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Research has indicated that when these toxins are in your shower water, they can be more harmful than they are in drinking water. Well, there is no reason to panic yet because you can mitigate the risk caused by your shower water if you deploy one of the best shower filters featured here. The main reason why Chlorine is more toxic in your bathing water than it does in the water you drink has to do with the fact that in the shower, it is re-vaporized. Once this happens, you inhale it into the lungs where it is taken straight to the bloodstream. Researchers have indicated that the amount of exposure to this type of Chlorine in just one bath is equal to the exposure you would get from all the water you drink in a whole day. A number of brands have been at work designing the right shower filter to neutralize the risk caused by Chlorine and other elements in your bathing water. Not all filters are the same. Some of them are more effective than others. We have combed the market and identified 14 of the best this year (2019) and featured them below. Each review looks at the main features of the product and what makes it one of the best. Also, we have identified the pros and cons of each product. Next, we will look at the main features of a good shower filter that you need to look out for when you are buying one for your home. The aim is that by the time you have looked at all the shower filters featured here, the business of selecting one will be much better than before.
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