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Nazi looting organisations: the so-called KUNSTSCHUTZ in the Art Looting Investigation Red Flag Names

GERMANYBrunner, Dr. Member of Kunstschutz, Brussels.Kunstschutz
GERMANYBunjes, Dr Hermann. Fell, near Trier. Served during the occupation of France as Referent fur Kunstschutz und Kultur under the German military command in Paris, and was Director of the Deutsche Kunsthistorische Forschungsstaette (German Fine Arts Institute), Paris. Goering’s first personal art agent in France during the occupation. Closely connected with the activities of the ERR and author of the official German Government paper of 18 August 1942 replying to the official French protests against the ‘safeguarding ‘ of ownerless Jewish art properties in occupied France. Extradition requested by French Government.Kunstschutz
GERMANYBusley, Dr Josef. Member of Kunstschutz, responsible for Angers and Bordeaux areas. Worked with Zimmermann and Metternich.Kunstschutz
GERMANYDegenhart, Dr Bernard. Member of ERR Central Department and in April 1945 of the Kunstschutz in Italy, where he worked with Dr Ringler and Professor Bruhns. Also worked in Holland with Dienststelle Muehlmann.Kunstschutz
GERMANYEvers, (Major) Prof Hans Gerhard. Professor in Munich. Member of Kunstschutz. Worked briefly for the ERR in Paris, 1941. Became head of Kunstschutz in Rome in 1943, succeeding von Tieschowitz. In Allied custody (Italy), May 1945.Kunstschutz
GERMANYFeldhusen, Lt. Member of Kunstschutz, Italy. Reported to have taken two Cranachs from Olivete, which he gave to Langsdorff.Kunstschutz
GERMANYFrodl, Dr Walter. Kunstschutz official, Italy. Reported to have sent confiscated property from Trieste to Klagenfurt Museum. Worked with Frau Erika Hanfstaengl.Kunstschutz
GERMANYGreiner, General. Member of Kunstschutz, Italy. Reported responsible for removal of several art deposits in Italy.Kunstschutz
GERMANYHampe, Dr. Member, Kunstschutz for Crete and Salonika. Worked with Dr Jansen.Kunstschutz
GERMANYHanfstaengl, Frau Dr Erika. Munich or Berlin. Member of Kunstschutz for Italy. In charge of operations at Udine and Venezia Giulia. In touch with Himmler, Dr Frodl and Maria Dietrich.Kunstschutz
GERMANYHoermann, Dr. Member of Kunstschutz, France. Responsible for St Germain area. Worked with Dr Kuetgens and Metternich.Kunstschutz
GERMANYKalnein, Prof Count. Member of Kunstschutz in France. Worked with Dr Kuetgens.Kunstschutz
GERMANYKirsten, Dr (alias Alt). Member of Kunstschutz, Athens, 1941-44.Kunstschutz
GERMANYKoehn, Lt Dr Heinz. Assistant to Rosemann in Kunstschutz, Brussels.Kunstschutz
GERMANYKraiker, Major Dr W. Head of Kunstschutz, Athens.Kunstschutz
GERMANYKroenig, Dr Wolfgang. Member of Kunstschutz, Belgium.Kunstschutz
GERMANYKrueger, Oberst. Commander of 71st Infantry Regiment and member of German Kunstschutz in Italy. Reported responsible for return of Oliveto deposit to Florence and connected with attempted theft of the Cranach Adam and Eve.Kunstschutz
GERMANYKuetgens, Dr Felix. Aachen, Heinrichsallee 18. Member of Kunstschutz, Paris. Mentioned as also in charge of Kunstschutz in Serbia and Greece. Assisted by Wuester in art purchases in Paris.Kunstschutz
GERMANYLang, Dr Gottfried. Reported archival adviser to Kunstschutz in Italy after January 1944.Kunstschutz
GERMANYLangsdorff, Dr Alexander Dietrich. German archaeologist and one of the heads of Kunstschutz in Italy, 1043-44. Reported responsible for the removal of Florentine collections to German territory against the wishes of Italian authorities. In Allied custody, Italy, June 1945.Kunstschutz
GERMANYMerveldt, Count. German painter, reported to have been active in Kunstschutz, Rome. Not known to be involved in any looting.Kunstschutz
GERMANYMetternich, Prof Count Franz Wolff. Bonn, Blucherstrasse 2. Appointed in May 1940 by the German High Command as Director of Kunstschutz for France. In 1942, placed in charge of all Kunstschutz activities in France, the Netherlands, the Balkans and Italy. Universally regarded as having acted at all times with complete integrity, and as having shown the greatest sense of responsibility for the preservation of works of art. Opposed vigorously all German efforts to confiscate art of the occupied countries.Kunstschutz
GERMANYMoebius, Prof Dr Hans. Member of Prehistory and Archaeological Section of Kunstschutz, Paris (1940-41), with rank of Oberleutnant. Reported captured in Normandy, June 1944.Kunstschutz
