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We are Dave, Jen, and Sora, aka the Long Haul Trekkers from Portland, Oregon, USA. Follow along on our journey as we cycle the world with our dog.
It all happened when I met Charlie. I fell for him immediately.  He was fun, handsome, engaging, and loved to eat and play–a welcome change to what I’m used to. … Read More
The first step in successful training a dog is through clear communication. In order to do this, we teach the dog a set of marker words that pair a sound or word to a behavior through classi… Read More
Sitka and I recently spent a few days exploring some of the dog-friendly winter activities in Spokane, Washington with Visit Spokane. Despite growing up in Washington, I had never really… Read More
7 Reasons To Muzzle Train Your Dog
If your dog isn’t a bite risk, why would you ever need to muzzle train your dog? Because muzzles rock. Truly.  They have a poor connotation associated with aggressive dogs… Read More
9 Reasons To Avoid The Dog Park
Knowing what I know now about dog socialization, the dog park is a place I avoid entirely, unless I’m sticking to the outside to work on training. The purpose of dog parks is to cre… Read More
A Dog Friendly Guide To El Paso
I partnered with to bring you this dog-friendly guide to El Paso El Paso, Texas sits in the westernmost corner of the state, squeezed in between the border with New Mexico and Mex… Read More
A Dog Friendly Guide To Yosemite
I partnered with to bring you this dog-friendly guide to Yosemite National Park. Yosemite was California’s first national park and is a designated UNESCO World Heritage site… Read More
10 Dog Stocking Stuffer Ideas Fo
Need some dog stocking stuffer ideas for your adventure pup? I’ve put together a great list of unique items that will enhance your outdoor excursions with your favorite four-legged pal… Read More
A Dog Friendly Guide To Lake Tahoe
Lake Tahoe is the most-visited national forest in California and one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Sierra Nevada. This dog-friendly guide to Lake Tahoe will reveal the best… Read More
Over the years, I have learned much of what I know about dogs from my favorite social media platform, Instagram. When I was struggling with Laila’s training, I was introduced to the wo… Read More
A Dog Friendly Guide To Jackson Hole
One of the draws of Jackson Hole, WY is its proximity to National Parks like Yellowstone and Grand Tetons. Of course, if you travel with a dog, like I do, then visiting the parks becomes a b… Read More
9 E-Collar Training Myths: Busted
Like many, I once believed that e-collar training was cruel. I thought positive reinforcement was the only right way to train a dog, until I had Laila. As much as I learned and worked with h… Read More
Dog Mom’s Day Etsy Gift Guide
Dogs count as children when it comes to Mother’s Day, right? In my book, absolutely. In fact, Dog Mom’s Day is even now a national holiday, celebrated the second Saturday in May… Read More
Dog Car Safety Harness
This post was done in partnership with Kurgo, a dog product company who has spent years perfecting the design for their gear, including the safety items mentioned today. I don’t just w… Read More
Benefits Of CBD Oil For Active Dogs
The popularity of CBD Oil for dogs has surged in recent years since the passage of the Farm Bill in 2018. The bill legalized CBD derived from hemp containing no more than 0.3% THC.  Wit… Read More
10 Essentials For Hiking With Dogs
In 2017, a fire ripped through the Columbia River Gorge, leaving 153 hikers stranded overnight six miles into the Eagle Creek Trail. After this happened, there was a lot of talk about the im… Read More
Our Picks For The Best Dog Camping Beds
Lightweight, portable dog beds are an essential travel item for adventure dogs. It seems that just about every outdoor company is coming out with a dog travel bed, some more travel-friendly… Read More
Why You Should Hike Alone With Your Dog
After returning to the Pacific Northwest once we finished our bicycle trip, I wanted to take the opportunity to better explore the region where I grew up. One weekend, Dave was in Portland a… Read More
The 10 Commandments Of Hiking With Dogs
If you want to start a heated conversation among dog owners, just ask about their encounters with other dogs on the trail. Hiking with dogs comes with a set of responsibilities that some sim… Read More
9 Great Reads For Dog Lovers
I’ve been doing some research for a future project I have in mind, which has required me to read as many books as I can find featuring dogs. I had no idea there were so many great read… Read More
Traveling To Europe With A Dog
Despite the airlines’ best efforts to dissuade pet travel, more and more dog parents are considering bringing along their pets on their travels to Europe. Given the popularity of the c… Read More

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