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The Iconic Kartavya Path Of New Delhi
2024-04-20 12:31
Kartavya Path, formerly known as Rajpath, is a grand avenue in New Delhi, connecting Rashtrapati Bhavan through India Gate to National Stadium. It's a ceremonial route flanked by lush lawns… Read More
Chetpet Lake (Water Bodies Of Chennai - 74)
2024-04-18 06:38
Nestled within the heart of Chennai lies a serene oasis awaiting discovery - Chetpet Lake. Spanning 9 acres of picturesque tranquility, this pristine body of water is the crown jewel of Chet… Read More
India Gate - New Delhi
2024-04-13 14:11
In the heart of New Delhi rises the majestic 42-meter-high India Gate, positioned at the convergence of crossroads. This iconic structure stands as a solemn tribute to the 74,187 Indian sold… Read More
Eco Park - The Pride Of New Kolkata
2024-04-10 16:37
Experience the New Kolkata - a vibrant city pulsating with energy and life, embodied in the remarkable Eco Park. Nestled across 480 acres of land and the adjoining waterbody in New Town, thi… Read More
Veerabhadra's Valor At Nellaiyappar Temple
2024-04-05 16:41
Continuing our captivating exploration of the Kantimati Sameta Nellaiyappar Temple in Tirunelveli, we now direct our attention towards the west side of the east-side frontside mandapa. Here… Read More
A Turkish Legacy In Mylapore
2024-04-02 15:56
Hazrat Dastagir Sahib Dargah, nestled along the modern-day Dr. Natesan Road in Mylapore locality in Chennai, holds a tale of mystical origins. Hailing from a Turkish lineage, Hazrat Dastagir… Read More
The Puri Of Bangalore
2024-04-01 14:02
Bangalore, once famed for its pleasant weather, now grapples with notorious traffic jams. Often hailed as the Silicon Valley of India, this city was once a haven of lush gardens and expansiv… Read More
Tirupati Balaji In Delhi
2024-03-30 05:07
In India, the renowned Venkateswara Temple in Tirumala Tirupati is a household name. The temple's administrative body has overseen the construction of numerous Venkateswara temples throughou… Read More
The Buddhist Birla Temple Of Delhi
2024-03-24 14:03
The Lakshmi Narayan Mandir in Delhi stands as the first Birla temple, a testament to the family's legacy across North India. In a previous post, I delved into the intricate details of this t… Read More
The Muhammadan Public Library
2024-03-23 16:16
Nestled within the bustling streets of Tiruvallikeni (Triplicane), amidst the ordinary facade of a nondescript building adorned with dull-colored paint, lies a hidden gem with a rich history… Read More
The First Birla Mandir Of India
2024-03-18 11:57
"People from all castes should be allowed to enter the temple." With this condition, Mahatma Gandhi inaugurated the iconic Birla Temple on 18th March 1939, also known as the Lakshmi Narayana… Read More
San Thome Cathedral Basilica
2024-03-16 07:06
The San Thome Cathedral Basilica, also known as St. Thomas Cathedral Basilica and National Shrine of Saint Thomas, is a Roman Catholic Minor Basilica located in Santhome, Chennai. This iconi… Read More
Fort Museum - Chennai
2024-03-09 03:11
St. George's Fort in Chennai stands tall with its iconic Fort Museum, a captivating journey into history. Originally, this elegant colonial-era edifice was the residence of Peter Massey Cass… Read More
Varam Tharum  Perumal - Thachanallur
2024-02-26 14:09
Dating back to the 1300s during the illustrious Pandya era, this temple in Tirunelveli stands as a hidden gem, its secrets waiting to be discovered. Renovated in the 1700s, this grand struct… Read More
Keezhakkalloor Viswanatha Temple
2024-02-22 14:38
In the lesser-known village of Keezhakkallor near Tirunelveli, stands the ancient Puraveli Nathar temple, a topic I've covered before. Nearby, there's the Kasi Vishwanatha temple, estimated… Read More
Keezha Tiruvenkatanathapuram
2024-02-15 15:04
Chenkani, a quaint village situated just one kilometer away from Mela Tiruvenkatanathapuram on the banks of the beautiful Tamraparani river, also known as Keezha Tiruvenkatanathapuram, is ho… Read More
Manur Ambalavana Swami Temple
2024-02-11 05:05
Counting the stars in the sky may prove elusive, but attempting to enumerate the exquisite temples adorning the banks of Tirunelveli's radiant Tamraparani river presents an equally daunting… Read More
The Wooden Sculptures Of Manur - Part 4
2024-02-06 13:50
