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Kids Aced These These Test Questions But Only A Few Adults Can Answer Them Correctly

Logic puzzles are very common, especially in entrance exams. Many schools include these puzzles to test the intelligence of students who want to enroll with them. But did you know they’re not that easy? Although children can almost immediately find the answers, many adults have trouble answering them. Take a look at some of these puzzles below and try your best to answer them correctly.

#1. Is this even possible

Answer: Visualize 29 in Roman digits. It will look like this: XXIX. Get rid of I and only XXX will remain which is 30 in Arabic system.

#2. This numerical pyramid is a brain teaser.

Answer: D = 1345; E = 2440.
First, add the numbers in the bottom line: 198 + 263 = 461.
You’ll notice that the number you got is higher than the one above: 461 > 446.
Subtract these numbers: 461 — 446 = 15.
If you check the rest of the pyramid, you’ll get 15 in each case.

#3. Sweet but puzzling

There are 50 chocolate candies in the box. 30 of them come with caramel filling, 25 with coconut, 10 of them are two-flavored candies with caramel and coconut, and the rest of them are just chocolate candies with no filling.

Question: Which diagram reflects the box of chocolates correctly?

Answer: The answer is diagram B. Here’s how:
How many caramel candies are there in the box? 30 — 10 = 20.
And how many coconut candies are there? 25 — 10 = 15.
Now you have an idea regarding the number of plain chocolate candies in the box! 50 — (20 + 15 +10) = 5.

#4. This not so stupid villager

Visitors to a scenic mountain village were often amused by the village idiot. When offered a choice between a shiny 50-cent piece and a crumpled $5 bill, he would always happily choose the half-dollar. The bill was worth ten times as much, so why did he never choose it?

#5. Find the missing parking lot number

Answer: Turn the parking lot upside down and you’ll know the answer.

#6. The missing Buttman

Answer: 9th in the 7th row.

#7. Can you guess which way the bus is driving?

Answer: To the left because the door is on the other side

#8. This puzzling four-digit numbers

The answer: 2581 = 2. Try to count the number of circles in each 4-digit number. For example, 6 has one circle, 8 has 2 of them, and 6889 has 6

Who would’ve thought kids’ logic puzzles could be so difficult? They may seem like a piece of cake to kids but for adults, well, they’re torture!

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Kids Aced These These Test Questions But Only A Few Adults Can Answer Them Correctly


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