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A skeptical left-liberal's blogging on Texas and national politics, environmentalism, journalism, church-state issues, atheism, more
PRO Gainesville Guilty, As Expected
2022-08-27 15:00
County Attorney Ed Zielinksi presented the same video I have in this blog post about the actual 2020 protest, during the trial on misdemeanor charges of group leaders Torrey Henderson, Amara… Read More
2022-08-25 13:28
So alleges its brief cybersecurity chief, Peiter "Mudge" Zatko, in a massive whistleblower filing with the feds, as reported by CNN. Hat tip to Schneier, where I found this.REALLY sux. Zatko… Read More
2022-08-13 15:30
Since I used to do this as part of the day job at one newspaper group, I'm qualified. Not sure why I haven't been blogging reviews of vacation car rentals before, but better late than never… Read More
2022-08-12 14:58
As we look at the career of Albert Pujols, aka Phat Albert, aka The Machine, and his announced retirement after this year, although he has said he doesn't care about counting marks, where wi… Read More
2022-08-10 02:44
Are Muslim men being targeted for murder in Albuquerque? Color me a little bit more skeptical than the Albuquerque Journal reporting, or the Albuquerque PD, which because of being under a co… Read More
2022-08-06 15:53
I'd never had Santorelli until earlier this week. It pushes a number of stylish varieties, but I had never found it on sale into I bought one of its smaller 7-ounce packs of "Heritage Chedda… Read More
2022-08-03 14:00
Off the Kuff writes again and again and again about the chaotic legal landscape we find ourselves in following the Dobbs decision.SocraticGadfly, fresh off vacation to parts of the Southwest… Read More
2022-08-02 19:17
I wrote the following poem last month, and posted it on my second blog, since I discuss issues of aesthetics there, including some of my own poems, as well as philosophy, critical religion a… Read More
2022-08-01 18:24
I was on vacation and just now hit civilization.The Texas Progressive Alliance is ready for the Former Guy to be charged with some crimes as it brings you this week's roundup. Off the K… Read More
2022-07-22 14:12
I'm taking vacation in a couple of weeks.Got my plane tickets some time ago, then, over rental car prices at my original destination (a possible domino effect from the Yellowstone floods) wo… Read More
2022-07-21 13:11
I still don't think our worry level needs to be as high as Jessica Wildfire had it a month ago, but ...Former FDA head Scott Gottlieb (who pleasantly surprised me there and is one of many no… Read More
2022-07-18 01:06
Or, to be more precise, the announcement that is will be here in 2027 is now here. That's straight from the spavined mule's mouth of Muhammad bin Salman, who announced as part of the Biden S… Read More
2022-07-15 16:22
Ed Yong has a good summary of what we know (and don't) about this Omicron subvariant.First, despite an increased number of breakthrough infections on the vaccinated, he notes that this is st… Read More
2022-07-13 18:53
First? Post-Dobbs, allegedly (important), vasectomy and tube-tying are surging in red states.That story about the pregnant 10-year-old girl in Ohio reportedly denied an abortion there? I'm… Read More
2022-07-13 14:00
A bit late, but reading was surely slow over the three-day Fourth of July weekend.As usual, not all of the most popular posts were from June. Just, they got read then! In fact, the first two… Read More
2022-07-08 14:00
So says a story from late last month in the Guardian. Based on the degree of case undercounting in New York City, it estimated that current nationwide undercounting may be 30-fold. Thirty-FO… Read More
2022-07-06 14:00
If the Atlanta Fed is right, we're already in a recession.On the other hand, commodities prices have peaked, at least for now. However, that's not necessarily a sign of real-world inflation… Read More
2022-06-28 14:00
The new gun control bill is better than nothing, but not THAT much. No age increase to buy assault weapons, let alone no bans, and it punts to courts defining exactly who falls in the "boy… Read More
2022-06-27 13:23
I don't know if Ross Douthat is PERSONALLY challenging the pro-life forces to show they're not a bunch of anti-woman cranks in the wake of Roe being overturned, but he clearly notes, persona… Read More
2022-06-21 14:00
Meet Dr. Leana Wen, COVID ConservaDem careerist. Is it too harsh to say that the Biden Administration has its own version of "let 'er rip"? I'm not sure. The argument against the "cases don'… Read More
2022-06-20 19:16
If you can't admit you're in the most socialistic state in the nation (you are), or even if you can, but know your neighbors, and more importantly, your state legislature, can't or won't, yo… Read More
Coronavirus Week 112C: Blame Neanderthals?
2022-06-16 18:50
That's the angle from this piece, which says that 1 in 6 people inherited at least one copy of a Neanderthal gene that makes people more subject to respiratory infections.Color me skeptical… Read More
2022-06-13 18:00
A year ago, you tech neoliberal types spiked the cost of a new house there to more than $600K. Perhaps not as bad as the Bay Area, but I venture worse than Sacramento. And, in your lust for… Read More
2022-06-06 14:44
As is the case, not all of these posts may have been FROM May. However, many are.This one was a hit in its first 24 hours, then faded again rapidly. It was about all the things wrong with sm… Read More
2022-06-04 17:54
As we await finding out whether the recently leaked draft Supreme Court ruling on the Mississippi abortion rights law portends a final ruling or not, I decided it was time to revisit one of… Read More
2022-06-01 17:56
SocraticGadfly wonders if even any of the Goldilocks Three Bears of Kissinger, Chomsky or the NYT editorial board (plus Pope Francis being more honest about NATO than Biden), will persuade a… Read More
2022-05-20 14:00
And not from a parishioner.With a private as well as public high school in my current newspaper bailiwick, I occasionally, as in once a year, have to stick my head inside the local Catholic… Read More

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