GERMANYMoltke, Lt Dr Count J Wolfgang. Reported to have been Referent fur Kunstschutz for Belgium.Kunstschutz
GERMANYNeuffer, Dr Edward. Archaeologist from Bonn; reported head of Prehistory and Archaeological Section, Kunstschutz, Paris (1940-41).Kunstschutz
GERMANYPfitzner, Dr Carl Heinz. Bonn, Koblenzstr 36 (1936). Member of Kunstschutz, Paris, 1940-41. Reported to have been connected with the seizure of the Wildenstein collection.Kunstschutz
GERMANYPohl, Max. Assistant to Prof Karl Schmidt of Kunstschutz in NE France, stationed at Lille (1940-44).Kunstschutz
GERMANYReidemeister, Prof (Lt Col). Deputy Director of Kunstschutz, Italy. Responsible for the removal to German territory of Florentine art collections.Kunstschutz
GERMANYRosemann, Prof Dr Heinz Rudolf. German art historian in charge of Kunstschutz in Belgium. Concerned with protection of Michelangelo’s Virgin and Child, but reported not involved in its removal.Kunstschutz
GERMANYSchleiermacher, Dr Wilhelm. Archaeologist, member of the Kunstschutz organisation for France (Prehistoric and Archaeological Section), 1940-41.Kunstschutz
GERMANYSchmidt, Dr Karl. Tubingen, Waldhauserstrasse 43. Director of Kunstschutz in Northern France and Pas de Calais area (1940-44). Reported to have sent members of the ERR to the museum at Lille in 1942 to remove works of art.Kunstschutz
GERMANYSchnath, Dr Georg. Archivist on Kunstschutz staff in Paris until 1944. Reported to have returned to Berlin archives removed to Paris by Napoleon.Kunstschutz
GERMANYvon Schoenebeck, Dr Hans Ulrich. German specialist on classical art. Reported Director of Kunstschutz for Greece (1941-43). Reported in Paris with rank of Major (1944).Kunstschutz
GERMANYSchroeder, Prof Dr Hans Friedrich. Lubeck, St Anne Museum Lubeck, Schwartaner Allee 7. Reported Director of the Kunstschutz organisation for Russia.Kunstschutz
GERMANYStange, Dr Alfred. Bonn University. 1935, member of Board of Directors of German Institute for History of Art in Paris. Assisted by Prof Hamann on the Photographic Commission. Member of Kunstschutz for France. Worked with Dr Hannema and Dr C Roell. Reported to have acquired tapestries for Goering, and to have been in touch with Rosenberg and Bunjes.Kunstschutz
GERMANYvon Tieschowitz, Baron Bernhard. Griefswald, Georgenstrasse 6. Deputy chief of Kunstschutz under Metternich, and succeeded as director in Italy 1943. Pre-war record as founder of the Marburg History of Art Institute. Lecturer on scientific photography and not a Nazi. With Metternich, opposed vigorously organised confiscation proceedings in France and Italy and was consistently conscientious in his efforts to protect the art treasures of the occupied countries from destruction and looting.Kunstschutz
GERMANYTintelnot. Reported assistant to Prof Dagobert Frey in Kunstschutz, Cracow.Kunstschutz
GERMANYTurner, Dr Harold. Used the Kunstschutz organisation, Paris, for early confiscation of Jewish property, in collaboration with Goering. But Hofer, Angerer, and Fritz Schmidt in touch with repositories where Jewish collections were stored.Kunstschutz
GERMANYUnger, Dr. Reported connected with ERR and to have been assisted by the Kunstschutz in Italy.Kunstschutz
GERMANYVollmer, Dr Bernhard. Dusseldorf. Director of State archives, DŸsseldorf. Archivist of Kunstschutz, Brussels.Kunstschutz
GERMANYWerner, Joachim. Prehistorian. Professor of Archaeology, Strasbourg University (1943). Also active with Kunstschutz in Belgium.Kunstschutz
GERMANYWirth, Dr Hans Ulrich. Fuesson, Bavaria. Art historian and photographer. Member of Kunstschutz and later ERR, Paris. Worked with Stange, Hamann and Schiedlausky.Kunstschutz
GERMANYZimmermann, Dr Ernst Heinrich. Nuremberg. Director, Germanic National Museum, Nuremberg. Reported in charge of Dijon and Bordeaux areas for Kunstschutz, France, 1940-43.Kunstschutz
GERMANYZobel. Administrative officer in the Kunstschutz, Italy, reported to have taken two Cranachs, Adam and Eve, from Oliveto to Verona, where they were delivered to the Director of the Pitti Gallery. Reported also responsible for the transfer of the Gordon Craig Theatrical Archives from Verona to Alt Aussee, 1944.Kunstschutz


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Nazi looting organisations: the so-called KUNSTSCHUTZ in the Art Looting Investigation Red Flag Names


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