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Alicia-Online is a website dedicated to bringing valuable information to anyone who considers themselves a family person or intends to become one. We target numerous topics from the well-being of your pets to household appliances, coffee, and more! We hope that in the long run our content will be referred to as a credible source of reliable information that will be beneficial to many everywhere. Though our website may look complete, it's not. We intend to continuously grow our website everyday to cover more, and more topics. By doing so we hope to never stop helping our readers and the new ones to come!
The Best Vacuum Cleaners This Year
2017-01-21 05:40
Vacuum cleaners have improved a lot since the first one has ever been invented. I believe that may go without saying but what harm has it done for me so I don’t reiterate it? Nonethele… Read More
How To Trap A Raccoon Quickly And Easily
2017-01-21 05:31
If you recently found yourself searching ‘how to trap a raccoon’ you may be surprised. It’s not that tough. Just like trapping any other animal or critter, it all comes do… Read More
2017-01-21 05:30
If you aren’t into backpacks or duffel bags to carry your necessities as you travel (and don’t plan on needing a sleeping bag), there are plenty of designer luggage sets to… Read More
How Much Does A Go Kart Cost
2017-01-21 05:30
How much a go kart cost varies on many, many factors. A mass variety of things are put into consideration to determine the cost of a go-kart. One major pricing factor is the brand and/or par… Read More
Things To Do In Newport Beach California
2017-01-21 05:30
If you’re currently bored or want to plan in advance some things to do in Newport, then you’ve come to the right place.Whether it’s a weekend getaway, family getaway, or an… Read More
The Best Dog Food For Huskies Of 2018
2017-01-21 05:30
Surprised about how active your Siberian Husky is? Their activity levels have been of use to humanity since the early 1900’s and probably even before that. Originating from Siberia, th… Read More
The Best Dog Toys For Pit Bulls Of 2018
2017-01-21 05:30
Many people share the notion that Pit Bulls are aggressive, I’d argue that many are actually compassionate, especially with their owners. They are, however, defensive of the things the… Read More
The Best Dog Food For Yorkies Of 2018
2017-01-21 05:29
Yorkshire Terrier’s are finical when it comes to their food. They’re not picky about the nutrients they get as they’re not quite aware of their own dietary needs but that&r&hell…Read More
What Bearded Dragons Can Eat
2017-01-21 05:29
What do Bearded Dragons Eat? If you were wondering “what do bearded dragons eat” you’ll find answers similar to those in the what lizards eat article. This article will get… Read More
What Eats Grass
2017-01-21 05:29
Animals that Consume Grass Grass is a meal/snack on a wide and global scale. What eats grass can either be omnivores or herbivores simply because carnivores don’t eat non-meats. Grass… Read More
The Top Pet Friendly Cabins In Tennessee
2017-01-21 05:29
Pets can interfere with your daily life and your travels. Making sure everything in your home is pet-friendly can be hard enough, now if travelling to a cabin in Tennessee (wh… Read More
The Top Dog Ball Launchers Of 2018
2017-01-21 05:29
Though a pet, a dog will need attention just as a child would. Some dogs are filled with energy and they need to play and get their exercise for the sake of their physical and mental health… Read More
Cheap Weekend Getaways For Couples
2017-01-21 05:29
Who doesn’t love to go on a getaways? A weekend getaway, escaping the busy and stressful weekdays for a while is sure appealing. Not to mention if it’s affordable and you’r… Read More
The Best Dog Toys For Chewers Of 2018
2017-01-21 05:29
You may have found most toys, or beds, you’ve bought for your dog to get insanely damaged within the first week or month. After that you resort to buying another toy, either similar or… Read More
The Top Air Purifiers For Pet Hair Of 2018
2017-01-21 05:29
In the US alone, many households now have at least 1 pet. More than 50 million no doubt. With that being said, more than 50 million people have an allergy which can be triggered by pet hair… Read More
What Eats Spiders Along With What They Eat
2017-01-21 05:29
If you have arachnophobia (fear of spiders), or just prefer to not see them anywhere near their house, getting rid of spiders will and/or can be a concern. What eats spiders can be a ho… Read More
The Predators And Prey Of Grasshoppers
2017-01-21 05:29