Nestled on the banks of the enchanting river Tamraparani, Tirunelveli is a treasure trove of distinctive and captivating temples, and among them, the Ambalavana Swami temple in Manur stands… Read More
The Wooden Sculptures Of Manur - Part 3
2024-02-05 16:03
 Nestled on the banks of the enchanting river Tamraparani, Tirunelveli is a treasure trove of distinctive and captivating temples, and among them, the Ambalavana Swami temple in Manur s… Read More
The Wooden Sculptures Of Manur - Part 2
2024-02-04 05:59
 Nestled on the banks of the enchanting river Tamraparani, Tirunelveli is a treasure trove of distinctive and captivating temples, and among them, the Ambalavana Swami temple in Manur s… Read More
The Wooden Sculptures Of Manur - Part 1
2024-02-03 14:41
Nestled on the banks of the enchanting river Tamraparani, Tirunelveli is a treasure trove of distinctive and captivating temples, and among them, the Ambalavana Swami temple in Manur stands… Read More
Pillar From Mecca In The Temple Of Nataraja
2024-01-29 15:01
Tirunelveli, a city adorned with ancient temples and rich in spiritual heritage, never fails to reveal hidden wonders. Nestled near Tirunelveli is the village of Manur, home to an ancient Sh… Read More
Pazhavoor Temples
2024-01-13 06:13
Why does this hidden gem of Tamil Nadu, nestled around the Tirunelveli/Tiruchendur regions, remain undiscovered? Why do people persist in revisiting sites extensively documented in countless… Read More
The Ayodhya Of Tirunelveli
2023-12-11 13:42
Nestled in the southern folds of Tamil Nadu, near the enchanting Tamraparani River, is the serene village of Arugankulam—a hidden treasure trove of temples steeped in the mystique of t… Read More
Adi Rameswaram In Tirunelveli
2023-12-01 04:22
The renowned tale of Rameswaram and its association with the Ramayana is well-known across the nation. Ravana, the King of Sri Lanka, abducted Sita, Rama's wife, leading to a war where Rama… Read More
Jatayu Teertham - Arugankulam
2023-11-27 02:55
According to the legend of Ramayana, when Ravana abducted Sita and flew her away in his Pushpaka vimana, Jatayu, the Vulture King, bravely intervened. Despite a valiant fight, Ravana managed… Read More
Kantimati Known As Kamakshi
2023-11-24 16:29
Tirunelveli continues to unfold its mystical wonders, and while many are familiar with Kantimati, the lesser-known Kamakshi of Tirunelveli is equally intriguing. In essence, Kantimati is als… Read More
St. Xavier's College - Palayamkottai
2023-11-23 16:52
St. Xavier's College in Palayamkottai, known for its esteemed reputation, has been a significant educational institution with notable alumni, including politicians, industrialists, and learn… Read More
Pettai Palvanna Nathar Temple
2023-11-21 13:28
Tirunelveli boasts numerous expansive temples, with many remaining relatively unknown to the wider public. Among these hidden gems is the Palvanna Nathar temple situated in the Pettai locali… Read More
The Hero Stones Of Ilavelangal
2023-11-17 16:40
The year 1544 marked a significant chapter in history as various forces, including Travancore kings, Tiruvadanai Pandyas, Bharatavas, and Jayatunga Devar (Setupathi) of Bogalur, united in re… Read More
Oomaithurai Gallery
2023-11-16 02:08
Oomaithurai, also known as Kumarasamy Naiyakar, was a valiant Indian Poligar (Palaiyakkarar) hailing from Tamil Nadu, renowned for his role in resisting the British East India Company during… Read More
St. Xavier's Cathedral - Palayamkottai
2023-11-15 01:25
St. Xavier's Cathedral in Palayamkottai stands as a prominent Catholic landmark, renowned for its elegant architecture. The cathedral underwent extensive renovations, with a staggering cost… Read More
Palayankottai Ayiraththamman Temple
2023-11-11 09:53
Exploring the vibrant city of Mysore sparks memories of various facets, with the grand Dusshera festival standing out prominently. Yet, delve a bit deeper into Dusshera celebration… Read More
Ramaswamy Temple Of Palayankottai
2023-10-23 13:43
Could the resplendent Lord Rama of Ayodhya be as breathtaking as the divine Sri Ramaswami of Palayankottai? It seems that, to cater to the devout who cannot make the journey to Ayodhya, he c… Read More
2023-10-21 02:45
Nestled beside the serene Tamraparani river, Thimmarajapuram is a tranquil village enveloped in a sense of profound calm. This picturesque hamlet boasts a charming agraharam that faces a qua… Read More
