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NEWS: Updates, Real World Monster News, Episode 10

There was a delay due to occupational circumstances but we have a relatively small but cool news post for you this week. This post we're also including a news item featuring something on a real world news update that the creator believed would be a cool addition to have.


Not much in the way of updates this week aside from the fact that the Monster Archive has been updated with THREE new additions. So those of you who love learning more about the monsters which populate Shogun where ROM takes place, swing on by there and get your fill of these amazing creatures.

So it's no secret that the creator of ROM has a love for creatures from all sources, especially those in the world of Cryptozoology (aka the Study of Unknown Animals). That being said there was a major announcement in that field of study. Evidently after being declared extinct 80 years ago, new evidence in the form of CREDIBLE sightings have emerged that has spurred the Australian scientific community to launch a ambitious investigation into the possibility of the Thylacine (better known as the Tasmanian Tiger) may actually not be gone after all.
The Thylacines were a canine like marsupial that lived at the top of the food chain on their homeland of Tasmania and southern parts of Australia. Sadly when the apex predators began munching consistently on the local livestock a bounty was placed Tigers' heads and hunters had all but wiped out the animals' population. Leaving only a handful left alive in captivity, the last of which passed away in the 1930s which had the animal declared extinct. Since then however there have been numerous accounts of people claiming to have encountered the animal alive and well in the bush. A few even managed to capture a fleeting image of the animals on film but nothing indistinguishable.
Now after a sudden rash of sightings from credible witnesses, the James Cook University will be conducting a massive search in Queensland, Australia using no less than 50 camera-traps in a bold attempt to capture footage of the animal. The search, lead by Dr Sandra Abell of the University, will be conducted in the hopes of proving or debunking the sightings. If they can't capture a photo of the animal they can at least offer up some explanation as to what it is that people might be seeing, as well as getting a better understanding in general of the area. With such a full scale active investigation it is most certainly an exciting time and hopes are high that this magnificent animal is indeed alive and well!


That's right! As of last night in fact, Realm Of Monsters has garnered over 2000 Page Views! Considering it took less than a month to reach this milestone when it took almost 2 months to cross the thousand mark, it's a truly exciting notion that so many people are enjoying this series. Speaking on behalf of the ROM Team, we are so grateful that you, the readers have been enjoying and supporting this blog series!


So to wrap up the news as always, here are some updates and the official preview for this week's Episode. Firstly we would like to point out that Episode 10 will be posted on WEDNESDAY, April 5th at 930 PM/EST. We do apologize for the delay for once again this was caused by occupational circumstances on the creators part. However he does wish to express that this week's episode is his favorite one thus far and believes that it will make up for the wait!
With all said and done we leave you with the preview for Episode 10 and wishing you all a wonderful week! 

After a long journey, Ken, Argo and Vanessa reached the fork in their adventure. Going their seperate ways to complete their first official hunt, Argo ventures to the western area of the Rokai Mountains to seek out a village besieged by a Troll. However after locating the village, the Recruit finds that defeating the Troll may not be the true goal of his mission...

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NEWS: Updates, Real World Monster News, Episode 10


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