The food-web is a complex system going back and forth between different animals, breeds, species, etc. With all sorts of predators and prey from marine-life to animals that fly and some that… Read More
What Eats Bats And Who Bats Prey On
2017-01-21 05:28
Before getting into what eats bats, it’s good to understand a few things first. One, that bats are actually not as large as they appear to be, their body (excluding wings) are small to… Read More
The Best Dog Beds For Chewers Of 2017
2017-01-21 05:28
If your pet canine is a chewer (check out good toys for them) you probably don’t want to go through a dog bed a month, I personally wouldn’t. The best solution to such an is… Read More
What Different Species Of Toads Eat
2017-01-21 05:28
To keep it short and simple on “what do toads eat”, they prefer to eat live organisms such as worms and other insects. However, there are a mass variety of different species that… Read More
2017-01-21 05:28
Great Danes, the domestic breed known for it’s large size, surely can’t sleep on any dog bed; not even most sleeping bags actually. They require one just a tad larger than them… Read More
What Eats Snails And What Snails Eat
2017-01-21 05:28
Snails, along with most insects in the food-web, aren’t very lucky. Many different insects and animals prey on snails for a meal or snack. The snail is also extremely slow so running a… Read More
The Best Cat Water Fountains Of 2017
2017-01-21 05:28
Plenty of cat water fountains are available to be purchased; some may even be built. In all honesty even a bowl with water may suffice. Hundreds of what some may believe the best cat water f… Read More
The Predators And Prey Of Different Crabs
2017-01-21 05:28
Crabs. They’re yummy aren’t they? I personally never object to eating crab at a restaurant or a buffet. Dipping the meat into melted butter, quite the luxurious meal if you ask… Read More
What Eats Raccoons And What Do They Eat?
2017-01-21 05:28
To understand what eats a raccoon and what they eat you should know the basics such as: where they sleep and what attracts them. To understand the lifestyle of a raccoon you can easily under… Read More
What Eats Wolves And What A Wolf Eats
2017-01-21 05:28
What Eats Wolves – A Wolves Predator If you’ve kept up with the articles on the food chain you can see how high up a wolf is in the web. A wolf preys on many animals all around t… Read More
The Best Dog Food For Dachshunds Of 2017
2017-01-21 05:28
The Dachshund is currently one of the most popular small dog breed. This breed differs from other dogs because of their body type and digestive system. It puts extra emphasis on any owner to… Read More
The Top 4 Best Dog Beds For Labradors
2017-01-21 05:28
Providing your Labrador with a dog bed specifically for them will make them feel special and improve their sleeping conditions. Labradors, unlike the Teacup Maltese breed, grow in size as th… Read More
The Best Joint Supplements For Dogs Of 2017
2017-01-21 05:28
Unfortunately, not all dogs have the best joints and supplements are usually a great, effective and inexpensive way to promote great joint health. You can find some of the best joint supplem… Read More
What Eats Ticks And Where They Come From
2017-01-21 05:28
Your pet may be a host, you may want to prevent ticks from becoming a concern in the first place, or you’re simply curious. We’ve spent our time to effectively research what eat… Read More
What Eats Deer And Who Deer Prey On
2017-01-21 05:28
There are many different types of deer. Reindeer, elk, caribou, roe deer, and red deer are all just a few of the different breeds. The deer family has too many natural predators and because… Read More
How To Build A Go Kart
2017-01-21 05:28
How to Build a Go Kart – Homemade Go Karts Found yourself searching about how to build a go kart? You’re not alone. Many consumers like to have a custom go kart and tend to… Read More
Top Three Cheap Security Cameras Of 2017
2017-01-21 05:28
Get Cheap Security Cameras Without Making a Dent in Your Pocket! There are many reasons to get a security camera. You may not be home often or live in an unsafe neighborhood. Or, you just wa… Read More
The Best Dog Nail Clippers Of 2017
2017-01-21 05:28
A canine‘s nails can grow pretty long and sharp if not properly taken care of. When a dog has long nails, which they develop after time, you may begin to get scratched as you play with… Read More
2017-01-21 05:28
Frogs aren’t always necessarily a bad thing to have creeping around your yard or pool. They can eat many other insects so you don’t have to worry about them sneaking into your ho… Read More
What Eats A Fox, What Foxes Eat, And More!
