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Welcome to Mommy Tea Room – your one-stop review station of all baby-related products! Whether you are a first time or experienced mom-to-be or mother, we understand how daunting and overwhelming it can be when purchasing products of any kind for your baby. You want only the best products for your baby, but what is “best” and how do you define and choose? Who has got the time to go through all the products available, analyse and compare, then make a decision?!
Top 12 Best Child Bike Seat Of 2022
2022-02-22 03:15
Biking is a great exercise. Being able to zip around town or simply go biking at the park with your little one on tow is an even more wonderful experience and you can do that precisely by ha… Read More
Best Diaper Pails Of 2022
2022-01-05 22:54
If you've never changed a soiled diaper before, you're in for a surprise. For all experienced mommies out there, we're sure you cannot agree more that dirty diapers can reek up quite a smell… Read More
The Best Long Range Baby Monitor Of 2022
2022-01-05 22:33
Always losing signal on your baby monitor? It may not be down to inferior quality - you just need to get a long distance baby monitor.A standard baby monitor may be sufficient for many but i… Read More
Best Split Screen Baby Monitor Of 2022
2022-01-05 22:22
When it comes to video baby monitor with 2 cameras, the market is certainly not short of excellent options. Indeed, the demand for one continues to be on the rise, given how they bring conve… Read More
All Things Baby Monitors
2021-06-05 06:56
When one talks about baby monitors, one would naturally think of a baby monitor with screen i.e. video baby monitors. No joke, they are easily the most popular type of baby monitors eve… Read More
2021-03-27 04:26
Contrary to what you may believe, audio-only baby monitors are actually still very popular nowadays.The choices available are, admittedly, not as many as their video counterparts. Nonetheles… Read More
Best Wifi Baby Monitors Of 2021
2021-02-27 02:34
So, we won't always be in the next room to see what baby is doing. There will be times when we will be out of the house leaving baby under the care of others, yet we want to know what baby i… Read More
Owlet Duo Smart Baby Monitor Review
2021-02-22 06:37
Any wifi baby monitor reviews will be incomplete without including the Owlet Duo Smart Baby Monitor in its list.Not only does it have all the smart features one would expect from a wifi baby… Read More
Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor Review
2021-02-22 03:06
Wifi baby monitors are gaining momentum in recent years. If you're here looking for the best wifi baby monitor, we're pretty sure you'll find that in the Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor… Read More
2021-02-18 06:31
Deemed one of the best buy baby monitor ever, the Babysense V65 Video Baby Monitor is hands down the best value baby monitor out of all that are included in our Top 10 Video Monitor Reviews… Read More
VAVA Video Baby Monitor Review
2021-02-17 05:49
One of the best selling baby monitors ever, the VAVA VA-IH006 Video Baby Monitor is a lot of things but the most raved-about feature, well, has to be its unbeatable battery life. And… Read More
Best Split Screen Baby Monitor Of 2021
2021-01-05 22:22
With the increasing number of video baby monitor with 2 cameras in the market nowadays to cater to those that need a baby monitor for two rooms (or those looking for a baby monitor for twins… Read More
Car Seats BOXING DAY Deals 2020
2020-12-18 03:49
Small car owners, you know the struggle - how many times have you bought a car seat online, only to have to return it later because it doesn't fit in your car?If you're looking to buy a car… Read More
Balance Bike HOLIDAY SALES 2020
2020-12-17 03:08
We bet it is on your wish list to teach your little one how to ride a bike when s/he is old enough because hey, that's how and where we came from ourselves, right? But before that, ther… Read More
Baby Playpen BOXING DAY SALES 2020
2020-12-17 02:03
Let's be honest - we can't hold baby 24/7. There will be a time when we need to put baby down to do other chores, such as when you cook in the kitchen, shower or even just a brief trip to th… Read More
Non Toxic Play Mat CHRISTMAS SALES 2020
2020-12-17 00:32
Many of you seem to be interested in finding out more about non-toxic play mats after reading our "best baby play mat" review here, so here it is - a review of the best non toxic play mat av… Read More
Child Bike Seat HOLIDAY DEALS 2020
2020-12-16 05:30
Being able to zip around town or simply go biking at the park with your little one on tow is a wonderful experience.To do that, you need a child bike seat attached to your adult bicycle. Che… Read More
Baby Jumper HOLIDAY DEALS 2020
2020-12-16 02:07
A baby jumper (also known as bouncers), in its simplest form, is basically a hoop suspended by an elastic strap in which a young child may be held secure while amusing him/herself by jumping… Read More
Best Tricycle Christmas Holiday Sales 2020
2020-12-15 05:38
Do you know that kids generally learn to ride a trike by the age of 2, with most being able to ride it well when they turn 3?Compare and search for the best tricycle for your little one. The… Read More
Bike Trailer For Kids BOXING DAY SALES 2020
2020-12-15 05:07
Yup, you can either cycle with your little one as s/he scoots around or teeters in their balance bike or tricycle. Or you can go for longer rides/adventures together with a child bike seat… Read More
Baby Food Maker BOXING DAY SALES 2020
2020-12-09 06:28
Click Here Now So it’s time to wean your baby off milk, or you simply just want to try to incorporate different food texture in your baby’s menu.Either way, what you n… Read More
