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Tips on home and commercial pest control and animal control, updates on the latest Catseye news and video spots, and news about community support activities
2024-03-20 22:34
Spring has almost sprung, and with it comes the emergence of many common household pests. As a new homeowner, your excitement over your new beginning and all the possibilities your property… Read More
2023-10-16 18:27
Mice prefer to stay warm and cozy, so where do they go when winter temperatures turn outdoor environments frosty?  Here in the Northeast, where deer mice, house mice, and white-foote… Read More
2023-09-19 18:23
You might occasionally hear about “tick season,” a period of time when tick activity tends to be at its highest. Nationwide, tick season typically spans from March through Oc… Read More
2023-08-22 13:59
For every human on this planet, there are approximately 2.5 million ants. Recent research revealed that the global ant population is 20 quadrillion — possibly more.  … Read More
2023-08-11 19:26
Are you considering joining the 400,000 American households that have pet rodents? Perhaps you’re concerned that having a pet rat might attract unwanted wild rats or that having pet mi… Read More
2023-07-31 20:30
Spring, summer, and autumn are gorgeous seasons, ideal for spending time outdoors enjoying fresh air, sunshine, and moderate to warm temperatures. Unfortunately, these same seasons also ushe… Read More
2023-07-27 17:56
Rhode Island is known for its hundreds of miles of New England coastline, fresh seafood, charming villages, vibrant art scenes, and miles of trails. From historic homes to bustling cities, … Read More
2023-07-18 15:14
Bats around the world continue to face critical threats to their population. The International Union for the Conservation of Nature lists more than 200 species of bats across 60 countries as… Read More
2023-06-22 20:16
More than 86 million homes across the United States have at least one pet who is a valued member of the household. Keeping your pets happy, healthy, and safe means protecting them from hazar… Read More
2023-05-28 14:32
Do Not DIY: Dealing with Wasp Nests Requires Professional Help   Spring and summer are filled with outdoor fun and activities, but warm weather also heralds the beginning of was… Read More
2023-05-18 13:15
Discover Important Information About World Pest Day and Why It Is So Important for Homeowners and Business Owners  Humans have been struggling with pest control for thousands of year… Read More
2023-02-07 21:11
Discover the Signs of Mice in the Attic of Your Home and How to Prevent Infestations Once and for All Are you dealing with a mice infestation in your attic? Catseye Pest Control helps hom… Read More
2023-01-04 12:57
Discover How to Handle a Maggot Situation in the Home and How to Prevent It from Happening in the Future Maggots happen, unfortunately. These pests aren’t the most common invaders i… Read More
2022-12-15 13:21
Discover the Signs of Roof Rats and How to Prevent the Rodent from Taking Over Your House or Business Roof rats carry dozens of potential diseases ranging from the bubonic plague and typh… Read More
How To Keep Rats Out Of Your Crawl Space
2022-12-15 12:57
Discover the Best Ways to Keep Rats Out of Crawl Spaces and What Attracts the Rodent to That Area of the House Crawl spaces offer the perfect combination of humidity, darkness, and stable… Read More
Common Rodents In Massachusetts
2022-12-15 12:21
Learn Some of the Most Common Rodents That Inhabit the State of Massachusetts and How Professional Rodent Control Can Keep Rodents Outside Massachusetts is home to a diverse population of… Read More
2022-12-15 12:03
Bed Bugs are Back After a Record-Setting Summer of Travel — Discover How to Protect Yourself and Loved Ones Summer 2022 was a record-breaking travel season. Sadly, for many traveler… Read More
Identify And Get Rid Of Bed Bugs
2022-12-15 11:52
Learn How to Protect Your Property by Identifying and Eliminating Bed Bugs Bed bugs aren’t confined to dirty places. These tiny, dark-loving pests thrive in warm spots that have a r… Read More
What Are The Signs Of Rat Infestations?
2022-10-27 18:09
Learn the Signs of a Rat Infestation in a House, How to Eliminate the Infestation, and Prevent Future Infestations Unfortunately, beautiful Boston, Massachusetts, regularly makes it onto… Read More
2022-10-27 17:51
Discover Ways to Keep Moles Outside and How to Protect Your Property Did you know that moles look like cute rodents but are burrowing mammals? That’s an important distinction, parti… Read More
How To Get Rid Of Ladybugs
2022-10-25 20:05
Discover How to Get Rid of Ladybugs in Your House and How to Prevent the Pest from Getting Inside Although ladybugs are commonly associated with good luck, finding ladybugs in window fram… Read More
Rodent Awareness Week 2022
2022-10-14 14:40
Spend the Week Learning How to Protect Your Property and Prevent Rodent Infestations Fall is filled with exciting holidays. Although most people are familiar with the well-known days like… Read More
Carpenter Bee Damage, Removal & Repair
2022-09-27 16:43
Discover the Signs of a Carpenter Bee Infestation, Damage & How to Have the Pest Safely Removed When the forecast calls for warmer temperatures, the number of bees and other flyin… Read More
Ground Bee Removal & Prevention
2022-08-25 17:21
Learn How to Prevent Ground Bees from Building Nests or Harming Loved Ones Surprise: Not all bees live in hives. Many make their homes in the ground, creating tunnels that disrupt lawns a… Read More
Where Do Flying Squirrels Live & Nest?
