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This Facebook Group Is All About Poor Wildlife Photos And They Are So Bad They’re Good (121 New Pics)

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Wildlife photographers spend their entire lives learning about light and animal behavior. They are constantly on the lookout for new gear. And when they do go out in the field, they arm themselves with patience and often lay still for hours, much like an army sniper, blending in with their surroundings. However, none of that matters in the Facebook group Crap Wildlife Photography.

Like Bored Panda showed in our previous articles here and here, this place values the opposite. "This group is for all those photos that you took that didn't turn out quite right," its description says. "Maybe you chopped off that pigeon's head, or maybe that lemur ran up the tree and you only caught its tail."

However, even Crap Wildlife Photography has its standards. Its pics might be poorly composed and out of focus, but the group strives for original content that promotes good vibes and fun comments. Its members aren't looking to start controversy, and they value all wildlife, not just furry critters. Continue scrolling and check out some of their latest posts!

#1 Me When The Tequila Hits

Image credits: Jimmy Golian

#2 My Friend Found A Bobcat In Her Backyard Using Her Pool As A Toilet

Image credits: Teresa Mixon Gomez

#3 One Of My Favorite Photos I’ve Taken

Image credits: Ken Hansen

#4 He Did Not Appreciate Me Telling Him That We Weren't Open, And He Couldn't Come In

Image credits: Chelsea Siemon

#5 Hey,hey To All From Estonia!!!

Image credits: Kristin Roosiaas

#6 Selfie With Some Of Our Yard Animals

Image credits: Michael A. Sanders

#7 From A Friend Of A Friends Kitchen Window This Morning In NY

Image credits: Niki McGuire

#8 I Don't Know How To Explain This

Image credits: Brian Lee

#9 When Your Landing Is Just A Little Off

Image credits: Gina Spyker Fairfield

#10 I Don't Know What To Think About This At All...

Image credits: Tina Minns

#11 ...i Came In Like A Wreckingggg Ball...

Image credits: Gina DeGregorio

#12 Taking Out The Security Camera

Image credits: Lorraine Paton

#13 Hmm, Interesting Door To Door Salesman. What Do You Think He Wants?

Image credits: Rachel Hoxmeier

#14 Wt F'n F. ?!?! Lets Get A Bird Feeder She Said. It'll Be Fun She Said

Image credits: Miichael Murzyn

#15 Seems A Bit Dramatic To Me

Image credits: Emma Tilson

#16 I Would Like To Speak To You About Your Car’s Extended Warranty

Image credits: Jessica Diamond

#17 My Father-In-Law Mowed Half The Lawn, And Then Went To Empty Out The Collected Cuttings

He was very surprised to see all of these eyes looking up at him! Mama and babies were safely relocated. I am sure she will think twice before hiding inside a lawnmower bag again! 

Image credits: Kathy Padilla

#18 Took A Picture Of A Deer Today

Image credits: Andrea Kitson Vesper

#19 Smile For The Camera! Eh...

Image credits: Martijn Bot

#20 Cannon Ball!

Image credits: David Yancey

#21 Parkour!

Image credits: Ginger Mallard

#22 Note To Self-Don’t Leave Office Window Open Over The Weekend

Image credits: Andrew Parker

#23 Got A Bit Of A Fright When I Went To Make Some Burgers The Other Day. After A 3 Day Stay In Our Fridge, He Was Released To A Local Pond. Always Check Your Green Croak Lettuce!

Image credits: Zara Bailey

#24 About S*!# Myself Feeding The Pup This Morning. He Was Safely And Hilariously Relocated To The Garden, After Eating And Pooping His Weight In Dog Food. Hoping He Sticks Around To Eat All Da Bugs

Image credits: Lizzy De La Rosa

#25 Proper Technique Of Airing Out Privies

Image credits: Rebekah Hurd-Willis

#26 Thanks For The Add...first Time I Ever Got Flipped The Bird By A Duck

Image credits: Lori Hall

#27 Manatee Off My Dock! This Was My First Time Seeing One Of These. I Think They Are Lovely

Image credits: Trisha Crabtree Sadler

#28 I Was Thrilled To See An Owl Actually Moved Into The Owl House We Put Up A Few Months Ago. The Evicted Squirrel? Not So Thrilled

Image credits: Amy Warren

#29 They Are Not Suppposed To Be Able To Stand Up Like That

Image credits: Andrea Steis Wunderlich

#30 Guadaĺupe, Mexico 2017. "We'll Go Swimming With The Dolphins!" They Said. "It'll Be Fun!" They Said

Image credits: Mark Chatham

#31 I’ve Waited A Long Time For The Perfect Place To Unveil This Gem Of A Trail Camera Photo. Thrilled This Group Exists

Image credits: Nicole May Wilkinson

#32 A Friend’s Photo Of The Same Possum Looked So Cute, But Mine Just Turned Out Like This

Image credits: Hannah Fairbairn

#33 Mom! Don’t You Recognize Me? I’m One Of Your Cats!

