image credits: Cult7Choir

#130 Yea This Dumpster Diving Is For The Birds! Lol, Free Wine, Fruits And Veg At Aldi And Panera Ain’t Too Bad Either! They Are Next Door To Each Other For Convenience

Image credits: sdace7

#131 New Mini Golf Course Threw Out Extra Grass So I Snagged It

Image credits: TikiTraveler

#132 Kept All This From Going Into The Dumpster. Luckily I Didn’t Have To Dig It Out Lol

Image credits: New-bibbs

#133 Found These 2 Beauties On The Side Of The Road!

Image credits: josukescleavage

#134 Found This Cool Little Dude Today. He's Probably 2" Tall

Image credits: Cult7Choir

#135 Hole Foods Employee Took A Picture Of Me While I Was Pulling Out This Haul

Image credits: Known_Elevator_1035

#136 Mind Blown! Handmade Leather Boots Near New And In My Size!! Boots Are Diplomat By The Company Thursday

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135 Times People Couldn’t Believe Their Luck While Dumpster Diving (New Pics)


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