2022-08-23 13:58
Discover Where Flying Squirrels Like to Build Their Nests & How to Keep the Flying Rodents Out of Your House or Business When temperatures drop, flying squirrels start looking for war… Read More
How To Keep Bats Out Of The Attic
2022-07-07 14:44
Keep Bats Away From Your Home Using These Helpful Tips Bats can be beneficial and even likable creatures to have around — but not when they make their home in your attic. All too often… Read More
9 Truths About Ticks
2022-06-15 19:41
Discover the Truth About Ticks, Debunk a Few Myths & Learn How to Protect Yourself Against the Pest It may not be every bite, but all it takes is the wrong tick bite to make you sick… Read More
What Attracts Mosquitoes?
2022-06-01 12:30
Learn What Attracts Mosquitoes & How to Prevent the Pest from Taking Over Your Property Mosquitoes are more than just a nuisance — they are actually among the deadliest animals… Read More
Is That A Rat Burrow In My Yard?
2022-05-19 18:18
Get Familiar with the Signs of Rats in the Yard & What to Do About the Pesky Critter Rats! Although some may find the fur-covered critter to be cute, they can actually cause a substan… Read More
Mole Vs. Vole Damage In Gardens & Lawns
2022-05-03 19:06
Learn More Information About How to Get Rid of Moles & Voles in Your Yard Homeowners and business owners take pride in their gardens, landscaping, and lawn, but all it takes is a burr… Read More
Did Omicron Come From Rodents?
2022-03-14 12:00
Learn About the Theory That Claims Omicron Variant May Have Originated From Mice or Rats Scientists theorize that the Omicron variant may have come from a rodent — most likely a rat… Read More
4 Most Common New England Spiders
2022-02-24 16:53
Identifying Common Spiders In New England Homes & Businesses Having a couple of spiders around a home or building can keep other pests at bay — but a population or cluster of sp… Read More
What Are These Small Flies In My Home?
2022-01-03 15:08
Identify Tiny Flying Bugs That are Often Found in Homes The humidity and rich soil of the Northeast United States is welcoming to a wide range of flora and fauna — or plants and ani… Read More
Why Do Squirrels Dig Up Lawns & Gardens?
2021-11-24 13:40
Learn About the Damage Squirrels can Cause Each Year to Your Property & How to Prevent It Squirrels may appear to be cute and harmless while scampering across your lawn — but th… Read More
Getting Rid Of A Hornet Nest In A Tree
2021-11-05 15:53
Learn How Pest Control Experts Can Help to Remove a Hornet Nest from Your Property — Including Nests Found in a Tree Among the most common, territorial stinging insects native to the N… Read More
2021-10-06 12:45
Learn How to Identify a Cockroach Nest & the Best way to Safely Remove a Nest from Your Home or Business Few pests are as universally hated as cockroaches. But its reputation is more tha… Read More
What Do Cockroach Eggs Look Like?
2021-09-28 16:11
Learn What Cockroach Eggs Look Like & How to Get Rid of Them Before an Infestation Occurs Cockroaches love humidity, excess moisture, and heat — so it should come as no surprise th… Read More
2021 Emergence Of Brood X Cicadas
2021-09-14 14:03
Learn About the 2021 Periodical Brood X Cicada Emergence & Its Effect on the Eastern United States That incessant buzzing noise droning throughout the spring and summer nights in the Eas… Read More
2021-06-07 19:04
Learn the Signs to Looks for so You Can Protect Your Home or Business from a Bed Bug Infestation The age-old adage “Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite” is one that ma… Read More
2020-08-19 14:20
Increase in Rat Infestations in Connecticut During Pandemic Likely Has Multiple Causes Areas of Connecticut have seen an increase in rat-related activity recently, particularly in parts of W… Read More
2020-07-09 13:46
As 2020 Concerns Continue to Grow, Learn to Protect Yourself, Loved Ones & Pets from the Spread of the Plague Another day, another threatening disease making the headlines. It feels like… Read More
Millions Of Periodical Cicadas Emerging
2020-06-19 15:46
Warmer Weather Leads to the Emergence of Periodical Cicadas After 17 Years Periodical cicadas, also referred to as either the 13-year or 17-year cicadas, are expected to emerge this summer i… Read More
2020-06-05 14:51
How Commercial Disinfection Services Can Keep Office Workspaces Safe Americans spend approximately 45 hours each week at work, sometimes more. And, even though business owners employ cleanin… Read More

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