Image credits: Leslie Kline Capelle

#34 I Planted Some Hawk Seeds Last Fall, I'm Glad One Came Up!

Image credits: Patti Ciccarelli

#35 Most Of The Crap Here Was In My Shorts!

Image credits: Adrian Wood

#36 Wet Squirrels Look Like Something From The Apocalypse. This Poor Guy Fell Out Of A Tree And Into Our Pool Just Moments Before

Image credits: Lisa Levitzky Currell

#37 Perfect Exposure? Great Focus? Worthy Of National Geographic? Crap Photo Of A Squirrel

Image credits: Michelle Gallacher

#38 One Minute Prior, I Left A Sandwich Unattended. *edited To Add That This Was In Leura, New South Wales

Image credits: Kristie Halverson

#39 This Celebratey Lady

Image credits: Michelle Em

#40 Hey Mr Krabs!! Don't Steal My 10 Bucks

Image credits: Candice Deskins

#41 My Son Sent This

Said baby squirrel fell out of nest into goat pen and the goat was spooked by the squirrel. My son didn’t know what tree he fell out of. He scooped baby up in shovel and baby called to mom. Mom answered back. So he knew which tree. He too baby in shovel next to tree. It clung to the tree. My son said he watched out the window of his home and mom came and got the baby. 

Image credits: Kim Ford

#42 I Give You The Glorious Manatee. Photo Taken By My Husband

Image credits: Connie Rhodes Alaniz

#43 "Alan!"

Image credits: Alyssa Jean

#44 My Apartment Ducks Just Had Babies! I Witnessed Them In The Act And Now I Get To See The Product!

Image credits: Bianca Wenzel

#45 At First, I Thought We'd Had A Tragedy In Our Garden. It Turns Out She Was Only Napping In The Sun! I've Never Seen A Bunny Do This!

Image credits: Toni Paxton

#46 Gissa Kiss

Image credits: Kevin Robert Burgess

#47 Throwback To When I Heard A Noise At My Window And It Was Him

Image credits: Maya Berger

#48 This Cicada’s Major Life Event Happened On Our Living Room Curtains:

Image credits: Tennessee Love

#49 Almost But Not Quite

Image credits: Kathy Jordan

#50 My Friend Sent Me This Photo And I Cannot Stop Laughing. Geese Just Wake Up Everyday And Chose Violence

Image credits: Austyn Grover

#51 Am I Doing This Right?

Image credits: Mandi Cook

#52 My 4-Year-Old... "Mom, There's A Squirrel Customer Outside And Um.. He's Freaking Out A Little Bit." Sliiiiiight Understatement

Image credits: Bridget Lynch

#53 Show Off

Image credits: Show off

#54 My Son And His Surprise Friend. He Said His Gift From God. He Loves Animals

Image credits: Samantha Wood Guenther

#55 What's Up - Chipmunk Butt!

Image credits: Meghan Rokita

#56 I Had A New Bird At The Feeder Tonight. Can Anyone Help Me Identify It?

Image credits: Bridgit Bryant

#57 I Think I Really Captured The Beautiful Texture Of Aspen Tree Bark

Image credits: Michael O'Malley

#58 We're Currently On Vacation In Colorado And I Tried For An Hour To Capture A Photo Of A Singing Fish. This Was The Best I Could Do, But It Was Too Windy To Hear What Song It Was Singing

Image credits: Ray Troumbly

#59 This Is Stone Cold Steve Possum, Whom I Very Quickly Discovered Was "Stevie" When She Brought Her Tummy Pouch Full Of Bébés To Dinner

Image credits: Ashley Brundage

#60 Sigh. Thanks

Image credits: Vicki Turcott

#61 Charging Rhino, Kaziranga Natl Park, India. Hands Holding Camera Shaking Too Much, And Almost Peed My Pants

Image credits: Susan E. Smith

#62 This My Friends Is How I Almost Pooped My Pants This Morning

Image credits: Emma Atticus Harper

#63 After Several Frightened Screams Of “Wtf Is That??!!!” May I Present Our New Office Mascot Name Suggestions Welcome !