2017-01-21 05:28
What eats a Fox? Though the fox isn’t as aggressive as lions and other animals, they still are fearsome to many animals (even me!). As every other animal they have their prey and preda… Read More
The Best Dog Beds For Older Dogs Of 2017
2017-01-21 05:28
As your dog gets older you may have noticed them experiencing less and less comfort as they lay in their bed. Such a situation may occur for numerous reasons depending on their current bed a… Read More
Dog Proof Blinds – Cat Proof Blinds
2017-01-21 05:27
Dog Proof Blinds – Keep the Dogs Away If you own a dog you know that keeping things dog-proof is necessary. When it comes to blinds, many people have different perspectives on what dog… Read More
The Best Toys For Blind Dogs Of 2017
2017-01-21 05:27
Blind Dog Toys – How They Work and Which are the Best? Many of the toys for blind dogs are very interactive. They usually always make noise or are used for a blind dog’s benefit… Read More
Pet Friendly Flooring For Cats And Dogs
2017-01-21 05:27
Why is Pet Friendly Flooring Important? With a pet in the household your flooring may become an issue. You’ll begin to see rips or stains, spills, and issues you can’t begin to i… Read More
What Different Types Of Lizards Eat
2017-01-21 05:27
What Lizards Eat as Pets Before owning a lizard as a pet it’s good to ask yourself “what do lizards eat” and understand where they stand in the food-web (to keep them away… Read More
The Best Dog Proof Litter Boxes Of 2017
2017-01-21 05:27
The Best Dog Proof Litter Box for your Cat The best dog proof litter boxes will vary upon your specific requirements, budget, and preference. It’d be nearly impossible for me to tailor… Read More
What Eats Snakes And What A Snake Eats
2017-01-21 05:27
Whether one is driven by curiosity or is experiencing encounters with a snake, he or she may wonder what eats snakes. The food web is a complex system of predators and prey which includes al… Read More
Best Cheap Espresso Machines
2017-01-21 05:27
The ultimate post on espresso machines by Alicia-Online. You made it to what some may refer to as the only important piece of information on the internet! It’s quite astonishing how es… Read More
The Best Dog Swimming Pools Of 2017
2017-01-21 05:27
Why Should you Get a Dog Swimming Pool? A dog swimming pool can be beneficial for a variety of reasons. One of these reasons is that it gives your dog an extra opportunity to be active. It a… Read More
The Best Dog Proof Trash Cans Of 2017
2017-01-21 05:27
Dogs like to mess with the trash. They smell something that appeals to them and ravage through the garbage ( yours’ or someone else’s) to get to it. They do it with many thi… Read More
2017-01-21 05:27
Where to Stay and Where to Go in Indiana Whether you are planning to have romantic getaways in Indiana, you should know what places are best to explore. There are tons of things to enjo… Read More
2017-01-21 05:27
Where to Stay in Tokyo and Places to Visit If you’re not sure about where to stay in Tokyo, don’t be. There are loads of good, affordable, and fun places to stay in thi… Read More
2017-01-21 05:27
A Traveler’s Guide on The Best Time to Visit the Grand Canyon Do you want to know when the best time to visit Grand Canyon is? When you are traveling, it is very important for you… Read More
Lions – What They Eat And What Eats Them
2017-01-21 05:27
Another article on what eats a common predator to many animals (in other words, a common predator for an animal at the top of the food-chain). To answer the question “what consumes li… Read More
Best Portable Tire Inflator
2017-01-20 23:23
Air compressor or tire inflator, no difference in the two just one has a fancier “touch” to it and can be used for more than just tires. Nonetheless, when you’re on the roa… Read More
Best Inexpensive Dishwashers
2017-01-20 22:06
In today’s world, dishwashers have become a necessity in many households. They’re just one of the many appliances we need. There are times, which I certainly encountered, that a… Read More
Best Vacuums For Fleas
2017-01-19 22:54
If you’re familiar with Alicia-Online you know that our site is filled with articles on pets. How can you blame us? Pets are amazing. Nonetheless, as stated in other articles, they do… Read More
Best Dog Food For Chihuahuas
2017-01-19 21:50
These little energetic, cute dogs are just amazing (for most people). Their energy makes them great pets and can be loads of fun for kids as well. Though not as small as a teacup maltese pup… Read More
Best Portable Evaporative Cooler
2017-01-18 20:39
If you’ve ever had an air conditioner, or know of someone that does, you know that the bill at the end of the month is never something pleasant to look at. A great alternative is an ev… Read More
Best Handheld Vacuums For Cars
2017-01-18 19:15
With kids, or without, a car can get messy (pets also add onto this). Sometimes in ways that can’t even be explained, or witnessed. It just appears. That’s happened to me no doub… Read More
2017-01-18 02:11
It may, or may not be, needed for me to explain to you the benefits of a steam cleaner. For the sake of some of the audience, I will briefly describe some benefits of using one in your house… Read More

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