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Wayfarover Blog
A travel blog that's all about the stories. On top of that, the blog contains thoughts about better ways to travel and tips.
2020-11-18 09:19
This past weekend, my cat Binks passed away. My friends sent me flowers that now sit on my drawing table in little jars. It feels beautiful to know that they care. I don’t know if they… Read More
2020-08-23 13:00
Hi friend! It’s been a while! Hope you’re doing well – it sure has been a strange year. I’m sorry you haven’t heard from me in a while. Look, maybe bitch took a… Read More
2020-03-11 16:00
For as long as I can remember, my only goal has been to Leave. At thirteen, it was dreaming about moving to L.A. to become a famous actress after I saw Prince Caspian in movie theatres. At s… Read More
2020-02-16 16:00
Hi, friend! You were asking me to send you a postcard of the Northern lights when I got back to Finland – did you think I forgot? Well, I guess this isn’t exactly what you asked… Read More
2020-01-29 16:00
Visiting the West Bank in Palestine is not only a great offbeat travel destination but a deeply political one too, no matter what your opinion is. Disclaimer: I am not an expert on the Israe… Read More
2020-01-26 16:00
Eight people come to terms with an oncoming disaster. This short story is the first in a series of non-travel fiction narratives, published on the blog about monthly. Photo source: unsplash… Read More
2020-01-12 16:00
Hi, friend! Man, I really wish you’d been here for these past few days. Yerevan is a nice city but the backpacker scene here is really bad – especially now in October, it’s… Read More
2019-12-26 16:00
I am SO ready for the roaring 20’s. The past year has been. Well. It has been. I learned a lot of things about myself. Some of them were unpleasant. I learned that I like art museums b… Read More
2019-12-08 19:27
Happy independence day, Finland! Finland celebrated its 102nd independence day on Friday, on December 6; and in two weeks, I will also be back in Finland, stuffing my face with delicious Fin… Read More
2019-12-01 16:00
The first time I was left speechless was at sunset. I stood below two mounds rising from the arid ground, a staircase hacked into stone leading up to a short tower on the top of each hill. T… Read More
2019-11-24 16:00
Planning a trip to Iran? This is the almost-comprehensive guide to budgeting Iran, including cost estimation, scams and the currency explained! Iran is probably the cheapest country I have e… Read More
2019-11-10 16:00
Out of all the questions I got asked about my trip to Iran – mostly by my mum – was this: Is it really safe to travel there? Iran has a bad reputation. While many seasoned travel… Read More
2019-10-16 16:00
When you’re travelling, drinking is a normal part of your holiday routine. But when does it become a problem? Flickering lights. Deafening noise. Not noise; the sound system is top not… Read More
2019-10-03 07:00
The post At 26 appeared first on wayfarover Read More
2019-09-22 16:00
Greetings from the rainy Azeri mountains! The rain had run a river in the middle of the street. I was hopping from stone to stone, trying to keep my feet dry but my hiking boots – the… Read More
2019-09-08 16:00
The strange far-away annex of Britain makes for a perfect day trip if you’re already lounging around Spain’s Sunny Coast. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone at this… Read More
2019-08-18 16:00
Hi, stranger. On the last night of the hike, all the people I have got used to seeing on the trail are gathered in the same guest house. The family running the place are incredibly nice, and… Read More
2019-07-10 16:00
I stand on the side of the road, eyes squinted against the bright sun. Snow-capped mountains jut towards the cloudless sky behind me. It smells like cow dung, hot asphalt and sweat – m… Read More
Sunday Postcard From… Luxembourg
2019-06-23 17:59
Heey. I got this postcard from Luxembourg but actually I am already in Germany, writing to you from the train station in Münster. It’s been a crazy few days and I never had the ti… Read More
2019-02-24 16:00
I stepped out of the train on an unfamiliar platform. The sun was setting behind a cluster of industrial buildings crouched behind the wired fence that surrounded the station. It shone into… Read More
2019-01-27 16:00
Hi ya’ll! (I tried to stop being a ‘you guys’ guy, and became a ‘ya’ll’ guy instead. Life is but sweet irony.) This is the third installment of my expat s… Read More
2019-01-20 16:00
Hi, mum! Look, I know you were a little worried when I told you I was going to visit Ukraine. I thought at this point it was common knowledge that most parts of the country are perfectly saf… Read More
2018-12-16 16:00
Hi, broken hearted people. The capital of Croatia stays in the shadow of the country’s more famous cities. Not for a good reason, though; Zagreb is funky, artsy and welcoming, beautifu… Read More
2018-11-04 18:02
Hola amiga!   So, this is it. I moved into my new room today. It still held a musty smell of dust and dirt from the previous resident, the Belgian guy who didn’t bother to clean u… Read More
2018-10-30 16:00
In another land, in another time, a man I met told me about his homeland. He had been away for a few years, and when I asked him what he missed the most, this is what he told me: His family… Read More
2018-07-01 16:00
Hi, Lucky. I don’t know what it was, but there was something different in you. A crazy energy, like the air around you was electricity. From the first moment you saw me and grabbed me… Read More
2018-06-25 16:00
While Slovenia had been on top of my travel list for years, its capital never appealed to me as much. It was only after I came to the country that I started hearing stories about this little… Read More
2018-06-14 13:15
If you haven’t been to the party capital of Poland yet then what are you even doing with your life? However, as much fascination as the historic city of Krakow holds, its prime locatio… Read More
2018-05-27 19:59
Hi, Katri. How’s it going? I miss you. I was just looking through some photos from when you visited me in Poland, and I started thinking about our trip. We started at butt crack of daw… Read More
2018-05-24 16:00
Zalipie is a small country town in Southern Poland, located approximately 70 kilometres from the backpacker party hub Krakow. Despite its picturesque photo value and relative closeness to on… Read More
2018-05-12 12:51
When I told my mum I was spending Easter in Ukraine, I swear that thousands of kilometres away from her, I could feel her heart drop. Ukraine is a country known to many only for its Soviet p… Read More
2018-04-27 19:05
Clermont, Australia 2013 My career as a cowboy has been unfortunately short-lived. To be honest, I can barely blame myself. It wasn’t that I didn’t get along with my employers; i… Read More
2018-03-28 16:00
I went to Budapest some time ago. It was my fourth trip in as many consecutive weekends – weekends that should have been spent on my thesis instead of traipsing around Europe, or, acco… Read More
2018-03-20 11:48
Prague is known as the city for the mystic and bizarre, the strange and the inexplicable. Dubbed one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, its facades nevertheless hold a dark legacy. The… Read More
2018-03-09 16:00
The bad times started with the announcement of a non-chronological timeline, and oh boy, they just did not stop coming. Some of my friends had already started complaining that the foremost p… Read More
2018-02-15 11:00
I need to confess something. I am in love. Not with a person or an idea of one; but with the road that lies at my feet. It whispers sweet secrets into my ears, keeping my eyes open at night… Read More
Dark Tourism – Education Or Exploitation?
2018-02-09 14:13
How would you feel about spending your holiday exploring something dark, twisted and macabre? If you have never heard of dark tourism, this is how the website explains it: * dark tourism &ls&hell…Read More

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