Image credits: Devon Keeliher

#64 Man In Bird Suit Or Cormorant, Can't Even Remember Were This Pic Came From On My Phone Scrolled Down And There It Was,couldn't Stop Laughing So Here It Is For You

Image credits: Dean Webber

#65 Look At These Gams!

Image credits: Terry Thea Carlson

#66 Possum Checking Out The Bouquet Of My Rose

Image credits: Carly Smith

#67 I Think This Bird Outgrew His Pants

Image credits: Christine Connerly

#68 Y,all, A $&@& Lizard Ran Up My Arm And Hid In My $&@$ Hair! Thank Goodness My Camp Mate Was On Hand To Take Crap Wildlife Pictures. Of A Lizard Tangled In My Hair! *hyperventilates*

Image credits: Stella Marie Lopez

#69 Go Enjoy The Pond They Said. It Will Be Fun They Said

Image credits: Kristen Vinson

#70 Window Pains

Image credits: Ali Rose

#71 This Dolphin Tail Is Really Just A Mustache Of The Sea

Image credits: Sarah Bourque

#72 Checked My Possum Box To See If It Needed Cleaning Because Poop, But I Don't Think The Current Occupant Appreciated It Very Much And He Looks Thoroughly Done With My Crap

Image credits: Micky Anderson

#73 Was Out In The Yard... Bent Down To Smell This Rose And Take A Picture. It Wasn't Until After I Got Up That I Noticed "The Punisher" Just Waiting

Image credits: Barbara Bracke

#74 **warning** Wholesome Content Ahead

So April of 2020 we moved into our cottage. I was unpacking and I cleaned out a kitty litter box and set it outside to dry. We had a pop up rainstorm and the box filled with water. I left it to take care of the next day. The next day, I went outside and there was a small leopard frog in the water that had collected from the rain. There are no other water sources around for a good ways so I thought I would let it chill there. 3 days went by and it was obvious that this frog had made this water filled litter box it’s new home. I took this knowledge and went straight to Lowe’s to purchase a large laundry tub thing. I dug into the ground 2 feet down in the blaring Mississippi sun. I bought stones to decorate around the “pond” and some tropical plants for shade. Also added a huge piece of driftwood for decoration and a piece of 2x6 for shade & protection (currently building a cute little rope bridge) and made it very appealing to said teeny frog. Teeny frog loved it so much that it lived there for right at a year. Teeny frog got HUGE!! She had a roommate for a little while but i guess that didn’t work out. She made it through winter like a champ but disappeared about 3 weeks ago. Fast forward to today. I come home and walked over to the area because I bought a new plant to put over there and as soon as I got near, about 5-6 more teeny frogs scurried into the water. My friend may be gone but she left a legacy behind They are quite difficult to photograph (I’ll post a few photos of her in the comments to keep with the rules of the group) 

Image credits: Shelley Hamlett

#75 I'm Sure Y'all Can Think Of A Good Caption For This Pole Dancing Raccoon

Image credits: Donna Keener

#76 Spotted While Hanging In My Hammock Out Back

Image credits: Kristin Becker

#77 Snapped This Pic At Niagara Falls A Few Years Ago

Image credits: Jennifer Sterna

#78 Hmmmm.... That's Not The Family Dog. Big Boi

Image credits: Steph Lockwood

#79 So Annoyed With This Photo Bombing!

Image credits: Maria Whitehead

#80 I Think She’s Taunting Me...

Image credits: Grasyn Black

#81 When Turkeys Attack...

Image credits: Tristan DeVore

#82 Aw... Aren’t They All So Cute?

Image credits: Nigel Grebert

#83 Fawn Had The Zoomies

Image credits: Janet Rollis Hogan

#84 Hellooo

Image credits: Kelsey Šraděja

#85 It Figures That The One Time In My Life I Can Get Close Enough To A Cardinal To Get A Good Shot, It Would Be This Guy

Image credits: Dawn Doherty

#86 Beached Loggerhead On My Island Today. Jeep For Scale

Image credits: Rebecca Buckner Carbis

#87 Behold The 4-Eye Brown Fish Owl. My Uncle Shot This Unique Species In Hong Kong

Image credits: Sannie Tang

#88 This Is The Shortest Giraffe In Africa. It Was A Privilege To Get A Picture Of It

Image credits: Kirsten Brix Jacobvitz

#89 He Went Thadda Way!

