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A skeptical left-liberal's blogging on Texas and national politics, environmentalism, journalism, church-state issues, atheism, more
2016-10-05 14:39
First, I'm not talking about the myth that Ralph Nader caused Al Gore to lose in 2000. If you really believe that, you need to read this. And this.And, if you still believe that, then you ne… Read More
I'm Not THAT Afraid Of A President Trump
2016-09-28 13:30
In brief, here's why.First, let's stipulate that Trump, not Ted Cruz, truly best represents Tea Party voters (voters, not astroturf groups) on two key issues.Anybody who's seen Tea Partiers… Read More
2016-09-27 15:11
Good fricking doorknob.Yes, I Tweeted about "Dumb and Dumber" last night.I said Trump insults intelligence of people in general (Dumber) while Clinton insults intelligence of well-informed p… Read More
2016-09-26 17:30
The Texas Progressive Alliance wishes Tom "Smitty" Smith a happy and healthy retirement as it brings you this week's roundup and gets its popcorn for the first presidential debate.Heat Stree… Read More
2016-09-21 14:30
This is the first of what will be several mini-blogs on the subject of free trade.Chris Tomlimson, an online friend, and most likely a personal friend, if I knew him in person, has expressed… Read More
2016-09-17 05:49
The Dallas Morning News does some good reporting on this one.Takeaways:1. Regarding being hacked by Putin or whatever, electronic voting machines aren't connected to the Net.2. Regarding bei… Read More
2016-09-13 13:00
The Texas Progressive Alliance brings you the pneumonia-free version of this week's roundup.Off the Kuff is not surprised that the Justice Department is accusing the state of Texas of mislea… Read More
#EndlessWar Is Still About Oil In The End
2016-09-12 23:42
NPR graphic; numbers as of 2012.President Obama, who's kept troops in Iraq, bombed Yemen, bombed and CIA-ed Libya, and other things to expand Bush's War on Terra, has proven that more than o… Read More
2016-09-08 12:41
I don't know what else to call it.The former presidential candidate continues to selectively read too many of his own clippings, apparently think that "Our Revolution" is really "My Revoluti… Read More
2016-09-07 13:30
In a set of ideas that state-level leaders of the Texas Democratic Party will likely love, and that clearly, neolib, tech-drooling (sic) reporters from the Texas Trib and elsewhere clearly D… Read More
2016-09-06 00:30
The Texas Progressive Alliance will not be appearing on "Dancing With The Stars" this fall, though it will be bringing you this week's roundup.Off the Kuff looks at the state's voter ID outr… Read More
2016-08-15 13:00
Per this piece, the arrest of Palestinian males, and juveniles, along with Israeli security forces of various types growing more ready to shoot to kill, makes Palestinians sound like African… Read More
2016-08-10 14:31
I had a car accident (not my fault) about two months ago. I try to have some reasonable, non-Pollyanna gratitude, like noting it was the arm itself and not hand/wrist bones, and the left not… Read More
2016-07-29 21:04
If you've been wondering why I've been defending Donald Trump from claims launched by everybody from Hillary Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook to old guard conservative pundit George Will… Read More
2016-07-26 19:00
I've already dissected the Sanders Sellout, so let's look at the rest of last night.Sarah Silverman was apparently a putz. Smart move there, DNC, And Silverman.Al Franken? He was who I thoug… Read More
2016-07-26 15:30
The Texas Progressive Alliance salutes MLB Hall of Fame inductees Junior Griffey and Mike Piazza, and also salutes The Wizard, Ozzie Smith, on being named to the HOF's board, as it brings yo… Read More
2016-07-26 03:43
No, I'm not talking about the endorsement of Hillary Clinton.The lis in support of that, the last the worst, is what I'm talking about.Sorry, Bernie, but I'm unfamiliar with Hillary Clinton… Read More
2016-07-21 13:08