Baby Bottle Warmer CHRISTMAS SALES 2020
2020-12-09 05:05
Any parent will agree that a baby bottle warmer is an indispensable baby item in their household. In fact, it is one of the three “treasures” that you should have when it comes t… Read More
2020-12-09 02:14
Baby crib is probably the very first thing you think of when you found out you are expecting. But perhaps the biggest question of all is - which is the best baby crib?Find out and compare… Read More
Baby Swing & Cradle BOXING DAY SALES
2020-12-09 01:36
A baby swing provides the rocking and cradling motion without the need to use your arms so this is truly a lifesaver to most moms. Compare and find the best BOXING DAY DEALS on… Read More
Baby Bassinet Christmas Sales 2020
2020-12-07 05:50
Bassinet is the best co sleeper for parents to attend to baby's needs immediately without having to move across rooms. This is much appreciated especially for those midnight feeds and diaper… Read More
Toddler Beds BOXING DAY SALES 2020
2020-12-07 04:34
It's a bittersweet moment ... your baby is growing out of the crib. In any case, it's a milestone to celebrate! And it's time to get your little one a new toddler bed! Take advantage of… Read More
Twin Cribs BOXING DAY SALES 2020
2020-12-03 06:19
Having twins is a very, very exciting time for many, if not all parents. Be it you're having twin girls, twin boys or a gender of each, it sure is a joyous time calling for the celebration o… Read More
Changing Table CHRISTMAS SALES 2020
2020-12-02 08:08
Don’t crouch or bend over the bed (or couch, or whatever surface you intend to) to change your baby’s soiled diaper – instead, get a changing table to do the dirty job (pun… Read More
Swaddle Blankets CHRISTMAS SALES 2020
2020-12-02 07:43
Every parent needs a swaddle blanket (or two) in their parenthood journey. It makes all the difference, particularly if you have trouble putting your newborn to sleep. This is because swaddl… Read More
2020-12-02 07:11
A lot of you have requested a thorough review on the HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper after reading our "Best Baby Bassinet For Infants & Newborns" article here, so that's exactly what we h… Read More
Kids Teepee BOXING DAY SALES 2020
2020-12-01 08:02
A teepee tent for kids is a portable safe haven that your children will enjoy spending lots of time in.Teepees come in different designs and price tags but one thing that is for sure, is tha… Read More
Crib Mattress Boxing Day Sales 2020
2020-12-01 06:51
The crib is where your baby will spend most of his time in so it is vital that you choose a safe and comfortable crib mattress. Compare and find what are some of the best cot mattr… Read More
SwaddleMe By Your Side Sleeper Review
2020-05-23 05:42
When it comes to co-sleeping, many have their reservations, what's with the risks associated with it which is why at the very most, parents use bedside sleepers like this (or this) as a co-s… Read More
BabyBay Bedside Sleeper Review
2020-05-20 05:21
Next to being held in your arms, the crib is the place where baby spends most time cradled in comfort.Naturally, you'd want to keep your newborn as close to you as possible so that you can a… Read More
Graco Dream Suite Bassinet Review
2020-05-18 07:28
An Amazon's Choice, the Graco Dream Suite Bassinet is more than what meets the eye.Featuring a changing station, this is hands down the best 2-in-1 portable co sleeper especially to those th… Read More
Green Frog Baby Bassinet Cradle Review
2020-05-17 05:30
If the Karley stands out with its double canopies feature, the Green Frog Baby Bassinet Cradle's rocking feature will be its signature.Yes ladies and gentlemen, this is the best rocking bass… Read More
Dream On Me Karley Bassinet Review
2020-05-16 06:16
The Dream On Me Karley Bassinet is a lot of things but we think it is the best bassinet with canopy for obvious reasons.  Product SpecificationsBrandDream On MeProduct NameKarley Bas… Read More
SNOO Smart Sleeper By Happiest Baby Review
2020-05-14 06:37
There is a lot to take in with the SNOO Smart Baby Sleeper. It is, after all, a never-before-seen responsive baby cot that operates on its own, boosting baby's sleep and automatically r… Read More
Baby Relax Hadley Double Rocker Review
2020-05-10 04:09
Even though different gliders have overall different sizes, they are more or less the same when it comes to seat size. Not with the Baby Relax Hadley Double Rocker though - th… Read More
Windsor Glider And Ottoman Review
2020-05-07 07:01
An Amazon's Choice, the Windsor Glider and Ottoman is consistently an Angel Line bestseller when it comes to nursery gliders and rocking chairs.This is the best affordable glider for nursery… Read More
BabyBjörn Travel Crib Light Review
2020-04-13 04:06
CLICK HERE TO GET THE BEST OFFER It is one of the best travel crib for flying, but the BabyBjörn Travel Crib Light is more than just that. Just a little backstory, BabyBj&o… Read More
Guava Lotus Baby Travel Crib Review
2020-04-12 02:09
CLICK HERE TO GET THE BEST DEAL It is no secret that the Lotus Travel Crib is one of the most popular baby travel cribs in the market. When asked for the best travel crib to recommen… Read More
Graco Premium Foam Crib Mattress Review
2020-04-08 05:42
CLICK HERE TO GET THE BEST DEAL Most of us here would be familiar with the brand Graco. What you may not know, is that Graco is exclusively manufactured by Storkcraft, a leading Cana… Read More
Hiccapop Baby Crib Mattress Review
2020-04-07 06:51
CLICK HERE TO GET THE BEST DEAL Hiccapop perhaps need no further introduction from us - just how many of us here have had sworn by this pregnancy pillow during our pregnancy journey?… Read More

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