Image credits: Jacqui Bartlett

#90 Don't You Agree That A Heron Is Beautiful? Perfect Curves Of The Wings And Feathers, The Graceful Neck, The Slim Legs

Image credits: Dimitri Peil

#91 Thought You’d Appreciate This Guy Saying Hello

Image credits: Éva Lilla Fröschl

#92 Somebody Doesn’t Like Where I Put The Security Camera

Image credits: Stacy Schneider

#93 A Family Of Geese Came Over To Me When I Was Sitting In The Park, I Took A Photo Of A Cute Gosling, When I Viewed My Photos I Was Disappointed That It Was Blurry... My Daughter Said “I’ve Got An App That Sharpens Photos” I Tried It And Well... See For Yourself... Wtf!! I’ll Be Having Nightmares Tonight! I’ll Stick With The Original

Image credits: Michelle Gallacher

#94 He's Going The Distance He's Going For S P E E D

Image credits: Rachel Lewis

#95 There Was A Bee On The Other Side Of The Glass…he Seemed Worthy Of A Close Up

Image credits: Kris Compagno

#96 Duck!

Image credits: Brenda Priddy

#97 Sad Toad Was Stuck. I Was Able To Very Gently Pry Him Free, But He Sure Is A Cutie

Image credits: Melinda Zingery Anderson

#98 I've Been Going To The Beach On The Oregon Coast For Decades, And I've Never Been Lucky Enough To Find One Of These Guys. Imagine, If You Will, A 40 Year Old Man Excitedly Exclaiming, "My God, It's An Opalescent Nudibranch!" I Then Proceeded To Find The Absolute Perfect Angle To Completely Mute It's Neon Coloring

Image credits: Eli Wood

#99 It Was 4am, I'm Squatting In A Bush Using The She-Wee Into A Bottle, And A Reindeer Runs Past My Pee Spot. Glad The Exposure Is *perfect*. Totally Worth Falling Into A Puddle Of My Own Urine

Image credits: Sa Rah

#100 My Dad Is Getting Ready To Board An Aircraft Carrier And Got A Ring Alert For Motion. This Is Not What He Was Expecting To See

Image credits: April Musser Brand

#101 Hey! That Is For People!

Image credits: Darren McNabb

#102 What Did He Say?

Image credits: Alex Ewert

#103 Flipped The Yard Light On At 4am And Found This

Image credits: Christina Gill

#104 It's All About..timing !!!

Image credits: Jerry Hogan

#105 Nailed It! Prints Are Available

Image credits: Chris Clay

#106 Exactly What I Was Going For

Image credits: Dan Gerous

#107 A Rare Sighting Of The Junk-Mail Mouse

Image credits: Gus Pickett

#108 Na Na Na Na Na

Image credits: Gwen Nance

#109 I Was Investigating If There Were Rats In A Property, My Masters Degree In Photography Paid For Itself With This Masterpiece. The Answer Was Yes

Image credits: Craig Spot Maldoon Hardie

#110 For Your Consideration: The Embodiment Of Beauty And Perfection, In The Form Of North America’s Most Graceful Wood Duck

Image credits: Stace Stus

#111 This Spicy Road Bump Forced Me To Take Time Out Of My Day To Scooch Him Across The Road. He Paid Me Back By Attempting To Amputate A Finger For Free

Image credits: Faith Hageman

#112 Trail Cam With Broken Seal So Permanent Water In The Lens But Still Got This

Image credits: David Carlson

#113 We Were Doing A Fun Hike Around A Lake When My 4 Year Old Says "Look Mom, The Ducks Are Going For A Ride"

Image credits: Tabby McCleskey

#114 Nsfw. Gratuitous Duck Butt

Image credits: Jessica Locklier

#115 Wild Burros Do Not Pose Well

Image credits: Crash Powell

#116 Went Birdwatching, But Found This Furry Little Bandit Instead

Image credits: Maggi Berwind-Dart

#117 Please Score This Dismount, And The Reasons Why

Image credits: Andrea Aultman

#118 A Two Headed Seagull. Rarely Seen

Image credits: Julie Penfold

#119 I Don't Care For The Way This Fish Is Looking At Me

Image credits: Rebecca Gladden Shapard

#120 Nearly Great

Image credits: Beth McJruy

#121 Zoomed In All The Way From Across The Field. Cute Little Guys

Image credits: Dallas Tinsman

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This Facebook Group Is All About Poor Wildlife Photos And They Are So Bad They’re Good (121 New Pics)


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