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Our aim for Bossa Brazil Magazine is to provide our readers an intelligent modern day lifestyle publication which delivers current and comprehensive news stories and features, highlighting the many lifestyle entertaining trends as well as important key business issues. Not only providing news on Brazil but life here in London covering all relevant lifestyle sectors for Brazilian as well as British and international English speaks communities in the United Kingdom.
2023-09-23 07:00
UNESCO World Heritage Sites Brazil has 19 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. One of the better-known is the Iguacu National Park, the site of one of the world’s largest and most impressive f… Read More
2023-09-05 07:00
Subterranean River… In 2021 scientists discovered an underground river that runs under the Amazon River. The River Hamza is estimated to be 6,000km long and runs at a depth of 4,000km… Read More
Cities For Enjoying The Brazilian Winter
2023-09-03 07:00
In theory, the Brazilian winter lasts from 22 June to 22 September, but the country is much better known for its high temperatures. The truth is that the North, Northeast, and Central-West r… Read More
2023-09-01 07:00
About 1,500 fish species have already been discovered in the Amazonian rivers, but it is estimated that this number is almost double. This is 15 times the number of species of fish found in… Read More
Goiânia: A Highlight In Real Estate
2023-08-31 07:00
Goiânia, thanks to its wooded areas, squares and incredible parks, is an enchanting city. The green capital of Brazil is among the places with the highest living standards in the count… Read More
Interesting Facts About Brasília
2023-08-30 07:00
Pilot Project – Format The Pilot Plan for Brasília, in Brazil’s Federal District, was drawn up by Lúcio Costa, whose plan won the 1957 urban planning public contes… Read More
2023-08-27 07:00
How your body changes calories into energy significantly influences your weight. How people gain or lose weight is different for everyone. Each human being reacts in a different way to the f… Read More
“I Can’t Lose Weight”
2023-08-21 07:00
It’s standard for people to say this after making gastronomic and physical ‘sacrifices’. Well, first of all, you need to understand that losing weight means losing body fat… Read More
Father’s Day In Brazil
2023-08-13 16:00
Father’s Day is a highlight of the Brazilian calendar, and to many people’s surprise, it is a date which varies from country to country. The idea for Father’s Day in Brazil… Read More
2023-08-09 09:35
Pet owners are used to a heavy heart when they see their pet’s look of realisation that you are going out and that they will be staying behind.  Having an animal for companionship… Read More
2023-08-09 07:00
Many think that castration is simply a means of avoiding unwanted breeding, but this is only half the story The benefits of castration go far beyond avoidable breeding. To castrate a pet is… Read More
Cats: Long-term Companions
2023-08-07 07:00
Cats are the sweetest and most mysterious creatures in the animal kingdom. They display incredible characteristics and are adored all over the world.  Cats are adorable pets. It is beli… Read More
Making A Difference To The Lives Of Animals
2023-08-06 07:00
The love for animals, particularly for the care and rescue of lost or homeless animals, has no boundaries. Both in Brazil and London, several NGOs stand out for their efforts, will and dedic… Read More
Top 5 Beaches In The State Of São Paulo
2022-01-19 09:00
When we talk about beaches, the first places that spring to mind are the beautiful beaches of Rio de Janeiro and the state’s north-eastern coast. However, half of Brazil’s landma… Read More
2022-01-18 09:00
This expression symbolizes the importance of keeping mind and body, both healthy. It results in physical and mental well-being. We must pay attention to the existing link between body and mi… Read More
2022-01-17 09:00
From Drama to Adventure, from A-listers to unknowns, here is a short list of a few films to have been inspired, in some way, by Brazil Brazil is an inspiration for many forms of art, and cin… Read More
My Little Chef
2022-01-14 17:00
Many parents think that the kitchen is no place for children! But involving your children in the preparation of meals, treats and snacks could be an opportunity to teach them many things fro… Read More
2022-01-14 09:00
Bossa Nova was one of the most popular and characteristic musical movements of the twentieth century, which saw thousands of artists, mostly composers and poets, record and perform beautiful… Read More
2022-01-13 12:00
It took a little while for Brazilians to work out why their foreign guests always kept their hands wrapped around their glasses. And then, finally, the penny dropped: most foreigners prefer… Read More
The London Creative Showcase 2021
2021-09-07 09:30
