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How To Set Up A Bouncy Castle Hire Business

When it comes to owning a Bouncy Castle Hire business, it requires time and planning in order to get it right. One of the great things about bouncing castle business is not just the money you get from it but it brings a lot of happiness to adults, children and their parents. If you own the business as well as all the types of equipment included, then you’ve saved the franchising fee as well as licensing rights.

One of the reasons why a bouncing castles hire business is lucrative to set up is that children have birthdays every day if the year and they love fun and bouncing which means their parents would look forward to getting them that. Bouncy castles are the perfect addition to a party and fit right in the backyard. Even the climate can have no effect on the hiring of a castle as during the summer and autumn, you can always set it up outside and during the winter or spring, you can always joy got the church hall or the community hall to accommodate the castle.

In order to run a vibrant bouncy castle hire business, before assured that you do not have to give up or suffer your full-time occupation or other jobs you might be having. A bonus is that you do not need a large capital to invest in the business. There are a lot of ways to get into the hire business and breaking the bank doesn’t have to be one of them. This is why we have compiled this list to help you with your bouncy castle business.

1. Research

Research is the very first step you want to take when you begin just about anything and a bouncy castle business is one of them. It is the basic fundamental part of your bouncy castle hire business and you do not want to overlook it. If you get this part right as an entrepreneur, chances are you would get the rest of it right. Knowing more about the business you’re going into gives you a better edge.

You also need to give yourself a brand name, a logo and all the things that distinguish you from another business. This is necessary to make it easier for people to remember you. You need to do this in order to get more customers and reliability. Finding the right pricing, the kind of inflatables to buy, the ones best for each kind and age of a person matters.

2. Health & Safety

Not everyone understands how important this is at first when starting up a bouncy castle business as they are all too concerned about something else. However, it is a very important aspect of this business and should be thought of appropriately.

When it comes to health and the safety of bouncy castles, it should never be overlooked for any reason. It is not just a business routine but a matter of principle. If your castles are safe at all times and there are no casualties, you are sure that your business would flourish. You can have better connections as well as relationships with companies and organizations because they understand just how trustworthy you are.

It is without question that inflatables can be very dangerous when they are installed incorrectly. This is a reason why as an owner, you need to have a piece of great knowledge on your inflatable and the ways to use and operate it. It is very useful when you expand your business as you would get asked a lot of important questions regarding the health and safety Of your customers.

These documents can include public liability insurance, risk assessment, method statements, inflatable test certificates and so much more. As a business owner, you have to provide these documents to your clients to ensure good safety measures taken.

3. Getting Customers

When you are done with all the legal and required paperwork, what you need to do next is finding customers. You have a business name, a designed logo, and a good pricing structure. Breaking into the market only seems like the next step. There are quite a number of ways to find people who would hire your inflatables. Thanks to the fast-moving digital market, you don’t have to go through all the hassle of traditional marketing except you want to.

All you have to do is build an online presence and get a following, do the required amount of paid and free adverts and you’re good to go. There are quite a lot of options to choose from such as business cards, flyers, and leaflets. Your online presence can be on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can also get SEO content for your website.

4. Limit Your Setbacks

There a lot of ways you can do this such as getting good manufacture for one reason or another. You can either spend on inflatables that can last a long time and are a bit more expensive or buy cheaper ones that don’t last that long. Keeping your stock for longer is a good way to saving a lot of cash in the long run.

Always make sure you make the best decisions at s times and remember you need quality over quantity any time and work with that. This makes you a more reliable client when customers are in need of a bouncy castle.

You should also know that erecting your inflatables at a wind speed which is over 24 mph is never advisable and can lead to a lot of accidents.
and is where most serious accidents happen.

5. Plan Plan Plan

If you do not plan, you would get overwhelmed and you might think of quitting. During the weekends, you might get a lot of clients or even during particular seasons such as summer. This can make you feel very overwhelmed and overworked at the same time and it might seem to be happening too quickly all at once. Coupled with the fact that these inflatables can be very heavy and bulky to move from a place to another which can lead to injuries if there isn’t proper care.

This is why you need to give the right price for hiring a piece of equipment to ensure your success. A good hire rate will allow us to take on people to help especially in delivery and pay them adequately. This can also be the breakthrough of an expansion.


This article was written to help you start your own bouncy castle hire business and how you can go from a start-up to success. Many people think it’s an easy money business but it requires its own work and strategy in order to work. Just like any other business out there, start-ups can require a lot of work.

Do not let the articles which glorify this industry to make you a lot more laid back thinking it is an easy ride. It can have its rewards coupled with the fact it is fantastic but to achieve this, you need to put in work and effort. These tips can help you gain good grounds so why not start your bouncy castle hire business today?

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How To Set Up A Bouncy Castle Hire Business


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