Two words: Ted Cruz.Ted Cruz clearly refused to endorse Trump, in prime time, at the Republican National Convention. And won't this year.Two more words: Donald Trump.How he can be… Read More
#RNCinCLE Parody Day 2
2016-07-20 17:30
Are we sure this is NV GOP chair Michael McDonald, .@McDonaldNV? Looks bit like drunken Ralston of .@RalstonReports— @RealDonaldTrump (@SocraticGadfly) July… Read More
2016-07-19 16:30
The Texas Progressive Alliance urges the people of Cleveland to stay strong as it brings you this week's roundup.Off the Kuff notes that even white people don't much like Donald Trump.Socrat… Read More
#RNCinCLE, Parody Day 1
2016-07-19 15:19
And parody I shall, from noting that some Robinson guy from Dick Dynasty is looking like a hippie while violating the US Flag Code with a flag headband, through noting that the screwed-over… Read More
2016-07-18 12:16
Last week, I did a first blog post advising people, including Houston-area Green Party legislative candidate Joe McElligott, to be very skeptical of eXXXon's support for a carbon tax with a… Read More
2016-07-17 19:13
NPR has a nice piece here about how likely Hillary Clinton is to beat Donald Trump. The best part is that, starting with 2012 Obama-Romney turnout by various demographic groups likely to be… Read More
2016-07-16 22:56
A Harvard professor, while noting that African-Americans are more likely to be subjected to most varieties of police force than people of other racial or ethnic groups are, surprisingly, no… Read More
The Sus-PENCE Is Killing Me!
2016-07-16 01:34
Well, not really, but some portion of We the Political Junkies are waiting to see if Donald Trump has picked Indiana's quasi-Sarah Palin, Gov. Mike Pence, to be his running mate or not.Meanw… Read More
2016-07-15 03:39
Folks, in the few remaining days leading up to the GOP convention, you're going to see more and more stories about the possibility of Republican delegates dumping Donald Trump as the party's… Read More
2016-07-14 11:01
So who wins The Open Championship and becomes The Champion Golfer of the World?I am going to bet against Dustin Johnson just because it's so hard to win two majors in a row. Scratch Jason Da… Read More
Tim Duncan Retires; Spurs Better Off?
2016-07-12 14:30
Yes, it sounds like heresy to say the 2016-17 San Antonio Spurs may be better off without the Big Fundamental, Tim Duncan, after he announced his retirement.So, call me a heretic.First, I'm… Read More
2016-07-09 13:00
First, here's a roundup of the basics, from yesterday.That said, there are other angles, both civil liberties related.First, what civil liberties issues relate to using a robot-delivered bom… Read More
Infamy In Dallas And An Eye For An Eye?
2016-07-09 03:33
#Dallas Chief: Suspect said he was "upset at white people, wanted to kill white people, especially white officers."— CBS This Morning (@CBSThisMorning) July 8, 2… Read More
2016-07-08 13:00
Despite what FBI Director James Comey said, Hillary Clinton is not yet out of the woods on email issues.First, the State Department, her old domicile, has said it wants a new look. This woul… Read More
2016-07-04 13:33
I’ve long loved fireworks shows of all sizes, kinds and locations. That includes displays in big cities, usually with the “1812 Overture” or similar musical accompaniment (… Read More
2016-06-30 15:17
Just when you thought Britain's post-Brexit fallout couldn't get weirder, it has, with former London mayor Boris Johnson pulling himself from the Tory leader battle.That leaves Theresa May… Read More
Could The British Chicken Out On #brexit?
2016-06-27 17:47
First, it's true that the vote was a purely advisory referendum, as FT notes, so the Commons legally could decide to never invoke the Lisbon Treaty's Article 50.That said, it's possible, per… Read More
2016-06-24 16:49
I'm not Pollyanna and I did not say "good side," just "not-so-bad side" of #brexit, Britain's leaving the European Union. And here are a few things.1. The EU does suck in some ways. Beyond a… Read More

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