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Providing an outlet for curation and opinions of the anime fandom and other Otaku hobbies since 2007.
Earlier this year, the official PlayStation Blog revealed a trailer for an upcoming indie game featuring a stunning pixel art environment of Until Then, a game from PolyChroma Games based in… Read More
What countries do you want to visit? Running a blog called Centaku Media for over 15 years and having the word “Otaku” in one form in the name, you would think I have visited the… Read More
Another year of MomoCon is in the books! It was a great year for the event’s 2023 show, and to share the memories with fellow readers, I managed to take some video footage of one area… Read More
The latest Channel Surfing post is about a TV anime series that premiered on Netflix a while back called Carole & Tuesday. Directed by Shinichiro Watanabe of Cowboy Bebop anime fame, thi… Read More
Netflix reveals the first promotional images of their upcoming Live-Action Cowboy Bebop series, streamers and viewers of the Twitch platform are avoiding the site for one day for an importan… Read More
Netflix calls global streaming dibs on the long awaited sixth part of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean, Final Fantasy X’s Tidus could have had a career of another famous vid… Read More
In this episode: The next Dragon Ball Super movie subtitled “Super Hero” is announced, Tetsuya Nomura teases a strong possibility of a Final Fantasy X-3, and Netflix to add a for… Read More
In this episode: A Kickstarter campaign for an old school Crunchyroll-inspired anime streaming server is suspended after criticism from members of the anime industries at home and abroad acc… Read More
In this episode: Sanjo-chan gives a 5 minute review of the recently launched Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway on Netflix, a discussion of the controversy surrounding FFXIV’s collaboration… Read More
I recently finished watching an anime series called Classroom of the Elite. It was an anime series recommended last year on Twitter through the Free Anime Alliance. When I saw the visual art… Read More
When there is nothing to talk about on this blog, you can watch what’s going on by checking out the Centaku Media channel on Twitch! With another game completed, we’re going to g… Read More
Trying something new to the blog in hopes of getting readers out of lurk mode and to build a community. Introducing: The Open Post. The concept is self explanatory: post about whatever is on… Read More
Netflix reveals information for the TV adaptation of Spriggan, winners of KupoCon’s “The Crystals”, and South Korea’s decision regarding the military exemption of BTS… Read More
Declaring an anime convention the “Best Anime Convention” can go based on certain situations. That can be geographic location, experiences, and guests. This is a question asked i… Read More
In this episode, I talk about the anime adaptation of Burn the Witch coming to Crunchyroll, Nintendo bids farewell to the 3DS, and a real-life giant, walking Gundam! Listen to Centaku Media… Read More
In this episode, Sanjo-chan shares details of an anime project based on the classic Dreamcast game, Shenmue! We also talk about Kingdom Hearts’ upcoming 20th anniversary, and T.M. Revo… Read More
In this episode, Sanjo-chan talks about the new English dubs of Crunchyroll’s Summer 2020 titles, the closure of Sega’s famous Akihabara arcade, and the departure of a member of… Read More
We finally made it to Lucky #7 as Sanjo-chan discusses the upcoming anime project from Production I.G. and Adult Swim, details of a digitized Tokyo Game Show 2020, Final Fantasy XIV’s… Read More
One of the highly anticipated shows of the 2020 Summer Anime Lineup is The God of High School. The God of High School is based on the WEBTOON comic of the same name, created... The post Chan… Read More
As we finally catch a break from all the excitement in the previous two episodes, we talk about the Life-sized Freedom Gundam being built in China, a mysterious Dragon Quest title to be anno… Read More
Gamers got their share of new game and product announcements in the last episode. Now, anime fans get their time in the spotlight following the announcements from Anime Expo Lite and Funimat… Read More
This episode is a little heavy with many gaming announcements, and Sanjo-chan has a lot to gush about on the PlayStation 5! We also talk about the upcoming virtual events from Anime Expo and… Read More
Trying something new for the podcast, although this is not entirely new. The “Centaku Media Journal” has been seen through a couple of formats: published on the original blog as… Read More
Whether you’re isolated alone, needing something to watch with your family, or wanting to host a Netflix watch party, here’s a list of 15 streaming shows and movies you should wa… Read More
“A Taxi Driver” does a nice job of balancing truth and near-truth to deliver a gripping story of a government’s suppression of its own citizens and their inspiring fight ag… Read More
The following post was originally written and published during the early days of a general MMORPG blog I ran around 2005, a little before I launched Centaku Media. It’s about three fre… Read More
Life is tough for a highschool kid who is just trying to fit in. Especially when that high school kid is a tall gray wolf who, after an already myserious murder of an alpaca student, nearly… Read More
Kingdom has it all: the fast zombies of 28 Days Later, the political scheming of A Game of Thrones, and the humanity driven drama of The Walking Dead. The post ICYMI: Kingdom Season 1 (Netfl… Read More
The anime Welcome to the NHK (or NHK ni Youkoso! in Japanese) is a series that caught my attention back in 2006 when it first aired. It was also one of the first anime... The post Channel Su… Read More
I attempted to watch the Samurai Deeper Kyo anime from Studio Deen many years ago as it was recommended to me in turn of having enjoyed what I watched of Rurouni Kenshin. I even... The post… Read More
Today I am announcing a slightly different approach to delivering content on the blog side of things, leading to the creation of the “Commentary” category. With the formal introd… Read More
It took 84 years, but The Sights of Katsucon 2019 is finally here! I was supposed to have worked on this immediately after the con, but other things got in the way. And what... The post The… Read More
It looks like Funimation is eyeing a license rescue of the late Satoshi Kon’s Paranoia Agent anime series that Geneon once held. You have no idea how excited I am to hear about this… Read More
In this edition of Channel Surfing, I bring to you Dr. Stone. This series was part of the highly anticipated anime lineup for Summer 2019, and just in time for the season finale, I Read More
Here is the fourth edition of the Weekly Stream Notes, where the news briefs are highlighted during the stream. This is a way to catch up on the latest in the world of Anime Read More
Here is the third edition of the Weekly Stream Notes, where the news briefs are highlighted during the stream. This is a way to catch up on the latest in the world of Anime Read More
Here is the second edition of the Weekly Stream Notes, where the news briefs are highlighted during the stream! This is a way to catch up on the latest in the world of Anime Read More
You’re reading the first edition of the Weekly Stream Notes, highlighting news and stream highlights every week during the livestreams on the Centaku Media channel on Twitch. The idea… Read More
This was originally published in late 2011. As of republication, the group now promotes under Soultaku Sound, and can be found on SoundCloud and Bandcamp! It took a few months … Read More
This post was originally written on March 15th, 2009. It was also a part of an attempt of a series called “Anime at Large“, which would eventually be renamed to … Read More
I posted on my Twitter a while back of an acquisition of exciting proportions! It’s a key to an upcoming adventure coming later in 2019 that will change my life … Read More
In an effort to reach out to other users who share like-minded interests after relaunching and rebranding under Centaku Media, I created a Twitch account back in 2015, where I’ve &hell… Read More

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