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10 things every cheat does in a relationship

.becomes secretive

In situations whereby he or she usually leaves their Phone unlocked and are comfortable when the other party holds it,they begin to put their phones on lock and do not answer calls in your presence anymore,they don’t tell you where they are headed to unlike before and they want to go out alone most of the times.

2.become forgetful

They don’t remember the little things about you anymore,things that matter to you,like what you like,your favourite tv show and movie,that favourite restaurant,they become less concern about this things and tend to forget them,they will give flimsy excuses as to why they forgot

3.becomes a narcacist

They don’t seek your opinion anymore,they suddenly develop the right to do when they like and how they want,your opinion doesn’t count anymore,every decision is done and made on their terms.

4.becomes less affectionate

Where they tend to buy you gifts,shower you with compliments,serve you breakfast in bed,kiss you at every opportunity they get,it abruptly comes to a stop,they don’t want to spend time with you anymore,sex now becomes boring as it is straight to the point,no foreplay,you are both now fucking and not making love.

5.becomes irritated by what you do

You don’t please himor her anymore,your activities become boring for him or her,when you try to help out or please him or her,they get irritated and feels choked,they suddenly need more spacs and alone time,they want to do things on his own,they requires your help no more.

6.flirts with everyone

When you go out to events or have visitors over,he or she starts to charm the opposite sex around and passes compliment to every moving skirt or shorts,he or she doesn’t have time for you in this functions and prefer the company of other gender.

7.gets defensive

When you try to point out a wrong to them,they always have an excuse or a reason ready,they are never wrong and they begin to feel you complain a lot

8.become very nice

For some more deceitful spouse,they become very nice to you to throw you off their tracks,they make you feel loved and tell you sweet words so you don’t suspect a thing,when they start to act all nice and generous towards you,something might be up

9.tell more lies

They begin to lie to you often to cover their tracks,even when you are unto them and catch them in the act of a lie,they cover up with more lies.

10. the women start to nag all the time

The women start to look for any opportunity to pick a fight with you and giv you a piece of their mind20171229_070749 10 things every cheat does in a relationship

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10 things every cheat does in a relationship


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