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2017-03-12 17:49
Happy Holi Everyone! I just happened to hear this definition of Holi and hence thought of sharing it with you guys. As per the Encyclopedia Holi is defined as – “Every spring peo… Read More
2017-02-13 15:20
Today, i woke up with just one thought running on my mind. It was from a post I might have read either on some blog or on Quora or who knows where. But it lingered around enough to brew anot… Read More
Food Review – Hungry Head
2016-11-26 13:28
Hungry Head had been on my list for a long long time. Yes, you do not hear any place serving 50 types of MAGGI !!! Aha, you heard it right. For I’m sure Maggi has been part of so many… Read More
Second Thoughts
2016-11-10 07:40
​Thinking and implementation sometimes don’t go hand in hand. I envy those who can do these together, every single time (or perhaps at least 90% of times). I used to have a lot o… Read More
2016-11-07 07:04
​This is a word apt to define enjoyment in various aspects of life. Basically we use this word with regards to food. When anyone says relish, there’s a dish or a drink that comes… Read More
Chai Pe Charcha – Food Review
2016-09-15 18:12
Sir Arthur Wing Pinero once said, “Where there’s tea there’s hope.” William Ewart Gladstone once said, “If you are cold, tea will warm you; if you are too heate… Read More
Lost Growth = Success Delayed
2016-07-10 11:21
Growth is a word that defines a lot of things in our life today. Whether it’s in matters of work, growing up as a child or in performance related to sports/any other activity etc. That… Read More
Sky Watch Friday – Mumbai During Rains
2016-06-24 03:17
It’s not only fun when the sky is clear but also when it’s dark and gloomy. During the rainy season, we get to witness the other side of the sky which is partly or wholly submer… Read More
Himachal Diaries – 2
2016-06-15 17:38
So this trip of mine not only got me some good pictures but also a lot of memories; both good and bad. When I clicked this picture, there was a fight which we friends were into. I’m no… Read More
Sky Watch Friday – Himachal Diaries 1
2016-06-03 05:10
It’s been so long since I’ve blogged about anything. Feels good to be back with a post for my favorite theme. For the weeks following, I’ll be posting awesome sky pictures… Read More
Z Is For Zoetic And Zestful
2016-04-30 05:56
Z is for Zoetic which means living; vital. It’s easy to say that we live. Living would be entirely based on anyone’s perception. For me, living are those that are happy with wha… Read More
Y Is For Yealing And Yarborough
2016-04-29 03:32
Y is for Yealing which means person of the same age. I know this one’s weird too. Now there’s a word for people who are of the same age. We mostly have such friends from school… Read More
X Is For Xanthodont And Xenogenous
2016-04-29 03:13
X is for Xanthodont which means “A person with yellow teeth”. Who likes yellow teeth? No one does. I’m just surprised there’s a word for that too! Lately post my sti… Read More
W Is For Wale And Wayment
2016-04-27 17:35
W is for Wale which means to choose; the act of choosing W is for Wayment which means lamentation; grief. For today I’d like to dedicate these 2 words for a Dog who gave up his life r… Read More
V Is For Vacuity And Viaggiatory
2016-04-27 16:20
V is for Vacuity which means emptiness. This is by far one of the worst feelings anyone can have. Some don’t have anything worth living in their lives and are still happy. Some have w… Read More
U Is For Ultion And Utinam
2016-04-27 16:12
U is for Ultion which means revenge; vengeance. Yes, one word dedicated for that feeling which gets you angry like the HULK from “Avengers”. For a person like me, I get angry ve… Read More
Chettinad Food Festival – Food Review
2016-04-24 12:10
Chettinad Food Festival Lake View Hotel, Renaissance (Powai) Location – Mumbai Until a few weeks back, I had absolutely no clue about the Chettinad cuisine. By the sound of it all I co… Read More
Finsafe – Creating Intelligent Investors
2016-04-23 09:50