The short films festival celebrating diversity, equality and community The London Creative Showcase 2021, sponsored by Westminster UNISON, the largest public service union in the United King… Read More
Hats: High Fashion 
2021-08-06 09:00
Accessories and clothing, like music, dance, cuisine and landscapes, capture the essence of Latin American culture  Can you tell someone’s nationality by the hat they’re wea… Read More
The Importance Of Languages 
2021-08-06 07:00
English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Italian are just a few of the options for learning more than one language as a child  What is the purpose of learning more than one language? Th… Read More
Investing In South America 
2021-08-05 09:00
One of the biggest draws for investors in South America is the tourism sector, but there is plenty more to see  One of the pillars of economic growth in South American is the tourism se… Read More
2021-08-05 07:00
It’s 2021 and, fortunately, transferring money from one country or city to another has become a much simpler task  The days when you needed to carefully coordinate transfers betwe… Read More
Oscar Wilde 
2021-08-04 09:00
As well as being a celebrated writer and accomplished playwright, Oscar Wilde is fondly remembered for his remarkable personality and affectionate nature, which once even landed him in jail… Read More
2021-08-04 07:00
Whether celebrating a religious, seasonal or national occasion, festivities in Latin America never lack tradition, colour and excitement  One of the more notable qualities of Latinos is… Read More
Shrimp Bobó 
2021-08-03 09:00
This recipe comes from the state of Bahia, in the north of Brazil, and is a real favourite among locals. It’s super easy to prepare and simply irresistible.  Bobó is e… Read More
2021-08-02 09:00
Wine plays an important role in the global enogastronomic market, and South American countries and their vineyards continue to gain fans around the world  Whether to celebrate… Read More
Summer On The Beaches Of Veneto 
2021-08-02 07:00
Veneto is a region full of surprises, rich in history and culture, but also beautiful beaches and stunning landscapes  The Veneto region is recognised as one of the most beautiful in It… Read More
A Gastronomic Tour Of Latin America 
2021-07-29 09:00
Is there any better way of getting to know a region than through its food and drink? Not that we know of, so let us take you on an irresistible tour of Latin America   In the last… Read More
Cycling Around London 
2021-07-28 07:00
Explore the city from all angles, save money on transport, and get ample exercise doing it? Get on your bike!  Many Londoners rediscovered the joys of cycling during lockdown and are no… Read More
Battle Of The Seasons Summer 
2021-07-27 07:00
Summer is a time of such promise in the UK. Spring has done her warm up act, but it’s time for the main show; splendid sunshine, school holidays, and long evenings in the pub garden.&n&hell…Read More
2021-07-26 09:00
Ever wondered which breeds hail from Latin America?  Dogs are arguably the most loyal and affectionate pets you can have. Of course, this depends on the breed and also the breeding… Read More
Masks Are The New Fashion Accessory 
2021-07-26 09:00
From medical necessity to a fashion statement, renowned designers have transformed personal protective facemasks into the next must-have accessory  There are several long-standing tradi… Read More
The Dynamics Of Swimming 
2021-07-26 07:00
Swimming is one of the oldest sports and regular contact with water has always been an effective way of staying healthy  Swimming is possibly the oldest means of survival, for humans as… Read More
Online LGBTQ Exhibitions And Events 
2021-07-23 09:00
A look at the various digital attractions in British museums designed with the LGBTQ community in mind  The year was poised to be a landmark year for the LGBTQ community, with a 2020 ev… Read More
Latin America Culture Check
2021-07-23 07:00
Serving tourists with wonderful destinations and their stories, from captivating art to irresistible cuisine, Latinos contribute a huge amount to world culture  Latin America is ho… Read More
Energised rhythms 
2021-07-22 07:00
Attracting novel and professional dancers alike, Latin music continues to win the hearts of millions of people around the globe  Culturally, Latin America gained significant recognition… Read More
Virtual Tour: British Museums 
2021-07-21 07:00
Our top picks of the nation’s museums to enjoy from the comfort of your home   The British Museum  The British Museum’s collection of ancient artefacts represents… Read More
2021-07-20 07:00
The versatility of caipirinha flavours delights the most diverse palates  Nothing is more important to the culture of a people than their own cuisine. In this section you’ll find… Read More
2021-07-20 07:00
Tequila, lemon and orange liqueur: a Mexican blend  One mention of Mexico, and we are transported to a world of sun, food and drinks to suit all… Read More
2021-07-20 07:00