King Edward VII Memorial In Palayankottai
2023-10-16 02:44
In Palayankottai, there exists a treasure trove of heritage structures, some hidden in plain sight. Yet, it often escapes notice that the Siddha Government College building, housing the Prin… Read More
Lourdunathan Statue  - Palayankottai
2023-10-14 03:00
If you've been to Palayankottai or call this town home, you've likely noticed the prominent Lourdunathan Statue. But have you ever delved into the backstory of this statue? Who exactly is Lo… Read More
The Grave Of Ashe: Killed By Vanchinathan
2023-10-13 03:59
Robert William d'Escourt Ashe, famously known as Ashe Durai, held the position of District Collector during the British Raj. Born on November 23, 1872 CE, in Ireland, Ashe arrived in India i… Read More
The Tomb Of The Apostle Of Tirunelveli
2023-10-10 02:33
Rhenius Aiyar, affectionately known as the "Apostle of Tirunelveli," was a remarkable German-born missionary of the Church Mission Society (CMS). His pivotal role in the history of Palayanko… Read More
C.N.Village Rajagopala Swami Temple
2023-10-08 11:18
What captivates the senses more profoundly - the timeless allure of Tirunelveli, the meandering grace of the Tamraparani River, or the divine presence of Rajagopala Swami, enshrined within t… Read More
2023-10-05 12:30
Tirunelveli constantly unveils its enchanting treasures. Just when you think you've experienced the grandeur of the magnificent Nellaiyappar temple, there's more to behold. Approximately 2 k… Read More
Tirunelveli District Science Center
2023-09-27 06:56
The Tirunelveli District Science Center, situated in the Kokirakulam area, operates under the National Council of Science Museums, which falls under the purview of the Indian Ministry of Cul… Read More
The Iconic Oosi Gopuram Church
2023-09-26 10:49
The Oosi Gopuram, a renowned landmark in Tirunelveli and Palayankottai, holds a special place in the hearts of locals. Nestled in the neighborhood of Murugankurichi, which connects the two t… Read More
Nellaiyappar Teppakulam
2023-09-25 14:03
Teppakulam, the sacred tank associated with the Nellaiyappar temple, is situated approximately 400 meters from the temple's main entrance. This tank has remained a revered landmark for count… Read More
The Unique Sadashiva Murti Temple
2023-09-25 02:37
In the heart of Tirunelveli, a truly distinctive temple unveils the rare form of Lord Shiva—Sadashiva Murti. While most Shiva temples enshrine the Linga form of the deity, this sacred… Read More
The Unique Temple Of Tirugnana Sambandhar
2023-09-24 06:00
Tirunelveli, often celebrated for its grandeur and cultural heritage, is not just a city of history but also a city of temples. Amidst the renowned temples like Nellaiyappar Temple that grac… Read More
Chekkadi Dharma Shasta
2023-09-22 14:35
In the realm of divine manifestations, few deities hold a place as cherished and revered as Lord Ayyappan, the beloved deity of the Sabarimala pilgrimage. Yet, the rich tapestry of Hindu Pur… Read More
Ramakrishna Math - Mylapore, Chennai
2023-09-21 14:07
Nestled in the heart of Chennai, amid the bustling urban landscape, lies a serene and spiritually charged sanctuary – the Ramakrishna Math. This sacred institution, deeply rooted in hi… Read More
Nellai Murugan
2023-09-17 10:07
This article is a continuation of my series on the Kantimati Sameta Nellaiyappar Temple in Tirunelveli. In the previous two installments, we explored the monumental Ravana and the serene Tam… Read More
An Abode Of Diverse Deities In Chennai
2023-09-06 02:04
One can embark on a spiritual journey to witness divine manifestations in various sacred places like Pandaripuram for the enchanting Panduranga, Pillayarpatti for a unique encounter with Kar… Read More
The Three-headed Goddess Of Tirunelveli
2023-09-05 13:56
Village deities, known as Grama Devatas, Minor deities, or Siru Theivangal, and Guardian deities, referred to as Kaaval Theivangal, go by various names. Listing all the minor deities of Tiru… Read More
Thondargal Nayinar
2023-09-02 16:18
This expansive yet tranquil temple is nestled just one kilometer away from Nellaiyappar temple in Tirunelveli Town, bearing the distinctive name of Thondargal Nayinar, which means the Lord o… Read More

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