How important is money to you? Everything? Yes, that’s what i feel too. But when it comes to saving, we get that thought only prior to getting married or when it becomes absolutely nec… Read More
S Is For Scelestic And Soporose
2016-04-23 06:53
S is for Scelestic which means wicked; villainous. Everyone has a wicked side. At least 99% of people do. At that moment there’s no good, no bad, no ugly. Our minds work in such a fas… Read More
R Is For Refocillate And Repine
2016-04-23 06:41
R is for Refocillate which means to refresh; to cherish. Are you a person who likes to live in the moment rather than sit back one day imagining of the things which you should have done? I… Read More
T Is For Tacenda And Tardigrade
2016-04-22 19:15
T is for Tacenda which means things not to be mentioned. This word is dedicated to everyone. There’s always that 1% of your life which you would never ever mention to anyone OR at lea… Read More
Q Is For Querimonious And Quadragenarian
2016-04-22 03:29
Q is for Querimonious which means full of complaints. Who likes to be around someone who just keeps complaining? I sure don’t. It’s a headache when you meet someone and ask them… Read More
P Is For Pantopragmatic And Paragnosia
2016-04-19 09:45
  P is for Pantopragmatic which means meddling in everybody’s business. Now this is one heck of a word to talk about. Minding your own business was an ancient concept which date… Read More
O Is For Odontalgia And Onychophagist
2016-04-18 18:01
O is for Odontalgia which means toothache. This word is dedicated for me. I’ve been a victim of a terrible toothache which is due to a maxillary sinus infection. The pain is such that… Read More
N Is For Nephogram And Numquid
2016-04-18 17:49
N is for Nephogram which means photograph of clouds. This word got a wide smile on my face. I love clicking pictures of the sky filled with clouds. The patterns, the faces, the randomness;… Read More
2016-04-17 09:32
M is for Mentatiferous which means telepathic. A funny memory got a smile on my face when I read about this word today. We all have one or few more friends/family members whom we can speak… Read More
L Is For Laetificate And Largiloquent
2016-04-16 05:27
L is for Laetificate which means to cheer up. When you’re sad, upset, heartbroken etc. how long does it take for you to cheer up? Do you cheer up via some help from your near and dear… Read More
K Is For Kainotophobia And Kamerad
2016-04-14 15:22
K is for Kainotophobia which means fear of change. Change… before you have to! Yes, quite a thought this one line can be right? Who loves change? I certainly don’t. It would me… Read More
Karachi Bakery Mumbai – Review
2016-04-13 17:03
I was invited to this newly opened place in the heart of Linking Road, Bandra and boy was I in for a treat. To be honest, i hadn’t heard much about the place. When i uttered the words… Read More
J Is For Jesuitical And Janiform
2016-04-13 03:25
J is for Jesuitical which means cunning; quibbling Cunning has many meanings one of which is when you use deceit as a way to win! Being cunning in that sense is simply you using your brains… Read More
H Is For Heteronym And Hesternopothia
2016-04-10 10:47
H is for Hesternopothia which means earning for yesterday or earlier times. Have you ever wished for old moments to come back again? Like time will just rewind and everything goes back to h… Read More
G Is For Gradatim And Gobemouche
2016-04-09 07:38
G is for Gradatim which means step by step. Winning is never a one stop to success recipe; nor is getting your life pulled together either! For all that we need to do things right, one at a… Read More
F Is For Fiddlededee And Fideicide
2016-04-07 05:43
F is for fiddlededee which means nonsense! Yeah I just chose this word for how it sounds like; fiddle-de-dee! It’s like that cartoon “Dexter’s Laboratory” where Dext… Read More
E Is For Eleutheromania And Expiate
2016-04-06 07:54
E is for eleutheromania which means a frantic desire for freedom. Here’s a link where you can find out how to pronounce this word: CLICK HERE For some of us freedom is what matters t… Read More
D Is For Deleterious And Dégringolade
2016-04-05 07:25