Tradition and flavour define the Andean cocktail   Now we travel to Peru on our cocktail tour of LATAM. Like all of Latin American countries, Peru has a distinct his… Read More
2021-07-20 07:00
Tequila, lemon and orange liqueur: a Mexican blend   One mention of Mexico, and we are transported to a world of sun, food and drinks to suit all tastes. M… Read More
Avocado Chips
2021-07-19 15:17
Avocado has become a world favourite, from breakfast to dinner. But many are unaware of the range of things that can be done with avocado.  I love creating different recipes that highli… Read More
Oral Health Care
2021-07-08 11:51
Good oral health care is vital to the overall harmony of the human body  There are several conditions that can directly interfere with the functioning of other parts of your body. To av… Read More
2021-06-25 09:00
Predominantly colonised by Spain (except for Portugal, in the case of Brazil, and a few other European countries), Latin American countries proudly celebrate their respective independence&nb&hell…Read More
Online Courses and Virtual Conferences
2021-06-23 09:00
Given that most of us have had to stay at home during the pandemic, many institutions have invested in online courses and virtual conferences   It is no secret that the pandemic f… Read More
Latin American Style On The Rise 
2021-06-22 09:00
With so many international and multicultural influences, it’s hard to define what Latin American style really is. Does it exist? Does it need to be defined?   Among the… Read More
Cursos Online 
2021-06-17 07:01
Com a necessidade de se ficar em casa, muitas instituições apostaram em cursos e conferências virtuais durante a pandemia  A essa altura, não é se… Read More
2021-06-16 07:50
One of the best ways to stay in touch with friends and family, or even conduct meetings, is to opt for a videoconferencing app  We are all tired of intermittent quarantine and have neve… Read More
2021-06-16 07:29
One of the best ways to stay in touch with friends and family, or even conduct meetings, is to opt for a videoconferencing app  We are all tired of intermittent quarantine and have neve… Read More
2021-06-14 13:33
Important dates and occasions such as a marriage, the renewal of marital vows, a christening, an adoption party, a farewell to a loved one, or even a tribute to a special date, are all impor… Read More
A Tasty Tour Of South America 
2021-06-12 13:32
A whistle-stop gastronomic tour of South American, where the flavours are as diverse as the cultures themselves. All aboard!  In alphabetical order, we start with Argentina, whos… Read More
The Breath-taking Landscapes Of Veneto 
2021-06-10 16:39
To spend the summer in Veneto is to be spoilt by endless options in one of the most beautiful regions of Italy. Explore bike trails, enjoy wine tours, visit iconic cities, and have an unforg… Read More
The Best Parks In London 
2021-06-03 14:06
Beautifully landscaped gardens with plenty of space for picnics, long walks and all-round fun  As well as being perfect for a spot of relaxation, London’s parks have plenty of spa… Read More
2021-06-01 07:54
London’s markets have it all. Shop for that little something you didn’t even know you were looking for!    London markets are perfect shopping destinations for ev… Read More
2021-05-25 14:17
A quick and easy way to enjoy Sangria with friends and family  This cherished tipple hails from Andalusia, in Southern Spain, and was originally conceived as a way of serving dry red wi… Read More
2021-05-25 14:14
A quick and easy way to enjoy Sangria with friends and family  This cherished tipple hails from Andalusia, in Southern Spain, and was originally conceived as a way of serving dry red wi… Read More
Brazilian Corn Pudding
2021-05-25 13:51
Corn is one of the most significant agricultural products in Latin America. This is no more so the case than in Peru, where the favourable climate produces 55 types of corn, which come in a… Read More
2021-05-13 09:00
Welcome, once again, to BBMag Latinos!  We return with good news. In England, as of May 17, pubs, bars, restaurants and cafes will reopen to serve customers indoors, in groups… Read More
A Journey Around Latin America – Peru #16
2021-05-07 17:00
Home to unrivalled diversity, Latin America is a melting pot of cultures The countries that make up Latin America are as distinct from one another as the region is from other parts of the wo… Read More
Latinos That Rock! Frida Kahlo
2021-04-20 09:00
To kick off our section Latinos that Rock! we have selected Frida Kahlo, a Mexican with a fascinating professional and personal life story Considered light-years ahead of her time, the paint… Read More
A Journey Around Latin America: Uruguay #19
2021-01-04 08:00
Home to unrivalled diversity, Latin America is a melting pot of cultures The countries that make up Latin America are as distinct from one another as the region is from other parts of the w… Read More

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