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Play Safe Rules

Play Safe Rules


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What are Bouncy Castles?

Bouncy castles are inflatable structures that are rented for certain occasions, especially children-like events. They are mostly used for recreational purposes for children and it has become a very needed feature when you are talking about children’s parties. Whenever it is introduced in parties, it is something that a lot of people are often interesting in going into, but the thing is that most of them, especially the children do not know the safety tips that accompany the use of this equipment. Because of this, they are often prone to a lot of accidents and injuries that may or may not be very serious. This is the reason why this article was written. To guide you on the various tips you should know before you go to go on certain rides like this. They are very important and they should be taking into serious consideration.
Let’s dive in.

Let a grown-up monitor the kids.

Yes. This is very important. While you are using the bouncy castle, you must let a grown-up person monitor your kid or the other children in there. If it is your party, you need to assign someone that would take care and monitor these kids as they go in and come out from there. It is very risky to leave your child all by themselves in this place because they are very prone to accidents. Once there is someone there to monitor them, they will mind how they play inside there and they will be very careful in anything they are doing while they are playing.

Allow them to play by age groups.

This is one of the most important things you need to know before you allow your child to play inside a bouncy castle. You have to always ensure that the child is playing with children of the same age group or the same height. If you are the organizer of the party, you have to also make sure of this too. When children are playing with peers of the same age or the same height, there will be fewer accidents in the castles and there will not be a case where the bigger children will overshadow and occupy space for the smaller children. If you place your child with bigger children, your child may get cramped up and eventually suffocate.

Look closely for sharp objects in the castles.

This is very important. Before you allow your child or any child to enter into the bouncy castle, you have to ensure that there are no sharp objects present in the castle. In most cases, children often enter these bouncy castles with quite a few sharp items with them intentionally or unintentionally and when they are going out, they often leave small parts of these sharp items that may be dangerous to other kids. It may also be the fault of the supplier of the castle. While inflating or deflating the castle, certain objects may enter the castles which may harm the kids. You must ensure that the place is rid of all materials before the kid’s entry.

Do not place your child in overcrowded bouncy castles.

This is also very important. When you see that a bouncy castle is filled up with so many children, please ensure that you do not place your child inside there. As a parent, you need to always wait for the bouncy castle to get de-congested before you allow your child to enter. If you are the organizer, you have to always set a limit for the number of people that would enter your bouncy castle to avoid congestion. When the place is congested, the children will feel compressed and if it is not taken care of, it will lead to suffocation. This should be taken very seriously.

Ensure that there are impact absorbing mats present at the side of the castle.

Before you allow your child to enter the bouncy castle or before you hire one, you have to ensure that the bouncy castles are protected with impact-absorbing mats at the side of the castle. These mats are very important. In case you may be asking why they protect your child from all forms of side impact that may affect the child. When your child jumps so vigorously, he or she may lead to land on the surface of the walls. If these walls are not impact-absorbing, it may be very dangerous for your child. What you need to do it that you have to ensure these mats are in place to adequate protection.

Ensure that the bouncy castles are anchored properly.

This is another important tip that you have to take into consideration before you let your child into bouncy castles anywhere. You have to check if the bouncy castles are properly mounted on the ground to prevent any form of misplacement while children are jumping vigorously. As the party organizer, you have to also take note of this too. After your rental company as mount this bouncy castle, you need to make sure that it is mounted properly otherwise, that entire environment will not be safe for the children. This safety tip is very important because the rental company may not pay attention to this detail. You must ensure that you check it yourself.

Mind the kind of flips that the children do inside there.

These days, children have a lot of ways that they play. In most cases, these ways are seen as very dangerous and can cause harm to impact. In the bouncy castles, children often what to do flips. As they play rigorously, they are often tempted to do dangerous flips that may cause serious problems if the hit someone during the performance. To avoid this, ensure that you monitor the children and how they play inside these bouncy castles. Always ensure that their plays are not too rough and violent and when they are doing flips, make sure that they do not have any obstacles behind them.

Limit the number of adults.

Bouncy castles are for kids unless stated other wise, if you hire a kids bouncy castle they are strictly for them. It is very wrong to allow adults to play in this bouncy castle because they will put the smaller ones at risk. Whenever there is an adult or adults in there, do not allow your children to go in because they may be compressed. Always make sure that the adult is probably a guardian or one of the personnel in charge of securing the bouncy castles. Adults above 25 years old are not permitted to stay inside this place because they will make these children very uncomfortable.


So, there you have it. These are 8 safety tips you should take into consideration whenever you are taking your child to an event where there is a bouncy castle or you’re the organizer of a children’s event where bouncy castles are present. All these tips listed above are to be taken into serious consideration if you do not want any mishap to happen while mounting, playing or allowing your child to play in these bouncy castles.

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Play Safe Rules


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