D is for deleterious which means harmful to body or mind. Now the usual way of writing this word would be to tag this word with alcohol, drugs, abuses etc. Another way of seeing this to ext… Read More
C Is For Cacoethes And Climacophobia
2016-04-04 09:45
C is for cacoethes which means an urge to do something inadvisable, insatiable desire. Now this is something that all of us have gone through a lot! For me, I don’t remember when I h… Read More
B Is For Blandiloquence And Baisemain
2016-04-02 05:03
B is for Blandiloquence which means complimentary speech; flattery Now who doesn’t like flattery? I do. At least sometimes! We like to hear good things, appreciation, anything positiv… Read More
A Is For Aboulia & Abscission
2016-04-01 03:48
I’m so happy to begin this year’s A-Z challenge. This challenge has given me a lot of exposure and learning in this huge world of blogging. So a big thank you to this challenge… Read More
Sky Watch – Good Friday Special
2016-03-25 15:30
Today is Good Friday! So as I walked for the mass at 6pm the sight that I witnessed was Serene. The sky was just as magnificent as it could be. I have edited one on Snapseed and will share b… Read More
2016-03-11 02:41
For this week’s Sky Watch Friday theme I got a view whilst walking home from office. It was around 18.30pm and the Sky looked like a canvas waiting for the colors to find their places… Read More
2016-03-04 13:08
As I walked towards the bus stop,  a familiar sky pattern caught my attention. So my smartphone obliged in getting a good shot for this week’s theme. Here’s the original sc… Read More
2016-02-26 06:45
Here’s a picture of the ever so shining sky I had the privilege of capturing on my friend’s iphone whilst on my visit to Pune city, India. I’d like to add a few lines from… Read More
2016-02-18 18:00
This week’s Thursday challenge deals with, “SWEET” (Candies, Sugar Bowls, Cakes, Treats, Honey,…) Here’s my entry for this week. A sizzling brownie. How org… Read More
2016-01-31 17:39
When i visited Kolkatta, the place where we were going to stay had quite a huge canine crowd. And i mean it. Lot of them. Puppies so cute, you would forget all your worries looking at them!… Read More
2016-01-28 06:01
See This week’s theme is about unusual Things; things that we don’t witness on a day to day basis. Whilst on my visit to the city of joy “Kolkatta, India” I witnessed… Read More
2016-01-20 03:13
Image credit – In the entire year of 2015, whenever I heard of a tennis update or read the sports section of a newspaper, I’d wonder which tournament the invincible pair… Read More
2016-01-07 18:03
For this week i have two images; One clicked by me and another by an aquaintance of mine Here are 2 beautiful images of the ever so shining sky! This is all from this week. I’ll be b… Read More
2016-01-02 12:52
Hi Guys. For today, i only want to put forth an image with a question at the end. Please be kind enough to answer it. Your response is appreciated! The little girl you see in the pic below… Read More
2015-12-31 03:07
There’s no way i would end this year without posting something! For this week, i wont be posting just one or two but 3 awesome sky pictures clicked throughout the day to give you&rsquo&hell…Read More
2015-12-25 10:36
Firstly i’d like to wish you guys a Merry Christmas. May this Christmas bring more happiness than you received last year and that this coming year get you what you crave for the most!… Read More
2015-12-25 10:07
Firstly i’d like to wish you guys a Merry Christmas. May this Christmas bring more happiness than you received last year and that this coming year get you what you crave for the most!… Read More
2015-12-20 12:16
For this week’s camera Critters theme..  I didn’t need to search for pictures. As I left for vacation and reached my native home..  I first got meow’d by 2 new gu… Read More
2015-12-18 17:43
So while taking a tea break during office hours,  I almost had a realisation that I was out of sky pictures!! I freaked out. But when I just looked up..  The sight was a cure to so… Read More

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